Those at the ABC 'aren't used to hearing frank, mainstream assessments' | Sky News Australia

The ABC’s Insiders panel chat program is “relentlessly anti-conservative” and “makes a mockery” of the national broadcaster’s claim to objectivity and diversity says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

6/04/2020 2:23:00 PM

The ABC’s Insiders panel chat program is “relentlessly anti-conservative” and “makes a mockery” of the national broadcaster’s claim to objectivity and diversity says Sky News host Chris Kenny.

The ABC’s Insiders panel chat program is “relentlessly anti-conservative” and “makes a mockery” of the national broadcaster’s claim to objectivity and diversity says Sky News host Chris Kenny. \n\nHe said regular viewers of the program would “know only too well the panel is usually filled by green left journalists” and “small 'L'” liberals.\n\nMr Kenny said a recent guest on the program, The Australian's National Affairs Editor Simon Benson, would have provided some frank, mainstream assessments those at the ABC wouldn't have been 'used to'. \n\nMr Benson had said 'Scott Morrison is emerging as one of the most capable prime ministers this country has seen for a long time'. \n\n'It's not the sort of thing they're used to hearing on the ABC,' Mr Kenny said. \n\n

06/04/2020|6minThe ABC’s Insiders panel chat program is “relentlessly anti-conservative” and “makes a mockery” of the national broadcaster’s claim to objectivity and diversity says Sky News host Chris Kenny. He said regular viewers of the program would “know only too well the panel is usually filled by green left journalists” and “small 'L'” liberals. Mr Kenny said a recent guest on the program, The Australian's National Affairs Editor Simon Benson, would have provided some frank, mainstream assessments those at the ABC wouldn't have been "used to". Mr Benson had said "Scott Morrison is emerging as one of the most capable prime ministers this country has seen for a long time". "It's not the sort of thing they're used to hearing on the ABC," Mr Kenny said.

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Memo ChrisKenny Stop insulting your newscorpaus colleague SS like that! rupertmurdoch will find out & give U the worst bucketing of ur media life! insiders auspol auspol2020 An example of this is Sky News is only there to promote its owners commercial interests. If it did a better job it would be profitable. Remember Hillsborough.

Who the f $$*$ is Chris Kenny? Nobody Uncle Murdoch give it a rest with with the anti ABC propaganda. Maybe Kenny it is just the Sky mob that are a relentlessly mockery of humanity Second rate news service has no right to comment on the ABC. Not the climate change debate is now over .But keep up your righteous rightie comments because in this time good to find a cheap laugh on sky views

Yours is anti Labor so there’s balance for you. Justifying your own job again I see. I think ABC across TV and radio is blatantly left but if any outlet should be right in the middle, reporting facts or having balanced discussion it should be this taxpayer funded outlet. Sometimes, views not left and bleeding hearts, are worth listening to.

Says relentlessly anti-left ‘News’ program. What hypocrisy spews from your puerile minds daily! “I’ll be remembered as a journalist called a dog fvcker” - Sky News host Chris Kenny. How true that statement is. Auspol ABC are deep state watermelons sympathetic to the CCP. Also, water is wet. Chris Kenny, a paragon of Murdoch-engineered verbal quackery, complaining about a lack of ABC objectivity - a tragic and self-deluded man.

Chris Kenny lacks basic intellence, a moron. ABC is the most balanced place for news. the ABC ditched the Queen message for the lefty Insiders Thats ok you keep broadcadting to your audience of 5 ABCyours Correct time for a full review, new Chairperson, M.D. programmer, Editors, and JURNOS. THE ABC HAS MOVE SERIOUSLY LEFT IS UN BALANCED AND IS NOT MEETING ITS CHARTER OF INDEPENDENCE.

