Turnbull wants explanation from those who chose to 'blow up the Government'

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Malcolm Turnbull tells Q&A he wants an explanation from those who chose to 'blow up the Government'.


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I'm ready to talk to Malcolm. He knows why.

How many Bad News poles did Abbott have before you stabbed him. Not as many as you Malcolm. Short selective memories.

I know its only wishful thinking but I hope this is the last episode of Captain Smug pants

How about when Turnbull ousted Abbott?

Sorry, they’re just not that into you


Why give this idiot a platform? He did nothing for our country in his term. Except sell our assets lead our economy down a very bad path.

On his sooky tour

Nowadays everything goes through a court... sue them Malcolm. 🤣🤣🤣

Did a fair bit of the blowing up himself methinks

There will be 'Many Questions Soon'. [Media] will not be able to hide it like they're doing. AUS/UK [Alexander Downer] + Others. Energy? George Papadopoulos is Spilling the Beans. You People really are - Stupid.

Turnbull: Hypocrite, Liar, backstabber, egomaniac, egotistical, self-opinionated! It’s all about him & no one else! He must thrown out of the Liberal Party for gross disloyalty, dishonesty & treachery! What goes around comes around Mr Turnbull! KARMA...!!!

I agree. The government also blamed Turnbull for not helping in the by-election, however it was completely their own fault.

The explanation is that you weren't acting as a conservative. You should have been in the ALP.

Demand what ever he wants. No one cares.

What a joke. Malcolm blew up the Liberals. So narcissistic.

Was wanting someone to ask why he comprimised his small 'l' values so heavily to appease to far right of the party.

and he has no responsibility at all for the current state of the government. Enclosed in a vacuum. Completely detached. Declining to comment.

Mal....its over. More importantly, tell your son to stop letting down tyres around your old electorate please.

I want to know where the $444 million is and are we getting it back?

He seems to not know what ‘literally’ means. It would have at least been funny if he’d been on, on Monday RememberRemember

TurnbullMalcolm Try first to explain your reasons for knifing the PM who actually won the election from the opposition. The hardest thing in politics. That may help you understand why the majority of your colleagues were so happy to get rid of you.

Implosion due to Terrible policy Weak leadership- nothing changed there Right wing ideology Misbehaving Muppets

The government wasn’t blown up, the party just got rid of a crap leader, nothing more nothing less and something he himself had benefited from twice before

Errr who gives a 💩?

The government's stilk going. Just not with you.

Look in the mirror.

Malcolm can piss off. Next

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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