Twitter's decision to ban Donald Trump is chilling if you care about free speech

Even if you think Twitter acted responsibly in kicking the US President off its platform in this case, the episode is alarming.

13/01/2021 6:00:00 AM

Twitter's ban means 'Trump has been stripped of his political voice, silenced, without reference to any law, and without the involvement of any court,' argues DaveSharma. | OPINION

Even if you think Twitter acted responsibly in kicking the US President off its platform in this case, the episode is alarming.

Even if you believe Twitter acted appropriately in this instance, anyone with a commitment to free speech should find the whole episode chilling: a private technology company, answerable to no one other than shareholders, acting on policies and principles that are self-formulated and ill-defined, and with no safeguards or due process that accompany a judicial process, takes a decision to “de-platform” the President of the world’s most powerful country from the most important political medium of the day.

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When Socrates, the free-speech gadfly of the Athenian elite, was “de-platformed”, it was done by a citizen jury, and Socrates spoke in his defence.Trump has been stripped of his political voice, silenced, without reference to any law, and without the involvement of any court. Should this happen in a liberal democracy?

Free speech has its limitations in a free society. But when such limitations are imposed, it is normally done by a publicly accountable body, usually a parliament, passing legislation in a transparent and contestable manner.And when such limitations are enforced, it is done so transparently by a judicial body, on the basis of laws and principles which are well-understood, and in which the accused party can mount arguments in defence.

There are those on the political left who applaud Twitter’s action because their dislike of Trump overrides their commitment to free speech.But they should imagine if the tables are turned. What if the next time it is their champion, seeking to mobilise their supporters to declare a climate emergency or demand racial justice, who is silenced?

What if Twitter is bought out by a climate sceptic who decides to de-platform anyone promoting climate action?LoadingThere are those on the political right who think Twitter is just a private company, free to deny service to users who violate its terms, and that politicians can find other platforms to air their views.

This fundamentally misunderstands the ubiquitous, dominant and indispensable nature of digital platforms today, especially in the world of political communication.They are more akin to monopolistic utilities, where denial of service constitutes the denial of a right, and where free-market advocates would usually concede government regulation is needed.

Just imagine Twitter and Facebook had taken the decision to de-platform Donald Trump before the presidential election, rather than afterward. Can anyone seriously contest that this would not have had a profound political influence on the election?The Twitter decision opens a veritable Pandora’s box which will be very hard to close.

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LoadingWhy is Trump silenced but not Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei when he calls for the extermination of Israel? Or the Chinese Communist Party when it claims its policies of ethnic cleansing in Xinjiang instead constitutes a gender equality program?

Stung by earlier criticism, social media self-regulation has skyrocketed. Facebook’s removal of hate speech has risen tenfold in two years. Twitter removed 2.9 million tweets in the second half of 2018. YouTube removed 11.4 million videos in just the last quarter of 2018. The platforms are slowly acknowledging some responsibility as publishers.

But it is unfair of us as societies to expect digital platforms to self-censor and get it right. Nor should they be the arbiters of truth, a role they were increasingly forced to play in the context of the US presidential election.They lack the expertise to perform these roles properly. But more seriously, they lack the legitimacy to do so. Only representative governments and lawmakers can fulfil this role.

The digital platforms are filling a void left by public policy. But the limitations that should be placed on free speech must be taken by society collectively, not left to the tech titans.Start your day informedOur Morning Edition newsletter is a curated guide to the most important and interesting stories, analysis and insights. Sign up to

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DaveSharma Private company and all. DaveSharma Stupidity. He is only silenced on Twitter. There are plenty of other legitimate platforms for the US President to have his say. He just wants one way rankings with no one holding him accountable for his idiocy . DaveSharma That's because he's an over exposed idiot, quite a lot like the writer of your stupid article. Peter Costello strikes another blow against the once great paper.

DaveSharma What utter horseshit. At what point did access to social media become an inalienable right? As someone else pointed out, this crap is brought to you by the same people who believe access to Twitter is a fundamental right and basic health care is a luxury option. DaveSharma DaveSharma Any interest in Uganda and democratic repression BobiwineforPresident2021

DaveSharma Wrong. DaveSharma Not at all. Trump was not talking politics. He was talking sedition and treason. DaveSharma Free speech doesn't allow for blatant lies, and dangerous one at that. That's why there is a laws against inciting people to break the law. DaveSharma Dave might also be upset as it appears the boot has changed foots & he & friends maybe about to receive what they have given. A unpleasant but well deserved event. Good on Twitter for behaving in the world's best interests.

DaveSharma Perhaps if Dave & others talked to their friends about appropriate behaviour Twitter & others would not have to do the responsible thing & shut them down. As much to Australia as others. Look at the nutters (some call wack jobs) here. DaveSharma You cannot be suggesting encouraging this violent coup or any of Trump's deliberate fanning of division & hate should be permitted on social media 'if we care about free speech'? We care about honest Govt with integrity speaking out against hate & violence wherever it is found.

DaveSharma Previous American presidents have incited wars and not been impeached. Trump incited a protest which admittedly went too far and gets blacklisted for it! Something to ponder for the future. DaveSharma Trump has a friggin press room. Like all the other presidents did. DaveSharma Narrator:...and Dave continued with his nonsense. As time went on, Dave continued to demonstrate that he had no clue. With every utterance, confirming that he was simply an ideological shill.

DaveSharma DaveSharma using your argument, why then are the media permitted to publish what they want and refuse to publish what they don’t want. When the media sensationalise stories or events to improve their TARPs yet refuse to publish factual based stories as “they are now no longer..” DaveSharma No it doesn’t. Trump could write an Op Ed like Mr Sharma.

DaveSharma Is DaveSharma really that stupid, or is he just trolling? DaveSharma DaveSharma Absolute horseshit. Do better. DaveSharma shut up dave DaveSharma Yeahhhh... nah... DaveSharma Good DaveSharma So his political voice was twitter facebook really ! A terrorist mob attacked democracy fed a pack of baseless accusations thinking they were patriots and over turning a fraudulent election (the big lie) now who pushed that big lie who incited the violence

DaveSharma Twitter is losing billions of dollars because the are destroying the Democratic Right to speak freely 😬 Political Correctness is being used to push their own Political Agenda 🤠🖕 DaveSharma This is ridiculous. Twitter is not the only way a President can communicate. Still free to share his thoughts if anyone wants to listen.

DaveSharma Great your interested in American politics, but what about Australian Vaccines? AussieVaxNow DaveSharma You mean besides the fact he can walk down a hallway and have the worlds media at his doorstep? DaveSharma He has a whole press office and a press room full of ..... oops... journalists who he has abused for years. Karma!!

DaveSharma Took it like a champ. Bring on the new trump app DaveSharma Hang on... so banning Isis was ok by Twitter in your view or... DaveSharma Sharma needs to quit lying. Trump has a full suite of mechanisms to get his political voice out there. But there’s no legal basis to compel Google or Amazon to host incendiary content of the nature he’s been disseminating. Sharma knows better.

DaveSharma What a load of BS. The Age doesn’t publish all letters to the editor. It doesn’t publish interviews in full etc. all media - social or MSM- choose what is published on their site/medium. Twitter has the same rights as newspaper, radio, TV or website to control what it publishes DaveSharma BOLLOCKS!

DaveSharma He built his house on sand. He tweeted as a private citizen on a privately owned and operated platform with its clearly stated terms of use. This isn’t a freedom of speech thing - it’s about working in accordance with the terms of your service provider. DaveSharma They made the decision based on the threat to public safety and probably saved lives. Not sure your weak argument holds Dave.

DaveSharma He can literally walk down a hallway to the press room, and speak to the nation (and many outside the nation) right now. How has he been silenced exactly? DaveSharma This piece is what one would have to call an utter cavalcade of crap. DaveSharma Dear me what ever happened before social media then?

DaveSharma Sometimes action needs to be taken first and the rest worked out later. When lives are in danger and they were, act first always. DaveSharma Pretty sure the Four Seasons Landscaping is available for his pressers DaveSharma guys. He can call every political reporter to a press briefing and be on every television in the world whenever he wants. You're speaking shit.

DaveSharma Given Trump can still use TV, radio, print press, his own website, press conferences at his hotel or call another reich-rally, he’s hardly silenced. davesharma is either a very silly writer, or he has a political agenda to push DaveSharma Embarrassed. I thought DaveSharma was more intelligent than this. The US President like every other nations leader has more communication channels than Twitter.

DaveSharma From a minister of the government that sacks public servants for expressing their own opinion if it doesn't agree with the government? Really? DaveSharma MPs’ focus on freespeech is chilling if you care about democracy DaveSharma Dave Sharma needs to rethink the values Trump represents. Disappointed The Age is publishing this. Shows bias, yet you purport to be always independent. How about publishing the explanation from Twitter as to why?

DaveSharma Oh Dave. Dear Dave. Silly Dave. Darling, that's not how it works. DaveSharma DaveSharma is incorrect..again. Twitter is one ( albeit significant) social media platform with t&c that Trump breached..Trump has many many avenues to express his point of view... this is not a free speech issue. It’s a propaganda spreading of violence and insurrection issue.

