Timeline points to Australian Defence Force offer of quarantine help

ADF top brass repeatedly made it clear that help was available to all states, but Victoria chose not to accept.

12/08/2020 1:00:00 PM

ADF top brass repeatedly made it clear that help was available to all states, but Victoria chose not to accept auspol

ADF top brass repeatedly made it clear that help was available to all states, but Victoria chose not to accept.

Very large text sizeAustralian Defence Force officials were sent to Victoria to help plan the emergency response to the COVID pandemic – including the quarantining of returned travellers – a week before the hotel regime was approved by the national cabinet.

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A timeline of ADF communications reveals that top brass repeatedly made it clear that help was available to all states, but the Andrews government and Victoria’s emergency agencies chose not to call on defence personnel to strengthen the state's quarantine arrangements.

Premier Daniel Andrews is standing by his statement that the Defence Force did not offer help with the quarantine of returned overseas travellers.Credit:Joe ArmaoOn March 27, the day Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that all returned travellers would spend two weeks in mandatory quarantine, Chief of Defence Angus Campbell instructed his Victorian-based liaison team to make up to 100 personnel available to respond to any requests from the state.

The following day, an ADF liaison officer reported back to Canberra that Victoria Police was “well advanced" in its planning and preparation for quarantine and “this plan does not presently include or require ADF involvement".AdvertisementIn the early days of the quarantine regime, Defence COVID-19 taskforce head Major-General Paul Kenny briefed state and territory police chiefs on how troops had been deployed to manage the regime in Queensland and NSW.

Regular “situational reports’’ provided by Defence's liaison team working inside Victoria’s State Emergency Centre show that over the next two months the force's standing offer to help was met with no Victorian request for assistance on hotel quarantine.

The communications show that by April 17, the liaison was reporting that Victoria was nearing its capacity to quarantine returned travellers.By May 14, when General Kenny visited Victoria and met Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp, Victorian officials told him the situation "had improved to such an extent that it was unlikely they would require further ADF support."

Within two weeks, Victoria’s Department of Health and Human Services reported the first cases of security guards being infected at one of the quarantine hotels, Rydges on Swanston. By mid-June, those cases had climbed to 60 and unleashed a second surge of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Defence Minister Linda Reynolds.Alex EllinghausenThe Defence communications will intensify the political schism between Canberra and Victoria over hotel quarantine.Premier Daniel Andrews on Wednesday stood by his testimony given the previous day to a parliamentary committee that Defence never offered to help guard quarantine hotels.

A day after the Premier’s account was contradicted by Defence Minister Linda Reynolds, Mr Crisp issued a statement backing Mr Andrews’ position.Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp chaired a pivotal meeting to set up the hotel quarantine program

Credit:Luis Ascui“I did not seek nor did representatives of the ADF offer assistance as part of the hotel quarantine program [on March 27 and 28]," Mr Crisp said.Senator Reynolds' statement on Tuesday included a list of times the offer of ADF assistance had been made, and came hours after the Premier told the Victorian Parliament's public accounts and estimates committee, "I don't believe ADF support was on offer."

The latest stoush has prompted Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien, for the first time since the start of the pandemic, to call for the Premier's resignation. Read more: The Age »

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Astounding, that the Reynolds has not been able to produce any evidence. Not even an email. Only a letter with dates. Answer the questions DanielAndrewsMP or resign. The more you sidestep the more guilty you look. All Victorian’s are suffering and paying a big price due to this fundamental error. Own up to mistakes. We aren’t fools.

You sure about this, definite, absolutely without equivocation, willing to bet your house on this? OK, take the bet, put the bet in print! No doubt,we need the truth OMGTheMess Wow, now even is calling Dannyboi a liar! Wouldn't bet 10 cents that he survives this fiasco now. OMGTheMess They were covering things up from the start ........

DanLiedPeopleDied The PM wanted people to quarantine at home. The states pushed for hotel quarantine. The Federal government is responsible for quarantine and passed the buck. There have been slip-ups in quarantine in other states...The type of support offered?.... You are misreporting. you obviously missed what the emergency management commissioner said yesterday ...please keep up

Oh dear....that’s an inconvenient truth that’s going to bite someone (hopefully). Well done Melbchief Can you ask why the police were never involved? They were asked but said no or were just never asked? Oh, The Age would say that, wouldn't they? What I don't understand is why the media outlets are going to embarrassing lengths to protect the government? Why? The conservatives already have 75% media ownership. Is it that they know if they support the government they get the ABC?

Is that the defence force that employs private companies for their own security all over Australia? Dan lied, Andrew Crisp went along. Take your choice. One Head should roll. Was it Crisp with a WATCH AN ACT POLICY.during the fires where a little flame turned into an Inferno killing millions of wild life many homes and people.

