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.thebettinaarndt joined RitaPanahi, rowandean and pwafork in the first episode of Outsiders for 2020 to celebrate her Australia Day honour for services to gender equity.

Activist and author Bettina Arndt says “when feminism tipped over into advocating for women at the expense of men, I wasn’t interested”. Ms Arndt was awarded an Australia Day honour for her social commentary on gender equity through advocacy for men. Speaking on Outsiders, Ms Arndt said society is “badly tilted in favour of women, disadvantaging men in all sorts of areas.

” “I spent nearly 30 years as a social commentator, mainly on gender issues and increasingly talking about the male point of view,” she said. “Feminism for me was about a level playing field, equality for men and women. “I celebrate the achievements of women and we’ve never had a more privileged group of women in our society, but let’s offer fair treatment for men too.” Image: News Corp Australia


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MsandristBuster thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork ...says the money-grabbing entrepreneur to recruit more disciples.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Sky. Doing a great job provoking extreme right nutters.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork We are happy for Bettina Arndt to be rewarded but every single case of gender inequality is individual. Unfortunately global movements do not help anyone. They just add to the divides in an undiscriminating political way. Try preaching that we are all human beings!

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork There are situations where you just can laugh at the stupidity of some humans! 😅 😂 😅 😂

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork absolute cesspit of panelists

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Great interview. Bettina, many more blessings your way. Such a true remarkable fair lady. Thanks

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Sky News - news you cannot trust - how else could it be with a line up of Bolt, Jones, Kenny, Dean, Bishop, Murray, Richardson, Arndt, Devine, Panahi, Albrechsten, etc A long list of extreme right wing conservatives who preach denial. Not slightest sense of balance

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Though these dinosaurs reject gender equality! Oh, gender equality according to Murdoch Propaganda! 😊😊👍🏿Got it!

pwafork thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean

pwafork thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean do ritapanahi rowandean and pwafork support a woman who sympathises with a convicted paedophile?

pwafork thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean How did Rita weasel her way onto Sky as a former ALP member....Mundine did it via his father in law Gerard Henderson

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Agree! Those overwhelming numbers of bloody women in Chairman & Board positions, PM, Premier & Govt Ministerial roles, Media hosting roles ...the list is endless. Just not in this lucky country.....gimme a fckn break!

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork The femscreech surrounding the announcement of her award tells us all. Hissing buffoons.

AlwaysTrueBlue1 thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork From WA thank god you are back on air suffered prolonged ABC biest abuse and rhetoric,my sanity is returning. ............To Bettina Arndt: Congratulations on your award. Keep up the GOOD fight. Cheers.

marianne_born thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork The bravest woman in Australia, she should be given a VC for taking on the army of men-hating feminists, almost single handed for many decades.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Way more men commit suicide than women. They tend to do the physically hard jobs and more of them go to war. They invariably are the losers in custody disputes. Their lives are not cake walks. Women's lives aren't either but why pitch one against the other? We are all humans.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork When this settles, if any of the issues she speaks about remain topics, then this award has done enough.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork The Paedophile Appreciation Show. Sounds great!

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork They're handing out honours to pedo lovers now?

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork wow, all the people celebrating her gong in one place. Didn't know your studio was that small.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Please contact the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat requesting it be revoked under section 4 of the Terminations and Cancellations Ordinance on the grounds it could bring the order into disrepute.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Well theres a motley crew of the lowest elements of humanity

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork A lineup of conservative sociopaths...

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork So if society is badly tilted in favour of women then I assume you will reject this medal. You are one of those women, I believe.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork How do you create equality? You have to take a little, and give a little. This is basic math.

thebettinaarndt RitaPanahi rowandean pwafork Welcome to the program!

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