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Thousands of protesters are taking part in Invasion Day rallies across the country, calling for Australia Day to be abolished or moved.

Australia Day marks the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of British ships into Port

Jackson in 1788, and many say the current date does not reflect the struggle of Indigenous people.


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Let’s just abolish stupid

We've never stopped paying rent..... and for everything else too ! We've payed a thousand times over, but yet most of us have never committed anything but positive acts towards the indigenous. Some people are just intent on dividing the nation !

Be assured these mostly white Australians who would not exist with no white heritage are on the gravy train and will never be satisfied. We live in dangerous times.

Minority with nothing better to do !

The other 24+ million yawning.

Stop living in pity city and move on with life Australia Day is Australia Day...

How many Full Bloods are complaining not many..

That banner ensures no end in sight.

Is it possible to know the percentage of the background of the protesters as to who was born in Australia & if either parent was a self funded hard working Migrant Also if they had a job or were on Centrelink to check the Demographics auspol ABCNews wapol AustraliaDay

I would like to see these thousands of protesters voluntarily give up their own properties and return them to the indigenous people. Practice what you preach.

If you don't like Australia, PISS OFF to China or Nth Korea.

Why can't we just change the day to another time?

What. Waste of energy

First world issues ... they’re not protesting Sudan day ...

A Proud Australia who loves our Australia day

Part of the Soros plan to eliminate nationality. Don't fall for it. Advance Australia Fair.

Someone please let the socialists know they will never win. Just give up, and participate in civil society like the rest of us.

Spare a thought for the hundreds of prisoners in the first fleet in 1788 brought to Botany Bay prison, many for very little. Hardly an invasion by the usual understanding of the term!

Hope the 0000's enjoyed themselves while the 0 000 000's did as well!

There are millions that want it to stay the same.

Bet they don’t realise the Mabo decision in the high court said there was no invasion , on the native people were not conquered so were allowed land rights . If you accept there was an invasion , then aboriginals lose all their land rights . Do they want that ..🤔🤔🤔

Millions celebrate , do the math, its a democracy, let them waste their day !

If I thought for a moment that changing the date would stop the complainers then I’d support it in a heartbeat.

Why should we be the only Country in the world that complains about this, every Country in the world was invaded at some stage. Just stop whinging and get past it, we were none of us here when it happened. Come together and grow our beautiful Country, stop trying to tear it apart

Sounds to me like they wish to abolish Australia. Not AustraliaDay. Violent extremism has no place in Australia.

They should try living in another country for a year or so to find out just how lucky they are to be in this country. The indigenous of this country are far better off having had the English turn up before the Chinese. They were closer and it wouldn’t have been good then or now.

So wat do we do, thinkin stop the money to aboriginals and moove on

What brain dead wankers , fair dinkum , they were most probably the same protesters that have been at the climate change rally , the fire rallies , and they haven’t got a clue what they were there for ! . Most of them just wanted a day of school or work ! .

Who really gives a shit?

Fake news

Yep. White Anglo old fellas - it's over

...and 25 million others celebrated our great country. Happy Australia Day!

Millions couldn’t give a toss. AustraliaDay

Meanwhile MILLIONS of people celebrated Australia Day 😁🇦🇺

How many these protesters understand what they are protesting?


* whilst millions gather to celebrate Australia Day.

You can blame the greens for the protests.

Fuck them...

The invaders brought their own prisoners! bizarre

Who gives a shit, millions didn’t protest that’s the real story

No matter what you give them they will always want more

And millions celebrate Australia Day🇦🇺

If you are so convinced in the issue of invasion, show everyone you are serious and leave Australia surrendering everything you have to the indigenous people

Why do you give these professional complainers the air time they so desperately seek? Or are you paying them to protest?

Archaeologists have proven the FIRST “OWNERS” of Australia were Neanderthals.... from Africa! HappyAustraliaDay AustraliaDay26thJanuary


Send them all to China town to breathe in some virual air.

Typical of the Australian media to ignore the vast majority who will keep Australia Day exactly where it is. The dickheads can protest till they're blue in the face but Australia Day ain't moving.

Millions celebrated Australia Day while a few miserable thousand protested.

You change the date, they will still complain and call it invasion day and demand more money for indigenous people, there’s no win.

Put it to vote and see. Mind you leftists won’t accept the result anyway.

Fookn oath .. change it

Except “invasion day” isn’t a recognised day and shouldn’t be referred to as such

Here's the thing I like most about Australia; no matter your past, no matter your present - if you want to make a better life for yourself and your family and are prepared to work for it, you can. Neither the history of your race, nor mine can change that. Happy AustraliaDay

They will never be satisfied 😏

And millions of Australians are very happy with January 26.

A problem, like an ingrown toe nail , can feel it but cannot see it!

What a disgrace!!!!

millions of Australians enjoyed the day

Let’s say we change the date, does anyone seriously think these protests will stop? What next change the flag? Maybe the anthem too? Where will it stop?

This again at every Australia day these people have white guilt.

No way!

Just love the same negative people who call it invasion day and protest climate change because it only makes the rest pissed off more and see them for what they really are... minuscule minorities who will never get their way! Intolerant hypocrites.

Idiots want to lose a public holiday

I think you guys really are the minority. Better just go home, face reality and cry into your beer. Oh, and got to work in the morning hahahah

And I bet those thousands will gladly take the paid day off tomorrow

No one is forcing them to join in and celebrate. They can go to work and not get penalty rates.

Changing the date won't make a difference, the professionally miserable - such as the greens - will protest regardless of the day.

