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Telstra outage: ‘Tap and go is broken’

Eftpos is still down and out after a national Telstra outage. Get your cash ready, people! 🏧


Eftpos is still down and out after a national Telstra outage. Get your cash ready, people! 🏧

A NATIONWIDE Telstra outage has affected numerous Eftpos machines and ATMs, prompting the telco to advise people to carry cash instead of relying on ‘tap- and-go’.

So it affected EFTPOS and ATM's? Guess we effed then coz how can we draw the cash if ATM's are down? 🙄 Well call me old school deal in cash like me cash good luck with ya cash less society stick that we’re it fits😜um wonder how the card only shops r doing 👍 The cashless society is about to get very real, Stuck behind a line of people who had already filled their fuel tanks, but couldn't pay with their card, . . society can collapse in one day without cash.

Shocking Cash me please !!!💰💸💳 Well I’ve about $2 in my purse. Who uses cash these days? Should be a challenge for those attending FlemingtonVRC today. Chaos at airport trying to get taxis Sales in avocado smashes drop to zero this morning as hipsters starve. Avocado hipster My god Telstra. Can you get your shit together please? This is becoming a common occurrence. 👎🏻

Queen biopic glosses over dark truths about Freddie Mercury IF YOU want to see a film that is largely fictional, with cheesy Spinal Tap moments, and a timeline that is more warped than a vinyl record sitting in the sun, get along to watch Bohemian Rhapsody, the new Queen biopic. They also left out the fact Queen toured South Africa when the UN had already placed an embargo on the country due to apartheid. So what? It's entertainment not a documentary. What a load of absolute rubbish. Did you even watch the film? Do you know any of the actual facts? Dark truths the movie ignores? Please. Anyone who knew anything about Queen appreciates this movie.

'Adapt or perish': The winners and losers in the switch from cash to card After 20 years of collecting coins, Big Issue vendors are this week making the switch to tap-and-go technology, becoming the latest not-for-profit to make the change in a bid to stay afloat in Australia's increasingly cashless economy. Considering cutting up my cards and going back to cash for everything. You spend more carefully when you have to pull cold hard cash out of your wallet, to pay for something.

Offender who disappeared during monitoring device failure arrested Police have caught an escapee who allegedly went on the run after the Telstra outage caused a breakdown with electronic monitoring bracelets.

Back in custody Police have caught an escapee who allegedly went on the run after the Telstra outage caused a breakdown with electronic monitoring bracelets across South Australia. 9News An Outage Outlaw! Love it!

Telstra fail: 770 criminals lost POLICE is South Australia are scrambling to track down a violent offender who is at large after a nationwide Telstra outage.

Telstra outage takes out ATMs and EFTPOS machines TELSTRA customers are being forced to pay cash following a nationwide outage affecting its EFTPOS and ATM services.

Nationwide Telstra outage takes out ATMs and EFTPOS machines Many consumers are having to pay with cash because the Telstra outage is affecting EFTPOS and ATM serices. What’s cash? Cash comes from ATMs.. so? Appears to be Australia wide

Nationwide Telstra outage takes down ATMs and EFTPOS machines Breaking: A nationwide Telstra outage is forcing consumers to pay cash because EFTPOS and ATM services are down You wanna try working in a Telstra store when this happens. Good luck tommoz guys Where's my NBN Malcholm? What happens to people on the cashlesswelfare card, I wonder? They aren't allowed to use cash and are forced to rely on the cards actually working.

Telstra scrambling to fix eftpos, ATM outage Telstra is scrambling to restore a national outage that has left some bank customers unable to use eftpos or ATMs. Aaaaaah, so that's why I couldn't get a drink tonight. Telstra is shit. They overcharge... and their billing dept is a complete and total shambles. If only there was another way to pay for goods and services when the system goes down... Hodor haydentiff XRPTrump XRPHODLER xrpthestandard xrpcommunity xrp

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