Scott Morrison understands normal people want a boring government

Comment: Scott Morrison understands normal people want a boring government, writes @cuhlmann


Comment: Scott Morrison understands normal people want a boring government, writes cuhlmann

If the PM can put a steady hand on the tiller it will be a blessed relief from the jarring captaincy of the last decade.

Play video Waking to a bright sunny day and making your way to its end without accident or incident is actually the heartfelt wish of the sane. Happily, for most of its time since Federation, Australia has been among the most boring nations on earth, which is why so many people from more interesting places are desperate to flee here. Advertisement Consider the relative fortunes of Australia and Argentina since 1900. Then both were among the most prosperous countries of the world, were resource rich and had almost identical wealth per person. They continued along much the same path until 1930, when the South American nation suffered the first of its five coups. Loading Add endemic corruption and a financial meltdown striking the South American nation like a metronome every decade and today GDP per capita in Argentina is less than one quarter of Australia’s. The difference? We mastered boring, stable institutions and predictable politics and they didn’t. Thirty years ago an old Treasury hand demanded I nominate the most important section of the constitution. I fumbled about with the shards of it I knew until he held up his hand. “It’s a boring bit,” he interrupted. “Section 83: ‘No money shall be drawn from the Treasury of the Commonwealth except under appropriation made by law.’ That means the use of taxpayers’ money is transparent. In South America people see their officials driving Ferraris and think, ‘They stole my money,’ and that makes their countries unstable.” Australia might be entering its 29th recession-free year but since the beginning of 2010 the nation has been wracked by years of interesting politics that saw four prime ministers dispatched. It was a break from normal programing that baffled the rest of the world. In 2011 I interviewed the then New Zealand prime minister John Key. As it ended he removed his microphone from his jacket and asked me a question, “why is everyone in Australia so angry?” “I look at your fundamentals and the economy is good. So what’s the problem?” Former New Zealand prime minister John Key. Credit: Fiona Goodall It was a great question and historians will spend decades trying to untangle the answer. And that was just at the beginning of the troubles. As the years rolled on more prime ministers would fall and the anger would grow. Since the May election we have sailed from the tempest into calm waters and now people are complaining that government is dull. If you want interesting go to Boris’ Britain or Trump’s America and ask the people there how they are enjoying the ride. Loading I suspect the silent majority is actually enjoying the sound of silence out of Canberra. Most Australians don’t engage in the totemic outrage on Twitter. It is a measure of nothing. Normal people would rather get on with the task of, hopefully, making an uneventful path from sunrise to sunset. For many that isn’t easy and their simple wish of the government is it not make the task any harder. The community had been unsettled by years of political infighting and Scott Morrison understands that. Look at the soothing words he is using: predictability, certainty and stability. They are underrated virtues. If trust is to be restored in federal politics – and that is a big if – then it must begin from a baseline of stability. It does not mean the Prime Minister can coast and he will need to find purpose for his government in time, but a steady hand on the tiller will be a blessed relief from the jarring captaincy of the last decade. History tells us every opposition has two principal complaints about government: it is either not doing enough of something or it is doing the wrong thing. In the absence of a plan then, studied inaction has always been a conservative virtue. If you really pine for interesting politics there is always the Labor Party. The party is busily rending its garments over trying to work out how to rebuild after the election and there seem s to be any number of prescriptions for revival. Some are already muttering about the leader. Then there is the NSW branch of the ALP, which is currently so interesting someone might go to jail. Right now government is boring and opposition is hard. Do not adjust your sets, we have returned to normal service. Chris Uhlmann is political editor for Nine News. Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald

CUhlmann What does “normal “ mean when applied to people- “stupid”, “apathetic”, unthinking”? CUhlmann CUhlmann Scomo has a boring face like his government. CUhlmann Accountable government. CUhlmann & a Mediocre , useless , Mad Religious right dodgy , Human Rights Abusing , Bigoted , Hopeless Dishonest LNP Govt , yup , Australia voted for it

CUhlmann Wow ..facile CUhlmann Nah. Normal people want a Government that isn’t corrupt to its boot laces while attempting to fleece the disadvantaged. auspol CUhlmann CUhlmann No. We want a government that looks after people, industry, and produce. Having a surplus is great, but not at the expense of the above.

