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Warringah MP @zalisteggall says it is 'unprecedented that it’s so hot so early' and has called on the government to declare a climate change emergency.

11/09/2019 6:00:00 AM

Warringah MP zalisteggall says it is 'unprecedented that it’s so hot so early' and has called on the government to declare a climate change emergency.

Warringah MP Zali Steggall says it is 'unprecedented that it’s so hot so early' and has called on the government to declare a climate change emergency. \n\n'It’s only a first step, what we really need is a plan to decarbonise to net zero by 2050,” she told Sky News on Wednesday. \n\nMs Steggall said the government needed to listen to the emergency workers on the ground. \n\n'We had a number of fire brigade chiefs called out in April before the election... sending a warning that they didn’t feel we were prepared enough for, an increased threat as a result of climate change,” she said. \n\n“This isn’t just about me expressing an opinion, this is about listening to the experts.” \n\nImage: News Corp Australia

11/09/2019|5minWarringah MP Zali Steggall says it is "unprecedented that it’s so hot so early" and has called on the government to declare a climate change emergency. "It’s only a first step, what we really need is a plan to decarbonise to net zero by 2050,” she told Sky News on Wednesday. Ms Steggall said the government needed to listen to the emergency workers on the ground. "We had a number of fire brigade chiefs called out in April before the election... sending a warning that they didn’t feel we were prepared enough for, an increased threat as a result of climate change,” she said. “This isn’t just about me expressing an opinion, this is about listening to the experts.” Image: News Corp Australia

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zalisteggall Dear Zali there is no climate emergency. zalisteggall There there Sally, back to the aircon. zalisteggall You do understand that weather is different to climate yeah? zalisteggall Weather is climate now? What an in informed idiot this fake is. zalisteggall Dingbat zalisteggall It’s cool and windy in north coast NSW.

zalisteggall Go away you fraud. zalisteggall Then buy an electric vehicle Zali. Hypocrite zalisteggall She is a faith-based, religious, junk-science drone. zalisteggall Unprecedented? No, Zali. zalisteggall can Zali 100% prove that? Doubt it! zalisteggall Climate emergency = higher taxes and the “State” intruding into every aspect of our lives. It’s another step on the Left ‘s long march.

zalisteggall No it's not. Check the temp history. You're a silly person zalisteggall We have an extremely urgent Warringah MP change emergency! zalisteggall It’s the new thing. Idiots making the same statement in Canada too. Then they fly back to there home by jet. If it’s an emergency, which it’s not, why do they still drive a car, fly in planes, use air conditioning etc. sigh....

zalisteggall You’ve obviously stopped going to the snow- best season this year because it’s cold sill lady! zalisteggall Every Australian temperature EVER recorded. zalisteggall The Emergency Department has just been officialyy renamed The Cilimate Change and Global Warmings Emergency Department!!!!

zalisteggall Just jumping on the Clover bandwagon CE what a fraud. zalisteggall Zali you and your leftie mates banned burning off by bushies who know what they are doing, this and deliberately lit fires are responsible for the fires not global warming, you are a joke zalisteggall The Force of Stupid is strong around this one !

zalisteggall Most from all the hot air she generates. evcricket zalisteggall Best $25 I ever donated. Keep going zalisteggall, ignore the trolls. zalisteggall zalisteggall Declaring a climate emergency will be meaningless until we give a formal apology to the environment. Kev? Any chance? zalisteggall One word. “Bimbo”

zalisteggall Normal September. Actually, a bit cooler than normal later in the week. zalisteggall Another fool. Please bring back Tony. He was far more sensible, even when he was knighting people. zalisteggall PerisherResort just announced an extension of the ski season to mid October “the longest season in memory” pack your skis Zali.

zalisteggall Why is it that so many people use the term Unprecedented as if they were born yesterday? Perhaps it is that they are speaking to those who were pretty much born yesterday and they are too immature to recognize the BS. zalisteggall I call on Zali Steggall to provide some evidence for her outrageous claims if she expects to be taken seriously.

