The media was ‘hysterical and hateful’ to Donald Trump | Sky News Australia

The media’s reaction to the @JoeBiden administration is in stark contrast to the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” which characterised the Trump presidency, according to Sky News host @RitaPanahi.

24/01/2021 8:16:00 AM

The media’s reaction to the JoeBiden administration is in stark contrast to the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” which characterised the Trump presidency, according to Sky News host RitaPanahi.

The media’s reaction to the Biden administration is in stark contrast to the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” which characterised the Trump presidency, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.\n\nMs Panahi said throughout Donald Trump’s presidency the media turned everything into a crisis and a “conspiracy” but the reaction to the Biden administration is “adulation”.\n

24/01/2021|3minThe media’s reaction to the Biden administration is in stark contrast to the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” which characterised the Trump presidency, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi. Ms Panahi said throughout Donald Trump’s presidency the media turned everything into a crisis and a “conspiracy” but the reaction to the Biden administration is “adulation”.

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JoeBiden RitaPanahi 'Conspiracy theory mongering'? Isn't that what you have been doing all this time? How is hydroxy going? Still think that lockdowns in Australia was a bad idea? Climate change ge not real? Covid a Hoax? You have done nothing but lie to fulfil your agenda JoeBiden RitaPanahi The Trump administration was incompetent, arrogant and unprofessional. Journalists are there to hold them to account. Ask questions about what they are doing.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi They hated Trump from the get go. Old Biden is given the royal treatment. JoeBiden RitaPanahi 'and I learned about roaches..' is what segues into Joe's brain when addressing black children after he tells them how much he likes his hairy legs rubbed. Not funny...but, sadly, true!

RitaPanahi JoeBiden I think Biden will cop his far share of criticism, hate and hysteria too. You watch.!! 👀 JoeBiden RitaPanahi Is anyone surprised by the way the Media treat Liberal Politicians vs Conservative Politicians? The Media is Fully behind the Liberal Socialist Agenda and willingly push the Socialist Narrative.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Easy, one is a decent human being, the other is not. 45 was not JoeBiden RitaPanahi Delusional JoeBiden RitaPanahi I don’t understand why you, RitaPanahi continually forget that you and your right wing Murdoch mouthpieces are media as well. Maybe not “fact based” journalists but media

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Panahi is in the same class as Dean and Pete Evans. They should be placed in an asylum and left there. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Crap Rita JoeBiden RitaPanahi Rita long do you expect to remain a magat? After metamorphosis there no guarantee of improvement. JoeBiden RitaPanahi They just reported what the man said - such as drink disinfectant to cure COVID, don't worry about climate change the World will cool down etc. By the way Rupert is 89. Doesn't auger well for the long term future of Sky presenters, but then most of you are ready for retirement.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi You get what you give lady. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Poor Rita, tried so hard to get onto the Trump gravy train of grifting. Unfortunately more people will respond to this tweet than actually watch this tripe. I would say that ThisisNotJournalism, but it’s Sky News Aust, so it is never journalism. MurdochFreeAustralia

JoeBiden RitaPanahi There is a reason for that.JoeBiden is not hateful. When are you going to understand centre voters like me are powerful And not hateful. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Absolutely and Biden has proved he’s nothing but a tool of the woke left. Americans have let the whole world down by electing Biden!

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Ah Rita, swimming in the wake of Trumpy's defeat fishing for followers. How? By saying the most idiotic crap that any smart or educated person can see straight through. Rita (like mirandadevine) then has the temerity to complain about how toxic twitter is... Spare me. auspol JoeBiden RitaPanahi The SkySpews parody account is actually more truthful, accurate and informative than Ms Trumpanzee, sore-loser, Panicky pants. & whining about 'conspiracy theory mongering' by the cranks of NewsCorpse who invented the genre; & dedicated to spewing conspiracy quackery 24/7!😂

JoeBiden RitaPanahi When the Americans realised what they have allowed to happen it will be too late JoeBiden RitaPanahi Can’t imagine why😳 JoeBiden RitaPanahi It must be mentally damaging to have put your faith in a real estate conman because you thought he was a clever businessman based on how producers portrayed him on a TV show. Forget the storming of Parliament, my favourite part was the staggering number of lies the man said.

