Taxi driver 'assaulted for not going to drive-thru'

Shocking CCTV footage shows two male passengers punching the driver multiple times in the head. #9News


Shocking CCTV footage shows two male passengers punching the driver multiple times in the head. 9News

CCTV shows a man sitting in the front seat of a maxi taxi appearing to become verbally abusive to the driver before punching him in the head multiple times.

It is the taxi company's policy for drivers to refuse requests to take passengers to drive-through.

The group, who appeared to be wearing fancy dress costumes, fled along Weyba Road.

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Embracing the jungle within — homemakers go crazy for indoor plantsHomemakers go crazy for indoor plants in social media-driven trend. Huge potential for mold issues, but this is probably more popular with extinction rebellion types so....carry on.

'It's fairer heavy road users should pay more'Australian drivers could soon be taxed for driving in busy CBD areas during peak hour, as a way to ease congestion. 9News How many more taxes does this country want to introduce. Soon we will get charged to use the footpath.🤭 Great government - allow too many people to move into a city, don't provide efficient effective public transport, outsource road building to commercial enterprise & then tax people who drive out of necessity 💰😡👎💩 9News

Chilling question girl asked Kmart attackerAfter a young girl was snatched from Kmart and sexually assaulted, she saw her attacker break down. Then she asked a heartbreaking question. This young, innocent child showed more compassion towards her filthy attacker, than he she. This dog needs to be locked up for life in general population of a maximum security prison, not in a pedophile prison. He needs to reallysuffer Wish the Lawyer went to Prison too. How can you defend someone that does this? Even though the Cunt is going to a resort for a shot time, let's hope a Prison guard has the common sense to allow the Karma Police to do their shit. Take it nice and slow boys!

Bathurst 1000 delayed by bizarre helmet suffocationWildcard Brodie Kostecki had the worst possible start to his dream Bathurst 1000 drive when his helmet filled with carbon dioxide. 9News Now he knows how the earth feels! 🌏😂 9News Bathurst1000

ScoMo ‘hardens’ his China stancePerhaps it has finally sunk in that Prime Minister and world traveller Scott Morrison is not going to get that invitation to Beijing. farrm51 farrm51 He is a muppet farrm51 Why is he travelling around the world embarrassing Australia? Is he foreign minister now as well? 😡 Somebody please take him home before he does any more harm to our international relations👀 farrm51 No Kowtowing to China

'Time for a new approach': Should Australians be charged for driving in the CBD?A congestion charge for driving in the CBD during peak hour is once again being pushed, and a new report says it would be easy, cheap and speed up traffic across all major cities. So to paraphrase. ... should people pay because infrastructure experts can't plan ahead? 'charge should match public transport fees'. I worked out that public transport is actually cheaper than driving for a single occupant and that for a regional city. No.....but MCC should be charged for re directing Victorian motorists on transurban’s expensive toll roads. Concerned because I seen an Aldi’s bag at the rear of council offices last week.

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