'Thankfully the G7 agreed' that 'it does matter' how COVID-19 started | Sky News Australia

Sky News host Paul Murray says it does matter how COVID-19 started and 'thankfully the G7 agreed this week'.

14/06/2021 3:20:00 PM

Sky News host Paul Murray says it does matter how COVID-19 started and 'thankfully the G7 agreed this week'.

Sky News host Paul Murray says it does matter how COVID-19 started and 'thankfully the G7 agreed this week'.

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ABS Census | Fox Sports

Known as the RFDS, Executive director Frank Quinlan and Dr Fergus Gardiner explain how CENSUS data plays a critical role in achieving their goal as a health service.

Sure it does if it was an engineered bio weapon. That bat story is just plain batty-shit crazy. SARS, MERS, Bird flu swine flu, these were test runs before Rona. For G7 to put out media releases previously stating China and now everything is OK, totally sus! 🧐 Yeah most of us including Johnson Biden etc etc etc want to know how it started to assistant in avoiding similar in the future What are we thankful the G7 agreed with Paul Who? LOL

If you are going to throw stones at China how about USA funding the science of the lab if you want true accountability throw stones at both of them Faucci has finaly come out and confirmed what we already knew Off course it matters and WHY. Was it a plot to take our eyes off Hong Kong and the umbrella movement. It worked.

It mattered 18 months ago. But now - I couldn’t trust anything a political committee wanted to find, as it sounds like an agenda. China Nuclear plant has been leaking for two weeks, yet again China are hiding it,and it's causing catastrophic damage to the environment. How much more does the world have to endure for leaders to finally act b4 its too late?! China will be the end of us.

🍁China's Gov't locked the world out & the world paid & continues to pay a price for that. On the heels of MERS & SARS, that crap should not go unaddressed. China may see Xi as a 'President for life' but for the remainder of us 'President for death' may be a better descriptor. PMOnAir Paul ....Alternatively there is the greater political need to end conspiratorial obsessions of the some of media. Everybody knows is going to end theories cause they can't even locate the sources of cluster today with all the experience and technology available.

Huge Freedom protest in Parliament square London today 👇🏼 Of course it matters!

Lesotho struggles amid COVID-19 pandemic | Sky News AustraliaUnited States President Joe Biden's announcement that the US will donate half a billion vaccines to the world's poorer nations has been warmly welcomed in Africa. \n\nMany countries are desperately under-served and suffering a surge of COVID-19 cases - with the situation particularly dire in Lesotho.\n And the AUSTRALIAN PM MoronMorrison be like , I'll donate 20million aswell, well you FUKTARD you can't even supply your own COUNTRY with enough CovidVaccine MealyMouthedMorrison the PissAndWindPm G7Summit2021 G7Cornwall G7 Insiders Outsiders Once again America FTW Obviously, some do care

Ask Rowan Dean how Covid started 👍👍 He knows everything else 🙄🙄🙄 Jesus I agree. Wash my mouth out.. Animal to human transmission you dumb fuck. Like all these type of viruses. Apparently it happens regularly but this one is a lot more stubborn than others. Just stick to eating donuts Start with Trump. Why did he pull his pandemic team out of China.

It does matter because it might help us fight future outbreaks, but it's probably not the big conspiracy you're hoping for and it doesn't excuse Trump's gross incompetence in dealing with the pandemic, dopey.

World leaders agree to deliver 1 billion COVID-19 vaccines for poor countries,The G7 leaders promise to help developing nations fight climate change, agree to back taxes on multinational companies and issue a statement on China. Propaganda Isn't this vaccine diplomacy? Also a little too late! Hyrocrites

Victoria records two new local cases of COVID-19The cases are primary close contacts of existing cases, with no community exposure during their infectious period. 9News

One new Victorian COVID-19 case discovered as inner city exposure sites namedVictoria has reported one new local case of coronavirus on Sunday, which the health department says is a primary close contact who has been in quarantine through their infectious period | Ash_McMillan Ash_McMillan no one gives a fk anymore

Victoria records two new local COVID-19 casesBoth new cases are primary close contacts of existing cases, with no community exposure during their infectious period, Victorian health authorities said. The Morrison Government needs to build quarantine facilities urgently Vaccine centres in Melbourne not allowing pfizer walkins due to shortage Cases. Pfft. Report on the protests and the heavy handed and intimidation tactics being used by the police. VIC is a global test case on breaking the people's spirit.

Victoria records two new local COVID-19 cases as testing numbers dropVictoria has recorded two new locally acquired cases of coronavirus, though both were quarantining throughout their infectious period. “Both cases are primary close contacts of existing cases and there was no community exposure during their infectious period”. So no risk, not ‘little risk’. KNOW YOUR ALLIES KNOW YOURSELF KNOW YOUR ENEMIES KNOW EVIL, THE DARK SIDE School of the Americas – AKA “School Of Assassins.” CAUSE & EFFECT, REAPING WHAT YOU SOW