CUhlmann I’m sure this is right - too many people want to maintain the status quo!! CUhlmann No we don’t! We want one that shows compassion, honesty and integrity, has foresight, and can make intelligent decisions that are right for the country. We don’t want one that dithers until the next election, while they feather their own nests.

Scott Morrison slams Leigh Sales for ‘absurd’ questionScott Morrison has dismissed an “absurd proposition” from 7.30 host Leigh Sales suggesting the government’s focus on achieving a surplus “undercut” the Reserve Bank’s attempts to stimulate the economy. The world is fast becoming a cashless society so what is the problem here? Is it okay for the recipient to take their welfare to the pub and have a few schooners whilst having a punt? leighsales continually projects such a cold and tough image that it makes her quite unlikeable. I imagine if you put the right outfit on her she could be an Aunt from Handmaid's Tale. Lighten up.

CUhlmann He has no idea what anyone wants. He's just feathering his own nest while he can before the jackals turn on him. ScottMorrisonMP CUhlmann Morrison has no idea what ‘normal’ people want. By ‘normal’ does he mean those not politically engaged? The so called quiet Australians who will accept a boring govt? Does that make the politically aware, who want action from this govt, abnormal? I’m happy to wear that label.

CUhlmann CRAP... CUhlmann Chris’s articles are a bore CUhlmann Glad I decided not to get a SMH subscription. CUhlmann So because it is lawful now (30 yrs later) to flush money from treasury to donors companies it is ok? No ministers or their families are receiving money from donors? CUhlmann they want one that does as it's told. They want people initiated referenda and plebiscite votes. They won't mass immigration stopped immediately.

CUhlmann Instead we get corruptionfatigue CUhlmann Anyone read this? Is the headline right here? If it is then I couldn’t be effed clicking through. CUhlmann No! I want a competent government with some good, effective policies.

Scott Morrison says he's 'puzzled' by opposition to plans to drug test welfare recipientsPM Scott Morrison has strongly defended his government's plans to drug test the unemployed, saying it was 'unkind' to suggest it was a cost-saving exercise auspol Oh dear i see Latika is on the 9 media LNP express It won’t cost save it will be a cost blowout to do all the testing 😒 Morrison is disgusting.

CUhlmann He understands himself. Who is he to define 'normal people' CUhlmann How about a government that gives a shit about all its citizens, not just the fking rich? CUhlmann ‘Normal’ people? CUhlmann No we want an honest one and an honourable one CUhlmann Uhlmann has always been boring and more so now with his LNP biased regurgitations

CUhlmann oh CUhlmann I think you mispelt “compliant people”. By the way, how is your shameless spruiking for nuclear power going? Have you landed a lucrative lobbyist gig yet? CUhlmann Boring quickly becomes stagnant, which becomes dysfunction and poverty. It just takes a bit of foresight to understand this but there's apparently none at all, especially where it matters. auspol

CUhlmann Then why is his govt so full of clowns? CUhlmann Fiascos are not boring. CUhlmann SMH is shit.

