Sydney anti-lockdown protesters slammed as ‘selfish’ and 'self-entitled' as police vow to make further arrests

Protests against COVID-19 lockdowns have been staged in capital cities around Australia including Sydney, where thousands have marched unmasked.

24/07/2021 9:37:00 AM

NSW Police has announced the formation of a strike force to identify and track down thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in Sydney, who have been slammed as ‘an absolute disgrace’.

Protests against COVID-19 lockdowns have been staged in capital cities around Australia including Sydney, where thousands have marched unmasked.

Share on TwitterThousands of protesters who marched through Sydney's CBD in objection to the city's COVID-19 lockdowns have been slammed as"selfish" and"self-entitled".NSW Police Minister David Elliott has announced the formation of a strike force comprised of 22 detectives to identify and track down the estimated 3,500 protesters who marched through the city on Saturday.

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He said more than 90 infringement notices have been issued so far, with 57 arrests made.“I’m hoping we issue 3,500 infringement notices, I’m hoping we have people before the courts,” he told reporters on Saturday afternoon.“If you don’t want to be in lockdown, obey the rules.”

Mr Elliott described the protest as an"absolute disgrace", saying the"selfish and inappropriate behaviour” of protesters is"what's going to continue this city into lockdown"."There is no doubt in my mind that at least one individual there today had COVID. Statistically, it is impossible for us not to consider that," he added, urging anyone who attended to get tested for COVID-19 immediately.

Thousands of angry people, many of whom were unmasked, marched from inner Sydney's Victoria Park to Town Hall in the central business district.They broke through a police barrier to continue down George Street but were stopped at King Street. 

There is a heavy police presence in Sydney, including mounted police and riot officers.Protesters threw plastic bottles and plants taken from the street at officers.Signs carried by the protesters call for"freedom" and"the truth".Protesters face off with police near Sydney Town Hall during an anti-lockdown rally at Hyde Park in Sydney.

AAP"The NSW Police Force recognises and supports the rights of individuals and groups to exercise their rights of free speech and peaceful assembly, however, today’s protest is in breach of the current COVID-19 Public Health Orders," NSW Police said in a statement.

The protest comes as COVID-19 case numbers in NSWSome 163 new local cases were reported in the 24 hours to 8pm on Friday, up from 136 the day before.READ MOREGreater Sydney has been locked down for the past four weeks, with residents only able to leave home with a reasonable excuse.

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NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard condemned the planned protest as"really silly" on Saturday morning."We live in a democracy and normally I am certainly one who supports people's rights to protest ... but at the present time we've got cases going through the roof and we have people thinking that's OK to get out there and possibly be close to each other at a demonstration."

Protesters march along Broadway and George St towards Sydney Town Hall during the World Wide Rally For Freedom anti-lockdown rally.AAPNSW Police Deputy Commissioner Gary Worboys said it was not the time for a protest.He said police wanted to work with the organisers to make sure people were complying with public health orders and that it did not turn into a"disastrous" mass spreading event.

READ MOREAt least 1,000 people have also gathered in Melbourne's CBD.Flares have been lit outside Victoria's Parliament House, where protesters gathered to chant"freedom".A car rally is also planned for locked-down Adelaide, with police warning they will make arrests over unlawful activity.

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Violent construction protest infiltrated with 'neo-Nazis', fake tradies

The violent construction protest held outside the CFMEU union office in Melbourne yesterday was heavily infiltrated with "rent-a-crowd" protesters and neo-Nazis.

At least your politicians have the will to send in the army. There's nothing like tanks rolling through the suburbs to send the message that disobedience won't be tolerated! Look no further, go to Parliament House in Canberra. Danger: You are being conditioned to consider your human rights as 'selfish'.

When going through social media, don't forget to check GAB, Telegram and Parler too... Good job nswpolice you should go on their telegram channels they organise them there haha If you want freedom then get vaccinated The CCPT would be proud 🙌🙌🙌 Someone needs to grow a pair. Lock the low life’s up & charge them for putting peoples lives at risk. Don’t let them off, give them 6 months.

Sick Sydney woman returned five negative tests before COVID-19 diagnosisA Sydney family has shared their frightening experience of being infected with the Delta variant of COVID-19. 9News proof PCR test is a scam. nAtIoNaL eMeRGeNcY 🚨 5 negative tests? I wonder how about the people who got tested once came got negative result but actually has covid? 🤔😬

These selfish bastards…. Do they think it’s easy to see my mother sitting in rain lock in her car because she can’t be with her soul mate who was in hospital. SO this was an “anti-lockdown” protest that has potentially just doubled the length of the lockdown needed? Support this 100%, in fact I’d be happy to donate to help cover the costs. Jail every last one of them.

