Teals looking to kick Liberals out of Victorian state electorates

4/10/2022 1:53:00 PM

Climate 200 convenor Simon Holmes a Court is looking to steal more Liberal seats at the upcoming Victorian state election.

Climate 200 convenor Simon Holmes a Court is looking to steal more Victorian seats away from the Liberals at the upcoming state election.

Climate 200 convenor Simon Holmes a Court is looking to steal more Liberal seats at the upcoming Victorian state election.

The Teals stole nine historically safe Liberal seats around the country at the Federal Election in May as voters moved to support candidates with more robust climate change policies.to save articles for later.The Herald Sun revealed the Liberal party would station 75 PSOs at five Victorian hospitals in a 24/7 capacity amid concerns over increased violence against hospital staff in a two-year trial.Deputy Director Scott Samson was among a number of staff pushed out of the Liberal Party following a restructure - following the departures of Mr Guy's chief of staff and director of communications.

Mr Holmes a Court told Sky News Australia host Kieran Gilbert Climate 200 was receiving positive polling in state electorates that overlap federal seats held by Teal MPs.“We’ve done polling on those electorates that you’ve shown and found there is strong support for the community independent model in those electorates,” he said.This is due to a performance by Lizzo – a much loved rapper, twerker and flutist (Americans are “flutists”, Europeans “flautists”) – on a 200-year-old flute made of crystal once owned by fourth US president James Madison.Climate 200 convenor Simon Holmes a Court is hoping to take more Liberal seats at the Victorian election.Stream the news you want, when you want with Flash.Picture: Aaron Francis/The Australian Stream more on politics with Flash.Which is an apt tune to whistle because many of those who might still enjoy whistling Dixie have been appalled that she was even allowed to touch this sacred relic.25+ news channels in 1 place.Offer ends 31 October, 2022 Victoria’s Liberal leader Matthew Guy, when asked about the departure of Deputy Director Scott Samson, said he is not involved in the operations of the secretary.

New to Flash? Try 1 month free.Credit: Shawn Miller/Library of Congress Lizzo has pretty much won that round – a listen to her playing is really all that’s needed there.Offer ends 31 October, 2022 >Victoria protective service officers are present at train stations across Melbourne after 6pm to deter crime, with the Liberals pledging to place them in hospitals.Offer ends 31 October, 2022 >“When you ask people in those electorates would they support a candidate of the calibre of say Zoe Daniel or Monique Ryan then it’s a clear win.“Their challenge in those campaigns is to get the name out, is for name recognition.Like Lizzo, I know what it’s like to be condemned for playing the flute.If they can do that then they’ve got a really good chance of winning.“There are police and PSOs out there and they do a terrific job.” Some of the Teal candidates running at the Victorian election are in seats that overlap the federal seats Kooyong and Goldstein which were held by former Liberal MPs Josh Frydenberg and Tim Wilson.But teenage me puckering up to my Yamaha student instrument was an easy target for the scornful.” When pressed on the issue Mr Guy doubled down that the party lost “no senior” campaign people.

Climate 200 federal candidates defeated both Mr Wilson and Mr Frydenberg.At the state election the seats of Caufield, Brighton and Sandringham which sit within Goldstein, Climate 200 have three candidates running.Jethro Tull at that point offered a kind of literary prog rock and out the front was a man with masses of hair and beard and a flute.Mr Andrews' response referred back to a 2011 Parliamentary Inquiry which recommended PSOs “not be employed in Victorian Hospital and health services”.Despite the Teal federal MP the Liberals hold Caufield, Brighton and Sandringham by slight two-party preferred margins.The Teals also have two candidates running in the seats of Kew and Hawthorn which sit within Mr Frydenberg’s old federal electorate which is now held by Climate 200’s Monique Ryan.If I stood on one leg and screwed up my face while playing the licks from Thick as a Brick , I could do a creditable impression of Ian Anderson in full fluting flight.Mr Holmes a Court said after the successful campaigns at the federal election the communities were “primed” and ready to move away from the Liberal Party in the state election.The Liberal Ted Bailleau government at the time supported the finding and current Liberal Shadow Treasurer David Davis - then health minister - was a member of the committee.We are here to win.

“The communities are primed, a lot of the volunteers behind the campaigns are the same people that delivered such a thumping victory in those seats in Victoria in May,” he said.Credit:.“So they’ve got a good chance but it’s a pretty high bar in Victoria.” The Teals campaign with candidates that support action on climate change, integrity in politics and the treatment and safety of women.Victorian Shadow Treasurer David Davis defended the Liberals proposal as he said the policy reflected a"different time".While the Teals have only targeted Liberal seats so far Mr Holmes a Court warned if the Labor Government fails to act on their three principles they could be “at risk”.“They’re showing some early good signs but what the public that volunteered for these campaigns, that worked so hard for this incredible new wave of community initiatives that were so successful at the election,” he said.

