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Tens of thousands of Australians have joined a global call to arms for climate action.


Tens of thousands of Australians have joined a global call to arms for climate action.

Tens of thousands of Australians have joined a global call to arms for climate action.\n\nThey flooded the streets of our major cities, many of them school students, ditching the classroom for the streets.\n\nAround two thousand companies gave the green light for staff to take Friday off to march and thousands of students were given permission to skip school.\n\nThe demonstrations were coined in a bid to stop mega mines from starting, including the controversial Adani Carmichael Coal Mine in Central Queensland. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia

Tens of thousands of Australians have joined a global call to arms for climate action. They flooded the streets of our major cities, many of them school students, ditching the classroom for the streets. Around two thousand companies gave the green light for staff to take Friday off to march and thousands of students were given permission to skip school. The demonstrations were coined in a bid to stop mega mines from starting, including the controversial Adani Carmichael Coal Mine in Central Queensland. Image: News Corp Australia

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But almost none of them have read one well reasoned argument for or against and are just responding to religious fanatics, media, parents and teachers. Shoot em!! an_untamed Wow, Sky News reporting actual news. It beats the usual RWNJ Ill-informed editorial claptrap. So much for the environment. That’s a sh*tload of signs heading to a landfill. Seems a bit counter productive.

Thank goodness there are 24 million others here...🥺😞🙃🇦🇺🐰 there are 25,203,198 Australians. so tens of thousands are not much of a number Did they leave much trash behind? Did they wreck the joint? Did they turn the phones off! There NOT hypocrites are they! Gee hope not! If only they had half an idea of how the planet works. Gullible Warming minions.

Australia 'needs get the Basin plan in place’: Nationals senator | Sky News AustraliaFresh off the back of her maiden speech to parliament, newly-minted Nationals senator Perin Davey has told AM Agenda ditching the Murray Darling Basin plan is “the worst thing we can do”. \n\nThe Nationals senator, who is married to an irrigation farmer, admits she has a “vested interest” in water policy.\n\n“We are in the middle of a critical drought and making policy on the run is the worst thing that we could do,” she said. \n\n“We need to get the Basin plan in place, and we need to make sure we can do that without taking any more water from our farmers and our communities. \n\n“We can do that if we get all the settings right.”\n Stand LNP stance with no mention of the enviroment just we cant afford to take any more water from farmers or towns but the enviroment doesnt matter For AngusTaylorMP For everyone else, it would be great. auspol Is there anyone in Canberra who can outline a vision for the Murray Darling?

Proving how easily they can be controlled. They can be mobilised by those they've never met, about things they can't prove, driven to hate the things they rely on. Frightening, really. loonyleft ClimateStrike The current lot of Muppets in Government won’t like this nor will !! It doesn’t fit the Murdoch Press Propaganda Machine

Wasn’t hundreds of thousands ? Actually hundreds of thousands *hundreds Awesome stuff. And to debunk today's Hyde Park hoax ⤵️ Why? It’s a hoax! Mann lost! I witnessed more signs with communist propaganda & talking about dismantling capitalism than climate mumbo jumbo. Tell them to write down a list of what they'd like done.

Alternate headline: Tens of millions of Australians stayed home, went to work or went to school.

Thousands of students to skip school for climate protests on Friday | Sky News AustraliaThousands of students are expected to skip school to take part in nation-wide climate protests on Friday. \n\nMelbourne streets will be shut down on Friday ahead of a climate protest which is expected to attract between 50,000 to 100,000 activists. \n\nThere will also be tens of thousands of protestors in Sydney and other capital cities across the country. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Get back to school and finish studies, not good enough 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 last day of the school term, gee wonder how many were going to turn up anyway PaulineHansonOz ScottMorrisonMP RitaPanahi carolinemarcus rowandean RossCameron4 jkalbrechtsen AlanJones RealMarkLatham corybernardi DaisyCousens MathiasCormann SharriMarkson Hahah thousands maybe off school but I bet it will only be hundreds here. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

and all when home to jump on there computers and phones with the tv on and charging everything The climate hoax continues unabated. A statement recently issued by NASA said that Climate Change was due to the changing orbit of the Earth around the sun & nothing do do with human intervention. Digusting Renewable Billionarsonists that make money on their filthy sloar systems/wind turnbines businesses and than use children for free advertising by lying too children at the cost of hard working tax payers. SHAME UPON YOU ALL!

Just think. More people care about the planet than any of your far right mushrooms and prepared to get out to voice an opinion, instead of hiding behind a TV camera and criticising everything. auspol ClimateStrike look at all the litter and trees that were destroyed because of this protest, and the paint, that is going to spill in our water systems

Yawn. It would be terrific if Murdoch press stopped being complicit and reported more on the science of climatechange and how we need to act immediately as we are in a climateemergency. And 99% of them didn't know what they were protesting about. Idiots

Launceston votes to move Australia Day to Jan 25 | Sky News AustraliaA Tasmanian Council is shunning Australia Day by moving citizenship ceremonies and awards to the January 25. \n\nLaunceston has voted to hold official celebrations a day early and is also renaming the official awards as ‘community recognition awards’ in a bid to be more inclusive. Just stop all State & Federal funds to them until they comply... More virtue signalling. Who moves to TAS anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️ We need a discussion on the alternative date for Australia Day before changing it.

