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Sydney stab victim found dumped on road

Police are investigating how a man received multiple stab wounds after he was found dumped on a road in Sydney’s west.

19/09/2021 3:00:00 AM

Police are investigating how a man received multiple stab wounds after he was found dumped on a road in Sydney ’s west.

Police are investigating how a man received multiple stab wounds after he was found dumped on a road in Sydney ’s west.

He was treated at the scene before being rushed to hospital. Read more: »

WA government offers $1 million reward as search for Cleo Smith continues

The WA government is offering a reward of up to $1 million for information that leads to the location of four-year-old Western Australian girl Cleo Smith.

Police deter Sydney anti-lockdown protestsWhy don't you ask where the virus comes from? Why doesn't compulsory vaccination bear any consequences? Why is the higher the vaccination rate, the higher the infection rate? Why are dictatorships implemented in the name of public security? Another day of suppression for Sydney. GladysB has made rallies illegal. I wonder when she will pin the yellow star on our clothes.NSWLawFound ad_nsw Liberal government want to turn people against each other to shift responsibility. awakepeopleofaustralia They have the right to protest. Gov should re think it’s policy throughout the pandemic.

Sydney anti-lockdown protest fizzles out as police arrest 32 peopleBREAKING: NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell confirms 32 people have been arrested today, including 20 protesters at Sydney 's anti-lockdown rally. Mr Thurtell says police have issued 265 infringement notices. Are they all white? The police really do seem to be losing most of these battles now don’t they, protester numbers just too big. They are all clogging up the covid beds next to their people’s premier tik tok guy. Can’t march on a ventilator. The cords aren’t long enough

Sydney lockdown protest appears to fizzle out amid large-scale police operationPolice were seen apprehending a small number of people who attempted to protest in the city on Saturday afternoon. Shame on those pigs in uniforms Who are the agitators behind these sheeps? At least he has a mask on.

Police arrest 20 people in operation to deter Sydney anti-lockdown protestersPolice have arrested 20 people in Sydney today following a major operation to disrupt planned COVID-19 protests. 9News Police must move to the other side. Its sad its come down to stopping the people from walking the streets to speak out about the dictatorship we are currently living. Sad days in history for NSW and Australia GladysB CraigKellyMP awokepeopleofaustralia This only grows bigger. Police will either join or be overrun

Live: Australia's first Moderna vaccine doses arrive in SydneyAustralia's first doses of the Moderna vaccine arrived in Sydney from Europe on one of two flights that will bring a million doses of the vaccine into the country this weekend. Follow live. Is this where it will stay? How many more announcements can they get out of it? So if you’re under 60 you now have a choice of three vaccines…over 60, you just get shafted.

Woman arrested over alleged sexual abuse of Sydney schoolboysThe 67-year-old woman was arrested at a home in Sydney 's Upper North Shore yesterday, after an investigation was launched by NSW Police in May. 9News