Turks banned from Anzac Day Gallipoli dawn service

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Australia's veterans' affairs minister has defended a ban on Turkish nationals attending the Anzac Day dawn service on the Gallipoli peninsula

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Australia's veterans' affairs minister has defended a ban on Turkish nationals attending the Anzac Day dawn service on the Gallipoli peninsula.

"I'm sure there'll be a very solemn, very respectful commemorative event on the peninsula tomorrow which will be well attended by visitors from mainly Australia and New Zealand." "Nothing is left to chance and keeping every Turkish person out eliminates a lot of risk," an unidentified official told The Australian.The Turkish leader threatened to send Australians visiting the peninsula home in coffins like their forefathers if any expressed anti-Muslim sentiment in the wake of terrorist attacks at mosques in New Zealand.Pool Presidential Press Service

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SBS How can they ban Turks from their own country? Country they successfully defended from armed aggressors!

New Zealands Socialist unelected PM has almost succeeded in a ban on ANZAC day services. A labour policy for decades . Plus it offends mozlims. Beware of the creeping sharia.

What could go wrong?

Ummmmm..... What?

SBS running their usual “Australians are racist etc” campaign. Got the facts wrong but they don’t care. Pathetic.

It was the Turkish authorities who imposed the ban. Low and behold we see that they have just arrested an IS operative for planning an attack. Seems they knew more than the Twittersphere. Many thanks to Turkish authorities for their vigilance

Dear 🇹🇷 welcome to the club. This Anglo centric racism has been suffered by Germanic, Hungarian and Slavic (AustroHungarian) people for more than 100 years. Bans from ANZAC events is just one piece of the covert racism. AntiGermanic Discrimination Equality

Wtf?! Is that what Australia is?

SBS should do a doco on the role Churchill played in WW1 and Gallipoli.

Bring a poppy to Dawn Service

Gallipoli is IN Turkey. You're holding the service in Turkey and you're banning Turkish nationals? What?

SBS Disgraceful! I’ve been to Gallipoli with Turkish people and they view it the same way we do-as a waste of lives and a piece of history we should learn from.

this is not going to end well no local native population is going to accept being locked out of areas so some western people can swan around unhindered auspol regardless of who implemented it

To the millions related to those lost from WW1 & Gallopolli please excuse the ignorance of Max Black., he knows nothing about the ~2m greek/armenian civilians slaughtered, the fall of Constantinople, and the cyprus situation from violent invaders, all a line in sand in blood.

That's a bit insulting in their own country...

To the millions related to those lost from WW1 at Gallopolli please excuse the ignorance of Max Black., he knows nothing about the 500,000 greek civilians slaughtered, the fall of Constantinople, and the current cyprus situation from violent invaders, all a line in sand in blood.

SBS Hmmm unsure

How arrogant are we!! Disgusting. Turkey should ban Aussies from going there.

C'MON people, at first I thought this was retarded too, BUT having read some comments it turns out it is the Turkish govt that made the decision, YET there are still people gobbing off about it being an Aust decision. Open your eyes dumbarses FFS.

That should make Australians safer in Turkey..? Imagine if the roles were reversed.

Read the article, not the headline. The Turks are banning Turks from attending the AnzacDay2019 service to ensure Turkish nationalists don't 'interfere' in the wake of unrest around the world.

Cmon mate- Turkish people should be able to attend if the want to

What a disgrace

SBS WHAT?!?!?! I really don’t agree with Turkish politics under the autocratic regime of Mr Erdogan. BUT ... not allowing Turkish citizens to visit snort of their own country is an absolute joke and an embarrassment for Australia

But how can we demand this on turkeys sovereign soil.... That's a bit arrogant isn't it? Would've thought inviting Turkish to attend might help soothe the abrasive tone of late

Veteran Affairs you didn’t need to ban them. They are not changing Anzac Biscuits in any way.

in their country?

What a cheek. It's their country!

Turkey has not banned anyone from the Anzac service, only recommended nationals to stay away.

And of course you bring up the 'threats' but don't specify he was referring to TERRORİSTS!

Maybe you should word your headers better!

That's one way to make the Turks really angry at foreigners. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ auspol AusVotes2019 AnzacDay2019 MSM

He can GFHimself! İt's TURKS LAND! Be grateful it's one of the best kept &preserved places in the world!

Banning Turks from Turkish soil. Last time that happened, things didn't turn out so good.

🤔 how many will just read the headline then make a ridiculous statement? Read the story. Turks have made this recommendation.

LennaLeprena WTF - this is on Turkish soil, how can Australia stop Turks attending !! Great way to make peace -NOT !!

Just imagine Japanese government trying to do the same to commemorate the Darwin attack!

Yeah this headline is not at all designed to inflame tensions. What is wrong with you?

This is utterly petty and destructive and should not be defended by LNP Minister.

Wont this cause more of a rift than anything? Surely there is a better way?

SBS Banning turks from WTF 😳

So can the Turks in Australia have a memorial service here and ban Aussies and Kiwis from attending

That's weird. It's always been about coming together...

Why? How bloody stupid is this

Turks very gracious to allow Australians to mourn their fallen invaders on foreign soil.

Would have been a better idea on 25 April 1915.