zalisteggall Is she wearing sunscreen and a hat. zalisteggall Hey dingleberry 'Bit hot today' is casual conversation, not a reason to bankrupt the country. zalisteggall It is an emergency, the usually level headed people of Waringah got it completely wrong by voting you in. We are sending a team to counsel the electorate for buyers remorse.

zalisteggall She's a joke. Almost everything we're being told is a lie. Not one of the climate change predictions has come true. Get off your self entitled high horse Zali and work for your electorate and cut the virtue signaling nonsense. zalisteggall What a clown she is 🤡 zalisteggall Zali it is bull dust

zalisteggall So while zalisteggall is moaning on about 'climate emergency ' the man she defeated in the election HonTonyAbbott is out fighting bush fires. I know who I would rather have in parliament zalisteggall Zali who? zalisteggall On the LSD again..... Trrripen zalisteggall Nonsense, it was hotter in the 1930’s just ask the BoM for their records that have recently been deleted from the internet. Ask for the original records, before they adjusted the figures. And for a continent as large as AU we only have 12 temp weather station with 100 yrs of data

zalisteggall zalisteggall It's starting to get dark here too..... should I be worried?!?!?! 🤪 zalisteggall Clown zalisteggall She's the Australian version of Alexandra Occasio Cortez, unfortunately. zalisteggall This woman is really putting her Olympic achievements in the shade isn’t she!!!! zalisteggall You would find it hard to expose a brain cell.

zalisteggall And what does she imagine can be done to prevent CC zalisteggall That's of my children was born in September. 17 yrs ago. The weather is exactly the same now as it was then. zalisteggall Not many trees in tha street Zali. zalisteggall Where's the evidence one term MP? zalisteggall Fake news printing fake news , you really are the enemy of the people and remember what Q said about not being able to walk down the street. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

zalisteggall Absolute rubbish. Lying again. zalisteggall But she won’t fork out any money herself to buy an electric car? So not that much of an ‘emergancy’ zalisteggall lol its a hoax you dim wit DrGCrisp zalisteggall Thank you Zali. The health profession has also declared climate health emergency & from a health point , urges immediate action on our ClimateCrisis . Children’s health is most threatened.They have least contributed but will pay the greatest price. This is a moral imperative

zalisteggall Someone voted her in 😂 zalisteggall Dingbat zalisteggal zalisteggall Zali Steggall is causing a bullshit emergency. zalisteggall zalisteggall What comes to mind... 🙄 zalisteggall There is no evidence in Local Councils, at a State Level, National Level or even Globally that there is an Emergency. We are part of a planetary living dying process...that is all.

zalisteggall I'm freezing my arse off near Canberra. zalisteggall Whats now Unprecedented is the mass hysteria of ignorance and stupidity lauded as virtue by a sick media. zalisteggall Ridiculous. Spring & Summer are always hot seasons in Australia. zalisteggall Facts or fark off. zalisteggall It’s not even factually correct.

zalisteggall zalisteggall A Steggal Chicken has more brains than Zali zalisteggall How was she elected? zalisteggall Some will say anything if it means they’ll make a few $$$. Media are no exception. 🤦‍♀️ zalisteggall How long have you lived in Australia Girl, FFS?. “Zali Baby Name. Origin and Meaning of Zali It is 2 syllables long and is pronounced ZAH-lee . Zali is baby name suited for a Girl, its origin is Hebrew,Polish and it has the following meaning(s). A form of Sara.”

zalisteggall Is she the weather girl now? zalisteggall What is the reason for bringing in Laura Jayne or whatever her name is. I enjoyed morning news on Sky as it was not biased. She is clearly biased to labor and the greens. Your news has become unbearable with her zalisteggall why is the taxpayer funding your crap!