Scott Morrison says he's 'puzzled' by opposition to plans to drug test welfare recipientsThe PM has strongly defended his government's plan to drug test the unemployed, saying it was 'unkind' to suggest it was a cost-saving exercise | latikambourke latikambourke How could it be a cost saving exercise. The plan won’t remove payments from anyone. latikambourke On ya Scomo Test em today👍💕 latikambourke Paternalistic nonsense in Morrison’s mind everyone on welfare is incapable of making good choices when it comes to money and lifestyle... Of course more going onto the Indue card isn’t a bad thing either

CUhlmann Uhlmann reminding us how far up LiberalAus's arse his head will fit. CUhlmann No. We want a government that works to make life better for the people AlboMP CUhlmann CUhlmann Uhlmann confirming as a journalist he’s proving to be about as useful as tits on a bull CUhlmann Is normal the same as quiet? Australia must be populated by a lot of abnormally noisy people then

CUhlmann No, we don’t want a boring government- we want a good government! CUhlmann We want an honest and compassionate government. auspol CUhlmann He’s wrong and his government isn’t boring it’s just corrupt, and he’s a facist. Stop enabling corrupt politicians. complicit CUhlmann The governments job is to look after Australian people! Thats it! That is why left wing bullshit talkers will never be in power because they put Australians last

CUhlmann Normal people don’t read

Scott Morrison defends expansion of cashless welfare cardPrime Minister Scott Morrison says further improvements to the cashless welfare card might be needed as the Government will soon try to pass legislation to extend the debit card to the Northern Territory and the Cape York Peninsula. They will be able to milk this for years. Every time a distraction is required, extend the scheme to yet another group of people. How does he defend the depleting of funds to many rural hospitals , especially those not in a LiB held electorate This guy has blood on hands from two ex PMs , from Manus and from rural hospitals Never any transparency ,never any protocol and never any proper procedure

CUhlmann But, who is normal, in his view? Also, is a 'boring' Government one that cannot fulfil its function, steals money from Australians on an hourly rate, and turns a blind eye to corruption? CUhlmann If by “boring” you mean mesmerised, transfixed, struck dumb, paralysed, hubristically absorbed, neutered, rendered incapable of focussing attention on anything than the ongoing culture war that only they are fighting, then I suppose yes, it is boring

CUhlmann Mendacious mediocrity CUhlmann I don’t want a boring government. I want an edgy, exciting, brave government who want to try new ideas and do something about the state of the economy and the state of the rivers and the state of the people. Stuff boring. DO SOMETHING. CUhlmann People want a practical government that gets the job done with logic in mind.

CUhlmann I think you’ll find if u look Scott Morrison that’s exactly what thinking Australians don’t want. They want policies & action. Don’t kid yourself u & LiberalAus can get away with being lazy. & policies that don’t all focus on attacking civil liberties of the disadvantaged. CUhlmann No, we want a Government to do the fkn job they were voted in for! Slogans is not Governing!

CUhlmann Reminds me of this. CUhlmann Providing the 'boat' is moving forward- which it isn't. CUhlmann normal people... 🙄🙄🤔 boring ✖ competent ✔ informed ✔ diverse ✔ willing to listen to scientific consensus ✔ willing to listen, full stop ✔

Mitch and Mark’s fiery clash with host Scott Cam was finally put to an end tonightThe explosive two-episode stoush between The Block contestants Mark and Mitch and host Scott Cam finally came to an end tonight. Good !!

CUhlmann Normal people want a boring government free from incompetence and corruption. CUhlmann No Scooty, we want a Government that is normal ScottMorrisonMP CUhlmann Morrison likes a boring complying Media. CUhlmann No. We want a government that works for the common good and takes the country forward. We have a government only interested in being re-elected.

CUhlmann what a fantastic Christian man. Jesus was a socialist...he threw the money lenders..OUT of the Temple..Jesus would have rendered this pleb indentured...what a failure of Christs unfeeling, unless it's a tax break..ScottMorrisonMP for Jesus you fraud.. CUhlmann I want a courageous, visionary government whose members understand they are elected to serve the people of Australia and who behave with integrity and humility.

CUhlmann We have a science-denying, corrupt, bigoted govt, literally fiddling while the country burns. CUhlmann No, we want a government that actually listens to its citizens rather than a tyrannical shit show who’s “boringness” is the fact that racism and sexism has been the norm, protected by law for decades. You’re all bloody immigrants on Native Australian soil. Grow the fuck up.