I don't want to drink the SkyNews KoolAid. Poor Chris. Has fever dreams about pinko lefty communist greens at the ABC every night. It's Ok Chris, you still have News Ltd to keep you balanced.... macsween_prue Yet is constantly stacked with Sky staffers. You complain about objectivity, you work for Murdoch you hypocrite. Love to see a bit of impartiality at Skynews, but know it will never happen withRupert telling you what to say. Puppet

What’s a JOKE is “Sky News Real news Honest Views” B-B-BULLSHIT Is he including himself as “frank” or “mainstream”? Try “irrelevant”😂 Sky news and any critical discussion it organises is so biased towards the libs and conservative libs especially that it can hardly be called factual news at all... can’t even bring myself to switch it on anymore, the same faces with the same idiotic puerile opinions each day

I’m assuming the drop in Foxtel subscriptions due to lack of live sports must be driving these relentlessly aggressive conservative screech articles. auspol Are you guys still in business? I'm sorry, I can't take Chris Kenny seriously. I always get distracted by the studio lights shining off his head. It's like Mr Sheen went on a three week bender up there! Don't your makeup people have powder, or something?

Omg... you should listen to those nasty whiney pricks on sky in the mornings and evenings (its on in the mess where i go for meals)... they dont analyse anything they just bitch about anything or anyone left of far right. That’s rich coming from one of the most biased media organisations to ever exist. But ok.

🤣😂🤣 coming from Sky news? pot.. kettle... black. Fuck Neocons love to double down on controversy to change the narrative. Doublespeak While Sky News is relentlessly fringe right and anti common sense There are no real conservatives anymore. Decent people that call for calm. We have Liberal and National and Labor statists. You guys should go looking for some real conservatives. Surprisingly are quiet a few inside the ABC, inside small biz, teaching, medicine and law.

Not since Speers has taken over! I’d agree with that. Biased. Wait. So the ABC gives a voice to someone praising the conservative government, doesn’t shut him down or contest him, and this is somehow proof that they don’t allow conservative views on their platform. You really can’t see how inconsistent this is?

Sky News Australia post 5 pm broadcast makes both a mockery of journalism and broadcasting. Yep. Hahah Attempts journalism and fails says local buffalo. April Fool’s Day was last week. I’m sorry but that’s bullshit That’s weird cause most people who comment on this program say it’s swung so far to being a govt apologist haven. Does no one enjoy it?

How puerile and pathetic But that’s ok ChrisKenny is relentlessly anti.. anti.. . Anti-anti-conservative So what was his problem? Has he been smoking the Easter bunny again.. Chris Kenny obviously does not know what mainstream means. Last Sunday 3 of the 4 panelists were former newscorp journalists. A point made by one of those journalists. If we are all complaining both left & right then InsidersABC must be doing something right. barriecassidy David_Speers

Chris Kenny is just pissed off because his show only attracts 1/15th of the viewers Insiders does. Priceless! Sky thinks its mainstream, pretty funny. You can’t take any of this seriously. Sky “News” is a joke. And so is Chris Kenny. Who watches Sky anymore, anyway? Most of friends just stream. FO Kenny. Your ultra Conservative rubbish is not relevant to intelligent people. Get in the bin 🗑

😂 need a few laughs at times like this 😷 Relentless, mockery, objectivity, diversity - careful throwing those words around... Having a failing business model isn't an excuse to relentlessly attack the ABC. Look at your own content and service fees. Take some responsibility for your own business, being irrelevant might be difficult to accept but it's an economic reality.

Fido is yapping again, someone throw him a bone FFS. Sky News hosts wouldn't know a conservative if they bit them on the ass. Sky News hosts exclusively reactionary lunatics completely untethered from reality in a show of servile fealty to their master Murdoch. FFS give it a rest. Even in a pandemic he can't find anything else to write about?!