DaveSharma LNP support uncensored lies and deception because that's the only way they can be voted into Government. DaveSharma And he’d be 100% correct. The MSM can now “report” what they like about Trump; misrepresent & take completely out of context so the ‘Orange man bad’ narrative can go on unopposed. Twitter & Facebook are the town square. The voice of 70m American’s has been effectively silenced.

DaveSharma DaveSharma Bullshit DaveSharma Could it perhaps be because Trump was putting himself above the law and refusing to accept the judgements of courts all over the USA? DaveSharma Odd that this is an LNP member of parliament writing this my experience on twitter, the LNP block more voices than anyone else. Further to that ' I move the member not be heard ' seems like a hypocritical move from the party of 'Free speech' . I mean silencing 50% of Aus ?

DaveSharma Capitalism... DaveSharma Twitter made Trump - Twitter owns Trump... DaveSharma What a pity Sharma doesn't understand contractual law! DaveSharma You actually paid for this nincanpoops opinion FFS ! DaveSharma He can hold a press conference DaveSharma This OPINION piece is proof that ANY opinion can find a publisher and you don't need Twitter to broadcast Bad Takes, Dumb Ideas & Dangerous Opinions. As well as (but not limited to): alternative facts, strong-held beliefs, contentious facts, false equations and of course lies

DaveSharma When is Dave doing an article on the advantage of insider trading be a good read DaveSharma Stop spreading lies and misinformation. Trump signed up for the same rules we all did, he them proceeded to incite violence, tried to over turn the election and used it to spread hate. Quoting DaveSharma shows that you've bought into the right wing falsehoods. Embarrassing.

DaveSharma He’s missing his master DaveSharma I wish local politicians would stop defending Trump! Well done Twitter for standing by your principles. DaveSharma What utter guff DaveSharma you should know better than that... I’d hope for more from my local member... not an apologist for an overseas demagogue and climate change denier

DaveSharma Shut up !! Sharma !!!! DaveSharma Seems to be more opinions than actual factual news in that supposed newspaper. DaveSharma FFS, we are not Americans, we have not been controlled by fear or hate. This shitty piece of propaganda will not work on Aussies. Our MSM are an embarrassment, they insult our intelligence everyday with this immature bullshit.

DaveSharma To what standards do you hold yourselves that you would not only publish this but also headline your tweet with such an outrageously false statement? DaveSharma So who was that mandarine wankgibbon I just saw on the telly? DaveSharma LNP members eschew logic, instead embrace logical fallacies with gusto

DaveSharma Look at Trump's free speech being taken away whilst he addresses the nation in one of the dozens of ways he can choose from: DaveSharma Trump still has access to The White House twitter account. DaveSharma If only their was some other way to communicate. DaveSharma Once again Liberal MPs show how tone deaf they are. I used to like Dave Sharma but numerous interviews and statements like above have shown repeatedly that he too is parroting the Liberal’s rhetoric and is unable to think for himself. Shame.

DaveSharma In a crowded hall. I yell 🔥 FIRE 🔥 at the top of my voice and the crowd panics to get out - stampede follows - an 80yr old gets trampled to death! But it’s a lie... there is no fire. But 🎉 congrats to me, I exerted my RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! Think of your own examples DaveSharma To bad the age doesn’t censor you, bozo

DaveSharma Dave Sharma, say no more. Another right wing useless numpty. DaveSharma Its called private enterprise ownership and its good to see the President who loves capitalism foisted on his own petard and not able to shout out DaveSharma Trump stopped doing press conference in the briefing room because hard questions He started his running to the chopper so he could appear to answer a couple of questions but he could pretend he didn't hear anything he disliked FYI twitter is a business read the T&C's

DaveSharma This is not a free speech issue. Just because a private company refused to give you a platform does not amount to the loss of free speech. DaveSharma DaveSharma And why, exactly, should businesses, in a free market - dare I say, capitalist - economy need to justify to anyone, including their mums, why the CHOSE not to do business with him? There ARE NO LAWS that say Trump has an inalienable right to do business with them.

DaveSharma Rubbish! 1. Not stripped of political voice (why we're still hearing Trump in the media). 2. Predecessors functioned w/o twitter. 3. Law of contract applies to Twitter's contracts with its users. Once expected better of than publishing such nonsense. auspol DaveSharma Oh, give me a break. Twitter is not a political platform, although Trump used it as one. It's a private company with the right to refuse access to anyone who violates their terms.

DaveSharma What an absurd position to argue. DaveSharma Sharma’s argument was a little like: ‘if my auntie had balls she would be my uncle!’ DaveSharma This is rubbish. He violated the terms and conditions of those services. DaveSharma What nonsense! When was the last time Trump fronted a news conference? He should be man enough to front up to be questioned on his lies.

DaveSharma Seriously? DaveSharma This is absolute rubbish Dave, I company is free to runs it's business, and the President of the United States has many ways to broadcast his opinion, including calling a press conference. DaveSharma So why is d media (newspapers n TV) still reporting on what Trump says. Seems discriminatory that Twitter fb Instagrm have to ban him but TV n newspapers don’t ban their reports!!!

DaveSharma Stripped of his political voice for a twitter ban? Is the president so powerless? Seriously? DaveSharma So do you suggest the government step in and tell a private company that they can’t enforce their published rules and policies of use? All of a sudden you are for government-led regulation of the free market?

DaveSharma But ... he still has the right to free speech? He hasn’t been silenced. He hasn’t been arrested. He can say whatever he wants. And twitter can do what they want. DaveSharma I mean, does even have an editor...? DaveSharma Don't be so ridiculous. 143 presidents did without social media. I think the white house press room would be a easy place for home to access, fox news, media release. Don't be ridiculous.

DaveSharma Pathetic argument. He could call a media conference, even via Zoom, he could issue a statement ... his problem is he lies and, incredibly, no-one wants his crap any more. (Oh I'm.talking about Trump, but Sharma should learn something too) DaveSharma DaveSharma you do know Trump can just hold a press conference, issue a press release, agree to an interview, right? You know he hasn’t be silenced in any way shape or form.

DaveSharma If only there was somewhere he could go to talk directly to the people. WhiteHousePressBriefing DaveSharma Bullshit...he can call a press conference at anytime like all that before him have...There is nothing in the law that requires a website to allow a person to have free reign spreading least last I knew...

DaveSharma What are your thoughts on this? DaveSharma Utter bollocks. DaveSharma By a private company. Ooooh DaveSharma BS - he has voice & plenty of it. Get of your but & hold a conferences. Your joking that Twitter is his only platform- give me a break DaveSharma 🤔 DaveSharma Dave Sharma Owns which shares.. 😅🤣😂😂🤣😅🤪

DaveSharma I missed the outrage here. DaveSharma There's nothing stopping Trump from using the official Potus Twitter account, or holding a press conference, or going on Network TV or C-SPAN, or writing an Op Ed for a paper, or holding a town hall meeting. Oh his voice has been silenced? What utter, utter bullshit.

DaveSharma Dave, can you ask your mate MP Paul Fletcher to put the 'Broadside' ep of QandA back on air? You know the television show he had removed (censored if you will) from the national broadcaster because it hurt his feelings? DaveSharma 'Dave Sharma thinks he's Socrates - albeit a spineless Socrates who bends whichever way the wind blows or the party holding the keys to his careerist ambitions tells him to'

DaveSharma What bullt he have a press conference any time any day DaveSharma Political Voice? What did he do before Twitter? How about his daily press conferences? Oh that’s right, he calls the mainstream media ‘fake news’ so what he’s really been stripped of is his ability to ‘create’ news. We call them lies!

DaveSharma ..well that’s gotta be uncomfortable.. ..Trump just spoke and I think he appeared on every news channel..maybe all across the western world.. ..I’m now watching CNN, and he’s being repeated.. 😑 silenced bigtech rightwingnutjob DaveSharma just a reminder we’re getting the shit vaccine because Dave Sharma bought shares in the company

DaveSharma Wrong. Denying climate change, fuelling racism, war-mongering with Iran and China, and inciting domestic terrorism is dangerous. Banning Trump on Twitter is ethics and common sense. DaveSharma Doesn’t he have a full press room? Yes, you liar, he does. He broke TOS, life has consequences. DaveSharma He has hardly been silenced.

DaveSharma Dave, Dave, Dave you have really lost the plot mate. And so has the Age. The ABC in your opinion should be muzzled because it exposed corruption in your ranks but Twitter can’t muzzle a fascist like Trump? What a disappointing member you turned out to be. auspol DaveSharma Trump is welcome to have his own platform. Twitter is a private company and they can do whatever they want and if we follow this article's logic, Parler should've been banned months ago. Freedom of Speech doesn't mean incitement or allowance for hate or fascism...

DaveSharma DaveSharma It's a private business - that is their right. DaveSharma If twitter is so important for reach why do most Sky Propaganda presenters opt to stay off the site and just use their TV and newspaper platforms? DaveSharma DaveSharma is part of the 'all announcements, no follow up' and no awkward questions answered ScottMorrisonMP government. Like Trump, it's all about the soundbites. The President has press conferences which can run for hours if he chose to use them.

