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Social distancing 'common sense' needed as public transport network braces for commuter return

Social distancing 'common sense' needed as public transport network braces for commuter return

21/05/2020 11:20:00 PM

Social distancing 'common sense' needed as public transport network braces for commuter return

South East Queensland's public transport network will face a key coronavirus social-distancing test with all Queensland students to return to the classroom on Monday.

Key points:Public transport patronage has plummeted by 77 per cent during the pandemicMembers of the public need to help ensure there is social distancing on public transportCommuters are not allowed to use cash to buy a ticketIn New South Wales, the State Government announced maximum numbers of passengers on buses and trains.

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However, Queensland Transport Minister Mark Bailey said there was currently no need to introduce capacity limits here and commuters needed to use "common sense".Mr Bailey said patronage on public transport had plummeted by 77 per cent during the pandemic, and even with school returning in full, social distancing was not a problem.

"There is no issue at the moment in terms of social distancing — there is a lot of space there for people," Mr Bailey said."[Quotas] is not something that we believe is necessary at this point, and the risk in Queensland is considerably lower than New South Wales where community transmission is much more common.

"We're cognisant of the fact that when schools go back fully next week there will be an increase in passengers, but again, people are not going to just go back to how they worked before."University of Queensland virologist Ian Mackay said Queensland appeared to be keeping the situation under control, and while children could be infected with COVID-19, they seemed to be affected less severely.

"The experiment goes on with us returning back to normal, as much as we can, while keeping that physical distance," Associate Professor Mackay said.Patronage levels will be monitored. Read more: ABC News »

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