Instead of protesting they should do something Tens of thousands protest while millions and millions couldn't give a shit How embarrassing - Australians truly are deluded lemmings .....desperate to display their superior ‘woke’ness and moral relativity .... The UN must be ROFL at how sucked in Australians are by their wealth redistribution & OWG global Socialism plan 👎😡 auspol climatestrike

In 10 years time, when u guys have a little more wisdom & little more life experience under your belt, you will realise that y’all have been CONNED!! You’ve been sucked into a religious like, brainwashing cult! Think for yourselves, ask questions! ClimateAction ClimateStrikes They just scream insults and hold up poorly manufactured signs.

Anyone worked out how much CO2 was expelled to bus all the school kids to the city? Great way of padding out the numbers by using kids who want a day off school. No just kids wanting a day off school. And there are millions who were busy working to pay the ever increasing electricity and gas and water bills and subsidising the lifestyle of those who went on protests yesterday via centrelink.

And millions said no to action on climate change policies at the last election, so rotate on that lefty wankers Did China India comply NO Do China india undo all other effort combined YES Is it worth trying without them taking drastic action NO Do i want to be a martyr NO

Dust storms hit South Australia | Sky News AustraliaDangerous dust storms have hit South Australia with winds gusting up to 100 kilometres per hour on the Eyre Peninsula. \n\nA cool change with showers will move over the south late on Friday, dropping temperatures and settling the dust.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia OMG!! IT’S CLIMATE CHANGE!!! We’re all going to die and it’s all the LNP’s/anyone who disagrees with us fault! Whinge💧whinge💧lie💧complain 💧lie some more💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧💧Will somebody please think of the POLAR BEARS, who’s population has increased! 😭😭

Oooh look, Thousands of twats fooled by a climate cycle And tens of millions didn’t. How many would there have been if it was a weekend? And leave all there rubbish behind! The ClimateStrike crowd numbers Melbourne 100,000+ Sydney 80,000+ Brisbane 30,000 Hobart 20,000 - Largest March HISTORY!!! Canberra 15,000 Perth & Adelaide at least 10,000 each Auspol

The lonely voice of reason in a sea of madness yesterday in Townsville. At working Australians expense we have these ungrateful over privileged Climate Communists “all are equal except Me” For a good start-volunteer to help others then work and pay taxes to earn you rights to be able to make informed life decisions. With rights comes responsibility

Tens of millions of people stay at home🤣 And the PM cares so much that he went to hang out with the arch-enemy of climate change buffoonery🤣

Changing date of Australia Day celebrations 'divisive' | Sky News AustraliaDirector of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs Daniel Wild says it's “hard to believe” that the Tasmanian council of Launceston is ditching traditional Australia Day celebrations, calling the move 'divisive'.\n\nThe city council has voted to move official celebrations, citizenship ceremonies and the National Australia Day Awards program to the 25th of January, with the aim of promoting inclusivity, however Mr Wild said that the controversial move achieves anything but. \n\nHe told Sky News that the plan goes against the majority of Australian public opinion, noting that 75 per cent of Australians want Australia day to remain on the 26th of January, while 88 per cent of Australians are proud to be Australian. \n\nFurthermore, the National Australia Day Awards will now be renamed as the ‘Community Recognition Awards’. \n\nMr Wild noted that the significant date of the 26th represents a chance for unity in Australia and “for many immigrants this is the proudest day of their life”. \n\nImage: Getty \n It is divisive to change the date of Australia Day, which is exactly what activists want. Hypocrisy. Why would anyone take any notice of what the IPA has to say?

Hopefully Scomo will get Australia out of the Paris agreement. Trump did it for USA. Hopefully he’ll get some good tips in USA. The Cult of BS Tell kids they can have a day off school to demand others fix all problems an easy way to get a crowd. Seriously, everyone wants a cleaner planet. So how about efforts in bringing up solutions that work towards the future rather than the banning everything protest.

And if these people spent more time trying to come up with a energy solution, that can replace coal. Instead of walking around wasting time. We might have solved it already. Hundreds of thousands.... I love the 'effort' that so many put into their signs - many look they they were bits of old cardboard found on the street. Don't get me started on the appalling spelling and grammer...

Where were these people when the murder of babies was being put forward?

Australia is ‘living in a cave’ with nuclear power ban | Sky News AustraliaBarnaby Joyce has said if wanting zero emissions is what “blows your hair back”, adopting nuclear power in Australia is the only way forward.\n\nThousands of Australians marched on Friday demanding urgent climate change action, but the Nationals MP said if the activists aren’t willing to adopt nuclear, they ‘shouldn’t bother protesting’ as they’re “just living in a fantasy world”.\n\nMr Joyce chaired a “nuclear industry roundtable” on Friday morning to “dispel some strongly held beliefs which may or may not be true” around nuclear power. \n\nThe Member for New England believes Australia is “living in a cave” with its ban on nuclear energy.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia If Barnaby supports it we have to ask what’s in it for him? Every other apartment building in Australias major cities built in the last 20 years has either major structural faults or is uninsurable.... But hey let's start building nuclear power stations... What could go wrong! That's before you remember nuclear is totally uneconomical! What a backward out dated wanker Barnaby_Joyce is. Stand up the people who voted him in. I dare you.

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