DaveSharma Hi Dave. Did you see the five minute video of Trump's speech going around Twitter? Remind me again how he's been stripped of anything? DaveSharma ...because he can only speak Twitter? DaveSharma Stop giving these ppl space, you might as well give Pete fucking Evans a column, you’ve become a tabloid rag. The man with the largest media platform in the world is silenced?

DaveSharma Does this mean no-one had a political voice before twitter? DaveSharma This is just more of the usual bunkum we expect from a lightweight idealogue like Sharma. How does he think politicians communicated prior to Twitter? Those options are still there for OneTermTrump. Plus the POTUS Twitter handle is still there for official communication auspol

DaveSharma Sure Dave, DaveSharma Still coming to terms with Donnie's silencing. Tragic. putoutyourmegaphones DaveSharma bullshit DaveSharma Interesting: I could only find this Tweet on The Age account, not on SMH, but the below letter sent to SMH reflects not only most readers' comments to Sharma's opinion piece (Tried to count but baulked by no. 222) but definitely accords with the views of me & my spouse & friends

DaveSharma He should hold a press conference in the press room. Like the old days DaveSharma When this idiot is kicked off the gravy train , the ‘snout in trough’ special... you would be daft to hire him as your lawyer with this kind of ‘logic’ DaveSharma Rubbish he can make an address to the nation, call a press conference, do interviews with newspapers, go on radio or tv, hold a public meeting...

DaveSharma When the number one terrorist threat was considered radical Muslim, the Libs demanded social media ban them. Morrison made a speech imploring them to. Now that it's far right white supremacists, the Libs are cheering on Trump's right to incite them to terrorist acts. Sickening. DaveSharma Gotta ask yourself, why are the LNP hitching their caboose to the Trump train, even as is plunges into a shit filled ravine?

DaveSharma Stripped of his voice? He's the President! He can call a press conference any time he wants. He can make a national speech that will be broadcast across America at a whim. Don't be so stupid. And stopping Labor speaking in Parliament? Taking asylum seekers phones? What's that? DaveSharma No it doesn’t. Think before you Tweet.

DaveSharma Can anyone write an opinion piece and get published in the Age, or just idiots like Sharma? DaveSharma it's difficult to state just how ignorant this take is. is sharma trying to tell us he is also neofascist? DaveSharma If he's been stripped of his political voice, why the hell am I still hearing him loud and clear? FFS get people with at least half a brain and the ability to apply critical thinking to write opinion pieces if you still want to be taken seriously as a newspaper.

DaveSharma Twitter is only a private messaging service. It is not the official gov't means of communication. I thought The Age had better understandings. Dave Sharma comments are actually irrelevant and mostly inaccurate. PS - ask Dave how his latest share buys have gone? DaveSharma DaveSharma why not use that free speech to let everyone know about your shares in CSL?

DaveSharma FrEE sPeeCh! DaveSharma So find a free speech excuse & break any contract ? That’s what you imply. DaveSharma Not silcenced just weak and petulant. He could easily hold a press conference and speak the TRUTH. Your words are disgraceful. DaveSharma You’re a knob, Sharma! DaveSharma Costellos propaganda as bad as Trumps.

DaveSharma Sharma is being disingenuous, why would you promote an 'opinion' like this? auspol DaveSharma I’m old enough to remember when ‘free speech’ was a thing before the internet and Twitter... DaveSharma Dave calls it: 'The digital platforms are filling a void left by public policy. But the limitations that should be placed on free speech must be taken by society collectively, not left to the tech titans.' So, what's your policy response, genius?

DaveSharma I'm sorry, but he has his own PRESS BRIEFING ROOM IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!! There is a White House press corp that follows him around. He hasn't been silenced! Twitter is a private company, they can do what they want, same as Trump can ban people from his hotels or golf resorts. DaveSharma This is embarrassing. He's the president. He commands the media any time he likes.

DaveSharma Nice click bait DaveSharma Just imagine Vladimir Putin or Ji Xinping used Twitter to incite an insurrection. Dave Sharma would be outraged if Twitter didn’t ban them. He & his strategic marketing pal ScumMo would be cheerleading the move from the sidelines! scottyfromarketing wouldn’t be silent either!

DaveSharma There is no such thing as total free speech, threats to kill threats of violence are criminal offences. We have slander and libel laws. Twitter has decided not to be a party to the commission of these offences that is their right. DaveSharma Lowering the standards of journalism again DaveSharma He’s the president of the USA. He has plenty of official avenues to express himself. Twitter is a private company. He breached the terms of service. There is no freedom of speech issue here.

DaveSharma Did he have a look at the company that have been tallying up the LIES Trump has told in his tome in office,last I looked it was in the many thousands,social media has given him a better run than he deserves. DaveSharma Twitter is “the most important political medium of the day”!? God help us all.

DaveSharma Errr I wonder what form of politicians used before social media? FFS, get a grip. DaveSharma Are you a newspaper, or a Trump snot rag? Twitter's terms and conditions state it. The law is not inciting violence, especially from a public office. The writer of this 'opinion' is just as culpable. Irresponsible.

DaveSharma What a inane argument. Still press briefings, interviews and statements. Trump preferred Twitter and now rightfully silenced DaveSharma DaveSharma you dope, Trump has a plethora of platforms to speak to the masses. Twitter let him get away with his constant drivel - DaveSharma What absolute bollocks. 'Stripped of his political voice'? There was video of his Alamo speech splashed across every channel. How is that stripping him of his voice? Dave, you suck at this.

DaveSharma Again, DaveSharma is wrong. How is he going to get on with the incoming administration? DaveSharma But honestly, Dave is full of it DaveSharma DaveSharma I'd like to believe you're too stupid to know better. Sadly, the truth is you're fully aware that what you're claiming is false & are using your own public platform to grandstand in the hope of creating further division to exploit politically.

DaveSharma He still has the whole press corp at his disposal.. DaveSharma Another ScottMorrisonMP Govt distraction. Trump still has official POTUS communications. DaveSharma Hmmm surely all he has to do is walk down the hallway and talk to reporters from every newspaper and radio and TV station in the world......!!!!

DaveSharma I strongly disagree with Dave Sharma’s opinion DaveSharma This is satire..... surely? I mean, no-one could possibly be this delusional... could they? DaveSharma Ignorant DaveSharma I tried to read this series of false equivalences but I just couldn’t get through it. DaveSharma Should The Age give half-rate politicians free reign of the Opinion section if their opinions are absolutely moronic.

DaveSharma Breach of contract DaveSharma They are a private company. The END DaveSharma This newspaper and this article are worthy only of wiping my arse. DaveSharma Geez, he can call a press conference or appear on Fox anytime he wants. What a load of BS DaveSharma DaveSharma, do you also believe that Abu Bakar Ba'asyir should be free to express his views on social media, now that he's completed his sentence for supporting radical militant training?

DaveSharma A lot of ordinary ppl manage to stay on twitter without been thrown off for lying or inciting violence. This man was the american president! There are many ways he can communicate. Wasn't he the 1st to use a private coy like twitter, anyway? DaveSharma He can literally call a news conference and have the world’s press attend. Why do you publish this utter nonsense? notjournalism

DaveSharma The man can hold a press conference anytime he wants. DaveSharma Shut up Dave. DaveSharma DaveSharma DaveSharma lib defends Trump not democracy. He's fine with spreading dis/misinformation & lies to win elections or lead an insurrection via Twitter. LNP upset bcos they use it same way to lie, obfuscate & confuse public Trump not the victim democracy is, law needs to catch up

DaveSharma Politician whines about other politician being ‘silenced’ in newspaper opinion piece, an avenue widely available to all politicians including one with own media facilities in own house. DaveSharma I reckon he could use more traditional ways for his presidential voice. You know.... like how the media will attend when he call a press conference. You know, in the time before we had a Twitter crazy nutter running the joint, Presidents used to use that more. Get a grip Dave

DaveSharma Nonsense:do you have shares in Twitter? DaveSharma It’s stripped him of the ability 2satisfy his narcissistic need for attention via social media. It hasn’t stripped him of his ability2 give press conferences,media releases, speeches, interviews or any other means of communicating w the American people that would normally be used

DaveSharma Er, I think they referenced TwitterRules, which is kinda all they need to do. DaveSharma Imagine being one of the 44 previous presidents who had to communicate without the benefit of Twitter (or the ine who largely chose not to use it much). How TF did they manage? Ridiculous take & blatant distraction by Sharma.

DaveSharma But the attack on Washington wasn't chilling. auspol JanSummersalt DaveSharma Dave's right! MarkMAldridge DaveSharma Gee it's too bad he doesn't have television studio, available 24x7x3565, and a national and world wide press he can call on ANY TIME HE WANTS to speak to the American people and the world. But sure, he needs to be able to lie and foment violence on twitter.

DaveSharma Much of mob followed orders & acted on emotions exploited by puppet-masters pulling strings. May 13 - Paul Manafort starts home detention (free to do calls & meetings), Dec 24 - Manafort pardoned (complete freedom of movement). DaveSharma Since when is Twitter the voice of a President? Stripped of his voice He can hold a press conference at a moment’s notice. That used to be the way Presidents communicated not behind a keyboard

DaveSharma What's that Peter Costello? DaveSharma I'm up for an open discussion on the virtues of 'Auschwitz'. DaveSharma If TheAge wants to be taken seriously as a media outlet, you guys need to lift your game and publish articles that have a modicum - at least a modicum - of common sense underlying them. Also, protip: don’t publish shit that supports attempts to organise another insurrection.