The Age. Like a dog with a bone Of course. There would be no kickbacks for Dan if he used the ADF. He can hardly ask defence for some money under the table. I bet that all the companies he used are labor donors, or if not, soon were going to be... Who do we believe? state government consistently there day in and out, in front line. Feds have history of failure to take responsibility for anything from failures re bushfires, sports rorts

soringst real live Australian men and women made the the decisions. Their names and identities should be a matter of public record. They are the real villains. They should be named and shamed and punished accordingly. 휴거의 날에 부하든 가난하든 상관없습니다. 거룩함이 기준입니다. 주님의 길을 예비하십시요. LiveMidweekService Name the top brass or they told Morrison and he forgot to pass it onto the states. Show the legal responsibility of the the ADF

So Quarantine is a federal responsibility. They 'sub contract' this to the States. The States sub contract to a security company who then sub contract this to their mates on WhatsApp and this is all Dan's fault. If the ADF were called in Melbchief and his NewsCorp mates would have doubled down on the ‘Dictator Dan’ rhetoric. If they’d stopped travelers coming home that’d be the angle. If they’d tightened quarantine rules and people had suicided that’d be the angle. auspol covid

Was this a crime? The way you journos are carrying on you’d think they did something illegal. There’s a hint of desperation in the tone of this , in essence, gossip column. Loads of hearsay no evidence and a comment from that vacuous LNP opp leader thrown in for good measure. Chip has his orders the witch hunt continues. auspol

You can take the boy out of a Murdoch propaganda unit but can you take the Murdoch propaganda out of the boy? But then joining Costello’s TheAge..... auspol Dumb Dan must go ...screwed up big time DanLiedPeopleDied The crux of the matter. DanielAndrewsMP has been a good premier. But this bungle. This incompetent, amateurish shit-show is a catastrophe. A disaster. A public service failure of incredible proportions. He and the cabinet members who went along with it, have to go.

Mate$ Rate$ took priority for Dandemic Dan I reckon. DanielAndrewsMP is like the arsonist fire fighter, trying to look like the hero putting out a fire he started. The Federal Govt is responsible for quarantining! So despite their attempts to off load their responsibilities to the states, it all goes back ScoMo and Dutton doesn’t it? Our PM has an aversion to responsibility whether its bushfires or pandemics, all care, no responsibility!

Chip made a timeline. Chip provides two unattributed quotes from someone he won’t actually describe as working anywhere in particular (is it Senator Reynolds office Chip? Cmon you can tell us).. The rest is equally as much garbage. If only CovidDan had just done the right thing Who is supplying the comms info ? Has the accuracy been confirmed? Backgrounding again ?

Why are we trusting the federal defence minister of a government that has let Australia down time & time again? Oh it’s Chip again. Got everything wrong yesterday and goes with it again today. How painful🙄 Are you definitively saying the offer was guard hotel doors, or was it to support with logistics and transport, same as NSW at that point? Seems like lots of nebulous inference in the article without clearly stating what the offered help was, who said it and in what context.

Unfollowed. The Age is just a shit show now. 👎👎👎 The industrial Chipper at it again. WHAT KIND OF HELP unspecific offers are like wishing Non Christians Merry Xmas evidence or is this just another he said, she said story? What you have not found out, despite your hounding, is what is meant by ‘help’. Are there army on the doors in hotels in Sydney or not?

So we all should assume that private security firms can’t do security? What can the do? Don't forget if The Age articles say subscribe to read, copy link open Chrome incognito tab and paste that browser last 5 articles then you'll have to open new tab. So quick question: are you staying that as a fact or just an elaborately long click-bait style headline?

On May 14 General Kenny stayed Victoria needs no assistance. So the ADF thought the government had it under control. The Defence Minister was advised she should be sacked. Why was this a state decision? International quarantine being handled by state departments doesn’t make much sense. Melbchief any truth to the LukeDonnellan leadership challenge rumours?

I don’t understand why this is such a huge issue? It wouldn’t have mattered who was there .. security, prison guards, police, ADF ... the same thing would have happened. Quit looking for someone to blame outside of fuckwits who didn’t do the right thing! Except that’s not what the Premier said not his Ministers. I guess will just keep parroting Canavan’s, Morrison’s lines ... Yeah. We’re all in this together - unless your a member of the LNP.

Escapees and sleeping guards in NSW with ADF support. Who is training the ADF? DanielAndrewsMP ...deceitful narcissist. Failure. Did they send the offer by carrier pigeon? There may have been some leading the quarantine effort who turned down ADF offers, their mistake was believing contracted professional security companies(who also run prisons and refugee detention) might have been able to do what they were paid for.