JohnRuddick2 ready to report yourself ? nswpolice ?SkyNewsAust This story is already boring. Get a grip Sydney. Covid is here to stay. Protesters: 'Give us our freedom! No lockdowns! No face masks! No restrictions!' 'Well, get vaccinated.' 'No! I don't want a dangerous experimental vaxx! I want my freedom!'

So whats the plan? Lockdown just to lockdown again once we're safe? Then tell us to get a vaccine with proven harm and low effectiveness against these variants? There is more to this But they have no time to look into Gladys' corruption? Good, strip them of their Medicare and deny them an ICU bed if they need it. Let them consult their YouTube gurus and essential oils

Any reason why NSW Police didnt stop these Rats 🐀 at the Train stations OR with Road blocks?! 🚨🔒🧱🐀🔥⁉️🚧🚧 How did they leave their holes 🕳 sydneyprotest SydneyLockdown nswpol

Adults in Sydney should strongly consider any available COVID vaccine, says ATAGIBREAKING: ATAGI have updated their advice, encouraging any Sydney-siders aged 18 or over to get vaccinated against the coronavirus with any vaccine, including AstraZeneca. COVID19 9News Problem solved Premier of course the advice is flawed and some will die but that didn’t stop Morrison giving it to the vulnerable😎 It is impossible to achieve herd immunity with something that doesn't prevent infection and transmission. What's the push to get AstraZeneca? Is it because that's what was ordered, because the LNP didn't look into it first? now regardless the risk, we are stuck with it? I did read Scott Morrison is involved with a company that has shares in AstraZeneca, now that makes sense!!

Which will all end in nothing because Fuller is one of them. entitleddickheads You’ll find them in church tomorrow officer. Good. The fines can pay for their covid treatments. Dear GladysB ,as you’re aware, today’s protests don’t represent all Sydney siders or NSW. Please get NSW police to arrest those idiots, name and shame them and get them vaccinated. SydneyOutbreak sydneyprotests

cameltoegirl should be locked up for those pants Hope they get every single miserable one of those sods. 🤬 Protesting a lockdown, which will only make the lockdown longer…. wow, what intelligent beings they are… when they're done can they turn their attention to the spoofing of the PMs Gold and Silver markets thanks

One of the main organizers of today’s Covidiot demo in Sydney is ex-ABC journo Virginia Nicholls. I’ve reported her to the NSW Police for willfully breaking NSW health orders and putting at risk the lives of NSW police and the general public. She is currently Westpac PR chief.

National cabinet snubs plea from COVID-hit NSW to refocus vaccine strategy in SydneyPrime Minister Scott Morrison says the national COVID-19 vaccination rollout won't be overhauled to answer a plea for help from authorities in New South Wales amid the state's worsening outbreak. That'd be a gold standard FO from the state premiers. How do you overhaul crap Get vaccinated with whatever is available

If these fine folks die from COVID-19, can I get their government benefits? Just asking for a friend. freedom It was wonderful, not a disgrace at all. Good!! Well that’s pointless up to a half going to be sick, which means the police will get infected too. Just ignore the whole lot. Invite them to a rally at Randwick, lock the gates, wait until 1am, they will be hungry tired and will straggle home. Not fun, boring.

The empire has spoken Get the high profiles first - JohnRuddick2 TickTokMan etc They will squeal their hearts out if they are hit with big consequences. sydneyprotest SydneyLockdown GladysBerejiklian GladysB BradHazzard DavidElliott What did they expect would happen! The people need to find a new way to protest, a way that is powerful and can’t be shut down by nonsense laws. Surely someone can figure out how to herd the masses into a movement that can’t be stopped.

Lol ex wife was at one hmu SteveStricklan6 I wonder what Westpac & Channel10AU thinks of their employees endangering us all? COVIDIOTS antivaxxers sydneyprotest They can start with this guy

Live: Qantas flight attendant has Delta COVID variant found in Sydney outbreakActing Queensland Premier Steven Miles says people who flew on Qantas regional services with a Delta-positive flight attendant are being tested for COVID. Follow live. MSMWatchdog2013 Is the Hillsong plague fart fest still on this week Guys it's time to rename the variant from Delta, this is Made in Straya mate - please welcome our own ' The OiOi variant ' , it's a homerun hard to catch the virus but the virus can catch you anytime, anywhere with or without your consent.