zalisteggall Damn cold in Perth. Last 3 summers VERY MILD. Looks like another mild summer coming. Perth doesn't do climate bulls..t! zalisteggall First week of spring last year hit 36 here. Then it poured with rain zalisteggall Broken record zalisteggall Congratulations voters of Warringah from a prime minister to a raving lunatic well done.

zalisteggall Thats what you get when a deceitful GREENY is voted in under the guise of an independent Never trust a lawyer they are good at spin Just wish media would not give her air time Another KK zalisteggall 'Excuse me, Mr Sun...Australia has declared a 'Climate Emergency'...would you kindly stop beating down so hard in September...Oh and if you could have a word to Mr Cloud about making it rain that'd be great...BTW thanks for the great ski in years!! Oops...scrub that.

zalisteggall 🤣🤣🤣 zalisteggall Must be a lot hotter in Warringah than the rest of Australia Got the heaters on in coastal south NSW What a stupid statement ! The day after the media highlighted a fire danger the firebugs started gave them a green light Brainwashing kids zalisteggall If it is, then why haven't you requested a feesability study for wind turbines or a solar farm in Wentworth to supply Wentworth with coal free power ?

zalisteggall She’s telling the truth leave her alone 😜 zalisteggall I’m still waiting for the Ozone layer crisis of the 80s to kill the planet. What ever happened to that scenario? Oh that right, people forgot about it - not apart of the agenda anymore, Climate crisis averted. zalisteggall 😂😂😂 zalisteggall Oh is that why it was 7 degrees last night in Brisbane?🤔

zalisteggall 16 degrees Celsius in SE Qld right now, a crisp Spring morning, not even warm zalisteggall It’s bloody cold down south zalisteggall LNP has ABANDONED the words “Climate Change” they just can’t say it. Queensland Police Chief is SCAPEGOATING kids as 70 fires rage across the State. zalisteggall Silly woman, seems there's a power crisis because of overpriced useless non renewables

zalisteggall Good luck Zali. This mob are tin-eared to integrity and altruism. If it doesn't favour them it's a no-go area; and they especially don't listen to someone who stole one of their safe seats, no matter it got rid of one of their barnacles. But keep going Zali, the public appreciate zalisteggall 🤣🤣🤣 Sandwich short of a Picnic.

zalisteggall It’s very cold at my place in N West NSW. Still have the woolly jumper on. zalisteggall Just BS. The Left suck at Science zalisteggall What’s this Sheila on 😂 zalisteggall I think that Zali Steggall, Labor and the Greens should set the eg and ensure all of their air conditioners are turned off this summer in their offices.

zalisteggall Was cold on Gold coast yesterday. Pacific Ocean is same level it was 30 year's ago, I live next to the beach. zalisteggall Well its flippin freezing where i am...x zalisteggall When you have no idea but feel you need to say something.. Zali in competition with Greta, a battle of wits.. 🙄😳

zalisteggall It was the humans who said that spring comes in September and Summer comes in December. I am not sure that we told this to the seasons. In my short experience on this planet I have found that the seasons have a mind of its own. zalisteggall Steggall is a liar, a, fool While the former member for Warringah is placing his life on the line fighting bushfires This sham, fool is sprouting this shit Happy now Warringah ? voted in a good deal you fink! Hope the electorate goes further backwards!

zalisteggall The woman’s demented. zalisteggall Has anybody counted how many days till Zarli 'The Hypicrite' gets the sack and we can bring Tony 'the Firefighter' back? zalisteggall These people are waste of air. zalisteggall I dont know about warmth, September is still pretty cold and windy so far and average 16-17 degrees?

zalisteggall We need to call a vote of NO confidence on all politicians who continually push this orchestrated false narrative. Blatantly obvious Australian politics has been infiltrated. auspol zalisteggall No it’s not. zalisteggall The entire Australian temperature record in five minutes By this data, there’s not much warming in Australia since 1900.

