Top EU leader rebukes Scott Morrison during awkward New York encounter

One of Europe’s most senior leaders has reminded Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the need for “transparency and loyalty” during an awkward encounter in New York.

21/09/2021 9:21:00 PM

One of Europe’s most senior leaders has reminded Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the need for “transparency and loyalty” during an awkward encounter in New York.

As more countries openly criticise the new AUKUS defence pact, European Council President Charles Michel reminded the Prime Minister of the need for “transparency and loyalty”.

Paris:One of Europe’s most senior leaders has reminded Prime Minister Scott Morrison of the need for “transparency and loyalty” during an awkward encounter in New York, as more countries openly criticise the new AUKUS defence pact.European Council President Charles Michel issued the rare rebuke during a meeting with Morrison on the sidelines of a United Nations conference.

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European Council President Charles Michel and Prime Minister Scott Morrison, pictured during the G7 summit in Cornwall in June.Credit:Getty ImagesIn comments that confirm anger over the AUKUS announcement has expanded far beyond France, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also described the agreement between Australia, the United States and United Kingdom as “unsettling”.

The partnership has enraged Paris because it triggered theto design and part-build 12 new submarines for the Australian Defence Force.The US and UK instead will help Australia build eight nuclear-powered submarines.Europe has shown solidarity with France and is contemplating whether to suspend talks for a free trade deal with Canberra. Much of the European anger stems from the AUKUS agreement being negotiated in secret all year even though the US and UK are key members of NATO.

Video of the exchange with Michel shows Morrison warmly greeting the European Council President before saying the European Union was an important ally in the Indo-Pacific. The Prime Minister then foreshadowed talks about how the bloc could do more for the region’s security.

Michel replied: “Well thank you for your message, but as you know for us transparency and loyalty are fundamental principles in order to build stronger partnerships and stronger alliances.”Morrison was heard thanking Michel before cameras were told to leave the room.

AdvertisementMichel later tweeted that he had a “frank, direct and lively exchange” with Morrison about AUKUS.“Clarity is needed between friends. Dialogue is key to build strong partnerships. We will stay in close contact,” he said.Morrison’s office said the Prime Minister had an open and constructive discussion with Michel.

“It was an important opportunity to further explain the purposes of AUKUS, Australia’s sovereign decision on the submarine contract with Naval Group and the circumstances surrounding it.” Morrison also said he hoped the free trade deal negotiations could continue.

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Outside the United Nations, Maas, the German Foreign Minister, said he could “understand the anger of our French friends”.“What was decided and the way in which this decision was made is unsettling, and it is sobering – not just for France.”At a separate event, the European Union’s internal market commissioner Thierry Breton called for a “pause and reset” in the bloc’s relationship with the US.

“It is true that some see this in Europe as a wake-up call for Europe,” Breton told an Atlantic Council virtual event.“Something has changed. There is indeed a growing feeling in Europe – and I saw this with great regret – that something is broken in our transatlantic relations.

“A partnership works when both parties are honest and truthful with each other, when both parties treat each other with respect, when both parties are strong, and of course when there is trust.”French President Emmanuel Macron is yet to publicly comment on the axed submarine contract but is furious with Morrison and US President Joe Biden.

Biden and Macron are scheduled to speak over the phone later this week.The Morrison government has argued the growing threat from China meant the diesel-powered submarines it had ordered from France in 2016 would not meet Australia’s changing needs.Loading

Morrison told reporters in New York on Monday it would have been naive not to expect France to react angrily over the contract’s cancellation.“We understand that, we totally acknowledge that and we knew that would be the case,” he said.“And it was not possible for us to be able to discuss such secure issues in relation to our dealings with other countries at the time.”

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Ahh...y? What does this...have to do with germany? I'll tell you what it has to do with them...germqny and france are loosing their control of the other eu nations and their dirty uk has joined australia and usa and they can no longer manhandle or dictate, to the uk what to do. Only awkward for one, not the other.

Doesn't matter how you spell it, FAUKUS FRAUKUS or simply FUKUS it is how the French are feeling and it is yet another of ScumMo's aka ScottyFromMarketing's disasters that are not becoming of a PM. The list is so long now if was an ALP govt Murdoch would be baying for blood. ScuMo is a bit daft Did they lock all exit doors so Morrison could not exit the room when confronted?

ElaineM11584892 HAH! Transparency & loyalty,big shortage of both in LNP, Scummos modus operandi Transparency and loyalty - bet that left Malcolm Turnbull choking on his muesli The EU - Australia trade deal is dead. And it's just the beginning. France will sell more submarines to India, and the USA are happy, they will have 12 more nuclear submarines in the Pacific and they have found a stupid country to pay for that without sharing any technology.

Us Brits don’t pay much attention to the French, to be frank. They’re currently throwing a hissy fit, having lost a deal to build subs for you guys. You’re far better off with nuclear subs. Oh, the French are moaning. So far as us Brits are concerned, we’re used to that. 😉 next week OZ tourists will need visas for the EU

Where was the loyalty when the EU threatened, in breach of contract, to block the export of vaccines to Australia ?

Damage control over submarine deal continues as Scott Morrison arrives in New YorkPrime Minister Scott Morrison says there was no way to avoid France’s anger after Australia's cancelled its lucrative submarine contract. toxic masculinity/misogyny in the region is a massive red flag .. might thank scomo for this move one day ... when i finally meet someone famous So he can go over there but we can’t go? That’s fair. Morrison makes up bullshit as he goes. He just doesn't care auspol

If you want loyalty buy a dog You'll never find it in Scott Morrison Australia is not part of the EU so who cares. Embarrassing for the EU that the interests a French weapons manufacturer becomes the priority foreign policy for a continent - I wonder if Swedish and Italian shipbuilders enjoy the same treatment?

Bumble bum Scotty will ignore that and charge on. His main aim is to see his old mentor Trump and kiss Rupert’s ring. “Transparency and Loyalty”, what’s that? Surely those are weak concepts of foreign countries. Like Parisians. Or French. Don’t fall for it Scotty! Stay true to yourself!

PM Scott Morrison defends submarine dealTurnbull subs OUT I support the Morrison government's decision. China's breakthroughs in many core technologies such as high speed rail, nuclear energy and submarine silencing have been helped by France and Germany. The stupid politicians tied Australia's future and national interests to the chariots of two declining empires. At the same time, Australia raised a middle finger to a European friend and pushed a big friendly Asian client out of the door. Well done Morrison.

Scott Morrison quizzed on whether he will hold talks with Emmanuel MacronPrime Minister Scott Morrison says he has no immediate plans to speak with French President Emmanuel Macron as he touched down in New York ahead of a series of high-level meetings with world leaders. you make time if you are genuine and serious … So, these trade talks with Europe? How is this going? Asking cause the French press is widely reporting its as dead as submarines.

Scott Morrison net satisfaction ratings at lowest levels since March 2020Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s net satisfaction ratings have hit the lowest levels since March 2020 while the Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese's ratings have also fallen since he became Opposition Leader more than two years ago. No one should vote labour, liberal or greens in any election for a decade Thats why UAP is so active ! Feeding on our political disatisfaction. Do we really want people like Palmer & Kelly ? The people are speaking !! They don’t want to go too far to the left, and they want SCOMO to move back to the centre right !!

Scott Morrison meeting with world leaders at United Nations after controversial submarine dealAustralia's new submarine deal with the US and UK will feature heavily in discussions at the United Nations General Assembly in New York, where Prime Minister Scott Morrison will meet with leaders from all around the world. Gotta love , that fella 🤪 I wonder which foot he's going to stick in his mouth this time? Uncanny

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