Sexist, racist and homophobic: why I'm glad larrikin humour is gone

Sexist, racist and homophobic: why I'm glad larrikin humour is gone | @Valentine702


Sexist, racist and homophobic: why I'm glad larrikin humour is gone | Valentine702

Modern humour is so much sharper than the dim-witted, offensive set-pieces of old. So put a bloody sock in it, Davo.

My memory of this humour was it was often delivered by a bullying bloke who had a collection of set pieces he rattled off to other blokes.

The old humour was tediously unoriginal. What was considered funny was not the comeback, the sprightly observation delivered on the fly, the hilarious insight that punctured pretension or pomposity; what was regarded as funny were set pieces. There were also set phrases:

Fleabag, The Death of Stalin, Veep, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

– not trying to be funny, but so full of joy. There's a million posts and threads on Twitter, a cascade of memes commenting on themselves commenting on themselves, the bizarreness of Tik Tok, Wil Anderson, Shaun Micallef, Kitty Flanagan, Anne Edmonds, Denise Scott and a hundred others who attract thousands to the Melbourne and Sydney Comedy festivals and fill the clubs the rest of the year.

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Valentine702 Yes agree! Valentine702 I agree some of that old humour was unfunny and in poor taste, but some modern comedy is also bad - just for different reasons Valentine702 It's precisely this kind of joyless virtue signalling puritans that have killed comedy. Completely killed it. Valentine702 All those *comedians* are dry as burnt toast. Far from funny. Hannah Gadsby? That's a joke itself. Many still love the sexist, racist, homo jokes, even if they're the brunt of it.I get called chocko & I know there's no malice. Water off a ducks back. Those offended harden up.

Valentine702 You mean funny? You’re glad funny comedy has disappeared? Valentine702 It still happens, now it’s a Jew telling a Jew joke, a coloured person telling a joke about a person of colour and so on. What jokes do you tell? Valentine702 Whenever Barry Humphries is mentioned I can't help thinking more Australians should give his character Sandy Stone a go. Freely available on YouTube.

Valentine702 Humour is a very personal thing. No one can tell you when to laugh or what’s funny. It’s entirely up to the individual Valentine702 James Valentine has fallen victim to one of the classic blunders: to think the things you're most familiar with are 'so rich, so varied, so complex', but the things you're least familiar with (like the past, other people, other societies) are as simple as a stereotype.

Valentine702 It's not gone. Sorry to break it to you Valentine702 Clearly written by someone who has no idea what parody or satire is.

TV star on sexist chants, stolen nudesItalian TV presenter Diletta Leotta has laughed off sexist chants made by Napoli fans as a joke, insisting it was all a “misunderstanding”. Lucky susie o'brien didnt hear about this 😆 foxsport sign her up immediately!!

Valentine702 The reason it’s gone is because it’s not funny Valentine702 Now we have the humour Germans enjoy. Valentine702 We aren't. Valentine702 Thank you James Valentine702 for reminding us of the vile and vulgar racist sexist Aussie larakin’ ‘humour’! Maybe the abcnews ABCIndigenous should read this and pass onto Ita!

Valentine702 Privatise the ABC so that deadwood like Valentine can be gone. Valentine702 so they will also cut out all comedy about white people Valentine702 Male feminist. Valentine702 So satire and irony are dead..... Valentine702 It's not gone, it's all over skynewsaust. Valentine702 Not sure I agree with using Sir Les here. He's a caricature of the thing we are objecting to. A disgusting caricature that highlights the problem.

'I'm not going to let him get away with it'For the first time, US presidential candidate Joe Biden has said that President Donald Trump must be impeached for abusing the powers of his office to help his own re-election. The FakeNewsMedia & corrupt at it again! Are you bunkered in until the end? Or will you try to save face? TruthMatters TheGreatAwakening Qanon President Trump true to his words 'though I do not condone his actions' is doing what he promised to his followers. And what about Bidens spokesperson who admits Obama KNEW about the corruption channel9 - soon you are going to have to choose a side - deepstate or the truth Many Australians are now awake... and know you are consistently reporting FAKE NEWS

Valentine702 Veep is brilliant. But not really sure it meets your definition of why larrikin humour is gone. Own goal there sir. Valentine702 Diversity & Inclusions 🤪🤪🤪 Valentine702 We live in sad times. Valentine702 Valentine702 So you can only be a larrikin if you use vile, ill tasted humour that you have cherry picked in your article 🤦🏻‍♂️ Lighten up champ.

Valentine702 Les Paterson is a discusting character but thats the point. It is a characterisation of men like him Valentine702 James, you clearly have place, but I don't listen or watch because your humour too predictable & constant irony is not my cup of tea. We need to make fun of the ABC & feminists - everyone needs to be poked fun at. No PC; no off limits. Oh I'm too old. For you, 'fey' is the label.

Valentine702 Well there goes all comic material... Valentine702 but i bet you laugh at jokes making fun of old white men though... Valentine702 it's all funny - and comedy can stomp on all subjects, as it should

TV star on sexist chants, stolen nudesItalian TV presenter Diletta Leotta has laughed off sexist chants made by Napoli fans as a joke, insisting it was all a “misunderstanding”. Lucky susie o'brien didnt hear about this 😆 foxsport sign her up immediately!!

Water park’s bikini ban sparks angerA popular theme park has been labelled “sexist” after banning women from wearing skimpy swimwear at its family friendly park this summer. Another sexist outcry based on the jealousy of a fat cow who could never wear a bikini 👙 it’s not the slim chicks fault some have to shop at tent city for swimwear Oh what? Women & girls can't do exactly what they want without attracting mild censure? Oh, what is the world coming to? What's wrong with objectification? I mean as long as a woman is doing it? And men promise not to look? LookAtMe DontLookAtMe Offended for sure...

Simmons breaks internet with 3-pointerLadies and gentlemen, it finally happened! 9WWOS NBA

'The mystery is gone': Michael Parkinson says his celebrity chat show would not work todayLegendary talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson on the changing nature of celebrity, the most charming person he's met, and why he wouldn't say no to interviewing Donald Trump. why interview Parkinson? do you forget his interview with Helen Mirran?

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