zalisteggall zalisteggall zalisteggall It’s been bloody freezing zalisteggall Bloody freezing down south! zalisteggall Pull supply it's that simple zalisteggall LoopyMP, ClimateEmergency LOL zalisteggall Emperor & his clothes lol. zalisteggall Is she a chicken ? ( steggall) zalisteggall Since what recent decade (in earth's 4.6bn year history) is it unprecedented?

zalisteggall Its so bloody cold we really should be declaring a climate emergency zalisteggall zalisteggall Why give air time to this silly, alarmist woman? She talks hyperbolic nonsense. zalisteggall Unprecedented? Data please and from where and when zalisteggall good lord she's a blonde! zalisteggall Actually Zali it was hotter and more humid earlier last about you don’t preach what you don’t practice.......

zalisteggall zalisteggall This fool is a charlatan. She has nothing. She should enjoy her short, infamous stay in Parliament. zalisteggall I presume you have temperature records to back up that claim zalisteggall , I didn’t think so. Can I recommend a good book for you... see attached. TotalREProperty zalisteggall when was the last time Zali got hot 🔥

zalisteggall I’m the same year we have had record snow falls. zalisteggall zalisteggall She needs to look back in Australia's climate history before making statements 🙄 zalisteggall Meanwhile, Tony Abbott is out fighting fires as a volunteer as he has done for years. zalisteggall We should be calling a Steggall emergency 😂

zalisteggall Its actually been quite cold since Armageddon day. And today is very cold. We always get winds in August and it’s been dry. August is start of fire season. zalisteggall 1953🙄 zalisteggall She's nuts. zalisteggall Check out the record snow currently at our ski resorts. What an oxygen thief.

zalisteggall What utter nonsense. Short memory must have a....As baldy Garret once sang matthewhayden zalisteggall Perhaps if she drove an electric car we wouldn't question her sincerity so much. zalisteggall OMG who voted her in? zalisteggall That will do sweet FA, 8 of the fires lit by kids, that's not climate issues, that's parenting issues!

zalisteggall The only Emergency is in her skull. zalisteggall The climate changed on my weather app this morning when I was looking at it. Now so scared and nervous what should I do, who do I send all my money to, can anyone help? Oh no this is just......., zalisteggall Bludger zalisteggall Emergency this, emergency that....I'll tell you what an emergency is! Ive just run out of chardonnay!

zalisteggall Can she not afford air conditioning either? zalisteggall ClimateChangeHoax zalisteggall It ain't hot in Qld!! Cold mornings with a bite in the wind. zalisteggall Empty head zalisteggall Only emergency I can see it somehow an entire electorate suffered the same delusion last May that a decent caring man should be replaced by an idiot

zalisteggall Maybe that will get her an electric car? zalisteggall Was 13 degrees here there other day Snow fell near Armidale My god you’re not only hypocritical but disingenuous as well zalisteggall That is bull dust And you know it zalisteggall is it true you were once a barrister Steggall? I thought you had to be intelligent to be a barrister......makes me wonder now if you entered the profession by means other than your IQ.......

zalisteggall Umm I’m wearing a fleece top and jeans in Brisbane tonight. Warringah village have obviously released their idiot..... zalisteggall Gee still cold here in Melbourne town evcricket zalisteggall Zali. People wanting action on climate change probably got you elected. It’s your platform. Organise a march /rally people will attend. You can change the political landscape of this country. We need a leader zali. The people need someone to follow someone they can trust. Destiny

zalisteggall So Zali how will you reduce Sydney's temperature? zalisteggall Bullshit. I’m on the Gold Coast & the last few days has been like winter zalisteggall One trick pony. zalisteggall zalisteggall Oh news flash, Peregian Beach bush fires, two youths charged with starting fires. Climate Change absolved.

