Scott Morrison rejects criticism over 'sports rorts' email trail

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected fresh attempts from the federal opposition to link him to a controversial $100 million sports grants program.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison is under fresh scrutiny over his part in the 'sports rorts' scandal after it emerged 136 emails about the scheme were sent between his office and the minister responsible.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected fresh attempts from the federal opposition to link him to a controversial $100 million sports grants program.

Labor has renewed its attacks on the prime minister over the controversial $100 million program the auditor-general found favoured coalition-targeted seats before the election."This rort knows no bounds," he told parliament on Wednesday.Mr Morrison insists his office had no decision-making role in the scheme.

"The leader of the opposition is trying to throw mud while he himself sits in an absolute swamp," the prime minister said.ANAO official Brian Boyd told a Senate hearing earlier in the month there was no evidence projects with prime ministerial representations had higher success rates.

Mr Albanese said there were multiple versions of the colour-coded spreadsheet that showed which party held the seat of applications.Mr Morrison said the head of his department had access to whatever document he required.

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This story is fake. Nothing wrong was ever done. All grants were given to those that deserved them. JEN + THE KIDS DID IT, NOT ME, NOR LNP, NEVER ME. So many electoral laws broken and the AusElectoralCom willfully ignores it. No trust, only contempt! Good. Should be a criminal offence. liarfromtheshire LNPfail

And the crucial ones were sent after the government was put into caretaker mode. Highly illegal. chiccomarx the most corrupt Prime minister this country has ever seen In a way, his response was an admission of curruption with his defence being that the labour leader is more corrupt?! No wonder so many people are disillusioned with the state of politics in this country.

Best news heard today!!! Will anything come of it prob not. Going to keep the pressure on. Keep highlighting the unjust policies he keeps Green lighting. peoplepower PentacostalPMScotty ReligiousNutRunningAus Time for ScottyFromMarketting to sack the office junior. After all - who else could be at fault.

In QLD lying to a Government department is a criminal offence! His part in SportsRort This next bit should be read aloud in shattering, high-pitched scream-voice: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Mate, he fuckin' IS sportsrort!!!!!

New emails reveal more details about sports rortsPrime Minister Scott Morrison’s involvement in the “sports rorts” scheme is again under scrutiny after it emerged 136 emails were sent from his office about the program. This is ridiculous. This PM is ridiculous. I can not fathom who or what is keeping him in the job. Not for months now. auspol NotMyPM Coalition election was won based on a massive scam $50k to Morrison's own electorate to build a structure they had already built. Morrison reeks of corruption Email sux

100% guilty! I have noticed in Parliament today LNP NEW Catchphrase is We have a Plan. You didn’t PLAN to win the Election So Emptied the public Barrels To leave Nothing for the Victors. NOW YOUR STUCK WITH YOUR CRIMINAL ACTIONS. You now have set a PRECEDENT for other Governments Lock him up his fraud , his government are ripping us off . Australia needs to stand up to this dictatorship.

Scott Morrison and les rorts sportiv No one cares ScottyFromSportsRorts is up to his elbows in corruption and pork barreling an election. The miracle win, that was won on lies, electoral fraud and splashing our cash everywhere but the places that need it! How good is the LNPCrimeFamily sportsrorts You mean liar P.M. Morrison refuses to take responsibility for his extreme misuse of taxpayers money to sure up his ego driven agenda to be PM of Australia.

All rorts lead back to one office... MORRISON'S 136 emails only I’m sure he would receive more than that everyday Scotty has to go! sportsrorts ScottyFromMarketing 🏝 RortsMinister RortsParty

Sports rorts scandal 'is far from over' | Sky News AustraliaPolitical editor Andrew Clennell says the revelations that there were 136 emails exchanged between former sports minister Bridget McKenzie and the Prime Minister’s Office ties the sports rorts scandal “a little bit closer to the prime minster”.\n\nA letter dated a day before Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the election was revealed in the auditor-general’s report into the sports rorts saga with information from a spreadsheet outlining what grants were going out. \n\nMr Clennell told Sky News Mr Morrison “will say of course it was a Cabinet decision for this $100 million program”.\n\nHe said “she was the decision maker, that was [Morrison’s] argument all along”.\n\nMr Clennell said by the prime minister’s reaction “he would have had no idea that she had that conflict going on”. \n\n“He is defending the grant still” and the sports rorts story “is far from over” he said. \n\nImage: Getty aclennell This is important aclennell Just like Albo aclennell ALL THE LNP KNEW THIS WAS HAPPENING!!! All these electorates that needed hands outs to help win votes knew what as happening. Even Abbott must have know this wasn't legit. auspol

Early warning signs of fascism Warning Sign No 13 RAMPANT CRONYISM AND CORRUPTION But he'll deny, then they'll use their numbers to shut down discussion. Democracy in this country is DEAD OutWithMorrison This government has shown itself to be immoral lying incompetents - not fit to hold office He used TAX PAYERS money to fund his regime AND thus his votes were bought, his party cheated and his win was not assigned through a miracle. This is where God and money part ways and it is very hard for the rich man.