I think it's absolutely reasonable that the Turkish Govt has banned its own citizens from attending the ANZAC commemoration at Gallipoli, especially after the attacks in Sri Lanka this week. I'm sure they have appropriately considered the risks.

. is the offender here. The headline sets out to provoke strong reaction. It does not reflect the contents of the article. Turkish authorities made recommendation for Turks not to attend. Neither the Turkish nor Australian government “ban” people from attending.

It might occur to these dumb fucks in our government , most of whom have never heard a shot fired in anger , that the Turks are allowing us to honor our soldiers who died invading their country. I very much doubt Australia would be as gracious

MelAnalyst How can an Oz govt minister ban a Turk from Turkish land?

SBS Don’t see any difference between now and then. Then we had stupid leaders making stupid decisions. Now we have stupid leaders making stupid decisions. Nothing to see here.

When I was there it was in Turkey. Has that changed?


NO wonder they're pissed off with us. Banned in their own country? While we tromp all over it How bloody arrogant

MariaMatthews5 Idiot!!

No news about this in Turkey and no one is sure under this tweet whose request it was

That's right, let's get down into the gutter along with those few Turkish individuals who have denigrated the spirit of Gallipoli. Very sad. 😂

Bloody turkeys !

No news in Turkey about this and no one is sure under this tweet whose request it was

OK, so the Turkish officials actually recommended this. I admit, it seems a bit ridiculous to me, but as long as we are listening, not telling, I'm OK with it.

I hope Turkey expels our politicians



Hang on- we are the guests/visitors in Turkey, right? How is this good look?

Weren’t we cannon fodders for the British, what are we celebrating for? Being fools?

If anyone had read the article, TURKEY banned Turkish Nationals due to security fears. i.e. They don't want someone blowing Australian's up. Stop being outraged in ignorance ffs

Is there anything this government isn't fucking up?

It's their dead also

What?!!!! It’s their country FGS. We have always beenproud of the fact that Aussies and Turks have developed a friendship since WWII.

How ridiculous. Turkey may ban Australians from Gallipoli. It's their land. 9NewsAUS Y7News Gallipoli

Wasn’t it Turkey that banned their nationals from attending so we have no choice but abide by their rules there is nothing the Veteran’s affairs minister can do

Surely its a missprint, isn't it time Aussies were banned from gathering at 'Gallipoli', its turned into a nationalist shit show for young bogans in the main part. Most attending would have no idea we were the invaders. Turkey's good will has been sorely tested by this for years.

'Imagine if they tried that in our country.'

That's disgusting.

This may not end well ...

Banning Turkish people on their own land is peak white Australia for sure. For shame.

Wait I don’t get it And I still don’t get it! Like okayyy are they drunk

Omg people read the bloody article before jumping onto the outrage bandwagon- it is the Turkish govt themselves that placed the ban for security reasons 🧐

I apologize to my Turkish friends for this slight by our insensitive government. AnzacDay

Hmmm...is it not their emm country..how vulgar

OMG, it's in Turkey FFS

The Turkish Government has imposed the ban. Not saying I agree but know the facts before jumping to conclusions.

I think the headline is (maybe purposely) misleading. The minister is quoted: 'Turkish authorities recommend that Turkish nationals not attend the service, it's happened in previous years' So it is Turkey's recommendation. I mean, how could they be banned? It's Turkish territory.

I think it is time for Turkey to expell the Aussies for good. We have lost our right to be there. Turkey have been nothing but gracious hosts to us for over 100 years, and this is how we repay them. Our government has no respect whatsoever.

Food to see that other countries get the same fair go png and manus does

It is their country! Making attendees more likely to be a target. auspol AnzacDay2019


It’s time to build a premier celebration site in this part of the world. Australia or NZ. The safety of those paying their respect need to have a safe place for reflection. I’m surprised the governments haven’t already done this.

Under what authority can Australia enact this ban?

Is this for real? We're trying ban Turkish nationals from attending a location IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!!?

Excuse me! Which country is Gallipoli in? Bloody disrespectful

That’s outrageous!!! Having been to Gallipoli, i was completely humbled & know it’s the Turkish people who are caretakers of the site and they have genuine respect and compassion for the site & Australians past & present. Check your fucking privilege auspol ausgov

Well they are welcome to visit my ANZAC buried at Embarkation Pier.

Whites only religious event.

This is not going to end well with the Turkish Govt.


'There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours.' Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

You would have to be crazy to go to Turkey today given their hardline Islamist stance and the current threat of Islamic extremism.

Wtf this is so fucking outrageous when Turkey welcomes Australians and New Zealanders every fucking year for Gallipoli. This is shameful

does PNG stop japanese families from accessing the kokoda trail or Bougainville and New Britain sites where Japanese were also laid to rest? 'Lest we forget'? i think they want us to forget all suffering and polarise us

This is embarrassing. Pure jingoistic nonsense.

It’s their country we invaded it - in the name of freedom of course, which makes this latest move rather ironic.

Because after all, our men fought to maintain Australia's freedom of bigotry.

Excuse me .. Whose country are they in?!

But Australians and New Zealanders were not the only ones that fought and died there. How disrespectful.

WOT the hell? Reverse the situation and imagine the uproar. How privileged!

How insulting.

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