zalisteggall Phelps has gone, hopefully she’s next. zalisteggall Ex lawyer, now on $200k plus, can’t afford an EV. What’s missing here Zali? zalisteggall Zali...Warringah is a very windy place without the utterances of its local member. Sooo...Windfarms for Warringah...That will guarantee your re-election!!!:}

zalisteggall Based on what? Climate alarmist BS zalisteggall What a nut zalisteggall Steggall would be right. .D_LittleproudMP proved to be way out of touch saying climatechange is irrelevant regarding the fires. zalisteggall I love the climate deniers whaling in with their ‘but it’s cold where I live’ anecdotal BS. Whilst rainforest burns in a drought worse than those for 400 years in this country. Global warming due to climate change is real and alarming to the youth, who have to live with it.

zalisteggall zalisteggall Dear Zali, there is no climate emergency. zalisteggall more hot air zalisteggall You have to be both cute & blonde to be dopy & have a place in Australian politics, you are only one of the above. You will never be a Krissy K. zalisteggall Activists given spots to lead our country, the not so lucky country.

zalisteggall She really does talk some shit zalisteggall Yeh it actually been cold here in Northern NSW. So it's not accurate to say it's too hot too early. Tell her to bugger off and plant some wind turbines along the beach. climatechange is a natural cycle zalisteggall .... declaring a climate emergency will do exactly what?

zalisteggall More senseless propaganda ! zalisteggall What have you done for the people of Warribgha since being elected? zalisteggall zalisteggall zalisteggall zalisteggall Why does zalisteggall, believe the earth which is estimated to be 4.6 Billion years old, is only as old as she is and the climate needs fixing in her lifetime. This is just weather, nothing else. Would it suit her if the Earth did it a bit more gradually to suit her?

zalisteggall How will that stop other countries from polluting? We are only a very small fish the the pond.. zalisteggall Yet she drives around in a gas guzzler pathfinder give me a break zalisteggall Hahahaha zalisteggall I’m not sure what’s happening at Zali’s end of the peninsula but it’s bloody freezing down here at Palm Beach.

zalisteggall zalisteggall cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo zalisteggall Please provide unadulterated meteorological data to back your comment. zalisteggall Tony Abbott once bit into a raw onion. She’s better than him. zalisteggall Can’t we talk about something else? 6 or 7 years of the same BS! zalisteggall God she is a fruit cake it’s still snowing in places and she says it’s so hot early how can you take politicians seriously these days I can’t even remember the last time the government did something that makes life better for us aussies they are a joke I wish I was the PM

zalisteggall Unprecedented hey? I’m almost 59 & remember plenty of years when early Spring was way warmer than this nothot Maybe Zali was always in snow country so just thinks it’s hot compared to that. zalisteggall Its the same here. zalisteggall zalisteggall if leftarded greens allowed backburning and other proven fire mitigation strategies (aboriginies have been doing it for milenia) then this situation can be avoided. trees need co2. plant more and burn more- it’s that simple

zalisteggall Wheres is you proof of Climate Emergency, do not tell me Bush fires and storms. zalisteggall Yeah...Nag...I call BS on the chook.... zalisteggall Is that all she’s got zalisteggall ‘Unprecedented’ hottest Aug Temp 31.3 hottest Sept. Temp 34.6. Here’s the thing Zali unseasonal high temperatures are as normal as unseasonal cold weather. And BTW fires are caused by fuel and setting fire to it. Not CC you idiot.

zalisteggall Bring back Tony. I'm tired of this little independents demands. zalisteggall I have to say that Warringah resident are the laughing stock of Australia to vote this poor excuse of a politician over Tony Abbott, tsk tsk so very shameful and a waste of tax dollars. zalisteggall How did we end up with so many hysterical tools in political leadership? It cannot just be the indoctrination from the education department. The political parties themselves must be compromised by sociopathic lobbyists. Outsiders.

