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Sydney GP blasted after charging $370 for Pfizer vaccine 'consultations'

Sydney GP blasted after charging $370 for Pfizer vaccine 'consultations'

29/07/2021 10:35:00 AM

Sydney GP blasted after charging $370 for Pfizer vaccine 'consultations'

Health Minister Greg Hunt says he'll 'throw the book' at a GP clinic in Campsie , in Sydney's south west, that's been asking patients to pay hundreds of dollars for vaccine consultations before receiving their Pfizer jabs.

Print text onlyPrintCancelThe Federal Government has threatened to "throw the book" at a GP clinic that has been charging a $370 consultation fee to administer Pfizer shots in one of Sydney's worst COVID-hit areas.Key points:Health Minister Greg Hunt said the country has spent $10 billion to ensure vaccines and consultations were free

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Blessed Health Clinic said $370 was for consultation and that the Pfizer shot itself was freeThe Shadow Health Minister said any person who paid for a vaccine at the clinic should be refundedA notice posted on the window of Blessed Health Care clinic in Campsie in south-west Sydney, written in Chinese and English, is asking patients to pay up to $250 for a "vaccine consultation" before their first dose.

The cost of a consultation for the second jab, according to the notice, would be up to $120 if administered on a Sunday.A GP at Blessed Health Care told the ABC there had been a misunderstanding and that while vaccine was free, it was charging a consultation fee as any other private practice would.

Health Minister Greg Hunt was today incensed by the reports and said his department would investigate."This is plain, bad behaviour," he said."If this story is accurate, we'll throw the book at them. The reason why is very simple, the vaccine is free. The consultation for the vaccine is paid to be bulk billed.

"We've invested very significantly, the figure is $10 billion, in the Australian vaccine rollout. That includes free vaccines for every Australian and free consultations."Blessed Health Care clinic notifies patients of its “vaccination consultation” charges.

(ABC News: Kamin Gock)A woman in her 20s, who did not wished to be named, told the Australian Associated Press (AAP) she paid the $250 fee at the clinic because she didn't want to risk waiting months for the Pfizer jab.The Malaysian woman said she was on a bridging visa and did not have Medicare. She said her colleagues, who were on temporary visas, had been vaccinated the same way.

"I wanted to get it quickly, to be safer, so I paid the money," she told AAP in Mandarin.She said she would return for her second dose in six weeks and would be charged at least $60, but said the cost was "not fair".Campsie sits in the local government area of Canterbury-Bankstown, one of the first suburbs in the NSW Delta outbreak to be subjected to enhanced lockdown orders preventing residents from leaving their community.

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The suburb currently has 38 active COVID-19 cases in the community and NSW Health has flagged almost 75 alerts for venues of concern since July 15.Shadow Health Minister Mark Butler said any residents in south-west Sydney who had paid to get their jab should be refunded.

"It''s a matter for [Prime Minister] Scott Morrison to determine if he pays them or he forces the doctors to pay them," Mr Butler said."He is responsible for medicare and delivering his promise that all Australians would get vaccinated free of charge, and any consultation associated with the vaccine."

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GP clinic for charging for Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine 'consultations'. Not all of our medical practitioners are honest or ethical. This is why Medicare does not stretch far enough. How is that legal? My husband was a Doc and there’s rates for consults. I didn’t see it, wld love to know how he justified the figure!!

Mostly illegal migrants I believe, hope Hunt doesn't chase them. Shameful 🤦🏻‍♀️ What a disgrace should be named and shamed. You shouldn’t need to be told that public health is more important than making money. Especially if you work in the health industry 🤦🏻‍♀️ There's always some one who RORTS THE SYSTEM TAKE HIS LICENCE. BAN HIM.

That is a disgusting thing being perpetrated on people who most likely don't have a good understanding of how the vaccine is distributed. Throw the book by all means, but order and enforce a refund of all fees illegally charged from these poor people. It is exactly elements like these that give Asians a bad name. They should be charged and dealt the harshest deterrent sentence. Jail and de-registration.

Scott Morrison must flood western Sydney with Pfizer vaccineThe Herald's View: It should be a no-brainer that vaccines should be rushed to south-west Sydney where they will actually save lives rather than to areas where the risk is vanishingly small The same way Melbourne got priority for vaccines during their long lockdown? No. Gladys could have acted faster, and didn’t. Sydney residents can express their displeasure at the ballot box. How about NSW try a proper lockdown first. At best it would take 8- 12 weeks for any vaccines to have any real effect. A long term goal worth striving for. But Australia can't wait for that long for NSW to get its act together. Decisive action is needed NOW. The paper thin lockdown need to be stronger. Quarantine Sydney

برخورد خاصی نشده هنوز. دعواش کردن گفتن کارت زشته It does actually say say “new patients” initial consultation. It’s probably still very high I haven’t gone to a new doctor in 30 years. But is it because a lot of ppl are booking first consultations and they take a lot longer? bkbaguley Grifting deregister and force it to pay the people back

Don’t blast him, name him, shame him and then make sure he never practices again. the rents high in the eastern suburbs, add in school fees, a car lease, he is probably trading at a loss. RobynInTheStix If true, this is appalling behaviour by the GP. He/she should be investigated and if found guilty, deregistered. This is abhorrent behaviour not only for a medical professional but also in a global pandemic.

