Shorten accuses Liberals of 'American-style fake news campaign'

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'This government is so desperate they will try and create a ridiculous death tax scare”. 9News

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Bill Shorten has accused the Liberal Party of running a "low-rent, American-style fake news" campaign on a "ridiculous death tax scare".

The Labor party wrote to Facebook yesterday claiming misinformation was deliberately being spread on the social media platform.The message the ALP complained to Facebook about, read: "Labor, the Greens and Unions also have signed an agreement to introduce a 40% inheritance tax. Everything you own cannot go to your kids or next of kin at death 40% goes to the govt. Please share this with all your friends.

Attached to the message was a link to a genuine, but old, media release from Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.Last night, the Liberal Party strenuously denied there being any link between the Treasurer, the party and the Facebook posts. This morning the Labor leader went on the offensive, pointing the finger of blame squarely at his political opponents.

"This government is so desperate they will try and create a ridiculous death tax scare," he told reporters in Melbourne.

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Don't worry under a Shorten Gov't no one will have any money left when they die, so death taxes would be futile.

Unfortunately for Shorten, we don't believe him.

A parliament with the Greens holding the balance of power won't introduce death taxes? Is this a promise, or just one of those politician guarantees?

I'd vote for the dude in the background before silly Bill

The scary part is it’s actually possible that they could reinstate it I suggest that everybody looks at their family looks at what it would cost them to reinstate this tax there was a reason it was abolished

That's a forever patent get btyem jibs and get people drinking clean water with your own free social networking Page

He probably doesn't know ......

Can hardly blame ppl for being concerned. The Greens want a death tax. The unions want a death tax. We all know Labor's beholden to both. Is this Shorten's 'There'll be no carbon tax under a govt I lead' ?

One thing thats not fake news is the extra taxes and loss of super I'll be getting if shorten gets in . They used to represent the working class, not anymore!

There they are, the roll call of Labor & Fabian Society. 'Soft' communism, they say. Won't be long before there's plenty of cadres vetting the newsroom.

Bill Shorten will destroy the economy. He is unqualified to be PM !

Mr Fake calling the kettle black. (Apologies if offending anyone by the reference to the colour of the kettle.)

Yes I know... and all those lies about Medicare as well... oh wait... that was you...

Medi scare ring a bell fuckwit?

Appalling journalism. Channel 9 is showing their socialist leaning again. Surely being a respected channel is paramount.

billshortenmp so are you going to guarantee that AustralianLabor WONT be introducing this tax?

What:? Like.mediscare? People don't forget the lies and deceit from Labors last campaign.

Unions want death taxes...Bill is a Union Man....let’s see who wins!

No shorten we don’t trust you

loony park jokers and thieves would implement such a ie f'k this country up its $ thieving scheme.. and why would some loathsome fools want to, if(!) they were to [later], that is DEATH TAX = HAD A TEXT = AXED THAT = HATED TAX and f'k off..

U mean the one yr union master Sally wants?

We know who the fake news are, report the truth channel 9

Can we just sack all these Polly’s & start again..... honestly bunch of dinosaurs 🦕 are so out of touch, corrupt & beyond ignorant....

Still a death tax. Why not be more efficient and spend less. No need for more taxes then. All govts are very wasteful! FinancialReview YahooFinanceAU tax

Labour is full of s***t

Like Medi scare 🤪🤪🤪

Bill blah blah blah

Which one's the Luna Park face?

Why aren't you asking the tough questions like is labor going to remove Health Fund Rebate? Billy let it slip the other that would be TOO hard if your already in the tank for labor

The bad Photoshop on this thread is hilarious.

He says it is fake but doesn't assure us there won't be an inheritance tax under his watch.

Have you checked your own party Bill Shorten? It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find that’s where it came from.

You can't believe anything Shorten ever say's. Don't be fooled, if they get elected out comes the mandate word then lookout for the Loony left to go ballistic.

A scare campaign huh? You mean like Mediscare? You sound rattled BS

Is that anything akin to your Mediscare strategy Bill ?

Seriously why are peopl even voting for this out and out liar. Just no substance

Labors Mining tax fail Pink bats fail Deaths at sea fail Budget surplus fail Rudd Gillard fail Education revolution fail 200 billion extra tax fail Carbon tax fail Death TAX Labor BillshortenGangGreens destroy Australia Keep LaborOut put Labor last Vote Liberal first

It would be easier and quicker to list what labour and their supporters haven't accused people of.

So I assume labor is putting the greens last on their how to vote cards. 🧐

I understand what your saying - it is same as Mediscare!? 🤔

The Greens are also tossing around the idea of a capital gains tax on your family home.......if Labor gets in I can assure you this will be on the agenda


Taxing inheritances has been well stated on Labor documents and web pages for a considerable time. The Greens have often openly stated they want it. Shorten is full of 💩 on this one, and he knows it!

Unlike Labor’s Medicare Campaign last election 🙄

Labor, the party responsible for Mediscare campaign last election, complaining about FakeNews auspol19 AusVotes2019 ausvotes19

The Australian electorate is smart enough not to Vote you in mate......can't believe a word you do more backflips than an Olympic Gymnast ......whatever the Greens tell you to will do just to stay PM and sell the County out

Hypocrisy at its highest level, surely he’s taking the piss....

Bill Shorten and Labor.....happy to dish out lies and scare campaigns....but start crying when its done to them.......the Australian electorate is not stupid.....they see you and your party for who you guys are

Have you denied it Bill......ummm no

He might have a point here Bill.He is well qualified to comment on fake..and scare tactics

Yet it’s their ads that are attacking liberal.

a trained chimp could lead the ALP to victory this time

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