There are no natural majorities anymore. Albanese’s might be the last one

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Opinion: There are no natural majorities anymore. Albanese’s might be the last one | Waleed Aly

And so, one of the least inspired election campaigns in Australian history has delivered us to one of its most fascinating political moments.

It wasn’t just about the teals, either: the Coalition also surrendered these seats variously to Labor and the Greens. The Greens have wound up with four seats, three of which are made up of wealthy people and upwardly mobile students. The irony of this result is that despite progressive politics’ rhetorical tendency to rail against the privilege of rich white people, it is precisely these people who delivered this result.

Donald Trump’s anti-elite rhetoric would once have been a Democrat’s. This turn has been building ever since the Cold War ended and Labor parties became advocates of the global free market: Tony Blair’s New Labour in the UK, Hawke and Keating here.That helped transform Western democracies like ours from manufacturing economies to knowledge economies. Accordingly, there is now a much stronger correlation between income and tertiary education, and that has bitten especially hard in the US.

Our major parties’ primary votes are in structural decline, not because they are simply hopeless, but because our politics has fragmented to the point there are no natural majorities in Australia anymore. We now have majorities of dissent – so we can remove a government via a coalition of discontent, but any new government becomes vulnerable to a new dissenting majority forming around it.


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Ummmmm the Libs/Nats aren’t a “natural majority”- they’re two seperate parties who can’t govern in their own right. Labour has been the only “natural majority” party we’ve had… this is drivel. Well done conservative fear mongers.

What majority does Albenese stand for? The media? Who's been watching?

Looks that way

Very negative take from conservative opinion writer. I see the result as a vindication of our preferential electoral system. Voters were able to clearly indicate that they wanted integrity & action on climate. They are also turned off by the reactionary punching down of the LNP

Wouldn’t be that we just had a useless do nothing LNP lot?

Waleed Aly is a full bottle on everything!!

Yes Waleed your track record proves you have no idea Honestly you people! Please do some research into LNP corruption or some proper journalism

BS from Waleed.

Cancelling my subscription. Buhye

Negative opinion from a negative person.

sydney morning horseshit platforming yet another self absorbed, over inflated opinion person. why do we give a shit what Aly says about his opinion on politics

This is most upsetting to the key media in Australia. They are no longer able to dog whistle the voters in the way of the past. An absolutely fantastic thing.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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