Arrest and charge every single last one. That was unforgivable. Disgusting and inexplicable show of anarchy. Facial recognition software will go well flicking through their driver's license photos. 👍🏼 TROLLS 'NSWPolice has announced the formation of a strike force to identify and track down thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in Sydney' Great ! Smash these anarchists hard And smash them often... COVIDIOTS selfishmorons

I didn’t know white folks love COVID-19 so much they are actually having super spreader event. It’s like a covid Lollapalooza. PS: white folks, you do have the freedom to off yourself, you are doing the other race a favor. good, let's do that for the melb one too. Another person mentioned putting die in a canon and spaying them. Pretty easy to track them down after that. Morons.

Finally people are raising up. It is not to say that pandemic is not for real, just that cure is much worse than disease. In order to prolong lives of 90 year old people for few weeks, we are sacrificing lives, mental and emotional welfare of millions of young kids. I am 67. Mostly stupid uneducated people that believe in internet conspiracies... sad.

A new taskforce? Why not just use Pork Barilaro's Fixated Persons Unit? Or are they only for taking down journalists, assaulting people and attempting to kill dogs?

Australia news LIVE: NSW COVID cases grow, Victoria COVID cases grow, Sydney, Melbourne, Orange, SA lockdowns continue, Pfizer approved by TGA for kidsNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged under-40s in her state to consider getting vaccinated, Victoria appears on track to come out of lockdown next week and Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is sorry for the country’s sluggish vaccine rollout. Logical idea. Victoria too.

Put them in ICU and testing stations with no ppe. And see how tough they are then. Just go to Facebook, you’ll find them all there! Ridiculous! To be fair, the protesters general attitude is quite consistent with the incumbent govt moral code Here's a bloke....track him down. Do these people think COVID isn’t real?

We need a referendum on bringing back hanging😎 Idiots Put the footage up on a public website and let the rest of us help identify these terrorists Give yourself in JohnRuddick2

Australia news LIVE: NSW COVID cases grow, Victoria COVID cases grow, Sydney, Melbourne, Orange, SA lockdowns continue, Pfizer approved by TGA for kidsNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has urged under-40s in her state to consider getting vaccinated, Victoria appears on track to come out of lockdown next week and Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he is sorry for the country’s sluggish vaccine rollout. 👏 Thank you vaccine developers

LeipzigSyd Here is one nswpolice 👇👇 Everyone knows that Anthony_Mundine was there, with no mask because he is 'exempt'. I don't mind if these ones get treated like terroists someone tell them it’s not that hard, they were all live-streaming on tiktok QuentinDempster 👍👍👍👍 99% of NSW has not been out protesting. Overall this is a extremely small section of the population. The government has not lost control nor lost the support of the vast number of the NSW population. Yes many are angry that the lockdown was not called at the original breakout.

As long as the police don't put themselves at risk doing it. christians That’s great. Be safe nswpolice You shouldn’t have to put up with that shit. How? Perhaps they need support from JoeBiden? They’re still tracking down the rioters of the capitol.

laughable it simply won’t happen … same people will be applying for covid relief payments in a fortnight. Amazed they didn’t know it was gonna happen. Even the most dim in society seemed to know. Hope the police in Victoria do the same. Great tik tok man first This kind of trend started in the US and spread into other western nations. US is nothing but a very bad influence to the world! People, look out for your fellow citizens and stay safe from the pandemic! This Covid-19 is no joke and it is not a hoax.

Good make an example of John Ruddick nswpolice As was the case in Victoria will the MurStelloGutterMedia now plaster their mastheads with GestapoGladys Good job police force.Bring them to jail.They put the rest of residents of NSW to the highest risk because of thier selfish behaviour.

Hoping Victoria does the same thing to these selfish people. Here’s one . From FB . It was a fucking peaceful protest and the police held a guard of honour for all of us protesters. Get your facts right. I don't remember, did they organise a strikeforce for the blm protests in Sydney last year? Bet there's a lot of Facebook accounts having their settings changed right now...

Interesting headline there no doubt you will be standing on the wrong side of history. The ppl are starting to wake up. Alea iacta est Irresponsible behaviour and regrettable scenes on Sydney streets. It is time to pay heed to government advice to stay safe in this national emergency. Good! TikTok man was there too

Disaster is waiting. Results of opening borders with high risk countries. Great and can we please increase the fines. $1,000 for wilfully attending a super spreader event is woeful.

. nice. Now do BLM GladysB has lost control. NotSoTravelled 😂 anti lockdown protest nswpolice here's one. Thanks for the help JohnRuddick2 Imagine living in NSW , Absolute tyranny Good. Goodluck with that Check social media. Low hanging fruit.