RitaPanahi JoeBiden Trump made his usual vague, inflammatory comments. It wasn’t different than what he’d done in the past. It doesn’t make it right, but it was odd for some media to unequivocally say he incited a riot. JoeBiden RitaPanahi There is a reason for that, have you been under a rock for 4 years 😂😆😅

RitaPanahi JoeBiden As Jesus declared the Godless love their own! JoeBiden RitaPanahi MurdochRoyalCommission MurdochFreeAustralia MurdochGutterMedia JoeBiden RitaPanahi Good try RitaPanahi But even as silly as you are you don’t believe that! JoeBiden RitaPanahi Hizzy fit time by the Murdoch Dark News fuckwits.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi And weren’t they right about Trump... RitaPanahi JoeBiden I thinks it’s known as double standards Rita. Something that you and Sky News have perfected down to a fine art. Time to move’ll be better for it 👌 BeattieNgiare JoeBiden RitaPanahi 'according to Sky News host RitaPanahi.........' Apart from the 28 people who watch her show because they aren't able to read her articles - none of us give a shit what she she has to say.

RitaPanahi JoeBiden He triggered them all the time 😂 JoeBiden RitaPanahi What a shock that the man who didn’t mock the disabled, was captured on camera saying ‘grab them by the pussy’ & 30 years of bad business ruining contractors and builders everywhere wasn’t well received. None of those things are a left / right issue either. Pathetic.

RitaPanahi i instantly thought that this was the parody account and had to look twice LOL This is actually their real account amazing! JoeBiden RitaPanahi How do you live with yourselves? JoeBiden RitaPanahi Move on Rita .... I think you have Trump Obsession Syndrome (TOS)! JoeBiden RitaPanahi You mean the reaction that proved, 400,000 deaths from Covid and an attack on American Democracy later, to be well founded? You mean THAT reaction, Rita?

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Absolutely rita did you see all the crazy sht that he did? JoeBiden RitaPanahi It's true that honest media outlets are relieved to have a reality based president in after four years of the ' hysterical, hateful, over the top conspiracy theory mongering' Trumpski regime JoeBiden RitaPanahi Trumps “presidency “ was hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering that might explain why you numptys

JoeBiden RitaPanahi The words in the quote adequately describe the Trump presidency, not the media coverage. JoeBiden RitaPanahi It is due to the fact that there is an adult now leading the press conferences at the WH. When they treat reporters with respect, respect comes back to them. DJT just attacked reporters.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Actually it was trump who belittled journalists, didn't answer questions, treated females like scum, put everyone off side, attacked ppl for asking questions. JoeBiden RitaPanahi This is from the parody account, right? Its absolutely impossible to tell anymore. JoeBiden RitaPanahi yes

JoeBiden RitaPanahi I’ve had it for today , with all things Murdoch Im putting my Zumba feet on for a rollicking workout to ‘American Idiot’ ! JoeBiden RitaPanahi I know terrific right? JoeBiden RitaPanahi Poor Rita JoeBiden RitaPanahi Too late. The sheep have spoken.... manipulatedfools JoeBiden RitaPanahi Mmmm, maybe constantly calling out the main media as Fake News and they should be gagged, didn’t really endear them to be fair on the man !! Just saying!!

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Yeah it was all everybody else’s fault. The one whose name shall. Not be spoken is a victim. This is why Rita whatever is a 3rd class journalist. Failed miserably in the last 12 months and seized the same opportunity for next 12. JoeBiden RitaPanahi I guess encouraging the 'Stop the Steal' conspiracy was a media concoction was it? Hmmm Rita as usual way of the mark with her mistruth's and blatant lies.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi I'm predicting that all the sky shows that are resuming this week will follow a similar pattern as this .but don't need to be a rhodes scholar to work that out. JoeBiden RitaPanahi RitaPanahi is do up Murdoch's arse JoeBiden RitaPanahi flip the sentence & it still makes sense... ‘Biden administrations reaction to media is in stark contrast to the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” which characterised the Trump presidency..’ call someone’s work ‘fake’ & there’s a reaction...

