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Strict lockdown making life ‘a lot more miserable’ for Blacktown’s residents

24/07/2021 5:40:00 PM

Blacktown Mayor Tony Bleasedale says the strict stay-at-home orders are going to make life “a lot more miserable” for the LGA’s “disappointed residents”.

2 hours agoBlacktown Mayor Tony Bleasedale says the strict stay-at-home orders are going to make life “a lot more miserable” for the LGA’s “disappointed residents”.Nevertheless, Mr Bleasedale insists the community understand they will need to play their part in beating Delta variant.

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“People are very disappointed with the ongoing pandemic and, of course, these restrictiosn mean life is going be a lot more tougher, a lot more miserable,” he told Sky News.“We understand the problem and I think Blacktown City Council and of course the residents themselves clearly understand that in order to get on top of this, we’ve got to be a part of the regulations, the plan to get rid of the virus and make sure people get the vaccine.

“It’s as simple as that, there’s no other solution.” Read more: Sky News Australia »

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Maybe not stay at home and spread this virus will make life a lot more miserable,,,,sheesh!!!!! Maybe if residents in his LGA followed the rules it would not need to happen. Maybe the Blacktown and Fairfield mayors should focus less on public whingeing and more on communicating to their constituencies that an unwillingness to stop household visits is the main reason for the mess we’re in.

Sky News promotes anti lockdown protests and propaganda. DitchMurdoch Then do the right thing when told. In the first place, not that hard Well of course one suburb is more important than another😎 That's what it feels like living under a dictatorship. No mincing words any more. It’s two weeks not 2 yrs

Mainstream media creating ‘fake news’ by ignoring Biden’s incoherent CNN addressPOTUS Incoherent? Maybe auditioning for a role on SAD? POTUS What a bubbling sad looking gut he is. The world is not a safer place because he is the president. You have to wonder who is really massing the decisions POTUS “Now I am not going to waste your time and mine by telling you every week that US President Joe Biden is not up to the job,” he said.' That's good. Read Kenny's next sentence. It didn't last long. 😒

PM’s poor polling due to a ‘perception of weakness’It's not 'perception'. He IS weak, hides when the going gets tough, spins rather than act, and is a terrible leader! No he is suffering from his own lies and arrogance...remember 'she can step aside or she can go' comment. Well Holgate must be enjoying the 'settlement' and the new job. ScottyTheBlameShifter makes Trump look like Einstein.

NSW premier ‘utterly disgusted’ by Sydney’s anti-lockdown protestGladysB Full force of the law like JohnBarilaroMP daughter didn't face? GladysB GladysB Welcome to North Korea mate

LNP ‘ready to take the fight’ to Labor after Springborg presidential electionComedy piece? Back to the future. Just shows the talent pool is pretty low

PM ‘let the genie out of bottle’ by forming National Cabinet: BishopWell he had to have a way to communicate in regard to the Quarantine he palmed off to them. Did he think it would be a one way street? ScottyDoesNothing ScottyTheBlameShifter Yes he should have remained an authoritarian spin Doctor, could you imagine the schmozzle we’d be in he and his Fed mates were actually running quarantine hotels and alike, best guess 20,000 probably deceased 😡😡😡 May not care much for Bronnie but on this she is absolutely correct.

Victoria ‘heading in the right direction’ for easing restrictions