zalisteggall keating loved to say 'a dog returns to its vomit' same old juvenile scaremongering from labor lackeys labor tells the Big Lie labor to Sydney according to labors lying prophesies of doom and gloom Sydney should have drowned long ago zalisteggall Don’t Steggalls murder chickens 🐓 zalisteggall So Zali is the crossbench that Dicky DiNatalie said the Greens won support not much of a victory matey...Zali says its hot, I froze my balls off in Sydney on the weekend. and now freezing on Sunshine Coast Was she away or just stayed in the air cond home?

zalisteggall She really is a nutter. It’s been a cold September so far. There is no Climate emergency. CO2 does not affect temperature. How do we allow dummies like this to represent us? zalisteggall What is with these loony people? Climate Change, non-gender specific penguins, flat earth...the list of lunacy goes on and on.

zalisteggall 2 hot days with a moderate day in between and it’s unprecedented hot weather. Yes it’s dryer than last year, at this time, but it’s really not dryer overall than it was last year. Last year you didn’t have some young people lighting fires , when it was dry. That’s the difference zalisteggall Last weekend, early September, we had a 1/2m dump of snow in the Australian Alps.

zalisteggall What is that going to achieve? zalisteggall FGS just ignore her! zalisteggall A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially in the hands of the stupid. zalisteggall Really zali are you that stupid to believe the climate alarmists. Climate has been ever changing since the beginning of time

zalisteggall zalisteggall zalisteggall It is unprecedented, you could contribute by no spreading so much hot air. zalisteggall Wasn't it a record ski season in the Australian alps? Isn't she a skiing person? Would she not be aware of this? zalisteggall Qouting that it's cold in melbourne shows how many self declared 'experts' there are. If you don't know what you are talking about then why comment? People are dying and losing their homes because all of you greedy bludgers can't be bothered looking for another job.

zalisteggall We live in an ice age zalisteggall It’s only 22 degrees in Brisbane! That’s not hot by anyone’s standards! Where did we get this lunatic from? zalisteggall Alarmist publicity seeker. zalisteggall Steggall is a one hit show pony and will go the same way as Dr Phelps i.e. down the political drain!!

zalisteggall Just a dill!! What were you thinking voting this idiot in? zalisteggall It’s not bloody hot in SE Qld today 😂 zalisteggall zalisteggall Bullshit! It’s been a short winter and we’ve had them before! History repeats! This is your climate change! zalisteggall It's not hot in Qld. In fact it is quite chilly. Sick of BS story that this has been the warmest winter. Mackay eg has consistently had temps under 10 degrees. This is unusual for the north so should they call a climate cooling emergency.

zalisteggall Amazing what you know when you have never studied science. zalisteggall No it's not Zali. Please stop lying for political gain. zalisteggall Stop this clap trap. There is no climate emergency. If she really wants to reduce emissions then go to China, Indonesia, India, Russia and the Middle East because they are the real emitters

zalisteggall she is full of hot air zalisteggall Get past David 'Littleproud of nothing' first zalisteggall Really Has no idea. Poor thing... zalisteggall Its called spring you nickel head matthewhayden zalisteggall Which local brigade are you a member of Zali? zalisteggall It’s all hot compared to the snow she’s used to.

zalisteggall Australia used to employ water restrictions in times of drought and fire bans in the summer… how the mighty have fallen. zalisteggall Facts don’t matter zalisteggall zalisteggall Another nut case zalisteggall 😂 She's obviously been taking her scientific lessons from AOC zalisteggall Her chickens may come home to roost over that comment!

zalisteggall Sorry there is none. Listen to UN Undersecretary on Climate Change Christiana Ligueres has to say about using it as a ploy to destroy capitalism.. More likely personal freedom because all capitalism today is crony in my op. zalisteggall Not where l am. zalisteggall Lucky Ms Steggall is allegedly centrist right. Imagine the commentary if she was left leaning?

