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Twisted and warped: 3D map reveals best picture yet of Milky Way's shape

Twisted and warped: 3D map reveals best picture yet of Milky Way's shape


Twisted and warped: 3D map reveals best picture yet of Milky Way 's shape

A new 3D map of the Milky Way shows for the first time our home galaxy is not only warped but twisted into an 'S-shape', say astronomers.

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Twisted Singer singer Dee Snider tears into Clive PalmerTwisted Sister frontman Dee Snider says the political hopeful has not only broken the law by not paying required royalties but made him look bad. 9News yeah right Didn’t know that horrible yelling was actually a song belongs to someone 🤨 Qldaah That PALMER is a twisted confused moron. How can he get back in? Not only mad but bad, never paid his debts. I thought brankrupt people were not able to run in politics- is that right? QandA SBSNews theage smh BuzzFeedOzPol

How Lord Mayor Sally Capp was shaped by Melbourne's Flinders LaneThe Lord Mayor is a terrible cook but a committed optimist. What new crap has capp got for us this time 🤡

Brexit twist: Prime Minister May asks MPs to vote against her own dealTheresa May is to return to Brussels demanding last-minute changes to the Brexit divorce deal. But critics called her new plan an 'unnegotiable' fantasy. NickdMiller Non-indigenous Britons such as the British born white European Normans, the ruling caste of Britain,are trying to derail BREXIT by the indigenous white Britons & freedom from foreign European rule since the Romans!Britons never surrendered to Germanic colonisation over the ages!

Twisted Sister singer accuses Clive Palmer of being 'common criminal' | Sky News AustraliaLead singer of Twister Sister, Dee Snider, has accused Clive Palmer of being a 'common criminal'after the Leader of United Australia Part used his song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ in his advertisements.\n\nMr Snider appeared on The Today Show on Wednesday where he claimed Mr Palmer was refusing to pay royalties, and that he does not represent politically what the singer represents.\n\n\n\n\n Clive just thinks he is untouchable Dee probably got told to stand in line behind the QNI workers I don’t support Clive, really unsure of what he even stands for. But I’m sure Dee is undoubtedly deeply ingrained in Australian politics. This screams pay me some money.

There are ways to deal with the sting of unrequited friendshipUnrequited friendship can be extremely awkward, and surprisingly painful. Fantastic to see that the non-indigenous foreign white European-Anglo-Christian migrant & migrant descent Australians aren't always in your photos. After all, Australia was naturally sunburnt black land before the flood of white European immigration from their whites only Europe!

The 'three key ways' stress impacts body weightThe complex relationship between stress and weight means that more exercise and less food can result in weight gain and worse health. A net gain from a net loss!!!..................? (Feed the world with stress?) Your heading makes me think this is an opinion piece and/or FakeNews Oh great 3x a week at gym now & I still might not lose weight

'We are not out of the woods yet': Tasmanian communities under threat amid dangerous fire conditionsHot north-westerly winds with peak gusts of up to 70 kilometres an hour are set to test Tasmanian firefighters. ...a weather event isn't going to herald the end of AnthropogenicGlobalWarming. Be it months from now or a year or so, the expectation is that AGW will increase fire activity in Tasmania. Increase in mean temperature and decrease in rainfall.

This may be the kinkiest Pornhub channel yetThis man has gone viral after he created an adult video channel that’s been described as “the kinkiest thing on Pornhub”. Having seen his very short non porn video clips on pornhub, it's weird seeing that on a website that is solely dedicated to porn

Queensland floods: Foreign tourists rescued amid warning of worst yet to comePeople in North Queensland are being urged to retreat to higher ground as the big wet continues and torrential rain is expected for several more days.

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