Scott Morrison 'deeply concerned' by Turkey's attack on northern Syria

The Prime Minister has directly contacted the Turkish government about his concerns.


Breaking: Prime Minister Scott Morrison fears Turkey's land offensive against Kurdish militia could reinvigorate Islamic State and has contacted the Turkish government directly to make his concerns known

The Prime Minister has directly contacted the Turkish government about his concerns.

On Thursday morning Mr Morrison said, "We are concerned about what we're seeing, of the actions of the Turkish government moving into Syria, and what that could mean for the safety of the people in that area".

The Turkish defence ministry said it struck 181 Kurdish military targets since it began the mission on Wednesday, using air strikes and howitzers in an operation that has so far estimated to have killed at least five civilians.

Mr Morrison said he was in "direct contact" with the United States over its withdrawal of troops from the area earlier in the week and would work closely with the Trump administration on any further action.

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He doesn't give a shit! What did he think was going to happen. You can just see his ferret brain work. 'Ahhhh did I just align myself with an idiot and mass murdered....Yep I did... Okay How do I spin this. I'm doing it for the quiet Turkish.' Literally *EVERYONE* knew the Turks would conduct genocide against Kurds & Christians, and ISIS would be set free, if America withdrew. Scott works for ISIS and the Islamists now.

John Howard will be pleased by its reinvioration as creation of the Islamic State is one of his legacies and he wouldn't want to lose it. ScottMorrisonMP Auspol bullshit. He’s already shown his support for Trumps America... maybe that’s how he won the election 🤷🏻‍♀️ Who would have thought ? I wouldn’t trust this man to competently refill the paper in the photocopier. How is he the leader of this country?

Scomo trying so hard to stay relevant... Contacted the US govt? You do have a very special /close relationship there, so why not use it? ScottMorrisonMP He may be out of his depth. ScottMorrisonMP you need to step up & talk some sense into you friend realDonaldTrump . That should sort it all out.

Scott Morrison believes transgender teens are under pressure from 'identity politics'The prime minister is facing criticism after claiming transgender teenagers are contending with 'the pressures of identity politics'

Just wondering if Australians should be more concerned about Morrison being Trump's lap dog rather than making his concerns known to the Turkish government. Just send them thoughts and prayers, SloMo. ScottMorrisonMP It’s not our fight, keep out of it, do you really want to start another war, if you do you can go and fight. 😡😡

Direct all complaints to your mate sitting in the Oval Office. ScottMorrisonMP If only Erdogan and Putin knew who he was Scary tough SloMo at his most intimidating. He’s god.. he’s spoken .. I do think he thinks he’s also the president Thank God Trump has the tenacity to withdraw American troops. Yes the Syrian and Turkish war needs to stop. They are big enough and old enough now to deal with their own battle's. If they haven't learnt anything by now with positive influence, they will never.

nobby15 Pathetic, Scott Morrison defended Trump. What a hypocrite. He is complicit, how does he sleep at night. I'm 'deeply concerned' about how stupid our PM is

Transgender activist lashes Scott Morrison over 'gender whisperers' commentHeadspace's new ambassador has called on the PM to change his tone on LGBTIQ issues, saying he is damaging his effort to reduce the nation's suicide rate. Dana_Adele Who listens to anyone with activist in their descriptions? Dana_Adele Is the media promoting trans anxiety among kids? Dana_Adele ScoMo is an arrogant man who allows his own personal prejudices based on his crack pot religious beliefs, to influence his views on such matters. He is most definitely the wrong man for the job.

Speak to Donald. The Iranians may make all you fools look stupid. The may get Donald Trump to accept THEIR 'OFFER' OF HELP to bash The Turks! Scomo's fault for trusting a criminal leader. DRUMP What is it Scott? Do you have concerns or are you full of support for Trump? Which is it? ScottMorrisonMP is really trying to deflect more and more with this. He supported Trump moving troops out of Syria knowing full well that Turkey would invade. And, if he didn't, it proves that this Muppet should never be given the kind of power he usurped last year.

daveyk317 The mans a fool!! daveyk317 & so goes the propaganda! ISIS & others went to ground waiting for the next West’s bad policies,the ants always look defeated, until another corps is provided to devour the remains!The Art of War! Most would understand the West’s objective to rule has taken on too much. hitler

Probably Labor’s fault. I thought Morrison said he supported Trump. At least he now is showing some concern for the Kurdish people or is he? Why isn’t he criticizing Trumps withdrawal of troops ? Pissing into the wind

Transgender activist lashes Scott Morrison over 'gender whisperers' commentTransgender activist Georgie Stone has called on the PM to change his tone on LGBTIQ issues, saying his reference to 'gender whisperers' in schools and dismissal of efforts at trans inclusion are damaging his plan to reduce the nation's suicide rate. Reality - there are two genetic genders defined in chromosomes ( except a genetic flaw of hermaphroditism) - XX and XY!! State of mind for anything else ? Sweetheart, he just doesn't care, he is so busy with his church matters and pretending to be our PM he has no time for gender issues. Remember he slashed the Health Budget down to practically nothing, must get and maintain that surplus. Who she?