“It was in response to a government that wasn’t listening to the electorate especially to what people in those electorates care about.The incidents ranged from physical assaults and violence to threats, spitting, demeaning language against healthcare workers who were deterred from work as a result.It’s really up to Labor how much they respond to that.”.

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Extremely dangerous rhetoric, accusing Labor of trying to “steal” seats from Liberals. Big Lie MAGA fascism. But but but... his reason for going after LNP seats in the federal election was because they were in power. Considering the LNP in Victoria have a higher emissions Target and have not been in power to be corrupt, what is the platform they're using this time.

Does anyone give a toss about what happens in Australia's commie state. Stealing would mean they belong to the Liberals. That's the issue, Liberals think they are entitled to seats!!! I hope the independents win all of the seats LiberalVictoria current have! 'steal' implies that the seats are the property of the Liberals.

Gutless prick will not run himself though will he? What has he got to gain? Revenge for Malcolm? Ego? or some financial gain? He will prob succeed, because Victoria has to many Jims But Simon isn’t running as a candidate? And it’s not stealing, it’s an election, the voters decide who they want FFS Steal? Of course. Now do the baby eating lizard people or Hugo Chavez or children in tunnels. If you're gonna go full cooker, don't be half arsed.

Hopefully SHC is aware of Dan AndrewsMustGo political donation changes.

Why Lizzo’s flawless fluting put a song in my heartThe pop star and rapper playing a 200-year-old crystal flute is just what we need to make this maligned wind instrument fashionable again.

Ah yes just like how Geelong stole the Grand Final from Sydney, so much thievery going on. With the calibre of Liberals we've got in Victoria, it's not so much 'stealing' as 'taking candy from a corrupt, incompetent baby'!!! Till him to piss off! Steal or democratically win?! Steal? Do the Liberals own those seats or do we live in a democracy with the freedom of one vote one person?

🤢🤢 WEF shill If he wants the balance of power this time around, he'd be better off trying to 'steal' them from Labor. After Matthew Guy's ineptitude plays out on election day, the Liberal party will be a wasteland. The AEC should insist the Teals be forced to acknowledge they are a political party and made to register as such.

Steal. 🙄

Andrews slams Opposition's plan for protective service officers at hospitalsVictorian Premier Daniel Andrews slammed state Liberal leader Matthew Guy for reusing “junked” policies in a Monday pledge to place protective service officers (PSOs) in hospitals if elected in November. Andrews is a narcissistic sociopath give the nurses guns. problem solved

Go Simon. Anyone but the Libs. Socialists and more socialists then there is the Green Socialists ....... Rip Victoria Steal? They haven't gained anything illegally, you sure it's not because the Murdoch LNP is corrupt, deceitful, without policy, divisive, cruel, incompetent and not worthy of voting for?

... and the Teals are not a Party ... yeah, right! ‘Steal’ because the seats belong to them can’t shake their born to rule attitude Hey spew news, tell us you don't understand democracy, without telling us, you don't understand democracy!! STEAL more liberal seats Please!! Stop using the orange man's/maga lines. It's pathetic!!

It's not theft, the Liberals don't own any seats. They sure feel entitled to them though. I suspect that might be the problem... Unbelievable…this is without precedent Surely Paul Murray has an opinion on this? Stealing? They won’t need to steal the Libs are imploding. Self destruction more than anything… 😂😂😂 Suck it up!

Danny boy has created such a large debt that only the brave or dumb will want to inherite it.

Victorian Liberals beset by more departures ahead of electionVictoria’s Liberal leader Matthew Guy says he has “no idea” why another key figure has left the party so close to the state election. Clowns Unless the LiberalAus run a campaign pointing out how they’ll kill less Victorians than labor they’re no chance. All the Victorians that left the state were their base. Any good democracy needs a good opposition, they've long been an inadequate opposition hence why Victoria has a supreme leader

Please re-think your language, no one is ”stealing” anything. Voters are making a choice. To be elected into office is a privilege and earned, a democratic right for people to vote those they believe will represent them best & community have confidence in. Not owned by any party. Can we expect better reporting from ?

Interesting use of the word 'steal' in the context of democratic elections. Wow you really have a low opinion of Victorian voters. Maybe the voters can see the liberal party has been infiltrated by Pentecostal nut jobs and want a choice. The rest of Australia saw that with the federal government and voted them out.

