The bushfires have changed the way we see ourselves — and yet the culture wars rage on

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ANALYSIS: The bushfires have changed the way we see ourselves — and yet the culture wars rage on

Our culture itself — in all its forms — has been under assault in the mad attempts to paint everything and everyone as a foot soldier of"The Left" or"The Right".

A country that had spent decades valuing culture from anywhere else but home, and which only came to value its great artists and performers if they made it overseas, suddenly had a sense of confidence and self-worth.With the broader cultural establishment now generally consigned to just being"Leftist" loonies or"elites", our national conversation is deprived of a diversity of views and we don't celebrate, or even promote, what is new and excellent and Australian.

This is all happening at a time when technology is changing what we see, and how we see ourselves, at lightning speed


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. I blame our pathetic journalists. .

Culture and culture war are different things The latter isn’t even about any real cultural argument: it’s a distraction effort aimed at supporting media and mining oligarchies as they parasitise the nation with their political insurgency.

notANALYSIS just more garbage opinion. And clearly gets paid by the character.

No such thing as we . Can only speak for self !!!!

Bit obvious the political bias in this story. Try to publish an unbiased version. There’s a challenge!

Hallelujah. Praise climatejesus. Praise envirolord.

OPINION often complicit in culture wars that rage on.

This Tingle is a backward fanatic that should be removed from the abc.

ANALYSIS Typical virtue signal not worth reading!

People are starting to see the real boundary is between community and self interest. That the yobbo next door denying climate change and foul mouthing other cultures is not someone they identify with. Time to discover new mantras.

I see a pattern...

What a meandering article…🤷🏻‍♂️

‘...the truth is that the entire Government is tarnished by its transparent misuse of taxpayer's money for partisan purposes.’ Well said latingle

Who’s ‘we’?

Laura Tingle, what a traitor. You have played a massive role in the dome and gloom. I'm not worried about the planet we leave for kids but what kids we leave for the planet.

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