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Covıd-19, Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison declares ‘Australia will beat COVID’

Scott Morrison has declared the country 'will beat COVID' as he called on Australians to embrace the spirit of our Olympians to see the nation through the pandemic.

28/07/2021 8:14:00 AM

Scott Morrison has declared the country 'will beat COVID' as he called on Australians to embrace the spirit of our Olympians to see the nation through the pandemic.

Scott Morrison has declared the country 'will beat COVID' as he called on Australians to embrace the spirit of our Olympians to see the nation through the pandemic.

Scott Morrison calls on Australians to embrace spirit of our Olympians as he declares 'we will beat COVID'The Prime Minister said on Wednesday he was confident Australia will defeat COVID, as New South Wales reported a record 177 cases and Greater Sydney's lockdown was extended by four weeks.

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Bryant Hevesi2 min readJuly 28, 2021 - 2:52PMScott Morrison has declared the country"will beat COVID" as he called on Australians to embrace the spirit of our Olympians to see the nation through the pandemic.   The Prime Minister on Wednesday expressed his confidence in Australia's ability to withstand the health and economic challenges of the virus, while announcing additional support for Greater Sydney residents.

His comments came as New South Wales reported a record 177 new locally acquired coronavirus cases and Greater Sydney's month-long lockdown was extended by a further four weeks.    "Australia will beat COVID," Mr Morrison said in response to a reporter's question at a press conference.

"I mean, COVID will always be lurking, it doesn't completely get eliminated, the flu's not eliminated, there's many infectious diseases that are not eliminated."Mr Morrison said Australia had managed to avoid economic carnage despite lockdowns around the nation.  

"We've been able to keep our economy together, even when it's going through what Sydney is going through now, what Victoria has gone through, South Australia, and God forbid what could still happen in other states and territories," he said. 

"We need to deal with the challenges that we have and are, providing additional doses (and) support where we can and are, giving the economic support for people to push through, in the same way our Olympians have been pushing through and achieving such amazing and courageous results. 

"I know every Australian has that Olympian spirit in them, and I have great confidence that that is why we will beat this Australia."Mr Morrison said he was keen to ensure Australia's vaccination program"remains on track", with an additional 196,982 vaccine doses administered on Tuesday.

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More Coverage'Upset and frustrated': NSW Premier announces lockdown extension and new COVID recordThe Prime Minister had earlier announced a federal program of additional support for NSW, including: Business cashflow initiative extending out to businesses with a $250 million turnover, with a maximum payment of $100,000

A minimum payment of $1,500 will be available to businesses with payments based on 40 per cent of their weekly payroll COVID-19 disaster payments will be increased from $600 to $750 Increasing the payment for less than 20 hours worked from $375 to $450 

Extending support to welfare recipients - if they have lost more eight hours - with a $200 payment "The priority is to ensure we're there to support those who need that help because this is the task: we will come through the lockdown, the lockdown will be released… and on the other side we come back stronger," Mr Morrison said. 

"Whether it's the individual payments, or the business support payments are to ensure that those businesses and those individuals can get through as whole as possible, through these lockdowns so on the other side our economy can roar back."

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Poor old Scott is talking in riddles. At present he can't see the Forrest through the trees And what exactly will Scotty be doing while the rest of us beat COVID? Here are my 3 guesses: - Hiding - Hair plugs - Hawaii ScottyDoesNothing ScottyFromHairPlugs ScottyTheBlameShifter ScottyNeverHelped ScottyTheAnnouncer

Bit late to rally the nation. Even your most ardent supporters will now only vote for you because they can’t find a right wing alternative. The Roman Empire created the Colosseum to keep the peasants stupid, while corruption & greed plagued the Empire... Fast forward 2021 and govt incompetence and corruption still rely on entertainment as a means of keeping the idiots stupid?

Our Great Leader Scott Morrison has announced that it is only lazy, weak-minded infidels to blame for being non-vaccinated, and every citizen must aspire to be like the Great Mountain of Australia Gina Rineheart fully vaccinated at the Olympics! 🤮🤮🤮Sirmoron continues to outdo himself , just when you think he can’t be any bigger a douche bag he proves Yes I can !!!

Yes! This is our bogan PM. “We’ll get there when we get there” Today’s idiocy brought to us by ScottyFromMarketing and promoted by Murdoch pick up your game Scomo. im starting to shift towards labour. He has to dump the strategy of 'beating the virus' because him and the rest of the premiers have totally lost the view of the people now. People wan't their lives back, not being locked up every three weeks because of 'a new deadly super-infectious strain' ffs.

Scott Morrison must flood western Sydney with Pfizer vaccineThe Herald's View: It should be a no-brainer that vaccines should be rushed to south-west Sydney where they will actually save lives rather than to areas where the risk is vanishingly small The same way Melbourne got priority for vaccines during their long lockdown? No. Gladys could have acted faster, and didn’t. Sydney residents can express their displeasure at the ballot box. How about NSW try a proper lockdown first. At best it would take 8- 12 weeks for any vaccines to have any real effect. A long term goal worth striving for. But Australia can't wait for that long for NSW to get its act together. Decisive action is needed NOW. The paper thin lockdown need to be stronger. Quarantine Sydney

But he just said it wasn’t a race… Morrison is missing the opportunity, actually Australia already has the best anti-covid medicine manufactured! Check not joking! This piece of news will be breaking soon! He say lot of things never ever trust him big liar wasted 17 months of everyvisa holder and ruined economy

Just like you disregard the Australian people, our Olympians have disregarded the Japanese people during a state of emergency, GFY and all the gold diggers. Hahahah It really was a stupid thing to say... Just call an election and let’s be done with you, Morrison. '...he called on Australians to embrace the spirit of our Olympians to see the nation through the pandemic. ' What the hell is he rabbiting on about. Trying to get a poll boost from sport? Fix Hotel Quarantine and when doing a lockdown do it right and not... a gold standard.


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Olympiens can do their job, go overseas I cant 😏 so how do you want me to embrace? Embrace what? That I.lost my business? That's I can't see my family? StrandedAussies Oh? So NOW it’s a race? But not through any help from him! An absolute basket case. auspol LOL 😆 Yeah let's all get gene therapy oi oi oi .

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so how to beat covid? How about getting some vaccines in people's arms? 11% is not impressive.

Berejiklian’s mistake ‘costing the nation’Proudly supported by Sky Well maybe it’s just the “outbreak we had to have” to wake up the masses to vaccination. Whether it works or not or you agree or not until we reach that magic vax number for herd immunity nothing will change. Welcome you your new life No shit Sherlock

You can't win gold if the coach kept telling the athletes it wasn't a race.

Trump claims ‘wokeism’ cost US women’s soccer team an Olympic winDonald Trump says 'wokeism' will leave you 'warped' and 'demented' and claims its influence was the reason behind the USWNT's shock Olympic loss to Sweden in their opening match. Really; who cares what this failure thinks? He’s an expert at soccer losses

‘It’s looking good’: COVID cases in the UK fall for fifth day in a row COVID-19 cases in the UK have fallen for the fifth day in a row - with the number of adults who have received their first dose of the vaccine at 88 per cent. It's summer 🙃

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