Absolutely incorrect. Chris offers the national conversation nothing, that’s what makes him such a great fit for Sky. From someone who is more relentlessly biased and aggressive than any journo one sees. Calls into question the definition of 'journalism'... Chris Kenny!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 There's the joke right there

Time for all Murdoch employees and ex employees to boycott the ABC then. You need the ABC more than they need you. Personally I think insiders is doing something right as it is being attacked by both the left and right wing pundits Really ? Chris is so far right and up himself that anything other than his or Sky’s opinion is left.

is relentlessly critical of ABCTV and turns a conflict of interest into corporate policy, again. Since you got 30 million of our tax money, how about you try for a balanced perspective? Who actually watches this shit anyways? That is absolute bullshit. Hasn’t been watching it I’d say. Chris has become a single-issue guy

The latest episode had Karvelis, Benson, Speers, Crowe, all from the News Limited stable. Time for these carnival barkers to shut up. Did you sack him for broadcasting nonsense ? Of course not ! I'd say the OPPOSITE is true. I don't watch MSM at all because it MAKES ME SICK how all the stations/papers pander to the LNP for some GODFORSAKEN reason.... The MSM has become their Propaganda machine. No objectivity by ANYONE. The LNP should be getting SHREDDED, but they're not

If Insiders panels have more diversity, I suspect Chris Kenny is not really going to like what he sees. And issued by idiots,!!! I dont thinks so Mr Kenny! Did u have a look at the panel All right wing journalists from newscorp! Amen to that. In a time of crisis we can always rely on Kenny to tackle the important issues.

It's pretty sad that with all that is happening, Kenny is still on his one man personal crusade against the ABC. I don't want to tell you how to spend your shrinking income stream...but I don't think you're getting good value from this one hit wonder. I thought they were all news corp or ex news corp journalists on the last edition and very pro Lib. So I suppose he is correct there isn't enough diversity. But Kelly Bolt et Al are clanging bells trying to make a $. Ignore them.

Chris Kenny talking on SkyNews about ‘objectivity’...oxymoron anyone? its a program that was designed to promote labor through the back door ABCIsTrash Chris can you truly tell us what it is like to....'live life without brains which are operational' maybe you might have been attacked by Zombie leader Murdoch. Asking for a friend.

Imagine actually listening to Kenny or watching SewerNews!! 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🤢🤮 Hateful old MurdochCancer going after ABC. Non-stop. When will you start paying taxes in Australia, Murdoch? What a bunch of leaners. From someone who doesn’t even know the meaning of ‘objectivity’ Chris is relentlessly conservative and makes a mockery of Sky’s claim to be objective.

Pass! I’d rather give myself an enema than read that. Be more satisfying and beneficial. The whole ABC is a leftist swamp intensively developed by the Labor left during the Hawke and Keating times with the support of bureaucrats from the legal community that shielded them government after government with the excuse of Free speech. Now they are just leftist bias.

So barking mad one might think he had contracted rabies--though how that may have happened I leave others to speculate--Kenny seems not to have noticed that the most recent edition of Insiders had on its panel one Simon Benson--a shameless LNP stenographer and propagandist. Funny that, when the ABC 'insiders' program had all present or former News Corp journalist on, including the presenter - so I think we know where the bias is

Insiders takes a moral view of politics o behalf of electors, so its naturally not going to appear to represent amoral conservatives. Get over yourselves. Conservatives have Rupert to look after them and he does a good job! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sky news host Chris Kenny is a one-eyed redneck Blah blah blah. Who writes the unbelievable crap that emanates from MurdochSkyLies?

Pot. Kettle. Black. Between the two of you any good sense is nowhere to be found. As we all know, Sky is where the truth goes to die! I’ll bet Sky news wishes it has the credibility the ABC has, and will continue to have. Get a life Chris.!!!🤪🤪🤪 Sell th AlpBC now Sky News is 'relentlessly anti- progressive' and 'makes a mockery of independent news broadcasting' says all those millions and millions of people who don't watch it.

If Sky News find it so offensive perhaps they should stop watching it? Stupid Kenny on the stupid Tv channel. If they cannot be unbiased on taxpayers money Make them a subscription service or defund them. 6 days late Chris, you buffoon. Sky news isn’t mainstream I don’t know anyone who watches it. Most people are to intelligent to watch it

I'd say they throw far too many bones to bloody conservatives. The entire show is all ex murdoch you numpty tools lol Kenny been drinking again has he? Why is Sky even allowed to have a licence, they certainly don’t deliver a news service. Their sole responsibility seems to be to espouse Rupert’s mindless rants and to give jobs to people that have difficulty stringing a sentence together without blaming ABC, Labor and Unions.