“Libs likely to lose more seats to Teals at upcoming state election due to poor policy suite (and horrible candidates)” There. Fixed it for you What daddy didn’t leave you enough money. You must hate the Australian people You should probably alert all the voters who used their democratic free will to vote for a Teal instead of a Liberal that they’re now guilt of a mass heist crime. Will you issue them fines in the mail?

🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Steal? This is the sky parody account? Right?

Letters: Energy crisis and rising pricesEnergy transition: costs and risks, Kevin Rudd responds to Simon Birmingham, Julie Bishop and the teal independents. Finally!!!! It is good to see a well-balanced debate - repeated here again, finally. At ideologist from retard lefties or retard righties, please go away - you are nothing but a noise generator clouding the issue.

Newscorp: “We actively promote & provide propaganda for right wing parties to further our own interests. We call it free speech.” Newscorp when someone else supports a different candidate: “This is an attack on our democracy. How dare these people try to buy / steal these seats!” ‘The largest donor to GetUp in Australia in 2010 with a donation of $1.1 million is the CFMEU, a coalition of 5 former communist unions. Another AVAAZ linked cause to GetUp, namely “Climate Alarmism” in Australia, received an alleged $15 million donation from Soros.’

Teal not steal. Great.Good to hear. Sneaky Simon installing more sleeper cells? Damn what a poorly written headline. Pretty much pandering to all the cookers

You can't spell 'Steal' without 'Teal'. I am sure they will do well, the media has pump primed people for a world where virtue signaling without solutions is what passes for policy these days. The Victorian LNP are already doing a good enough job on losing seats without the Independents needing simonahac assistance.

Good on him, the LNP are liars, an unworthy of our Parliament Still haven’t caught up? This idea that certain seats “belong” to either of the major parties was well and truly blown out of the water at the last federal election. If MPs don’t listen to their constituents they will get voted out. End of story.

Steal? No. Voters will decide. There is no 'stealing' votes or elections in Australia. Why target liberals? Its the hideous dominance of Chairman Dan's communist party that you need to target.. Pathetic ‘Steal’ you guys really have a way with words! Did Rupert tell you to say that! In a democracy voters choose their representative by voting for their preferred candidate. Simon Holmes a Court does not ‘steal’ Liberal seats. Locals select a candidate and voters abandoned by a Liberal Party that has abandoned the centre choose to vote for a moderate liberal.

MayneReport unbelievable trumpian language of stealing election “Steal” ? That implies that the Liberals own them. Herd him being interviewed today, interesting man. Steal? This is why they don't vote for you. He's not looking to steal anything whicheverway you try to warp things. He's giving people a choice other than a lying, rorting, corrupt, *rapist sheltering, misogynistic alternative to the LNP.*'ALLEDGED'.

You can't steal electorates. If the public have rejected the Liberal Party for doing unbelievably stupid things like ******* up the vaccine rollout Not a race), not taking integrity or climate change seriously or nominating Katherine Deves deal with it. Simon Holmes a Court needs to be in front of the legal system. He is going to destroy Australian lives and livelihoods to get richer. Very sad individual.

The best politicians money can buy. Victoria: from jewel in the crown to arsehole of the world. Buying them with daddy’s money is more apt. The Teals pursue his personal agenda. If ppl fall for this again they deserve what they get. So much for democracy. This is hilarious! Steal? Really? TheirsToLose

The fix is in! Defacto WEF...this way they are at arms length. The way you people behave and like that old hag Credlin said its like the Liberal party with their born to rule attitude have a 'right' to certain seats in this country. What a joke. Maybe if the Libs were any good at serving the people of Victoria instead of serving themselves, those seats would be safe. None of these people know how to read a room or care for anyone who isn't a rich mate.

Yep, but just remember that Teal is more Green than Blue. Steal? Steal? These aren’t owned by the Liberals - they are owned by the people you useless pile of crap COSplaying as a news channel. Its Liberals to lose! 'Steal'? You do realise that these seats don't actually belong to the Liberals, yes? If people don’t vote for a party, it isn’t stealing.

Great help keep the current incumbent in place. You may have money, but not much else

The Liberals don’t need any help losing seats… 🇦🇺✨🚩 Bwaahaa 😂😂 I bet the Libs regret kicking him out of that dinner those years ago. Is he standing?, or just a sugar daddy puppet master simonsays Is it fair in a democracy that wealthy people get to tip the balance of power? So he's the party leader? Or are they still getting away with calling themselves 'independents?

Sad really. I get the republican cause, although disagree. What would we be left with. The round table of 'A Court' and 'Albo'. I really don't want OZ to become South Africa. I could always bug out, but others would have to be a serf to such people!