JoeBiden RitaPanahi EAD Rita he goneski RitaPanahi JoeBiden I hadn't noticed. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Awesome article, and completely accurate. Thanks, Rita! JoeBiden RitaPanahi Just think about it: without the Obama-Clinton-Kerry types, there would likely have been no Trump... ...and without a Trump, there would be no way a Joe Biden type wins.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Like SkyNews is doing to Biden and Dan Andrews?! RitaPanahi your opinion is not so important as the fact. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Sorry Sky News you got this wrong,Trump was hysterical and hateful, you are obviously easily confused. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Trump = fake news = indictment

JoeBiden RitaPanahi 🥱 RitaPanahi JoeBiden A balanced analysis of the reporting, which would be Journalism 101 at any uni or college, would be ‘eye-opening’ to the students. Hypocrisy would be the standard platform when examining presidential duties, Oval Office furnishing, FLOTUS fashion, press conferences etc etc.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Rita Panahi? 😂😂😂😂 JoeBiden RitaPanahi Clinton called Agent Orange and congratulated him, Agent Orange had his mob ransack the he Capitol and has not conceded. The cognitive dissonance must be incredibly uncomfortable. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Learn how to use relative clauses. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Because he was unprofessional and hateful. It's not that difficult to understand!

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Cc Acosta jimsciutto cnn jaketapper DanaBashCNN JoeBiden RitaPanahi Hery - take your right-wing diatribe and fck off. JoeBiden RitaPanahi If you want to instantly lose any credibility, just use the phrase “according to ritapanahi” JoeBiden RitaPanahi 😂 I agree, but it's early yet. Some say his administration has already discriminated against females with his radical trans agenda. 👎 It will be interesting to see if MSM have a issue with this for starters. 🤔

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Says the woman who works for the “hysterical, hateful, over the top almost conspiracy theory mongering” Murdoch channel. Poor little Rita. Doesn't appear she's coping too well now that adults are in the White House? JoeBiden RitaPanahi It will be interesting to regard how the media will manage and honour reporting, without the need to sensationalise! We need calm and normalcy 🧘‍♀️ 😇 🙏

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Murdoch propaganda BS. Zerocredibility JoeBiden RitaPanahi Biden Rescinds Trump Order Banning Chinese Communist Involvement In US Power Grid. Will the media ask why? JoeBiden RitaPanahi Poor Rita probably expects the public to forget her constant promotion of Hydroxychloroquine, based not on science but blind loyalty to Trump. She needs to understand that the stain of being a Trump supporter doesn't wash away easily. A full apology would be a good start.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi Murdoch & Trump hack. Clueless. How and where could little Rita have developed her attitudes? People are not born hating others! RitaPanahi JoeBiden JoeBiden RitaPanahi I don’t know about hysterical and hateful but there was due cause for criticism. How about you start reading the reactions you get.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi I am guessing that it has a little bit to do with the tone the respective administrations set. You might expect a couple of nibbles from journalists if you call them “fake” on a regular. RitaPanahi JoeBiden Bc DT was obnoxious. JoeBiden RitaPanahi JoeBiden RitaPanahi Did you rip this headline from the BetootaAdvocate auspol

JoeBiden RitaPanahi JoeBiden RitaPanahi JoeBiden RitaPanahi Poor Rita, thinking her train of thinking might just be irrelevant. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Wait...what the Media was supposed to not discuss a President leading a rally to overthrow the govt...that's not a conspiracy..he did it into the camera!!!

JoeBiden RitaPanahi JoeBiden RitaPanahi The media would rather pander to a guy with dementia JoeBiden RitaPanahi Rita - Trump lost - the world has moved on - why haven’t you Nobody cares about Trump now so get over it JoeBiden RitaPanahi Spot on as always Rita. Why the media fawns over guys like Biden mystifies me.

JoeBiden RitaPanahi It's almost like you guys are on the wrong side of this.. JoeBiden RitaPanahi Why does alan jones bum young men JoeBiden RitaPanahi The same media that attacks Daniel Andrews!!! JoeBiden RitaPanahi Trump did a good enough job creating his own hysteria, conspiracies and hate mongering