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Parenting, Same-Sex Parents

This gay penguin couple in the Netherlands wanted to be dads, so they stole an egg

A pair of gay male penguins at a Dutch zoo have all-egg-edly stolen an egg from a pair of straight penguins, according to zoo officials.


A pair of gay male penguins at a Dutch zoo have all-egg-edly stolen an egg from a pair of straight penguins, according to zoo officials.

A pair of gay male penguins at a Dutch zoo have all-egg-edly stolen an egg from a pair of straight penguins, according to zoo officials.

"We’ve started to see her personality shine in the last few weeks," the aquarium

"They're the ones with the biggest and most beautiful and possibly neatest nest in the entire exhibit."

Meet the German gay penguins who are 'model parents'

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What the heck! Is this NEWSworthy? Seriously. Who cares what penguins do in their private life? I don't want to seem mean, but are SBS reporters so brain-washed, they can't think straight anymore? lol😂🙄 PS. Please do your job! Get back to reporting real NEWS! What a wonderful rainbow story. typical behaviour of the gays.

Hmmm have thought of IVF seems to be the go to for some This SBS article is by far the most credible thing they have printed in ....a very long time Penguins gunna penguin 🐧 Ah shaddup. Slow news day? There are 1000s of gay penguins I predict with confidence that this will be the worst joke of the millennia knowing full well we have 982 years remaining.

Not surprise at all

Gay dads split amid new relationshipThe well-documented relationship between Britain’s “first gay dads” has officially come to an end — as one of the men is now “in love” and dating his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, a report said. Five children together Do you mean to say one of them conceived? Is the daughter a daughter?

For God Sake Please can you not 😡 Lyle Shelton is quietly shitting himself right now. This is not newsworthy Please SBS this is looking very desperate Now the conservatives are going to claim being gay makes you a thief. Prove it 'all-egg-edly' Lame joke, dad.

Incredible follow-up to viral photoA photograph highlighting the incredible size difference between two soccer players in an under-15 match in the Netherlands was widely circulated online this week and followed by the standard jokes. Full image please or the kid is kneeling.

Bali tourist’s dumb question to consulate revealedFrom a bird blamed for eating a passport to someone seeking advice on the egg preferences of North Koreans, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has heard it all.

'Fire rushed through like a Bondi tram': Yeppoon couple's superannuation reduced to ashesDenise and Tony Welch lost almost 1,200 lychee trees — their nest egg for the future — in the bushfire near Yeppoon. Very sad. Deliberately started? If it was their 'superannuation' I presume they took the necessary precautions to protect that investment with insurance? The brat who lit the fire should become their slave for the next ten years.

Perfect hatch: There's a new backyard chook breed for home gardenersDual-purpose backyard chooks for eggs and meat were nearly lost through modern agriculture. Now one man is bringing them back. I love a good chook story. First Prize. Best Frizzle Cock. Proserpine Show. backyards don't have roosters. This is not to say that all heritage breeds or all heritage breeders are not as good as this guys birds, but he is doing important work. growyourown

Treasurer wants over-65s to work longerThe retirement dream is even further out of reach with the Treasurer today announcing he wants higher employment rates for over-65s. And next our government will demonise the elderly for not working. To think of all the people who voted for these lying charlatans so they could receive their franking credits 🤣 We have a serious education deficit in our population. He's got NFI

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