DaveSharma In other news, Dave Sharma proves he's incapable of nuanced argument DaveSharma Beggars belief that team Costello can publish this BS given the vast range of important news items with real public interest. DaveSharma You mean this guy? DaveSharma DaveSharma Everytime DaveSharma opens his mouth, he contradicts himself. Much like other RWNJ.

DaveSharma Dear . I’m fully aware that mainstream is becoming increasingly irrelevant. It seems passing strange that your paper should underline exactly why nobody should pay you lot any attention at all. Trump has all of mainstream media to communicate on & you say he’s silenced. DaveSharma What did we all do (including US presidents) before Twitter and other similar platforms

DaveSharma He has a press room at this house DaveSharma Really. Why not just call a press conference? DaveSharma As another 'free marketeer' Dave, you would recognise. Private company, T&C's you sign to use THEIR product. Can kick anyone off they like. DaveSharma From Dave's colleague freedom boi: DaveSharma What’s the point in Twitter’s Terms and Conditions if they can’t be applied when someone does not abide by them? The question is whether Twitter is applying the T&C’s consistently.

DaveSharma You know he has his own media centre right? DaveSharma Here’s some free speech: How did Dave Sharma ‘coincidentally’ buy shares in CSL the day before Morrison announced as our vaccine of choice? DaveSharma Mate, what country do you live in/work for. Get your head out of his arse, he’s never going to notice you.

DaveSharma I thought a grade six kid had written this. What a load of crap. People are banned or suspended from social media all the time for breaching rules. I used the word “man” and got a warning from Facebook! Free speech doesn’t include inciting violence 🙄 DaveSharma Aren’t we having secret trials in Australia right now with whistle blowers being silenced by our Federal Government? But Dave thinks he should stand up for the biggest bully in the schoolyard after he tries to incite a coup. Funny hill to die on.

DaveSharma Dave Shama uses media platform to demonstrate exact option open to someone banned for missuse of another media platform silenced unintendedirony clueless DaveSharma The Australian Government hates anyone else having free speech DaveSharma Yeah I’m chilling with it. Thanks Twitter DaveSharma Even the terrorists (rioters) lawyers are blaming Trump

DaveSharma Sharma is protecting the right of a known liar to incite violence & mayhem ... The Age should report that Sharma is an enabler of this type of ‘free speech’ DaveSharma At least we know where the entire LNP stand. Unfortunately there are Australians that support their position. DaveSharma I really want to know what you think should be allowed by Twitter, Facebook et al? Trump incited actions which resulted in 5 deaths. Would 50 be enough? Because you took action after Christchurch. Your govt was quite firm then. It is such a jarring inconsistency

DaveSharma He literally has 24/7 access to a press room in his house!!! ThisisNotJournalism canceltheage DaveSharma this you? auspol DaveSharma Ridiculous and OTT, he's POTUS, he's got a hundred microphones and cameras waiting for him wherever he goes. He's been kicked off a private platform. DaveSharma

DaveSharma Newspapers silence views whenever they want DaveSharma Dave is either being deliberately dishonest or he is delusional. DaveSharma Do you know what free speech is ? Cause that was speech abuse. Free speech comes with full responsibility. DaveSharma 'Silenced' - rubbish! Imagine instead of Twitter, it were Tiktok. Or, imagine, instead of Trump, it were me. Stupididity!

DaveSharma DaveSharma the voters if Wentworth a going to do you and do you slowly at the next election DaveSharma So no press conferences, TV or radio interviews, ‘door stop’ political announcements etc ? Give me a break! DaveSharma Incitement to Insurrection is not protected speech, and we cannot risk him doing it again.

DaveSharma 'Free speech' does not mean 'free access'. I'm free to speak my mind, but that doesn't mean the TV networks have to put me on the air so that their hundreds of millions of viewers hear my opinion. DaveSharma A positive to come from all of Morrison’s holidays is that the morons in the party can pop their heads out and let us know what they are thinking.

DaveSharma This is the sort of baseless conspiratorial unhinged nonsense that is being spewed by a cohort of Trump apologists in Congress during an impeachment hearing. But it's happening in Australia, in a newspaper, and for no apparent reason (other than to play to Trump's base?) WTF DaveSharma great article dave. 😇

DaveSharma Hypocrite. DaveSharma BUT Twitter is private enterprise and should be free to do as they please within the law. If we don’t like it we can leave and shut them down overnight. You see it’s us that give them the power they have, they have nothing without us. DaveSharma 'I move the member no longer be heard'. Dave Sharma and the LNP are hypocrites.

DaveSharma Yay DaveSharma And you guys wonder why you get tagged fake news. A term that was long used to describe media outlets long before Trump came along. DaveSharma I move that the Trumpet be no longer heard DaveSharma It's not like he doesn't have an entire press corp at his disposal. He held a press conference today. I move and DaveSharma be no longer heard. What a bunch of crap. The Age used to be a paper worth reading.

DaveSharma Shallow and vacuous rantings devoid of fact are not bona fide opinion pieces and by providing a platform for this drivel the Age has sunk into the abyss. DaveSharma BUUUUULLSHIT! If I was here calling for invading the Capitol in the name of Sharia Law, you'd be throwing my arse to the nearest detainment centre with my Twitter shut down. Don't go calling it different because it's a lot of inbred white guys went crazy.

DaveSharma Bullshit. The GFB can call a press conference and address the nation or even the cretins at The Age at a moment’s notice. Here’s a meme to help you remember that. DaveSharma THIS IS TRUE ! DaveSharma DaveSharma you know this is a private company right? Also this is free market capitalism, one of the pillars of your party. He violated the terms of use and therefor faced the consequences. It’s a really simple concept obvious to even the most uneducated citizen

DaveSharma get him back on, his a comedian that doesn't even try to be DaveSharma No, it doesn't. Plenty of other channels available to him. Look at the irony of this opinion piece: a once reputable major Australian newspaper is giving even dodgy Dave Sharma a voice, including via TWITTER! 😏 Sincerely, Your EX-subscriber 👎

Dave Sharma 😂😂😂🤡🤡😜 DaveSharma Hey Dave, focus on your own electorate and leave the grown ups alone. How did Clinton and Bush get their word out to the masses? Just because 45 can’t “shit tweet” in the morning you think he’s been hard done by? TwitterSafety Policy I’m sure he’s violated your TOS.

DaveSharma Ridiculous! A simple press conference announcement would have nearly every press agency in the world lining up to hear what POTUS has to say. SM companies have no requirement to give anyone a platform no matter what their current position is. It's not censorship its their choice. DaveSharma

DaveSharma Yep, that's horseshit DaveSharma LOL DaveSharma Trouble is, Sharma talks rubbish. There is no one else on this planet with greater access to the media than Trump. Stripped of his political voice my arse. DaveSharma What garbage. He’s still the President and has many avenues to communicate with Americans - daily press conf, radio, TV networks - one dedicated to him called FOX 😬 All previous Presidents managed without Twitter as their main communication method - why can’t he?

DaveSharma There's still an official POTUS account. He hasn't been silenced, although he will when he goes to prison. DaveSharma Doesn’t Donald Trump have an entire press room at his disposal where he is free to give press conferences at any time he chooses? DaveSharma He was given enough rope and then hung himself. Dave Sharma you are a disgrace to think like this. These organisations had to curb Trump before more died

DaveSharma twitter is a private company and trump breached the rules, and abdicated his oath to uphold and protect the constitution.He is free to go on fox news and speak his views. DaveSharma I know he’s been silenced because I saw his press conference saying so on the tv, read it in an online paper and heard it on the radio today.

DaveSharma 🙄oh for fuck’s sake. It is not a “free speech” issue. It an issue of a person not being able to follow simple Twitters rules. He broke those rules to plan and incite an insurrection. They don’t owe Trump their platform. Get over it. DaveSharma DaveSharma must be a Stablegenius. What a waste of a font.

DaveSharma JulianAssange? DaveSharma Not before time too. DaveSharma That simply isn't true. So unless a political leader is on Twitter they cannot be heard? Really? DaveSharma Sharma- a LNP who has moved that the opposition “NOT BE HEARD” how many times ? The free market party 🤷🏼‍♀️ The party that constantly DOESNT provide reports as required? The party that destroys incriminating evidence or removes sections of information? How’s that investment doing?

DaveSharma Do you remember not so long ago we didnt have twitter? Presidents managed fine. DaveSharma Bullshit Dave DaveSharma Why did he make his political voice on a commercial website whose rules he chose to break? Seems like a shit for brains idea as a president. DaveSharma This you dogg? Funny how censorship by a public (i.e. government) broadcaster (an ACTUAL example of suppression of free speech) is perfectly OK, but a private company deplatforming someone who breached the TOS is somehow an outrageous threat to free speech. Typical LNP hypocrisy

DaveSharma What garbage. Still has full access to MSM and POTUS has the ability to drop pressers at the drop of hat. Literally with 5 minutes warning. Plus your own paper reported his activities today. How did MSM / POTUS survive before Twitter? DaveSharma 'stripped of his political voice, silenced' What a load of crap! Did Twitter block the way into WH press conference room? He still has plenty of ways to make his whatever voice heard by the whole wide world! He just did on his way to Texas!

