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'The curve continues to flatten': New cases below 100 for first time in three weeks

'The curve continues to flatten': New cases below 100 for first time in three weeks

9/04/2020 9:12:00 AM

'The curve continues to flatten': New cases below 100 for first time in three weeks

For the first time in three weeks the number of Australians testing positive for COVID-19 has fallen below 100.

Data becoming more sturdyThe Health Minister also pointed to the fact that as more data became available, it painted a clearer — and positive — picture of how Australia was faring."While we have been cautious over the last two weeks as we have seen the early data, what we're seeing now is a genuine consolidation," Mr Hunt said.

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"Now we are in this period of consolidation, of suppressing the virus, and we are seeing those results."In the 24 hours to this morning's report, there was an increase of 96 cases."But he made it clear while the figures showed a move in the right direction, it was not a reason to ease any of the measures currently in place.

"We haven't changed our guidance over the six-month period, but where we can take early steps that are safe, then we will obviously look to do that," Mr Hunt said."We are in the fortunate situation of having a lower rate than the vast majority of the world per capita, and that means we can look at what is working and what is not working in some countries.

Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC's Coronacast podcast."Right now the number one task is to ensure we retain the process of suppressing the virus and to continue the planning for the slow, careful steps out."

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Nick Coatsworth echoed the Minister's cautious optimism, saying how and when to ease restrictions would become clearer with more data on Australian patients."That strategy needs to be very, very nuanced and carefully thought out, and it is under consideration by the Australian committee as we speak," he said.

"Part of that is informed by [data], we have 6000 patients' worth of data at the moment, to get our own impression of how the epidemic is tracking in our community." Read more: ABC News »

Great news. Does the ABC have any useful information or reporting to justify the 'essential work' they claim to be doing Good work Australia ! And nearly 1/6th of the peak of daily confirmed cases we had only 11 days ago. I think it's time for normanswan to brush up on his primary school maths. The entire government as well as mainstream media should be charged with complicity in global authoritarian governance attempt, economic terrorism with overt psychological attack and falsely using corvid19 to blatantly violate basic human rights of the people. Utter disgrace!

AustralianStory The biggest danger we have now is 'complacency', stay home people. Any word on how many people have asymptomatic cases in Australia? Why don't you stop lying and do the right thing instead of falsely using corvid19 as a pretext to transform Australia into an authoritarian police state. It's 3 weeks now, you should have a sensible plan of risk management. Instead of the cure being worse than the disease!

Looks like we have it beaten, well done everyone. This must be really really really embarrassing for the ABC too?. *experts* LMAO Don't count your chickens before they hatch COVIDー19 coronavirus

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Tasmania's coronavirus cases jump to more than 100Tasmania's confirmed coronavirus cases rise by nine to 107. Fake news, only 6 people live there So what? ABC please stop your pathetic fear mongering tricks. Nobody is impressed by all the exaggerated nonsense. Mainstream media and the unscrupulous politicians should be charged for inciting mass psychological harm and socioeconomic terrorism in the international courts.

Push to reopen pubs, restaurants by May 1As Australia continues to get its coronavirus crisis under control, NSW has high hopes the state could relax its strict lockdown measures in just a few weeks. The main concern is keeping people isolated over the school holidays. Expect some relaxation - despite the risks - once holidays are over. But hard to see how we avoid dangerous flare ups. There is only one way to say this: they will have a lot of blood on their hands if they do. That's crazy! Until vaccine or cure restrictions have to stay in place. re open things now and Im sorry to say GladysB you would have blood on your hands. Be smart, think smart. The mob are on board

Experts set to plan Australia's 'way out' of coronavirus crisis within weeksAs the country enters its fourth week of physical-distancing measures — resulting in a gradual flattening of the curve — health experts begin contemplating the next phase of Australian coronavirus response. The number of times I have heard the term expert... Its clear the only people who know what they are doing are those planning trillion dollar vaccine profit. The rest are props Not more “experts” are these the same ones who want to release prisoners? The perpetually negative experts contradict themselves every day. At least they are starting to come back down to earth.

Nine new cases of coronavirus confirmed in TasmaniaNine new cases of coronavirus are confirmed in Tasmania as the state records its third death. I think it's actually 18 because of the two heads. If only they were isolated on their own island. What happened to the moat?

Austria, Denmark first in Europe to announce easing of lockdownsAustria has seen three consecutive days in which the number of COVID-19 recoveries has exceeded the number of new cases. Too early to ease latikambourke Generates quality data for the rest of us though. Probably not wise