zalisteggall ridiculous zalisteggall Then What ? zalisteggall Zali, you’re very irresponsible. I expect this kind of nonsense from a zealot. Well, if the shoe fits.... zalisteggall zali zalisteggall It's been bloody freezing in Southern Australia so what does the idiot have to say about that zalisteggall Only 3 more years of her 👍

zalisteggall It's bloody freezing in Southern Australia. So what the idiot say about that? zalisteggall Zali is merely a puppet in this 'man made climate change scam'. Who is pulling her strings? Globalists have got to be removed. If Morrison pulled us out of the Paris Agreement it would send a strong message and shut this ridiculous rouse down.

zalisteggall Bring back Tony zalisteggall Was Zali paying attention to the weather in Sydney over the last few days? It was 11 deg where I live during the day zalisteggall Hey Zali I was freezing my arse off this morning and I was at Manly!!!! The only emergency is to get you away from beautiful Warringah before you destroy it!! Go do something constructive and volunteer to help the firefighters!!

zalisteggall Stood as an independent, but really a Greens stooge. zalisteggall Oh dear , you really are an oxygen bandit Zali. You would certainly give AOC a run for her money ! zalisteggall There should be a law against MPs making such blatant and easily disproved lies in public. zalisteggall So how's the hot 1965 CO2 levels compare with today's? How's the Warringah wind farm going or has the NIMBY effect surfaced? Maybe there should be a ZaliSteggallEmergency declared to warn innocents of someone framing a self-serving false climate catastrophe narrative.

zalisteggall She must stop eating fruit loops zalisteggall Question the hype. zalisteggall 😂😂😂 zalisteggall one term wonder! zalisteggall Where's the thumbs down for this one! zalisteggall Warringah voters you must be the dumbest people in aus zalisteggall Hot early - not where I am! zalisteggall Seriously ?

zalisteggall Can someone perhaps arrange a scientist & a whiteboard with a few helpful diagrams to drop by parliament. Climate 101 needed. Intelligent governance. What you expect. Still working out what the hell we got 🤔? zalisteggall this LNP Govt can not see or even beleave the climate is changing.

zalisteggall 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂 activist zalisteggall Will declaring a climate emergency in Australia stop China and India polluting so much that they undo any measures the west takes. Maybe tariffs on goods made by companies that off shore pollution there to get cheap labor. Expensive energy & Martyrdom is not an option.

zalisteggall Australia has a barking-mad crim-Labor emergency. zalisteggall Zali wants a ClimateEmergency but won't do her bit unless someone else pays Waringhah this is what you voted for. auspol zalisteggall There is not an emergency get off what ever your smoking zalisteggall She should read some history as she could not be more wrong.

zalisteggall We have had a lovely cool winter this year in tropical Townsville. It's been fresh since mid May. I recall a family holiday on the Sunshine Coast in August about 12 years ago where it was 38C a few days in a row (in Winter). Please stop with this hysterical nonsense! zalisteggall Oh, FFS 😩

zalisteggall Only once she has an electric car and is fully off the grid. zalisteggall 🤦🏾‍♂️ zalisteggall What exactly is a climate change emergency? No solutions just stupid follow me comments from europe echoed in Australia. Do something purposely that will help Australia. zalisteggall Quick call 000.

zalisteggall How many days until the next federal election now? I’m sure the people of Warringah must know by now that they put their bet on a dud. zalisteggall Ahhh...Zali, it's not hot today in SEQld. It's the weather, it changes. zalisteggall 🙄😴 zalisteggall Hottest Sydney Sept day on record was 34.6 in 1965. This year the hottest has been 28.8 and is ranked 6th hottest ever. This is not unprecedented, there is no climate emergency.

zalisteggall How many of these Idiots have shares in renewables. zalisteggall Zali really shows that she has no idea zalisteggall no its not. zalisteggall Notice they can't tell us how to do it. zalisteggall Has she only just moved to Australia? 😂😂😂 zalisteggall Does Steggall know what unprecedented means?

