'The virus is ahead of us': Experts call for transparency on Victorian COVID-19 data

'The virus is ahead of us': Experts call for transparency on Victorian COVID-19 data | @MeljCunningham

2/08/2020 11:53:00 PM

'The virus is ahead of us': Experts call for transparency on Victorian COVID-19 data | MeljCunningham

Top epidemiologists want the Victorian government to be more transparent with its coronavirus data, arguing a stark lack of detail is hindering their ability to properly analyse the crisis.

Professor Blakely warned that unless Victoria could drive down case numbers to fewer than 200 new infections a day, it would continue struggling to trace or control a growing number of "mystery" infections."This virus is very, very clever," he said. "The virus is ahead of us right now. We need to change that."

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Robert Booy, senior professorial fellow at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance, supports calls for more data to be released.He said if the government could provide a breakdown of symptoms observed in positive cases, it would improve testing efficiency and turnaround times.

"At the moment we are only getting one positive case in every 100 or so tests," he said. "We are being told to get a test for any old symptoms, a runny nose or cough ... but is there actually any analysis on what should especially drive you to get a test? If we could focus our testing a little bit it would help virologists get through the load."

Professor Booy said hundreds of new cases and chains of transmission being detected in Victoria every day meant samples were being flown interstate, increasing testing delays as virologists in NSW and South Australia raced to process the tests."The Victorian situation is very, very difficult," Professor Booy said. "At the moment it would be a counsel of perfection to have everyone get their result within 24 hours."

Mary-Louise McLaws, a UNSW professor of epidemiology and adviser to the World Health Organisation, said while Victoria was doing a huge amount of testing, it must put more economic support into bolstering the workforce at screening clinics and laboratories so people were not waiting days for test results.

Professor McLaws also backed calls for the government to release more data to reassure the public it was moving towards controlling the outbreak."One of the most important things in any is democracy is openness," Professor McLaws said. "Australia has been fortunate in that we have had some of the data shared, but I do think the quality of the data could be improved. If this was done we might be able to be of some more assistance and advice, rather than simply giving commentary based on our own experience."

Victoria recorded 671 new cases over the past 24 hours and a further seven deaths.A spokesman for the Victorian Department of Health said contact tracers conducted "comprehensive interviews" of all new cases."This is vital in helping us identify a source of transmission and stopping further spread of the virus," he said.

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In cases where no known source of transmission is found epidemiologists compare the places people say they have visited to identify common links with other cases.Further comment on whether the department can release more data on cases has been sought.

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MeljCunningham There is a reason why the governments are withholding data. They have committed to an agenda and nothing must threaten that. Stay on high propaganda alert and ThinkForYourself- “clever virus”- are we idiots? MeljCunningham The virus is not a person MeljCunningham FEAR PORN PEDDLERS MeljCunningham There are four different coronaviruses that can cause it Message from the one who predicted coronavirus. Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. Most individuals have what’s called an innate immune...

MeljCunningham Fair enough but that's an awful lot of data to control amd clearly communicate in a short time frame. And wouldn't it be lovely if all levels of government, Australia wide, were transparent about so many things. MeljCunningham Ojalá MeljCunningham Imagine if you were in the US

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Australian COVID-19 vaccine candidate shows positive results in phase one human trialsVictorian aged care residents could be included in the next stage of testing for a potential COVID-19 vaccine that has shown positive results during phase one human trials in Adelaide. Only fools would take this 'vaccine.' We can hope this yields some good results. I see no mention that aged care residents would also be volunteers. Just make sure any who participate have given informed consent. Many people in aged care are at the most vulnerable time of their lives. Herd immunity will be achieved or the virus might mutate to become less virulent and a potentially fatal vaccine is produced. Only fools will be taking such a vaccine.

Calls for Victorian doctors to get more coronavirus protection amid reports three are in intensive careVictorian anaesthetists are calling on the state government to enforce 'fit testing' for personal protective equipment, citing concerns that not enough is being done to protect health workers from coronavirus. The health professionals have a personal responsibility to fit their PPE with a buddy. The PPE can pass all the tests in the world but if not worn correctly it’s dangerous. How many anaesthetists have COVID? My guess none but anaesthetists like to be noticed.

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Live updates coronavirus: Victoria braces for stage four lockdown after high COVID-19 cases, aged care crisis continues; NSW battles clusters, Australian death toll jumps to 201More than a dozen people have died overnight in Victoria from COVID-19 and a further 650 new cases have been recorded, a source says Awful news for the families ...come on Victoria ...get well soon . Come on NSW , Qld ...be alert and considerate..give the virus the boot ..stay in your bubble . WHO Gates foundation Pirbright Institute london follow the money and patients is this about the virus or something else Economic Re-set and Human trafficking Trump 2020 5G Facial Recognition 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 A dozen people? Who? Age? Previous conditions? WHY DON'T YOU ASK REAL QUESTIONS?

The WHO says coronavirus is a once-in-a century crisis that will impact lives for decadesThe novel coronavirus has killed at least 680,000 people and infected at least 17.6 million since the outbreak emerged in China last December. Has it though 🤔 the BBC just reported on exactly what room musk talked about months ago , how if you have had corona and then recovered fully, then died in a car accident they are stillcalling it a corona death lol so how much trust can we put in these numbers. CovidKaren is angry about too! Well China were the first to sequence coronavirus. Universities in Spain and Italy have found coronavirus in waste water dating back to early 2019.