DaveSharma Sad to see The Age filling up with this kind of rubbish, and on just about a daily basis DaveSharma Tough. DaveSharma What tripe. DaveSharma The old saying 'Opinions are like arseholes...everyone's got one' is particularly relevant in your case DaveSharma . Not very often does one see an arsehole opinion being given by an arsehole... good evening to you.

DaveSharma Private business refusing service to anybody they choose. You know capitalism DaveSharma what a load of crap ....... JaggerMickOZ DaveSharma You could say the same for the media at large. He only relied on Twitter because of them. DaveSharma Dave doesn’t believe in completely unrestricted free speech. That means he’s just upset because he likes what Donald Trump has to say and that particular form of speech has been restricted by free market companies. On that basis Dave’s opinion isn’t worth publishing.

DaveSharma The official POTUS Twitter account is still active but he wanted to use his own. Sharma’s a patsy for Rupert. DaveSharma it's funny, used to click onto these sorts of news stories & get hit with a paywall, so much for free speech & the right to know! clicked onto this & could read it! will that apply to all stories or is it because the age is a private company & they have twitter is?

DaveSharma He broke the rules and got banned... he also acted contrary to the Constitution and is facing impeachment so please drop the 'poor Donny' bullshit DaveSharma Not very Democratic huh DaveSharma Go back to Australia, mate DaveSharma DaveSharma why would you defend Trump here? Freedom of speech is important but NewsCorpse has been selective about news for decades! By his actions since the election Trump has shown himself a threat to democracy and all that our soldiers have died for. Crazy. auspol

DaveSharma I'm pretty amazed at how quickly the quality of has fallen. Even a child wouldn't come up with such a weak premise for an article. DaveSharma Bullshit. DaveSharma A private company (as opposed to govt entity) is not obligated to provide a free communication platform to anyone. Free speech=no government censorship. It's not about a private company blocking government access to their proprietary IP (for inciting violence.)

DaveSharma Good DaveSharma Was this written so Craig Kelly would finally learn Dave’s name? DaveSharma Perhaps Pres Trump could communicate in the manner of most other world leaders? By speech, interviews, press conferences, letters, articles, reports ... you know, like the grown ups do? What’s he afraid of?

DaveSharma Yeah, Trump had been booted off without regard to any laws because *there aren't any* relevant laws! DaveSharma Hi The Age, I would like to publish certain unflattering and almost certainly untrue statements about Dave Sharma on your paper's front page. For free. Will you publish me, or will you strip me of my 'political voice' and 'silence' me 'without the involvement of any court'?

DaveSharma David Cameron, former British PM, did too much tweeting makes one a tw. One of the few things he got right. DaveSharma You're kidding, right? How ever did politicians have a voice without twitter 😱 DaveSharma Ridiculous article. No political voice He’s still the POTUS. Just call a press conference or do a national address. Since when was Twitter in charge of free speech.

DaveSharma They formulate their Terms of Service, yes, and like any contract, users have to abide by the terms. DaveSharma It is disingenuous and wrong to argue this is a free speech issue. He incited an insurrection, a violent insurrection and people died. Individuals arguing against racism and in support of facts about climate change are not inciting or encouraging violence.

DaveSharma ... come on now. 🤦🏻‍♀️ DaveSharma So if I write a Letter to the Ed of a NP DaveSharma inciting violence in Canberra, overthrowing HofP & said NP refuses to print it bc it goes against the principles of that NP are you going to defend my right to hv that letter printed I think not. Do you?

DaveSharma You mean that television and radio no longer report on Presidential statements? That the entire Presidential press office has spontaneously combusted? .... DaveSharma The idea that Trump is silenced is absurd, he has the entire worlds media at call and free to speak to the people of the US/world anytime. Your love of Trump & thugs reflects on you. Social media has community standards not censorship. We demand that of Twitter and FB.

DaveSharma Get fucked. DaveSharma Hey DaveSharma - does THIS constitute free speech...? DaveSharma Socialist vermin Twitter DaveSharma You are missing the point completely. An Australian ally is imploding from an endless stream of bs from its leader and his enablers. It frightens me, that Aus politicians are not condemning this shit show in the strongest possible terms and focusing on supposed loss of voice.

DaveSharma Dave Sharma, you are the weakest link. Goodbye. DaveSharma Considering Twitter is not an official government website what about THEIR RIGHTS as a private company to ban someone who uses their platform to spread misinformation? 🤨 DaveSharma Just unsubscribed after years of supporting because I thought it was important to pay for good journalism. This opinion piece was the final straw and shows how far the editorial direction has strayed since the change of ownership. What a rubbish piece of writing

DaveSharma DaveSharma Hey DaveSharma , you do realise that POTUS has a press briefing room and can broadcast from the Oval Office when he wants? DaveSharma For goodness sakes Sharma, Trump is a serious security risk. He said to his militants after the invasion of the Capitol he incited and knew would happen that the journey had just begun. Commonsense would tell you how important it was to shut the vehicle for further incitement.

DaveSharma Silenced? Really? Can he hold a press conference? Can he talk to a journalist? What did people do before Twitter? DaveSharma The right wing are always shouting for the market to decide. The market decided that Trump can fuck off. DaveSharma Again, DaveSharma has missed an opportunity to not say/write something stupid. Free speech is a double edged sword.

DaveSharma I move that the Member for Wentworth no longer be heard. Ever. DaveSharma He can use the White House press conference room or speak to any of the reporters in his garden. Easy. DaveSharma Utter bollocks. DaveSharma Distraction from insider trading? DaveSharma Why would anyone of any intelligence or decency would even bother putting up such an argument. Furthermore why would any publication of any level of integrity even publish such rubbish. I think it’s the right time to cancel my subscription of 25 Years with The Age.

DaveSharma He could literally hold a press conference whenever he wants, or call in to his favourite morning news show, how is that silenced? DaveSharma Trump had a press conference today and is the most media covered person on earth. But calls to violence and sedition are not freedom of speech they are criminal actions that get you banned from social media. We do not allow hate speech so nor should a private company.

DaveSharma There are other outlets!! He can call a presser anytime!! The Twitter thing is that need to stop looking at it as 'free speech'. Twitter is a private company. They have rules. Trump broke them. They took him down. Very little to do w free speech. DaveSharma Pity we couldn't do the same to Sharma and his other feckw*t colleagues like Kelly, Canavan, McCormack etc

DaveSharma Sharma, in typical Australian parlance, is a dickhead DaveSharma When the Joint Chiefs issue a statement saying they will protect America against all enemies foreign and domestic, you kinda gotta check yourself. And your Opinion. DaveSharma What a joke! He's the President of the USA. He can have a voice any time he wants to.

DaveSharma SharemarketSharma doesn't think the President of the United States is capable of communicating via any other medium than social media. How is he capable of running the country? 🤔 DaveSharma What nonsense. So no politician had a voice before Twitter? Trump broke the terms of service. He'd been given far too much leeway already. The ban was long overdue. Heaven help the US & the rest of us if he still had that platform. What trouble could he cause before Jan 20.

DaveSharma 😂 nonsense. Every other POTUS has used their platform in the press briefing room in the White House. DaveSharma Gosh, I wonder how politicians ever communicated prior to Twitter? DaveSharma Free speech means if no laws are broken - then no legal consequences. It does not entitle you to say anything , anywhere. He can still speak using any other platform. He could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and speak his mind..........

DaveSharma What garbage. ThisIsNotJournalism DaveSharma But, but, what did Presidents or Prime Ministers do before Twitter How did they let us know their each and every thought 🙄shutupsharma shutuptrump DaveSharma Thanks for reminding me why you suck DaveSharma Why is The Age giving Dave Sharma a platform for this nonsense. He has plenty of avenues to communicate. Twitter and FB have rules which users are supposed to abide by.

DaveSharma Great ratio there. DaveSharma Only politician I know that can only communicate via Twitter. Before Twitter you had to get out and give media interviews. Calling them fake media was sudden death. You learnt how to play them. Hate comments like on Twitter arent worthy of a President. DaveSharma 🤔

DaveSharma Trump still has plenty of other tools to communicate thru.. One of those tools being you DaveSharma DaveSharma Gay_Alcorn ... in September you told everyone how proud you are to be the next editor of the age....... Hang your head in shame on this article DaveSharma Trump held a press conference today.

DaveSharma Good DaveSharma So the Libs are always advocating that we minimise government regulation and trust industry to self regulate. But when a business does make a difficult call to stop someone inciting violence you won't support them. DaveSharma Puerile and utterly untrue. By this argument only Trump and Obama had a political voice. Dave also thinks it’s ok for employees of govt agencies to be muzzled. He also supports the secret trial of witness K and Colleary. Inconsistent and hypocritical- just like a modern Liberal.