As long as Islam exists the killing will never stop, what don't people understand. Religious wars never end Then should he should get on phone to his best good friend at let him know that the bromance is off. ScottMorrisonMP ‘deep concern’ is helping. Perhaps he should give realDonaldTrump a call see if he can work it out.

Again mirroring Trump. Pathetic Ahh Scooty, acting after the fact despite all the warnings. Maybe call your mate Donny and voice your concerns ScottMorrisonMP auspol Changed his tune after only twenty four hours. ScottMorrisonMP’s tribe Thanks to your support of Trump And now the backpedal. What a simpleton that he didn't see any negatives and was so quick to jump to Don's defence.

Any chance ScottMorrisonMP might contact his new best friend, Donald Trump, to express his “deep concern”?

Viking economics: How Nordic nations debunk a Scott Morrison mantraThe PM likes to say you can't tax your way to prosperity but a glance at Northern Europe shows economic success can coexist with high taxes and big government. 1RossGittins here our LNP leaders r mates with d rich They want tax cuts so our lapdogs politicians r just doing what they r told In Nordic countries MPs r not bondoogled by millionaires there 1RossGittins Don't just 'glance' and look away. Pursue Morrison on it. He is wrong and leading us down the clearly failed USA model of low tax, small gov. Make him defend it and we will see he can't. USA is a basket case and Morrison is wrong to copy them. 1RossGittins Let's take it one step further. 100% tax. That is what you really want, a absolute monarchy with you as the benevolent leader 🤔

A major humanitarian crisis, we pray President Trump comes to his scences or he will lose much needed popular support. ScottMorrisonMP the hospital called. Your brain will be ready next Monday I am sure his faux concern will be duly noted. And Turkish replay was........ No shit Slomo. Then what he will do is put all the people fleeing onto Manus and torture them there as is the Australian way.

No words can excuse morrison's idiocy As if Morrison is going to do ANYTHING to assist the Kurds.... it would put him off side with Trump. Never a less sincere statement . What a con artist MORrisON really is. Gives Trump the thumbs up for pulling out of Syria so that Turkey can do their worst. Then tells us He's deeply concerned about the Kurds safety. We have a truly horrible man as our PM & I am deeply ashamed of him. Hope we all are.

Oh, Scooter still supports the US pulling out. Or anything that the president decides to do, since they are BFFs now. But he's going to give Erdogan a stern talking to: 'maaate, don't. Ok. We're good? Good chat. Speak to you soon' No shit Sherlock... ffs

PM recruits Scott Cam to encourage Australian tradie jobs | Sky News AustraliaPrime Minister Scott Morrison will recruit star power to encourage young Australians to take up trades.\n\nReality television personality Scott Cam was named the nation's first Careers Ambassador and will be tasked with highlighting how practical and technical training can lead to high-paying and fulfilling jobs. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia ScottMorrisonMP Does Scotty Cam fund TAFE? ScottMorrisonMP Great idea ScottMorrisonMP, but to make it work you have to make it again viable for tradies to employ (& get rid of) apprentices. Not too many want to put their business at risk for someone elses kid who showed promise but ended up off the rails. ScottMorrisonMP Why would anybody want to be a tradie? The rate i get from the builder is less than my father was on 20 years ago. Constant battle with surviving its either pay my workers or my tax. I have no super. Becoming a tradie was the worst thing i ever did..

Didn’t call his mate Donald though ScottMorrisonMP . If you are so “deeply concerned” then have a chat with your good mate realDonaldTrump and ask him what is going on. Will “deep concern” transform into you doing anything about it? I expect not. A troubled look is all we get... So you are going to bring the US withdrawal up with your bestie Donald Trump? Didn’t think so ...

Maybe he should contact he US ‘friend’ instead. Turkey telling you to take back your people. What’s your response to that? RobMax4 'We'll be doubling our thoughts and prayers...' How good is Scott Morrison? SPOILERS: Not very. Oh no, who could have seen this coming? Go tell Trump to pull his head in, bet you don’t have the guts Scott. ScottMorrisonMP

America has a long history of betraying temporary allies. Right there, encouraging you to fight, then suddenly, 'Wait, where's he gone?' Hence, the 'Quiet American.'

Former senator Scott Ludlam among climate protesters arrestedDozens of protesters have been arrested around the country as the Queensland and Victorian premiers questioned the effectiveness of the demonstrations. You say that like it’s a bad thing Onya Scottludlam

Looks like he's been Trumped Remember every foreign fighter who went there went through Turkey Morrison demonstrates incompetance in not being able to follow and understand international affairs and the direct link of Trump's decision to pull out (without seeking advice) of Nth Syria and Turkish response and how all of this benefits ISIS and Putin. auspol

ScottMorrisonMP really? How long did it take for your own stable genius brain to work this out? Wow what a way to back track. Can see skid marks Wow for you Morriscum! You have no fcking idea! All of a sudden. Sheeeesh. Is this a surprise to this Fool.- 'make his concerns known',...Big Fat Hairy Deal! He knew what would happen when He Supported trump. Freakin Unbelievable

Since when. Horselaugh. My disgust. Thoughts and prayers.................