So sky news is completely unbiased against the left! What is this bullshit! Again? Sky News host Chris Kenny... ThisIsNotJournalism boycottmurdoch RWNJ know only how to attack and destroy, wouldn't know the first thing about helping and creating. Be nice to see a positive story once in a while... The ABC is famously unbiased and impartial. Indeed, so much so they and their viewers suffer from false balance. auspol

Chris Kenny also believes that nurses should get a pay cut. Rubbish again. Ex liberal staffer, failed Liberal candidate speaking on a channel that leans so far to the right that it’s almost falling over, we can only dream Does Chris Kenny have anything else to think about other than how much he hated ABC? What a sad little man.

APadeau Bigot express bigoted views is not news Censored is a better word, highly censored, very annoying, we must hear all opinions on all subjects and debate them. Dog lover Chris Kenny was hoping David Speers would turn Insiders into a 'Sky News after dark' kind of show... hates the fact it's fair & balanced just like Barrie Cassidy hosted it. Insiders Auspol

Do you understand irony? The most, biased, nonobjective hack in 'news' (not news) saying someone else, is 'not objective'. Sky New is the antithesis of mockery, relying on the credibility of hacks like Chris Kenny. Murdoch's empire is not press... it's a propaganda organisation! He should be worried about the law suits from his dangerous advice about preventative measures from the Corona virus... not spreading more nonsense like this...

Kenny? Who gives a stuff what that out of touch fool thinks. Photo of Chris Kenny 🤮 Hahahha he really only has one gear, no matter the situation. What an inconsequential weasel. By the way I saw Simon Benson on insiders this week Says the most pro conservative channel and one of the more committed pro conservative reporters.

That’s hilarious - and you are objective This is the usual warped rubbish from the usual suspect. Just Kenny trying to urinate against a Force 9 gale. And you would be...correct!! Why do you pretend to value objectivity? You never practice it yourselves. Hypocrisy of the highest order. Diversity doesn’t include nutters .....Sorry Chis.....

You would think that Mr Kenny would have more to report on at this time than continually tipping buckets in the ABC. Not surprised Foxtel/Sky are going broke. Kenny is a dick. End of. And every program on Sky is relentlessly anti-anything not of the hard Right so the point is Why doesnt sky news do an expose of its own murdoch ball licking that is so anti science that they led the charge into corona denial

Sure. That's why last week they had 3 news corp journalists as guests praising Morrison to the hilt. How 'anti-conservative' of them. Are all the RWNJs at Sky desperate for attenion now they find themselves completely irrelevant? Sky News Australia, who’s Frank? Ya dunderheads! Who cares what an inconsequential man says.

Reality: it’s SkyNewsAus that continues to pump out highly partisan rhetoric in the country, NOT the ABC. (Sky’s tweets an example!) Anyone who studies media knows Murdoch media is often hard-right extremist messaging, often blatant propaganda. ABC is mainstream & Australian. Sky News Australia host Chris Kenny is 'relentlessly ultra-conservative.'

That another news service host continues this unhinged attack on our ABC is reason enough to take away SkyNews licence to operate as a news service. Attacking your opponent in this way is way beyond reproach, particularly when the ABC are so much better at their job than SkyNews. Y'know, I wonder if Chris has actually watched InsidersABC recently, because if he watched last Sunday, he would have seen his old mate, fellow TheIPA RWNJ, and Murdochracy stalwart, Simon Benson, who's as Rabid Conservative as possible, talking his usual rubbish! 😎

Yeah well fk you too ..... punk. Sky accusing any other outlet of bias is peak hypocrisy. who cares what that sook kenny reckons? Chris Kenny is an absolute joke. Along with sky news. Chris one even listens to that bucket of cold piss😠...oh..maybe Paul Murray...Alan Jones and Richo do...only to get copy for their own shit programs

