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'The world is waking up': Greta Thunberg back to work after missing out on Nobel Peace Prize

'The world is waking up': Greta Thunberg back to work after missing out on Nobel Peace Prize


'The world is waking up': Greta Thunberg back to work after missing out on Nobel Peace Prize

She may not have won the Nobel Prize, but Greta Thunberg is back at work continuing to strike for climate change and calling out world leaders.

Thunberg will continue touring the Americas for several months, concluding with a UN climate conference in Chile in December

Head of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, Henrik Urdal, omitted Ms Thunberg from the Nobel Peace Prize shortlist he publishes.

Despite her loss, an enthusiastic crowd of thousands cheered Ms Thunberg on at the event near the Colorado state Capitol.

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she just a son of bitch.we should take care of the people who work for the environment in thenorthwest in china.don' waste our time in a actor. Just who is Greta Thunberg?, I went back to work after missing out on 25million.Still strive to keep peace, do not go around shouting about what we do. Quite honestly the Nobel peace prize is a vain glory badge now, given adhoc to . Its value of accomplishment has been lost.

HEY, WHY HAS NO BODY ASKED HOW SHE GOT HOME.? I will, HOW DID GRETA GET HOME, HOW DID SHE TRAVEL TO ALL THESE COUNTRIES. All those unhappy Trolls, Is it because their insurance premiums keep going up The face of that child speaking at the UN scares me ,this is the face of the new extremist movement we will have to fight! Eco terrorist. Beware it’s coming

Yes waking up to the lefts bullshit Phew! For a minute there I thought they might make another award to someone for talking about stuff instead of doing stuff. She did nothing to even be considered. Just like obama. 'Back at work & continuing to strike for climate change.' How can you be working & on strike at the same time?

Greta Thunberg a Nobel Peace Prize favourite Greta Thunberg , the 16-year-old climate activist, is widely considered by bookmakers to be the favourite to win the 100th Nobel Peace Prize . 🤣🤣🤣 And so she should be . . How can people hate her honestly. A young girl standing up for our future

She is a Mong I don’t buy her ideas, never. Who is financing this child's expenditures Who is she?...oh her, she was soooo last month! 😅 noble prize for what? Child abuse She should be back at school being a normal teenager The right wingers are on the committee . It's a farce. True, the world is waking upto to this colossal scam

From Greta Thunberg to Julia Gillard: Here's who Australian girls say are their role modelsA report released for Day of the Girl has found there is no shortage of female role models for Australia’s next generation of leaders to look up to. This is concerning... Julia Gillard? Really? ewww The fact that Australian girls know or care who that US Congresswoman is is a failing of the media. Well done for making her more relevant to Aussie kids than actual Aussie world leaders in sport.

Imagine the NobelPeacePrize going to someone that worked in the interests of peace. Seriously, that little boy from Sweden has got to chill. GretaThunberg 'how dare you?' enforce your beliefs on to everyone. all these billions of years and we got it wrong? climate change is inevitable part of the earth regen process and eventually it will die. take some laxatives please.

GretaThunberg suggestion is take a laxitive your struggling... find your self a valley with your fellow hippies and sing kumbahya Perhaps she should stop skipping school and get educated then she might be able to put a scientific argument forward! Greta lost, so I'd agree that at least the Nobel committee has woken up. parrot

Common sense prevails, Obama did not do anything either to earn peace prize but at least he was US president. Greta is inspiring millions to act on the climate crisis.Thanks I bet that was a relief. Lets focus on climate change and not the protesters. Burning coal and any fossil fuel causes CO² and that is potent green house gas.

So the little master race troll is shitty because a black man was deemed more worthy? No surprise there.

Greta Thunberg a Nobel Peace Prize favourite Greta Thunberg , the 16-year-old climate activist, is widely considered by bookmakers to be the favourite to win the 100th Nobel Peace Prize . 🤣🤣🤣 And so she should be . . How can people hate her honestly. A young girl standing up for our future

Rubbish arricle ABC. Nominations for the Peace Prize must be in by January - well before Greta had come in to world prominence. Lift your game if you want to be considered serious journalists😡 Aristotle on youth “They have exalted notions, because they have not been humbled by life or learned its limitations; moreover, their hopeful disposition makes them think themselves equal to great things”. Read where all this leads: via melanielatest

Maybe the ABC and leftwing media could get back to work by reporting Greta and her parents support Antifa, violent, far left communist thugs. The world is waking up to the fact that Greta Thumberg is a puppet controlled by billionaires pushing their one world government agenda so they can create an international carbon tax.

The world's reaction to Gretta... The majority of the world never went to sleep. Common sense has prevailed. Maybe in future years Greta may win, thank you She’s appearing at the Oscar presentation. Best Foreign BS artist? Nobel's Will... the Peace Prize shall be awarded to whom 'shall have done the most or the best work for peace b/n nations,&the abolition or reduction of standing armies&for the holding& promotion of peace congresses'..Greta never met the criteria..

He she capable of working?

Ethiopian Prime Minister wins Nobel Peace Prize for ending 20-year war with EritreaEthiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is honoured for ending what was called Africa's most senseless war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Oh no poor Greta Now can Greta go back to her moms house and get some rest and start some much needed therapy sessions Or maybe she should be adopted by a family that won’t abuse her In front of an international audience Come on that child needs help immediately

What a moronic statement, ‘Greta is back to work, striking for climate change’. Imbeciles. theirabc 'Back to work'? 🤔 She should be back in school I see why the ABC love Greta so much as just like them she only delivers feels and lies and produces very little work. If her work had an employer she would have been sacked by now as she hasn’t delivered a single thing.

'missing out'? Seriously, what a dreadful thing to say. She hasn't 'missed out' on anything. And will be forgotten when the next one rolls around... Peace? my butt!!!, there's most likely extremists from both sides of the Climate Change argument, punching on as I type. Not sure where the ‘Greta needs the Nobel’ campaign came from. Agree with her info & advocacy work, but feel a Nobel win requires a bit more than 6 mths advocating change, regardless of the merits of her cause. If she continues for a decade & can engender action & results, yes.

Back to work? Nobel peace Prize? What the hell has she done to contribute to peace? delete your account

Nobel Peace Prize winner 2019 winner named as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed AliBREAKING: Greta Thunberg has missed out on the NobelPeacePrize which was awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali What an empty word prize ,,, haa noble pirze ,,, Which is not she's doing it for, but never mind that

Work? What work has she done so far? The most noise comes from empty vessels. Anybody else curious how she's getting home? There should be a 'Greta Thunberg' award for 'snowflake of the year'. Praise the Lord... The weirdo would have become even more intolerable 😐 Greta Thunberg continues work after missing out on Nobel Peace Price. Fixed it.

Neighbours talent scouts are chasing her..... Yes indeed, GretaThunberg, the world is waking up to you. climatebrat And for some bizarre reason, resentful idiots will celebrate this like it actually matters to her in any way. Work?

Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed wins 2019 Nobel Peace PrizeEthiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Ali has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighbouring Eritrea Not Greta 🤯😡🤪🤣

Nope. Back across the ocean for school. 15 minutes...almost up. The relentless propaganda machine must roll on.

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