DaveSharma Oh the ratio on this! Just warms my heart! Helps ease the disappointment of waking up with you in my electorate everyday I guess. DaveSharma DaveSharma Maybe if he, I don't know, used the Media room that Presidents somehow managed to use for 50 years before Twitter was a thing? You know, WHAT IT WAS FUCKING DESIGNED FOR? auspol

DaveSharma LNP...”I move that the member no longer be heard”. DaveSharma Hahahahaha you guys must have been rolling on the floor with laughter after publishing that piece of shit. And you complain social media is killing you lol. You deserve to be made redundant DaveSharma He can speak to the people any time he wants to go down the hall and use the room designated for that very purpose. But he won't, bc then he'd be expected to answer questions, and he's a coward

DaveSharma I move the Member for Dodgy Investments no longer be heard DaveSharma What did Presidents do before Twitter DaveSharma You can't possibly be this stupid. 1. Twitter/Facebook/YouTube are private enterprises, you agree to their T&Cs before you post your nonsense 2. It's no one's constitutional right to have a social media account 3. FFS Dave please read a book occasionally 🤦‍♀️

DaveSharma DaveSharma Total BS DaveSharma Trumpty Dumpty can go live on national television anytime. DaveSharma DaveSharma FIY DaveSharma Hilarious DaveSharma Free lies, free disinformation, free incitement of violence, quite different from free speech DaveSharma The most watched man on the world, who only has to set foot outside his door to have a pack of media analysing his every word has been 'silenced' because a private company has decided not to provide a service. Rubbish!

DaveSharma Hey look everyone, Davo's like one of youse, you know, full access to the Costello Catalogue editorial. Like we all haven't written an editorial for a major daily. DaveSharma Nawww poor rich little shit ... He can call a press conference whenever he wants DaveSharma Bullshit DaveSharma Dave, this is complete bullshit. If Trump wanted to open his mouth in an interview or write an opinion piece like you have, he would get air time, as much as he wanted.

DaveSharma He literally made a speech on national TV DaveSharma DaveSharma Cultists have to be the dumbest people on the planet. He can call a press conference at any time. How did previous presidents talk to the public? DaveSharma You contend that the President of the US has no political voice. I’ll pray for you, my siblings; and I hope you reap what you’ve sown. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

DaveSharma Dave Sharma ... NO! DaveSharma To compare a private company’s right to refuse platform-use based on a user’s continued violation of community safety guidelines to democracy unraveling is lol-worthy. FoS does protect us encouraging m violence and criminality. & he will continue to say whatever he likes elsewher

DaveSharma Load of BS. Every President before him would find this laughable. He could have a press release every hour should he choose. DaveSharma False DaveSharma The only issue is with Twitter not being consistent with who they do and do not ban. If they are completely consistent and within their own rules, then there's no 'free speech' problem.

DaveSharma What! Trumpet not allowed to speak to anyone? He has a whole press contingent to use WTF. DaveSharma What a load of bollocks, DaveSharma - Trump could walk into the briefing room and talk to the cameras and have it broadcast in a heartbeat. Or he could get the airforce to fit sky-writing equipment and write his tweets in the sky for all to see.

DaveSharma A really strange bunch of ppl have liked this tweet - Indian bots, accounts with few followers, accounts with plenty of numbers after letters, generic conservative accounts... Is it the age, dave sharmbles, or both paying for likes? DaveSharma WOW!! I thought Twitter was a ‘ social media’ platform. Does The Age’s SharmasShares claim that Twitter is now the chosen media outlet by the leaders of the world 4 distribution of OFFICIAL news and information to the public. Define SOCIAL.

DaveSharma You also know that anyone working in public service is not allowed an opinion on social media right. It’s a sackable offence. So what’s this free speech you’re all talking about? DaveSharma but... but.. he was on TV today spruiking his brand of narcissism DaveSharma Trump created chaos and a terrorist attack on the Capitol attended by people in Nazi and Anti-Semitic clothing.

DaveSharma Looks like just about everyone else with 3 brain cells or more has beaten me to the punch by stating that this is a pile of drivel. DaveSharma Also Dave. Does always print the opinions of hypocrites? Doesn’t this undermine your credibility? DaveSharma Hey, Dave, I saw Trump on television yesterday, leaving the White House on Marine One, again at the Mexican border. His comments were covered by all networks and major news organisations. But I’m looking forward to my time on SkyNewsAust and FoxNews - or am I being silenced?

DaveSharma Demonstrably false - he just held a full scale press conference. I hope ninefax presents a contrary opinoin piece to this in the interests of 'balance'. I'm not holding my breath tho.. DaveSharma Time to cancel my Age subscription. I may as well read the Murdoch press if I want to read unabashed pandering to conservatives and white supremacists.

DaveSharma Given Twitter is a company and not a public service, I’m not sure where to go with this. Bottom line, as you say, Twitter is there for its Shareholders, not the public. Also, they’ve allowed a lot, it’s just the recent, new heights, of batsh*t crazy that they’ve reacted to DaveSharma Can we take it that The Age will be publishing every single 'letter to the editor' that they receive from now on. Anything less would look like gross hypocrisy.

DaveSharma So....twitter is the only way he can speak to the American public? Sounds like bullshit to me! DaveSharma Except perhaps he could the many official channels available to him...including press conferences. DaveSharma Twitter is a private company, it can refuse to service anyone DaveSharma what an embarrassing take

DaveSharma DaveSharma DaveSharma you fool. Trump can have all the ranting press briefings he likes but no platform will support him inciting violence. Same goes in Australia. DaveSharma Stop it! Pure nonsense DaveSharma I've resisted saying this, but since Dave Sharma continues with this utter twaddle, if Hitler and Twitter had existed in the same time-frame, Sharma would have argued for Hitler being able to continue access to Twitter to promote his hate speech. Have I got that right?

DaveSharma Correct, Twitter can ban anyone it doesn’t agree with, turning Twitter into an echo chamber DaveSharma smoydd DaveSharma What you actually mean is that Trump can no longer Twitter from the shitter. 😜 FirstWorldProblems & something of very little consequence to anyone except bone lazy politicians.

DaveSharma Any twitter replacement? DaveSharma Thanks for reminding me why I never bothered renewing my subscription. DaveSharma He is the President. He has a Presidential briefing room he can use whenever he wants- that is hardly being silenced. DaveSharma My guess, from his opinion, is that Dave Sharma has never joined any web platform ever. Because in every case wgere you sign up. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flikr, Instagram or Aunt Petunias Recipe site. There is an agreement that you will follow rules or be banned

DaveSharma The Age is still around? Would have thought the right wing market was a bit full DaveSharma He should send out a group email and complain, then ask for money to be donated to help him. Or go on one of the many tv stations or radio stations that would let him say any tripe or have a press conference. ‘Oh his free speech!’ TheMorrisonGovStoleMillionsAndThusIsWhatYouPrint

DaveSharma Did you complain when they took ISIS off the social media platform? Seriously? Are you freaking serious Dave Sharma? DaveSharma Trump is still free to speak using various other forms of communication. DaveSharma ...nobody is immune from this, the purge continues. Is it true an Apple exec, a Twitter exec and a Facebook exec are now part of Biden’s administration?

DaveSharma What the actual F!? This stuff doesn’t need a voice in Australia. MeidasTouch Australia has caught MAGA from the USA. And , I’m happy do share all the Parler messages (including deleted ones) that were leaked due to piss poor API coding. Let’s see what George had to say DaveSharma Correction he was banned due to violation of rules set out by the platform.

DaveSharma Doesn’t he still have a podium at the White House with direct access to every media outlet in the USA? FFS how does he think previous POTUS got their message out prior to social media DaveSharma CCCP DaveSharma I have a few questions for you DaveSharma 1. Are you a representative of you electorate or an opinion writer for Nine/Fairfax? 2. Have you proposed any legislation to remove social media posts that incite violence? 3. Have you lobbied to prevent white supremacists entering Aus?

DaveSharma Gee,how did presidents ever get their voices heard and their jobdone before social media..hmm DaveSharma Not argues. Pronounces. DaveSharma never engages, just preaches. DaveSharma What absolute bollocks 😑 DaveSharma DaveSharma - dangerously ignorant, and attempting to district Australians from his Astra Zenica heist.

