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Retired top cop Ken McKay has appeared on the dailytelegraph's Police Tape podcast to discuss his 37-year long career. Mark Morris: We talked to him about everything, from busting bikies to the Middle Eastern organised crime figures he arrested. MORE:

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With his forthright language about criminals and larger-than-life persona, former top cop Ken McKay is remembered as being 'rather controversial in his day' following his retirement in 2013.

The Daily Telegraph's Mark Morri sat down with Sky News to discuss McKay's 37-year-long career, in which he was often at odds with the NSW Police hierarchy due to his strong personality. After joining the police force in 1977, McKay's lengthy career saw him take down the likes of Bassam Hamzy, founder of the street gang Brothers for Life; Sydney crime boss Tony Vincent, and drug importer Bruce 'Snapper' Cornwell.

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