Precious water is being traded like 'bars of gold, silver or bitcoins' | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Kenny says it’s hard to comprehend how ‘such a precious life force as water could be held and traded like bars of gold, silver or bitcoins’. \n\nInvestors are reportedly hoarding billions of litres of water in attempts to hike up the cost of the commodity –crippling Australia’s already struggling agriculture industry. \n\nMr Kenny said it was “frustrating and complicated” and called on the federal and state governments to 'deliver more clarity and fairness in the way our water is managed'. \n\n“At times like these, we see speculators making money out of others’ hardships and the more scarce the resource, the higher the price,” he said. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia water must be made free to ALL Australian owned Farms, then to some minimal amount to business owned farms for a cost to the business, then remainder for the environment, greens to get zero Don’t tell him about futures markets for all sorts of agricultural products then Funny I don't recall him criticising Taylor and Joyce for 80 million in tax dollars for water that didn't exist 😂

Cost of Australian housing driving inequality | Sky News AustraliaThe poorest fifth of Australian workers are pouring more of their income into housing costs than ever before.\n\nAnalysis from the Grattan Institute shows 29 per cent of incomes were spent on housing costs, up from 21.9 per cent in 1995. \n\nFor the richest fifth, in 2018 9.4 per cent of gross income was spent on housing costs, compared to 9.3 per cent in 1995. \n\nDisposable income also grew twice as much for the richest Australians when compared to the nation's poorest.\n\nImage: Getty No no SloMo said there is no inequality.

Labor lawyer to give evidence at ICAC hearing | Sky News AustraliaLabor lawyer Ian Robertson will give evidence at Monday’s ICAC hearing into a suspected illegal $100,000 donation to the NSW Labor branch. \n\nMr Robertson was accused of telling suspended secretary general Kaila Murnain to keep quiet about a meeting with then-Labor MP Ernest Wong about the donation. \n\nMs Murnain claimed Mr Robertson promised he would not bill her for the meeting in an effort to keep details surrounding the donation quiet – claims his barrister has rejected. \n\nMr Robertson’s barrister produced an invoice to the inquiry with a bill for 'telephone discussions and meeting with Ms K Murnain concerning political donation issues'.\n\nMr Robertson will share his version of events when he takes the stand on Monday. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia Talk about foreign influence I MIGHT HAVE TO HAVE A CHAT ABOUT CORRUPTION WITH IAN ROBERTSON SOON

British Airways pilots to walk off job in biggest strike in airline's history | Sky News AustraliaBritish Airways pilots are walking off the job for 48 hours, forcing most flights to ground and disrupting the travel plans of more than 250,000 passengers. \n\nThe two-day strike is predicted to be the biggest in the airline's history, costing an estimated $180 million in lost revenue. \n\nA quarter of a million passengers have been told not to travel on Monday when the two days of industrial action begins. \n \nImage: AP That will make Harry & Megan happy will allow them to make a few more flights

Grave fears for Perth man missing at sea | Sky News AustraliaThere are grave concerns for a 57-year-old man believed to have fallen overboard off the WA coast. \n\nThe Perth man was on a recreational boat with his wife and friends when he fell overboard about 4pm on Sunday. \n\nWhen passengers noticed he was missing, the skipper alerted water police and a major sea search got underway involving 12 boats and four aircraft. \n\nThe search continues on Monday.

House prices could 'go through the roof' with three-year high buyer demand | Sky News AustraliaMarket analyst Evan Lucas says buyer demand is currently at a three-year high and “if it keeps holding the way it is, prices will really go through the roof”. \n\nMr Lucas told Sky News the number of lending applications had soared in recent months, “which does show demand is back up”. \n\n“There's no doubt the housing market has been moving; the question now is whether supply comes back on the market,” he said. \n\nImage: Getty Hahahaha dumb money believed the main stream media about the bottom of the market, enjoy negative equity in the recession next year... ColetteFulham1 Only because supply is being held back.