9 Wwos, Nrl

9 Wwos, Nrl

Thurston's massive call on Holmes NRL return

Cowboys icon weighs in on sudden NFL exit.


Johnathan Thurston's massive call on Valentine Holmes' NRL return 😮 READ: 9WWOS NRL

Cowboys icon weighs in on sudden NFL exit.

Valentine Holmes during his last game for the Sharks in 2018. (Getty)

Having won two Dally M Medals as a fullback, Hayne struggled with the demands of the position after spending time in the NFL as a muscled-up running back.

The Cowboys reportedly offered Holmes $4 million over five seasons last year to leave the Sharks. He stunned both clubs by pursuing his NFL dream.

"There'll be a new stadium for the boys to run out on, too, and they'll have an opportunity to create their own memories; to create a fortress-like atmosphere that has probably been missing the last couple of years.

"He'd be a great signing, given he's a local product, a Townsville boy with a great connection to the city," Thurston said.

Holmes was a dynamic winger for the Maroons, with eight tries from five games. He also once scored a record six tries in a single Test for Australia; the 2017 World Cup semi-final against Fiji.

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