The end of the world as we know it: are we on the brink of a mass extinction?

Is Extinction Rebellion correct? Will climate change wipe us out?


Explainer | An alarming claim has been made about the future of our Earth in recent months: that, at best, we're facing the collapse of civilisation or, at worst, a mass extinction. And are they right?

Is Extinction Rebellion correct? Will climate change wipe us out?

This is what Ms Thunberg refers to when she warns of the sixth mass extinction.

This small rodent lived only on a low-lying island off the coast of Queensland; scientists believe rising sea levels and storm surges caused by climate change either deprived it of its food or literally swept it away to its doom.

“No. People will find refuge,” says Professor Steven Sherwood, deputy director of the University of NSW’s Climate Change Research Centre.

They will run out of water, starve or die in more frequent cyclones, floods, wildfires and storm surges.

(this may be counterbalanced with increases in farming productivity). What crops do grow would become less nutritious. The number of fish available in key fisheries could fall by up to 50 per cent.

Available drinking water in already parched North Africa and the Middle East could fall by more than 45 per cent, the World Bank predicts.

Low-lying Pacific nations such as Kiribati are especially vulnerable to climate change.

We don’t know. Our existing models are less accurate for that time span.

We know such loops exist, but scientists do not yet know how hot the Earth needs to get before they activate.

Some scientists fear these feedback loops might lead us to "hothouse Earth", an apocalyptic scenario when our planet becomes too warm to support any life, although there is not a lot of evidence to support that fear.

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Well that would shut everyone up. What’s real is the thousands of nuclear loaded missiles pointed at each other’s cities News flash. Extinction has already happened. We are all dead and this is hell.

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You fail to present factual evidence Just opinion. Evidence demonstrates less that 2% global warming in the past 50 - 100 years. Just up & down movement due to natural causes. Journalists News published magazine media newscomauHQ MomentsAU guardiannews Independent cnn The end is nigh. Neither here nor there.

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There will be 200 mph winds, raging fires engulfing the cities, the earth will crack and will spew forth its bowels. The rest of the day will be fine with a few scattered showers in the afternoon. CO2 is plant food No That's what you and all other fake news media have been telling everyone for two decades.

It'll be just like all the other bullshit claims:

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'The international rebellion continues': Extinction Rebellion vows to fight on despite banActivists from the environmental pressure group Extinction Rebellion defiantly vowed to continue their planned two-week campaign of demonstrations in central London - despite a police ban what is that flag make of rofl, you can't 'ban' a protest... (or to be clear, you CAN ban it, but no one's going to listen.) We have to declare a looney protester emergency!

Australian politics live: Wednesday October 16Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has lashed out at a 'pathetic' and 'shameful' comparison between Australia and another country across the world.

Scientists discover 'stormquakes' on EarthScientists have discovered that hurricanes and earthquakes can combine their powers to create what's known as 'stormquakes'... and it's terrifying. 9News 😂😂🤣🤣fake news Just wait till hurricanes, earthquakes and sharks all team up - “sharkstormquakes” ... you heard it here first... Scientists need to discover something like 'chocolate cures cancer'

Filmmaker reveals full extent of 'ecological disaster' from NSW fish killsLots of dead fish. Looks legit. fyi nswpolice NSWFarmers ArtGalleryofNSW FRNSW smh 7NewsSydney Only carp. No loss.

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