The key seats that will determine the outcome of the federal election

Everybody in Australia has one vote in the coming election, but if you want to decide who wins, you really have to live in specific spots.

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20/05/2022 7:55:00 AM

Hugo the 71-year-old Galapagos tortoise has again put his prophetic skills to the test ahead of tomorrow's Federal Election. However, in a shocking turn of events, the tortoise became distracted after spotting his girlfriend. 9News Key Election Seats:

Everybody in Australia has one vote in the coming election, but if you want to decide who wins, you really have to live in specific spots.

VictoriaREAD MORE:Labor starts off on the defensive in New South Wales, with a series of states held by narrow margins, mostly around western Sydney and the Central Coast.(Getty)QueenslandLabor's closest seat is the inner-Brisbane electorate of Lilley, which nearly lost last time after Wayne Swan's retirement.

As a result, politicians get more bang for their campaigning buck in Tasmania.(Getty Images/iStockphoto)(Nine)Glenelg in the crucial South Australian seat of Boothby.The West has not been a bellwether in recent elections, swinging one way while the rest of the country swings the other.

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Time for some turtle soup methinks 😋😋 Haha love before pick a winner in the election. Good one. Hung parliament then with women independent candidates holding the balance of power. 😂 auspol Pretty much sums it up.. both rubbish options

‘Psychic’ crocodile named Speckles predicts our next Prime MinisterHas a 4.7 metre 'psychic' saltwater crocodile just determined the outcome of Saturday's federal election? Don't do this. AlboForPM

With all eyes on WA, these three seats could be pivotal to the election outcomeWith the Prime Minister spending his last full day of campaigning in Perth, analysts say WA seats could be crucial in determining who holds the keys to The Lodge after Saturday, with Swan, Pearce and Curtin the seats to watch. this is said every year and every year the election is decided in the Qld and the western suburbs of Sydney Yes the ABC think that but nobody else does. Its called making news up to attract people. Peter Hartcher from SMH is only journalist with facts willing to let everyone know. Conservative minds SCOTTs, believe in conspiracies, not facts, they believe the enemy( whoever that might be) control these things, for example Climate Change, ICAC, Public Service. It proves they have unstable conspiratorial minds that should not be running anything.

Are the major parties focusing on local potholes to distract from the bigger issues?Federal candidates in two NSW Central Coast seats say the state of the roads is one of the most common topics voters are raising with them, but voters say more important issues will determine votes. BazzaCC ! You made the news! State and Local Gov matter, more Fluff. Surely action on climate, corruption and wages are the 3 most important issues? Potholes WTAF?

How to watch Sky News Australia's Election Night Live coverageA powerhouse panel of political experts will bring viewers live rolling coverage as polls close, delivering up-to-the-minute voting numbers, emerging trends and results from all 151 seats. Here's how to watch as Federal Election night 2022 unfolds. I’ll pass …the shitshow 🤮💩 Wtf is this rubbish. Every single member picked from the trash can of journalism. 🤣🤣🤣 nope !

Australian federal election 2022 live: Labor to release policy costings as Anthony Albanese blitzes marginal seatsFollow all the day’s developments live Never forget it's Labor states banning hundreds of thousands of Aussies including many first nations from working with their mandates that ignore science and data, Labor is crippling all industries who are desperate for staff and the economy plus they are destroying lives they wait till the last minute 5pm to bury the news

What are the promises being made to home buyers during Australia’s Federal election?The housing market has always been a hot topic, but in the lead-up to the federal election, it has become a key talking point for many of the parties. auspol ausvotes here are my naked photos After this disgusting campaign my faith in anything that is said or promised is minimal The Super Scheme is great! Allowing Renters to access their money, Super, to help buy their 1st home This access should be extended to all, providing it’s their only property This gives everyone the same benefits as those who have bought investment properties with their super