Who? Need to delist this GP. Lock them up I find it so ironic that a vaccine for a virus that apparently started in China … has a sign written in Chinese advertising this service at a cost

Year 12 students in Sydney LGA ‘red zones’ to be given Pfizer vaccineNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced plans to vaccinate students 16-18 years of age with Pfizer in eight LGAs added to NSW's red zone list. Because they are dropping like flies? LOL Or because you need the commonwealth jab payments Glady? Will she be offering it the students, or giving it to them? It would be a lot safer to give them Treatment from FLCCC that works and gives them protection straight away. Than something with unknown long term problems, I’m not anti vacation but these are kids for gods sake

Pirates Time to disbar these kind of thugs covidnsw The market wins always. How much has Pfizer promised to pay ScottMorrisonMP ? It's not about the money. Money had to come into the vax program somewhere. Who is letting this GP profit out of us? So what is Gladys doing about it? After all, Scomo doesn't hold the syringes

What happens if the nearest commonwealth or state hub is hours away? The goverment needs to commit to covering the cost for ANYONE in Australia to be vaccinated by GPs - not just those with Medicare cards. Only fair way to do it and look out for marginalised groups. If true expose this person, call them out

RACGP Revoke their licence

'Armageddon' as more than 2 million Sydney workers hit by lockdown expansionFrom midnight tonight, residents in the local government areas of Parramatta, Georges River and Campbelltown will not be allowed to leave their area for work unless they meet specific criteria. It's cruel and unjust. The government is criminal. The Great reset. Reminiscent of 1665 and 1666 England. So emotive.. over it...

Fuck I love capitalism. Supply and demand. If only Australians voted for egalitarian values, humanity, wealth redistribution and fairness rather than Franking Credits. This is the bed Neoliberalism has made and every election we as a nation choose to shit in it. Blasted Not fined? beer_nun And exactly what 'book' do you have to throw at them?

They're ripping off their own community, but it's just business. Ah sydney. You continue to disappoint Please leave them a friendly and fair rating on Google! Of course GPs were going to charge consultation fees. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise and the federal govt should have worked that out so patients aren’t out of pocket. What a shmozzle.

That will teach them about profiteering with vaccinations 🙄 They should be ashamed of themselves 'Blasted'?

One in 10 workers to lose job in Sydney as food prices surgeMajor banks are warning up to 300,000 jobs in Sydney will be lost due to extended lockdowns, as prices for staples rise at double the rate of wages growth. JennieDuke swrighteconomy Thanks LNP for screwing up the whole state JennieDuke swrighteconomy Tragic. Too bad ScottMorrisonMP did not order vaccines from every manufacturer in sufficient quantity to have us all vaccinated by now. Too bad he continues to make excuses and pat himself on the back. JennieDuke swrighteconomy I's totally worth it for selfish bed wetting turds holding everyone hostage so they can potion shop. So scared of virus with tiny mortality rate they're willing to accept risk of covid for potion of choice cause they're scared of other potion whilst ruining others lives.

Shocking! If they pay it they’re obviously too wealthy to worry! Chinese doctor extorting Chinese patients over a Chinese virus. Gold until the GP shows LNP party membership. Then they will promoted to cabinet. I don't understand the issue. Are the doctors involved meant to be volunteering their time? Yeah that's a dick move

latingle It is funny that people complain about paying $370 for medical advice which could be life and death but pay much more to have their car looked at or their washing machine serviced 'The Federal Government has threatened to 'throw the book' at a GP clinic that has been charging a $370 consultation fee to administer Pfizer shots in one of Sydney's worst COVID-hit areas.'... Keyword being THREATENED

latingle Well Scomo did tell people to get advice from their GPs to shift the responsibility from himself - this doctor is probably just charging Scomo rates latingle You'd think the Libs would support these 'entrepreneurs' auspol ScottyDoesNothing covidsydney latingle Reveal his name, publish his picture and leave the rest to the zombies😎

Over 6000 reports to police about illegal Sydney protestThere were nearly two reports for every person who went to the illegal anti-lockdown in Sydney at the weekend. Hypocrites.... Julian Assange left to rot in prison for exposing atrocities of the US regime... and here, you encourage Gadys Kravitz syndrome. Worked well back in the late ‘30’s, may as well try it again Political speak for 'please help... our Eastern Bloc methods of division & tyranny are not working'

This is their response: is this a double dip transaction? Ahhh the secret stockpile…wonder if the army dude knows about those ones. Take his bloody license off him I have to ask who the stupid people are that paid this fee? Never have I read or heard of anyone having to pay for any C19 vaccine so who read or heard differently?

They should be struck off and not allowed to practice medicine. That’s fraud. Is anyone blasting pfizer for making biklions reyhunak. شما دنبال این بودید فکر کنم It's all about money

What’s within 10 kilometres of your home in Sydney?New restrictions announced by the NSW government say residents must stay within their local government area, or within 10 kilometres of home for exercise and shopping. GladysB You my dear are the problem Stop the confusing messaging I have one very precious daughter and two gorgeous young grandson's in that circle. Morrison and Gladless, have no idea what 'mother wrath' I will have, should any of those three NSW citizen come to harm. (Waves at ASIO) As for those who have lost loved ones (hand to heart) It should be 5km

Should be penalised this GP! Name and shame. Name and shame. Name and shame. Name and shame. Name and shame. Report to the appropriate medical authority. Get him or her or them struck off the medical register. Stat. The behaviour is utterly inconscionable, VILE exploitation. Wake up..... wake up....this is yet another religious fanatic agency... they do not give a shit about you. Wake up ... wake up

We’re they making the vaccine available without a consult? Plus they got the $36 Medicare rebate. These opportunistic grifters need their licence suspended. Must be LNP politician. Was it Katie Allen? That’s another fine mess you got us into SCOMO… But will he have his licence taken off him for braking his oath? Of course not.

Robbery in broad daylight