Sky’s Outsiders panel chat program is relentlessly anti-progressive and makes a mockery of itself by being extremely biased and only having one opinion between them. Do you guys ever tire of getting ratio’d ? Has Sky considered making Kenny take a drug screen? He's obviously completely out of touch with reality and about five seconds away from shitting in the staff fridge and blaming progressives. inmyopinion

I’d suggest unfollow this account. They are colluding in trying to destroy the capitalist system and bring in international socialism. Socialism does not create wealth, it only debates how to spend it when others do. No, we don’t need to hear rank, red neck assessments based on lies and half truths as purveyed by Sky News and the Murdochracy.

Who’s Chris Kenny? It's interesting that Kenny seems almost obsessed with attacking ABCaustralia. Notwithstanding that the nat broadcaster has been deemed an essential service by the Coalition Govt, Kenny seems to be taking aim at his fmr colleague David_Speers for the content of insiders. TI The 1987 firespotter got nothing else to say. Rupey needs to check the meaning of objectivity and tell Chris

Listening to the most intelligent conversation in the country right now on qanda The ABC is a force so great, Kenny could spend the rest of his life throwing these failed punches and the very best outcome he’d achieve from mainstream Aus... ‘Who the hell is Chris Kenny?’ What sort of gibberish is that? It’s pro LNP and obviously slanted that way The host works part time PR for Scott Morrison FFS auspol Surely Chris Kenny should be obligated to make his comments vaguely accurate or honest

Just because he doesn’t have enough intelligence or credibility to make the cut he writes a critical article of the show... dillpickles never learn 🤷‍♂️ Kenny speaks and shit comes out. No neurons involved. Trash from Kenny, whose media existence is wholly committed to the Right in every possible way - to the exclusion of truth, accuracy and journalism ethics. Jealousy in childish proportions, given his complete lack of qualifications for the position his minders have given him.

Still devoid of any journalists, you quote your own 'commentators' as if that meant anything... Pathetic. TRUMP 2020 Yeah baby.. Propaganda sucks! Truly disappointing that at this time when unity is strength the ABC almost exclusively choose to publish negative stories about our government. I can’t think that I’ve EVER in the last 5 years read or heard a story which is positive & congratulatory of our government’s position.

Your kidding Kenny the bloke running the show is a Murdoch Plant. What a joke! If anything it's pro conservative. Chris Kenny is relentlessly anti-anyhthingmurdochhates. shut the thing down its a negative festering sore an endless money pit spewing socialist propganda - bile and negativity towards anyone outside their 'progressive' bubble

Lol, the fuckwits at slynews complaining about objectivity...really really these pricks have no shame. Since the last election the ABC has made a giant leap to the right ! Not happy Auntie. And Sky 'news hosts'always set a good example when it comes to objectivity and diversity. The indisputable fact is that the ABC is the national broadcaster, while the mob Kenny works for are foreigners

Sky News' Chris Kenny is relentlessly anti-left wing and makes a mockery of journalism to the corporate media's claim to integrity, says everyone else. His 300 viewers must be raging at the mockery of poor Chris. It’s Chris Kenny’s weekly attack on the ABC yawn.... this is when I wonder why I pay Foxtel $ for their unbalanced views

He spends more time criticizing the ABC then worrying about Foxtel dwindling numbers . Two of the panel, one was from the once progressive but aint no more The Age, another was from The Australian, and I can’t tell you Patricia’s politics because like a good journalist she keeps it close to her chest. Unlike Chris Kenny, that’s for sure. PatsKarvelas

'anti conservative?' wtf? Chris Kenny regularly basked the ABC. Best ignored. A panel full of News Ltd isn’t enough.... Nuat because the conservative ideology just fucked us and it doesn’t have a good story to tell, blame the messenger. Chris could you please explain why the majority of Australians consider the ABC to be the most trusted sources of news and information in this country?

