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'Terror and fear' as bag of snakes thrown into dorm, students say

'Terror and fear' as bag of snakes thrown into dorm, students say


'Terror and fear' as bag of snakes thrown into dorm, students say

A group of students from West Papua say two bags of snakes were thrown into their dormitory in the middle of the night amid weeks of unrest.

Mr Irfan said while there were previously about 60 students living at the dorm, many had returned to Papua in recent weeks in fear following earlier attacks.

Why thousands of Papuans have taken to the streets, torching government buildings and violently clashing with police.

Mr Giyai said plain clothed police have been monitoring the activities of the students in the hostel for some weeks.

Andreas Harsono, a researcher for Human Rights Watch in Indonesia, said his organisation had confirmed the incident but did not provide further details.

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Sour or Plain ?

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