Teaching students struggling to finish their degrees, report says

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One in two aspiring teachers are failing to finish their degree within six years, and the number of students accepted into education courses with ATARs lower than 50 has grown fivefold over the past decade


Half of the students studying education at university do not finish their degrees within six years, a report has found., was commissioned by the NSW Teachers Federation, found 65 per cent of students who began their undergraduate degree in 2005 finished within six years.But that dropped significantly for those who began in 2012, with 51 per cent failing to graduate by 2018.

The number of students entering from the highest ATAR bracket remained steady at about 500. An ATAR above 80 indicates the student has come from the top 30 per cent of the cohort. "This shows transparency is a serious problem," Dr Wilson said. "Students entering with lower ATARs, and those without their ATAR recorded, show lower levels of success."


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UTSEngage is doing the same! Lowering Atar scores significantly for female students! This has to stop! utsengage Sydney

Why would anyone become a teacher when they are paid half the wage of an unskilled worker directing traffic at roadworks?

Why be surprised? Teaching has ceased to be a vocation and is a job now. Lower the standards for teachers, and you lower the standard of education, particularly in state schools, and there's the cycle set in motion. Education in this country has become an inexorable nightmare.

Just look to European countries like Finland for guidance: only bright students can get into teaching degrees; training is thorough; payment is good enough to attract the brightest. The state system is the quality system. It will take time, but our kids are worth it.

We are in for a bright future.... what happened to all those 'Entrepreneurs?' ...that's right, all the vegan foods, cafes and chill-out bars are done, so is veganism and climate. Soya is out, it's done already. So where will our next ahem 'elite'...take us next, with half brains.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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