DaveSharma Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from the consequences of your speech - as defendants in defamation cases and those who breach Twitter’s terms of use find out. God, this is my MP. DaveSharma FFS nearly time to cancel the SMH subscription- just low quality it’s not actually worth it

DaveSharma Oh god DaveSharma Yeah...nah. He was just too arrogant to observe the rules. I’ll bet my letter to the editor wouldn’t be published if it didn’t observe the boundaries of or any other print medium. DaveSharma Inside the Whitehouse , tRump's current abode , is a press briefing room Ready to go

DaveSharma FML why does this guy get air time? And I’m not talking about DJT DaveSharma “Answerable only to shareholders”. THE FREE MARKET IS SUCH A BUMMER SOMETIMES DaveSharma This is extremely dumb. DaveSharma Could still appear on his surrogate channel Fox News on a loop if he wished. So, no, he hasn’t been silenced

DaveSharma Obviously politicians never communicated with constituents prior to the arrival of Twitter. DaveSharma Total rubbish. Nothing prevents Trump from holding as many press conferences as he wishes. DaveSharma You should be embarrassed for publishing this nonsense thisisnotjournalism. DaveSharma is clearly too stupid to feel embarrassed. Imagine thinking Twitter is the only way a president can communicate

DaveSharma Hey dave DaveSharma DaveSharma it is a private business, Sharma should be backing free enterprise, the market makes their business decisions not Trump! Trump is POTUS ridiculous to suggest he has been stripped of his political voice. DaveSharma What a crock Dave. You give new meaning to the phrase ‘that’s a bit of a stretch’

DaveSharma He’s the president. He can call a press conference whenever he wants?! How many random twitter users can do that? Get a grip. DaveSharma ..the presidents press conferences get broadcast around the world, then play on repeat for the remainder of the day.. So yeah, if he wants to say something, he’ll need to put his face on and go on camera.. How does one get Dave’s perception of things?

DaveSharma No free speech in the Australian Parliament ScottMorrisonMP DaveSharma Yes. DaveSharma if dopey dave is referring to twitter, how did politicians have a voice prior to SM? - and still do DaveSharma Utter ridiculousness from Sharma. DaveSharma Unless you also admonished Trump for blocking people this is just BS.

DaveSharma Pearl clutching at it’s finest DaveSharma Is this the same DaveSharma? DaveSharma You called it right DaveSharma. Twitter is a private company, with its own values and policies. Trump was in constant breach of these policies, and as he was the President, twitter have him liberties with what he posted. Enough is enough though. In 7 days he won't be president.

DaveSharma What in the Murdoch is happening to The Age? DaveSharma 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ahhhh bugger me. Terms of service when you sign up. Read it. Consequences hey, who'd have thought conservatives would live by them. 🙄 DaveSharma Amazing! Comparing the fate of Socrates, one of the founders of Western philosophy, with Trump, whose only likely historical claim to fame might be as the rock on which Western civilisation foundered!

DaveSharma … AS THEY DON'T NEED TO DO SO. Fair dinkum if that is the headline, I am not even going to open it. DaveSharma He hasn't been stripped of his political voice..he still has the press room at the whitehouse, y'know..the 'official' spot DaveSharma I think he'll be okay, Dave: pretty certain I saw him honking away on the TV last night

DaveSharma This is complete and utter nonsense. Why would you publish tbis? DaveSharma Oh Dave. If Anthony Albanese had called on his supporters to overturn an Australian election by attacking the Parliament of Australia, you would be apoplectic. Taking him off Twitter would only be the first action you would call for.

DaveSharma Aaahhhhh... Press conference, anyone? He used to conduct one every freaking day. DaveSharma So by DaveSharma's logic, before twitter no politicians had any political voice Absolute nonsense auspol DaveSharma Rubbish. Every words says publicly is broadcast repeatedly. A company dumped him for breaking T&Cs. That’s the consequence for anyone. And nobody else has a publicity industry at their fingertips.

DaveSharma Trump will get plenty of time in Court once he stops hiding in the WH. DaveSharma He has the Whitehouse Press room to express himself any day of the week. DaveSharma Dave Sharma, Donald Trump same same. DaveSharma ...can’t help but wonder about DaveSharma Maybe just not real bright. DaveSharma Pity help him if social media is his only political voice, what rubbish

DaveSharma Yeah Bush was unable to speak with his country due to not having Twitter. Wow. DaveSharma Makes me wonder how EVERY other President pre Twitter was able to communicate🤐 DaveSharma Stripped of his voice? Hardly. As POTUS he has plenty of options for communicating with the public. Rather he abused his position and twitter to the point where members of congress came close to being either injured or killed and didn't raise a finger to help during the riots.

pg0268 DaveSharma 'Death to 2020' has a conservative repeatedly claiming to a wide audience via many forums that conservatives are being silenced. The joke is the obvious absurdity of the claim. Dave is being similarly absurd, albeit unintentionally suggesting limited insight. DaveSharma And to think, before Twitter, Presidents of the US communicated to the people by way of carrier pigeons, fire signals and drums. He still has Potus, press conferences, media releases, etc. He just cannot use social media to incite riots or stage a coup.. Because that's illegal.

DaveSharma What an egregious fool you are Sharma. He can call the press corp to a briefing night and day, as with any President. You know he's not been silenced. How dishonest of you. DaveSharma DaveSharma Uh he literally has the loudest political voice/platform of anyone on the entire planet but go off sis...

DaveSharma If I go on Twitter and call you a fckwit Dave - is truth a defence? DaveSharma Hey Dave there's still the White House Press Office available. As a former diplomat i thought that was diplomacy 101 DaveSharma This is ridiculous Dave and you know it. Not sure what you are trying to prove. DaveSharma Trump can issue a press release at any time. He has White House staff who can hold press conferences at any time and he would be welcome to appear on any number of TV shows.

DaveSharma What a pile of unmitigated garbage. He hasn't been 'silenced.' He has access to address the biggest press gallery in the world anytime he wants, and they will report on what he says. Twitter has terms of service. You agree to them, you abide, you get to use their FREE service. DaveSharma Hey DaveSharma is this your work? Why are you now contradicting yourself?

DaveSharma DaveSharma is becoming more and more unhinged. I guess that's the way to garner Morrison's notice. Hasn't he heard of Press Officers, media releases, interviews, and press conferences? DaveSharma It's called Terms of Service. If I can go to the sin bin for seven days for telling a politician to eat his own ass, then Trump can get an indefinite suspension for (checks notes) INSTIGATING An ARMED REBELLION AGAINST THE DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT IN WHICH FIVE DIED.

DaveSharma This is utter bullshit DaveSharma Was there a shortage of real journalists? New career path? notyourthing DaveSharma Coups are pretty freakin chilling too Dave, especially if you're on the wrong end of one. DaveSharma Are you sure that you are not mixed up Whistle blowers, Asylum Seekers, the Biloela family... Parliament..have no voice because of the LNP.. where's your confected outrage for them?

DaveSharma 'stripped of his political voice'? I have never before read such asinine nonsense. A president with a dedicated press office, who can call Fox News and talk on-air, who can hold massive rallies, has certainly not be 'stripped of his political voice'. DaveSharma He has not been stripped of his ability to openly speak. He has only been stopped on the Twitter Platform. Trump has access to global media via the Presidential press room and his own media He doesn't like those options as he has to account for what he says and is questioned

DaveSharma Can someone remind Sharma of these words that have been constantly been used in Parliament by the libs. 'I move that the member no longer be heard'. DaveSharma To the Editor of The Age: publishing a defence of Trump’s excision from Twitter by an elected member of our govt is giving countenance to a dangerous extremist who tried sedition & an armed coup in the USA to stay in power. The Age should retract Dave Sharma’s views & apologise

DaveSharma Imagine social media didn’t exist. Which it didn’t used to. Presidents still got heard. DaveSharma Sharna is happy to overlook Trump’s use of Twitter to encourage insurrection. DaveSharma Utter rubbish DaveSharma Dave, Like your Leader, Morrison, the option of real life press conferences with an open to all journalists remains available. Restricting public messages to dissemination via social media from government limits their reach and audience. Or is that the intention?

DaveSharma He's the fucking POTUS. He can summon journalists 24/7 to express his political voice. DaveSharma FFS the man has an entire press briefing room right down the hall from his bedroom! Not to mention that he can phone fox and friends and blather on any time he likes, he can issue press releases, call up a blogger or stand on a flipping soap box on Pennsylvania Avenue

DaveSharma Companies have policies, the policy isn't violating a law, the policy was not complied with, the company doesn't want to be responsible for sponsoring trump's next attempted coup. This whole 'Opinion' reeks of white wealthy privilege - hard pass on this publication DaveSharma Also Dave This is an example of why I dont even read your paper anymore. After being a subscriber for 20 years.

DaveSharma Another crap read from a once mighty bastion of journalism. I’d be embarrassed to run this. It won’t age well. auspol DaveSharma party of free enterprise wants private social media companies subject to Gov't control DaveSharma Rubbish, he could give a press conference! DaveSharma This is garbage, he literally has the white house as a means to talk to the entire country. Twitter is not a professional talk piece.

DaveSharma I’m glad this is marked as opinion because this is one steaming pile of absolute 🐂💩 DaveSharma Why would you publish this nonsense? Make an editorial decision and bin this. DaveSharma It’s about removing his ability to spread disinformation that will incite more insurrection. Look at it as national security. YouTube just cut off his channel for a week. Look at his words today he is not contrite in the slightest. The law will catch up when he is impeached.

DaveSharma Trump still has a voice. He also has access to White House press conferences and any crowd events he wants. He chose to run the country from twitter. Now he has to do it the conventional way. DaveSharma Good thing that accuracy doesn’t apply to the opinion pages. Did Pete personally ask for you to throw a few words together?

DaveSharma Such a fkn wanker sharma DaveSharma POTUS is still open to him - what are you talking about DaveSharma He still has his press room, which he can go to at any time and have a press conference. He still has YouTube and Fox News. DaveSharma Arh ok. So I want to spruik some new products my company is making that can cure corona virus! You would be okay with that?