On ANZAC Day I don't celebrate the horrors of trench warfare, mustard gas, shell shock or shocking disabilities. I recognise & celebrate those that gave all & I do so from a position of gratitude for opportunities we all now enjoy. Same with today. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY TO ALL

Honestly just change the date. Pretty sure as long as we get a public holiday no one is gonna complain. Then just make the 26th harmony or Remembrance Day.

These people are really selective with their history. Like Brazil wasn't colonized by the Portuguese, most of Sth America by the Spanish, French in Africa; Happened all over the emerging new world. It's calked history.

Sorry, not going to happen. See you at Centrelink on Tuesday? Make sure you declare what you paid to turn up at the 'protest' on your tax returns!

said this last year and before that if you move it or change the name either way you are still celebrating Australia Day

Everyone have a great Australia Day!

Thousands ?, fakenews skynews

I as part of the silent majority l will be raising a beer to our flag and mighty country and celebrating Australia Day today!!!

I think their protest is a wonderful way to spend their Sunday whilst everyone else has a great time. I hope they all go to work tomorrow and continue the protest.

Just send them all off to New Zealand and the rest of us will live fine

I’m always prepared to listen to the views of our Indigenous. But never the loonie lefties. I am very proud to be Australian unlike many in the protest. They must lead a miserable life.

Amazing...if we were to call Muslims or Asians or Blacks invaders we would never hear the end of the racist comments..if it wasn't for England they wouldn't be getting as much as they are... Not their land ..It's Gods land ☺ Get over it happy Aussie day 🇦🇺

Ok we’ll move Australia Day if they stop taking the piss with handouts. No deal? OK we’ll keep it at Jan 26th then....

It's not how I choose to spend my public holiday but hey go ahead knock yourself out 🤦🏾‍♂️

So that makes over 24000 000 million are in celebration mode great news .

Those wishing to stop or move Australia Day are totally ignorant of the past. They are prepared to divide the country to appease 3% of the population. What other Country lets its minority indigenous population pull all the strings.

How really boring people spend Australia day

Same old rent-a-crowd, greenies,extermination mob, bored public servants, dole bludgers. The cost of happy Australia, unfortunately includes them.

So 1000’s will get their way over millions and millions that don’t want it abolished or moved. Why do you give this small amount of people the time of day.

Happy Straya Day you twats 🤣👍

Tens of millions of normal Aussies ignored the leftie lunatics & didnt protest anything. They had a great Australia day enjoying & being grateful for our wonderful country.

Same shit different year

Well they can go and get stuffed. The MAJORITY want it to stay has is.

Wow thousands of useless flogs who protest at the drop of a hat. Same parasites just a different placard. Meanwhile millions of hardworking tax paying Australians are celebrating.

They seriously need to get a life

Thousands of people are not the voice of Millions of Australians!

Sky News you are now officially the new ABC 👎

Which is never going to happen.

Is this just copied and pasted from last year?

They need to get a job

Did you report the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out for Australia Day celebrations?

Millions more aren't

And on cue, the RWNJ troll bots with the same followers all come out en masse...

Let's be very generous and say there where 10000 whiney protestors per state today, that's 2.6% of the population. Vs the 97.4% (25.325 million) of Aussies who love Australia day and the date, not exactly a movement is it? just the vocal minority in having another whinge😂

Thousands of protesters, thank goodness we are a country of millions. Only a handful identify with 26 January 1770. Others unite to celebrate immigration, the opportunities and the greatness this country has provided for those millions. The fabric of this country is remarkable.

Choices for these protestors... 1.Give up your mobile phone,TV, car, modern medicine, etc & live as a Stone Age human in the bush 2.Appreciate & honour this modern envied lifestyle that the convicts have afforded you 3.Leave Australia. Ardernland might be a good choice for you

Can we have a rally to have these people abolished and removed?

Imagine if instead of this negative crap you reported on the MILLIONS who are celebrating our great country including thousands of Indigenous, immigrants and refugees of all over our beautiful land.. imagine 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

I’m ok with changing the date so long as January 26th doesn’t become “Invasion Day”

Move then?

Lucky Australia is not like Iraq. Iraqi security forces killed four protesters and wounded dozens more, and they were not even protesting at the time of the attack. How good is Australia?

First world privilege problems

Hold my beer while I ignore them.


Meanwhile millions are celebrating Australia Day and don’t want the date moved so stop giving these clowns air time and Happy Australia Day everyone!! What a glorious day it was to celebrate everything good about Australia! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

The real story is not the poofteenth of the Australian population out grandstanding. The real story is the millions of Australians celebrating living in the greatest country in the world.

Can you provide a source for this photo? What ya think GuardianAus

More crap from the media stirring up trouble on australia day thank goodness it will be over soon for another year.

Every year they protest and the every year the date does not change. It's time for them to change tactics & use their energy to unite this country, not divide it.

It’s not about changing the date to many protesters it’s about abolishing it altogether.

While millions are celebrating our national day.

Start with this hypocritical Government

Millions at home content with the way it is. That’s the story

Well the public holiday is on the 27th so.....

Half of them are white from the greens and far left extreemist parties like the Socialist alliance

Protest all they want.. it aint going anywhere..

Let’s abolish sit down money while we’re at it 🤔

Does that sign read ‘Abolish Aus’? Really?

Thousands protest. Millions celebrate.

Thousands protested as millions of Australians enjoyed Australia Day.

I would like to see their welfare payments abolished.

lets think ahhhhhh. NO

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