CUhlmann But we don’t want an indolent Government. CUhlmann In other words, you Australians need to be Quiet™️ and blindly accept our mediocrity.

Scott Cam hits back at Mark and Mitch in heated exchange on The BlockTensions ran high during tonight’s episode of The Block as the fiery stoush between Scott Cam and couple Mitch and Mark continued to play out. theblock theblock9 theblockau Snore... Well I was a fan of these two peacocks up until they pulled out the disgusting discrimination card so now they can go get well and truly STUFFED SIDE WAYS 🖕. I’m just here for the ridiculous homophobic rants 🍿

CUhlmann If 'normal' is being 'bored' by a government that exhibits so much poor governance, is run for vested interests, does not utilise (or blatantly ignores) evidence when making policy, and won't address climate change due to ideology, then I'm proud to be 'abnormal'. auspol CUhlmann But look what we got a lying deceitful pack of incompetents

CUhlmann Usually 'boring' means all is going fine and we're being governed. He equates 'boring' with having no plan to speak of. But nothing is going fine. They're not governing they're points scoring. Pathetic. CUhlmann Does boring mean corrupt and fascist these days? CUhlmann You’re all misunderstanding it. He’s saying under Gillard, in 2011, the economy was good and we had nothing to complain I think by boring he means Labor, right? Or just better fiscal management...

CUhlmann You will never please the drips💧. Complaining about everything is what they do. CUhlmann I’d be happy with a balanced budget! Stop all the needless spending on vanity projects and get back to basics. CUhlmann I don't mind boring!!! But scared is not on. CUhlmann 'Boring', no 'useless do nothing' would be more appropriate but I didn't vote for that, I wanted a strong leader that did many good things, not waste money on useless projects and not bully people with health issues.

CUhlmann This article is so shit and out of touch

CUhlmann Normal people want an honest government CUhlmann SMH puts its tweets behind a pay wall. WHY tweet at all? Another lame duck rag in a very ordinary media industry. CUhlmann You call yourself a journalist ? The SMH has gone to the depths . A fluff piece. You used to be so good on ABC. You have sold out for 30 pieces of silver.

CUhlmann Just at a matter of interest I thought that Dorothy Dixers were discontinued CUhlmann Whilst corruption reigns supreme, very boring CUhlmann Has C_Uhlmann always been stupid or is this a new incarnation? Pretty sure he was once a journalist with some integrity? CUhlmann A GOVERNMENT that isn't destroy the country & people,& everything that made AUSTRALIA GREAT.SADLY GREED,EGO,AND SELF GRATIFICATION AND COMPLETE CONTROL OVER LIFE, PERSONAL INFORMATION, IS WHAT'S HAPPENING,OUR FREEDOM IS ALL BUT GONE,OUR CHILDREN WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT FREEDOM IS.

CUhlmann I think it’s a good piece. Most normal Australians just want sound, sensible Governance . With plausible and common sense policies. That lead to predictable outcomes. Under Rudd, Gillard and Turnbull it was chaotic. When the drought breaks Australia will boom. CUhlmann I guess a boring government is one that censors anything controversial or incriminating so the sheep can walk around like clones of the state?

CUhlmann Boring confused journalist. Ideologically driven government is now reported as boring. LNP back bencher connected to Chinese infuence, boring ,Angus Taylor grass gate boring, Economy....and on and on. WTF

CUhlmann Good to see you're toeing the Nine media line. CUhlmann Inept! CUhlmann Good government spends on defence CUhlmann Normal, please explain CUhlmann A fair government that has a vision beyond the next election would be refreshing.... CUhlmann they also want an honest an competent government Mr Ullmann.