DaveSharma I’m starting to think Sharma’s defence of freedom of speech is based more upon the reliance of the LNP to spread lies rather than a position he’s taking because he believes it. Lying and propaganda have been the LNPs go to tactic for some time. DaveSharma What a load of crap. And hypocrisy: Assange; ABC journalists in court; ‘on water matters’; witness k; Bernard Collaery; SAS internal only review; Angus Taylor’s water sales; Paladin’s Manus contract. The list of information black holes is endless.

DaveSharma Did you read Twitter’s terms and conditions & platform policy before you use it? So did u just say platform cannot ban those who violated platform policies? DaveSharma The issue with David's argument is that Donald Trump has not been silenced, he has FULL access to the media should he wish to say anything, he choses not too.

DaveSharma hahahahahahahah and what did presidents do before twitter they were CENSORDEDDDDDDD DaveSharma 1: Bullshit, he can call press conferences to whine and is covered regardless because of the office he holds (for 8 more days anyway). 2: Don't you DARE ignore *why* he's been deplatformed! DaveSharma You’ve got to hand it to Dave. Give him a shovel & he just digs himself in deeper. From lightweight bullying of Magda to championing a despot. The independent candidates for Wentworth must be slavering.

DaveSharma No DaveSharma. You're just looking for attention. 🤮 DaveSharma 2 very obvious points. 1. He is not silenced by this. 2. Twitter made the same call here that any sane legislative body or law would so it's irrelevant. DaveSharma We've been inundated for nearly a week now with a million column inches, hours of airtime and countless tweets about how Trump has been silenced. He's had more coverage since he was fucking 'silenced'!!! He can have as many pressers as he likes......

DaveSharma DaveSharma - you do realise Twitter is a private company and can apply rules to its products and their use that you agree to when you sign up ? DaveSharma Dumb Dave doesn’t understand that EVERYONE who uses Twitter has to abide by their Rule Trump was given a lot of leeway and exemptions because he was President he was informed by Twitter that he wouldn’t be exempt in January 2021 .

DaveSharma He can put out public statements, front the cameras anytime 24/7. He chooses not to.. so how is that stripping him of his political voice? Guess you haven't read the Twitter terms of service hey DaveSharma. opinionisnotnews notaleaderjustaliberal DaveSharma I move that no longer be heard. Censorship auspol

DaveSharma He can call into Fox whenever he likes. He has not been stripped of his political voice. Foolish opinion DaveSharma Dave Sharma can argue all he likes, but he's still wrong. Funny how the right suddenly doesn't care about the rule of law any more. DaveSharma This piece is breathtaking in it's total lack of self awareness and hypocrisy. Sharma, from the party of small govt, free enterprise and 'market forces' complains, 'a private technology company, answerable to no one other than shareholders'. What's the alternative? Socialism?

DaveSharma why wont you give me your front page if thats how you feel about it DaveSharma Sharma. Proving his commitment to the RW cause. DaveSharma Oh what absolute twaddle. The man has access to a press room. His voice hasn’t been silenced. DaveSharma No Dave not all. Unlike our lower house I move the member no longer be heard I move the member no longer be heard I move the member no longer be heard I move the member no longer be heard Ring a bell

DaveSharma Hi Dave he had a press conference today DaveSharma Trump literally has a fully wired press conference room and reporters working in his house SadTrump DaveSharma That is only because he chooses to communicate through Twitter and because his tweets go against their terms of service. He has plenty of other options to communicate - there’s a briefing room IN the White House with a press pool ready and waiting for him.

DaveSharma Spare me. He is FAR from silenced DaveSharma He wanted Section 230 repealed to make tech companies liable for content posted by users after being mocked by a trending tweet. When Twitter made him the example of life beyond 230 he screams blue murder. BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor DaveSharma I reseve my right not to listen to or read Sharma bullshit.

DaveSharma Gee, if only Trumpet had some other avenues available to him, like press secretaries and PR staff, a fully functional WH press conference room and media from all over the world ready to broadcast his thoughts, good or bad, if he just gives them 5 minutes notice. DaveSharma How can his voice be silenced when he can call a press conference or put out a press statement at any time? Like the good old days?

DaveSharma He has a lectern at the white house and a press corp reporting on his every word. It is an idiotic statement to say that he has been silenced. DaveSharma Sharma's wrong (again). Trump BREACHED Twitter's legal Terms and Conditions that he (Trump) had to agree to to have access to Twitter. It's a contractual matter and has NOTHING to do with 'Free Speech'. auspol

DaveSharma 'I move that the member no longer be heard' Take away that blight on democracy, Dave, and we could give this little tirade a possible second thought. DaveSharma No one has a right to use Twitter. Any business has a right to refuse service, like the no shirt, no shoes, no service of a lot of pubs. Also, free speech doesn't mean you get away with hate speech or speech that incites violence.

DaveSharma How did despots have a voice before twitter? DaveSharma Stupid opinion. Trump is one person who can get on (some) television networks whenever he calls. Plus he's numerous websites, a press room etc. Is Dave Sharma saying he wants to see Twitter & Facebook taken over by the US govt (socialism) or forced somehow to ignore its ToS?

DaveSharma Soo Dave Sharma just wants to ignore the insurecction Trump incited? DaveSharma He spoke to the media... on his way to a speech at the Alamo... DaveSharma Absolute rubbish - he has the WH media team for starters. Apparently no one in the Lib Party is concerned about Trump inciting violence but his freedom of speech?

DaveSharma What absolute nonsense! Don't know if you've noticed, but the man is still in the WH. He has all the communications power of the WH including their web site, press office, etc etc. He could hold daily, even hourly press conferences if he wanted and put them all up on line. DaveSharma I don’t think you should be publishing this stuff.

DaveSharma Are you fucking kidding? What is this BS. Again AGE you are spreading lies by allowing Sharma (and his dodgy vaccine shares) a voice. Trump can hold a press conference any time he likes or make a video or whatever. Your paper us sliding into the gutter. DaveSharma Silenced? The President of the United States? The guy with 4,000 direct employees, an entire press operation, the ability to preempt national broadcasts? This is a dumb argument and you should be ashamed.

DaveSharma Given the damage a tweet could result in leaves Twitter with little choice. DaveSharma He could always use the medium every other president has used ... DaveSharma He’s free to hold media conferences to get his message across (just like other polies) -but he might have to answer questions as well.

DaveSharma That’s great, Dave; say I! DaveSharma A bit of a pot & kettle situation since Oz doesn't have speech protections, but 1) the big man hasn't been stripped of his voice, at all, and 2) I think your paean to 1812 might've missed a couple the Pentagon attack on 9/11. Why are you talking, Dave

DaveSharma See that is continuing its decline. Why would an editor publish this? It's obviously not true. Trump hasn't been stripped of his political voice. He has the biggest public reach of any single person in the US. DaveSharma This is garbage DaveSharma Free speech David Apart from being monumentally hypocritical you are supporting Facism Some of the terrorists, Trump incited to murderous insurrection wore Camp Auschwitz 6MNE shirts Shame on you

DaveSharma What’s wrong davesharma did you buys stocks in Trump Inc that your worried might drop! DaveSharma Loss of all that free advertising .Guess he dosnt have accesss to $millions spent on advertising by the Australian govt DaveSharma Pretty sure it’s his own personal account and not the offical POTUS account. But hey Dave, don’t let that get in the way of a good spell of dog whistling. It’s also part of twitter’s TOS when you sign up. It’s not an episode of Boston Legal, mate.

DaveSharma Because all Presidents in the history of the US undertook their presidency through Twitter? Fb? Insta? Eisenhower, Truman and even Lincoln could not have been so successful if it wasn't for the socials? Dave, serious question: are you actually insane? DaveSharma He has a freaking press room, a press secretary and he can speak to the world on live television any time he wants. 🙄🙄🙄

DaveSharma I went to a pub on the weekend. Stood out front and yelled “fuck real democracy! Let’s take back our country.” They refused to let me in. You know why? Because as a private company they have the right to refuse entry based on certain criteria they have. No court & no appeal! DaveSharma I would have kept his account but been more aggressive with deleting tweets particularly around election

DaveSharma Rubbish! Twitter is a privately owned social media platform - Trump is the horrendous president of the USA, for crying out loud - he can hold a press conference to wax lyrical about his hateful sand divisive views DaveSharma BS the same party who rejected bills in Congress regarding monopolies and less Government is now whining about a private company exercising their rights .... give me a break

DaveSharma Did Sharma pay you to publish this DaveSharma Thus reinforcing my decision to cancel my subscription to a once great, trustworthy and independent news source. Sad to see how far Fairfax has fallen under Costello Nothing like moving that the “member be no longer heard” Dave🤷‍♀️ Leading by example are we? auspol

DaveSharma Twitter simply does not want Trump as a customer. It has nothing to do with free speech. They are protecting their brand. What is it the Libs say....'Let the markets decide...' DaveSharma Bullshit. I think all the fed Libs are gunna have a mass heart attack when US big tech demand all accounts be verafiable. That’ll happen soon. Wonder what their hard core RW army will do then?