Guess theliarfromtheshire is stepping firther and further away from the rapture. CrimeMinisterMorrison is up in this to his armpits. It is trademark ScottyfromMarketing GreedNotNeed ' I know nothing, NOTHING ' The Press must keep the pressure up. Keep at it guys. Smug smirk is gone aggressive FU is on this bloke is not fit for this office master in chief Sportsrorts Inc. auspol

A 'regional facility': Sydney mayor defends $10 million pool grantThe controversy surrounding the 'sports rorts' scandal engulfing the Morrison government has spread beyond Federal Parliament to the $58 million revamp of North Sydney's ageing public pool. So ScottMorrisonMP defunded the victims & survivors of DV of its $240k & gave $10 million sports grant to North Sydney - one of Australias 10 most affluent suburbs! AuspolSoCorrupt sportsrorts ScottyfromMarketing Seeing as Labor don't have the necessary gumption to block supply in the senate in a vote of no confidence, we should at the very least seek to freeze/sieze all LNP party assets while the matter of their election embezzlement is referred to the high court. So regional. Maybe it can be classed as remote too if they try hard enough dickfaber MichaelJSky

1.36 emails - all clear, 13.6 emails -seems reasonable 136 emails your up to your neck in it Are we forgetting AustralianLabor +white board+sports grants? nervesofsteele Did the Prime Minister ScottMorrisonMP mislead the Parliament when he claimed his office had minimal involvement? CrimeMinisterMorrison AuspolSoCorrupt auspol

The CrimeMinister “from his office” eh?. So to ultra-Socialist SBS that means he sent them personally?. How very, very odd. ScottMorrisonMP is so deeply embedded in the corruption of the Liberal National Coalition he has to keep lying LNPCrimeFamily LNPfail CrimeMinisterMorrison Sports Rorts Scotty In it beyond his eyeballs... ScottyfromMarketing CrimeMinister auspol

Rubbish from the leftists that cannot make a dent on the popularity that Morrison has developed. I did not vote for him but sure he is the best man for the job. I'm glad that we don't have to suffer Labor and their idiotic policies like the ones with Kevin07 and Julia Pinochio

Emails reveal Morrison office's role in $100 million sports grants programPrime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected new claims of corruption in the government's $100 million sport funding program after new documents revealed his staff exchanged 136 emails with colleagues about where the money was spent | CroweDM CroweDM Scomo so funny CroweDM None of the email was from Scott Morrison. But good attempt at smear 🤪 CroweDM Man he thinks Australians are stupid, maybe as a whole we are, considering he is an elected Prime Minister.

Is ScottyfromMarketing admitting that LiberalAus is no better than AustralianLabor when comparing his sportsrorts to something AlboMP once did? Fat chance! smid00771 * CrimeMinisterMorrison A dead set cheat 'There's nothing to see here' *Jedi hand wave* - Scott Morrison. Rejects criticism? He’s sucks big time. liarfromtheshire. Rejects criticism, climate change, refugee compassion, human rights, homosexuality and I could go on! How good is pentacostalism and religion and poor economic management LiberalAus?

Captain should always go down with his ship - no? The murdoch gutter press will ignore it... It will be business as usual..

Emails reveal Morrison office's role in $100 million sports grants programPrime Minister Scott Morrison has rejected new claims of corruption in the government's $100 million sport funding program after new documents revealed his staff exchanged 136 emails with colleagues about where the money was spent auspol A Federal ICAC should clear that up. It's simply not acceptable for ScottyfromMarketing to just shrug his shoulders and say, 'Tough' every time one of his rorts is uncovered. Note to all journalists: final decisions were for the Minister to make and, in that case, it is normal for the Minister to canvass views from her political colleagues including, not surprisingly, Le Boss, aka, the PM. Nothing. Burger.🙂 Nothingtoseehere Corruptionthebewnorm

Israel President Reuven Rivlin vows to push Malka Leifer extradition case personallyPrime Minister Scott Morrison has won an assurance from Israel's president that he'll pursue a former Melbourne school principal's extradition to Australia. Kruger abc Weinstein should share a cell 🤔 Yeah, that isn't going to happen. Good luck with that

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