Alarming situation by President Trump, the Kurd are old friends, unlike Turkey and Russia, our old enemies. Has he checked Trump’s approval rating with Australians? Supporting his horrendous policies will cost him Ordering a kebab on Uber-food is not calling the Turkish government ? Presumably he'd already accepted the risk of that outcome when he accepted his talking points from Trump and Pence. auspol

They dont care about your concerns you clown If ppl didn't think trump would blurt support for a dictator...they aren't paying attention.. he says he 'hopes they will do it humanely'. But when pressed for an answer to 'what does that mean'...says we will see? Damned Hypocrite !! So do they know even who Scooter is? Aka bullshitboy

Cities streets awash with protesters disrupting commerce and this guy is worried about Turkey. As if they take notice of this clown ScottMorrisonMP You can’t have it both ways. Minutes ago you agreed with Trump’s treachery against the Kurds and now you are warning Turkey who have an agreement with Trump for the US to turn a blind eye to their actions. You couldn’t make this shit up!

Hollow words from the hollowest of hollow men...... Yet he supports the withdrawal? I'm sure the Turk's dropped everything. 😁 He’s a bull shit artist! He knew this would happen! Wtf . If Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton had pulled the troops out of Syria - simply because they promised to do so during an election campaign - they’d be nominated for Nobel Peace Prizes. If Jacinda Ardern supported them, there’d be a collective orgasm bigger than Krakatoa.

This is not the first time Kurds have been betrayed by the west. It happened in Iraq as well. Isis will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Lookout! Little Australia isn't happy!!! This ought to solve all the problems! Wow!! Someone changed the lightbulb in his head 🙄 And yet he supports the withdrawal of US troops which allowed this to happen. Can’t have a bet each way mate. 🙄

He’ll be sending thoughts & prayers to the Kurds next. Toady Hot air after stating your support, hold you head in shame. ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP full of💩💩💩💩 blatheringBoganPM Funny he didn’t think of that when he was was supporting Trumps decision yesterday Remember there would never have an ISIS without the actions of Bush/Howard/ Blair - all who acted without reference to their parties or people!

Yesterday he supported move. Why can he not condemn betrayal of Kurds outright? Blood on his hands How pathetic It's all about money! Human rights is secondary. USA withdrawl from Syria, NBA backing China insread of Hong Kong citizens. auspol Hey MarisePayne you are one of the few sensible Liberals need to call a party meeting ...ScottMorrisonMP is dangerous. auspol

But Trump ran away, guess no money What after backing .realDonaldTrump anti allies removal of troops ! Why doesn’t he just Shut up & work on domestic matters eg NewStart he could rename it New Poverty or Pensions could be Below Par or aged care & health could be Who gives a rats 🐀 behind Yet he backed Trump 24 hours ago LiarFromTheShire ScottMorrisonMP

What did ScottMorrisonMP think would happen? Who (if anyone) is advising him? He endorsed Trump’s waving Turkey through while the USA withdrew its forces just YESTERDAY! Maybe he should have called trump with his concerns as its trump that's allowed Turkey to take this military action. Isis was founded by America. Syria is fighting against them

does anyone know if the Middle East has ever caused any problems for the region and the world - I'll have to look it up Well, I'm sure that will make a difference. Told off by the shire shithead; they must be quaking in their boots. But when you bed down with trump, you lose your agency. Like erdogan would care

You do realise that this means Morrison has no idea what he's doing, right? This is a complete 180 from his grovelling support of Trump on this issue yesterday. I won't hold my breath waiting for the media to hold him to account, though.

He’s gaslighting us all. Does he know we’re capable enough to see duplicity? Less than 24 hrs to change what little mind he has. His tangerine colored mate might not be pleased about that. What an underwhelming human Morrison is. ScottMorrisonMP so NOW you’re concerned? How’s that sycophancy working out for ya?

Complicit waffling. Keep out of there Morrison can call Trump and advise him of the impending slaughter and disaster for the balance of the region. Then he can throw himself under a bus, save Trump from doing it. Idiot Trumpster ScottMorrisonMP was fine with the betrayal and invasion yesterday. This fool is dumber than Trump. auspol

Why does anyone report on what this idiot says. “Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary.” Pfft

Gee Scomo weighing is sure to make them see sense. He supported this YESTERDAY! Every man and his dog knew what would happen FFS! Some Christian! Kissing Trump's backside don't focus test well yesterday, Scott? ohh Scomo clear the shit in the christmas island mate , Did you hear the Un statements on you few days ago !!

Ya think? Well one might wonder what he was doing 24 hours ago supporting Trump’s removal of troops. If having a consistent foreign policy was a goal. D’oh! And has the fool considered the implications of people like the Kurds never trusting the US and allies again so never working WITH them to defeat the next iteration of ISIS! Their role was critical to Western safety! Thanks for nothing!

Literally YESTERDAY. liarfromtheshire

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