CUhlmann Morrison has got this wrong. Australians want a Government who is doing things for the Australian people, not lying about enriching big business and overseas tax haven benificiaries using Taxpayers money. CUhlmann Unlike Jacinda Arden's Rape Labor party. CUhlmann If boring is the new word for visionless, incompetent, heartless & without policy.. then sure they've nailed it.. But seriously didn't you used to be a journalist

CUhlmann Scammo your a ratbag.. worst PM Australia’s ever had .. do nothing to help the average Aussie.. only the wealthy .

CUhlmann Yeah time to focus on the important issues like... which bathrooms people use... CUhlmann Chris Uhlmann understands the people want crap journalism in a shite newspaper... CUhlmann You lost me at Morrison understands CUhlmann Yep CUhlmann We might want a boring government but that’s hardly what we’ve got. What we have is Corrupt, misogynist, science denying, backward, economy destroying and lying.

CUhlmann Seriously?! I’d settle for an inclusive & competent government! Not the cruel, tone deaf lot we have right now!! CUhlmann No, people want a competent government, boring or not. People want policies that deal with the actual issues we face as a nation, not culture wars, and we want politicians with decency & integrity. None of this is offered by the Morrison government. auspol

CUhlmann I’ll settle for boring but you have to take out the cruel, nasty, corrupt, insincere,arrogant & lying bits. CUhlmann No, people want a competent government, boring or not. People want policies that deal with the actual issues we face, not culture wars, and we want politicians with decency & integrity. None this is offered by the Morrison government. auspol

CUhlmann Australians want a GOOD government. This dodgy lazy lying hypocrite Morrison clown show is NOT a good government.

CUhlmann He’s a con man. CUhlmann Nope, whilst I am one of the 'normal', many of my friends (& others) who I talk with, don't want a 'boring' gov. They want a progressive & fwd thinking gov managing societal needs & future thinking! Not thinking ahead sounds a little like religion, just looking back to the past!

CUhlmann Oh nonsense Buying that one ? He has no vision He has no policies He has incompetent ministers He is flying under the radar And you are enabling it Lazy all round CUhlmann Nope. We want courage, imagination, determination CUhlmann Chris you’re better than this crap propaganda piece. Whatever happened to journalists looking at the government of the day & holding them to account- legislature being introduced & implemented, the promised deliverables made at recent elections & the issues of the wider community

CUhlmann Go woke, go broke. CUhlmann We may be experiencing a brief period of alleged stability. With the economy in a per capita recession, if this is reflected in the polls, will Morrison be able to keep a lid on a Peter a Dutton’s blind ambition....... Watch is space CUhlmann No offense but he wouldn't know his head from his tail. He's a spoilt 'ShireBoy' livin' the dream nothinmorenothinless

CUhlmann Are you twits still listening to anything Uhlmann or the SMH is saying/publishing? Even after the confirmation via Nine's hosting the LNP's fundraiser that and theage are nothing but Murdoch equal, IPA, hard right wing conservative government propaganda rags? Oh dear. CUhlmann CANT EVEN CALL THIS AN INTELLECTUAL WANK👀👀👀👀🥳

CUhlmann What mindless drivel. No wonder this policy free government was elected by concocting a series of lame stunts. CUhlmann Instead, we get incompetent. CUhlmann So just to clarify, you actually pay for this shit?....No wonder your business is a toilet flush away from extinction. CUhlmann We want a dynamic government with policies to take us into the 2020s and beyond. What Morrison's government is now is not boring it is just down right dangerous and potentially life threatening to the citizens of Australia.

CUhlmann do real journalism and not only opinion pieces CUhlmann Just sent an email to friend in England saying Australia was in a state of mind-numbing torpor compared to GB. He thought perhaps that would be better, but to be part of a nation that is looking more and more like a backwater is no fun at all.

CUhlmann Ni, no! We want a government that governs for the people rather than the rent seekers, the vested interests and the Murdocracy! CUhlmann Yeah? CUhlmann File under - “Articles that remind me why I cancelled my SMH subscription” CUhlmann '...normal people...'?

CUhlmann What dribble. No wonder no one buys papers

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