Oh boy...that ABC guy comes across as unhinged Why didnt the ABC send leighsales Chris Kenny? A Joke and a Complete Gibberer. Ignore it. Dont repost with comments and they'll disappear. In the next federal budget The abc should have its funding halved to help Australia recover from the massive spending on COVID2019AU As they contribute little to all Aussies it is only fair that their funding should be cut in 1/2 JoshFrydenberg MRobertsQLD PaulineHansonOz

😂🤣 So is that why he is on the conservative Sky News Oh nurse, he's off his meds again Chris is obsessed with criticising the competition. is very much in the shade when it come to news Aussies can trust. Oh boo fucking hoo Well, we can, at least, be thankful to Chris Kenny for exactly practicing social distancing, where it matters, as a member of the Sky, after dark, team... Where no one is watching, coz it's completely dumb shit, only watched by LNP politicians. auspol

Lol. Can I get a job where I just say a variation of the same thing every week and call it analysis? That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard this year Skynews the ABC is “relentlessly anti conservatie” holly crap that’s rich coming from this group of reprobates (skynews) you claim a disgraced former secretary of Abbot and Allan Jones, Murdoch puppetry at it’s worst

Kenny STILL bitter that he can’t get a seat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣Chris Kenny says...🤣🤣🤣 You FUKHEAD 4 NEWSCORP hacks on last week well 3 + 1 x There are a number who should just crawl away: Quentin Dempster, Kevin Rudd, ...... Stupid statement. Last episode had a totally conservative panel. Don’t agree now since David took over its been pretty good although the “ couch potatoes “ are still all raving lefties except for PatsKarvelas and PhillipCoorey the rest especially farrm51 and PVO ( I’m blocked ) well we’re wasting our time with them

They wouldn't let Chris on, huh?

The week that was in world politics: 'Cartoon style' | Sky News AustraliaIllustrator and commercial artist Johannes Leak has taken a look at the week that was in world politics portrayed through cartoons with Sky News host Chris Kenny.\n\nImage: AP I think I think the first cartoon which Johannes discussed may have been plagiarised.

The Queen provides a 'refreshing take' on the coronavirus pandemic | Sky News AustraliaThe Queen has provided a 'refreshing contrast' to the usual coronavirus 'doom-mongering' perpetuated through the media and political classes says the editor of Spiked Online Brendan O’Neill. \n\nIn an historic address to the nation recorded inside Windsor Castle, the monarch said 'together we are tackling this disease and I want to reassure you that if we remain united and resolute, then we will overcome it.'\n\nThe Queen also drew on her experience of wartime spirit to call on the UK to 'remain united and resolute' to overcome the coronavirus crisis.\n\n'We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again,' she said.\n\n'I found her message very moving actually,' Mr O'Neill told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. \n\n'I really liked it actually'. \n\n'What was really striking about it was that it was such a refreshing contrast to what we've been hearing from a lot of the media class and the political class'. \n\nHe said a real 'defeatist attitude and atmosphere' as permeated society which is having the effect of 'scaring a lot of people and spreading a lot of fear'. \n\nMr O'Neill also said the recent admission of hospital of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is 'pretty worrying ... (and) very serious'. \n\n\n\n I thought her speech was very appropriate and touching and for 93 doesn’t she look great?

Matildas keep their wages intact, at least for the time beingAustralia's elite female players who are on central contracts with the FFA have not had to suffer a pay cut – at least not for the time being | MickLynch_Age MickLynch_Age I swear if they start cat fighting their wages increase.

Australia publishes virus recovery tallyAustralian health officials plan to update a daily coronavirus recovery tally to raise hopes that 'most people who get this disease do recover' | michaelfowler08 michaelfowler08 Paul Kelly is doing a brilliant job michaelfowler08 Maybe don't limit testing so severely that only the worst cases are identified, and show how many tests are repeats. michaelfowler08 Italy and Spain are super happy... New York is also coping really well...