No wonder people are ignoring Andrews’ directives. His lies and cover up tactics have destroyed this state and still, the king of all narcissists, won’t accept any consequences. DanLiedPeopleDied Why is the media obsessed with this issue? Most of us just want to survive this. Who bloody cares! DanLiedPeopleDied

Because Victorian government knew better now 250 dead! 🤡 NSW are STILL using private security for quarantine. Returned travellers confirm neither airport staff nor security at hotels wearing adequate PPE. How about acknowledging that hotel quarantine was suggested by Andrews. Morrison would have done what Boris did and relied on people to self isolate.

So yes, adf involved in planning stage, not needed later. All aware it’s a bad look to have army policing citizens. Lnp risks looking like they want a dictatorship or something Not surprised If there’s credit to claim Premier readily accepts it - responsibility for decisions can’t see him for dust Murdoch’s propaganda

I am so over the blaming and take huge joy in unfollowing the Age at yhis moment. Where is the evidence from the LNP? No paper trail from the feds Andrews has to resign. I wonder if any states took the offer Istandagainstdan resignDanAndrews idontstandwithdan ResignDanielAndrews sackdanielandrews jaildanielandrews and throw away the key!!!!

That's it. You're blocked. Had enough onesided propaganda. You lot have diminished yourself into gutter detritus.

Defence Force repeatedly offered to help Victoria with hotel quarantine: MinisterBreaking: The Australian Defence Force offered repeatedly to assist Victoria establish and maintain quarantine arrangements for returned travellers but was told by the Andrews government that its help was not needed | Melbchief Melbchief Why are you carrying on as if pple in quarantine are enemy combatants and prisoners, what the fuck is wrong with you. Melbchief 'Senator Reynolds said the ADF helped with compliance at quarantine hotels in Queensland and NSW.' But not WA or SA, where there were zero outbreaks from quarantine. The Commonwealth could have insisted ADF be used by invoking its quarantine power under the Constitution. Melbchief 'repeatedly' ... sure.

Defence Force repeatedly offered to help Victoria with hotel quarantine: MinisterThe ADF repeatedly offered to assist Victoria establish and maintain quarantine arrangements for returned travellers but was told help was not needed, according to Defence Minister. 'On 12 April 2020, Victorian authorities reaffirmed to ADF officials that all quarantine compliance monitoring operations were within Victorian authorities’ capacity.' The ADF wanted to stand with Dan but Dan said no. ResignDanielAndrews

What is happening in Melbourne 'would be comical if it wasn't so terrifying' | Sky News AustraliaFormer Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ contradictory claims on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s offer of Australian Defence Force support would be “comical if it wasn’t so terrifying.”\n\nMr Andrews on Tuesday said ADF assistance was not offered to Victoria to help in the management of the state's hotel quarantine.\n\nContrary to his claims, there is documentation suggesting ADF support was offered early on and was not accepted by Victoria.\n\n“The back side covering, as you saw today, is just too much for us to cop here in Melbourne given it’s destroying businesses and the mental health challenge is out of control,” Mr Guy told Sky News.\n\n“We are in a stage four lockdown, there is a curfew in this city.\n\n“Why we’re here is important.\n\n“It would be comical if it wasn’t so terrifying what is happening in Melbourne.”\n\nImage: News Corp Australia MatthewGuyMP DanielAndrewsMP ScottMorrisonMP Former vic opposition leader, you don’t become “former” for no reason MatthewGuyMP DanielAndrewsMP ScottMorrisonMP It'd be TERRIFYING if you woulda gotten in.. now back under your Rock LobsterBoy. You woulda had the MAFIA watchin the people... MatthewGuyMP DanielAndrewsMP ScottMorrisonMP

Daniel Andrews says ADF staff were not offered to run hotel quarantine schemeThe Victorian Premier faces more questions on the state's troubled hotel quarantine program, this time from a parliamentary committee examining the Government's pandemic response. juzz_18 Bullshit DanielAndrewsMP resigndanandrews B/S.

Search underway for man who 'breached hotel quarantine'DEVELOPING: Queensland police are searching for a man accused of breaching mandatory hotel quarantine. 9News You guys have some serious draconian measures taking place there. You had 21 people die there today. That's the same numbers as the flu. Aren't you ready to stop this charade yet? The normies have lost the plot.

Leaked video shows public servants discussing Melbourne's bungled hotel quarantine schemeA newly-leaked video has brought fresh attention to Melbourne's bungled hotel quarantine scheme with public servants in charge of the operation caught talking about their success. 9News Beware what you boast about. Time for that when it ends right. But it didn’t. There is an inquiry happening How about stop playing gotcha and interview real people who are living with the virus Be a solution You Mates couldn’t organise a school fete