Scott Morrison asks Washington embassy to investigate attack on Australian TV crew

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke with US President Donald Trump after an Australian reporter was attacked by police while covering riots in Washington.

2/06/2020 9:11:00 AM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke with US President Donald Trump after an Australian reporter was attacked by police while covering riots in Washington.

The Prime Minister spoke with United States President Donald Trump after an Australian reporter was attacked by police while covering riots in Washington, but he was unaware of the incident when the phone call took place.

In a blow to Mr Trump's plan to expand the G7 without the inclusion of China,because it was a place "for frank conversations among allies and friends".AdvertisementMr Trudeau's intervention puts Australia in an awkward position. The Morrison government will not refuse the opportunity join the expanded G7, but also does not want to be seen to be joining the US in a China containment policy, especially at a time when Mr Trump is increasingly isolated from other world leaders and facing a domestic crisis with the riots.

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LoadingMs Brace was reporting from the White House on the riots on Tuesday morning Australian time when heavily-armed police began aggressively pushing the crowd back, before shoving her and punching Mr Myers. Federal authorities used rubber bullets, flash grenades and gas to clear protesters from the area shortly before Mr Trump gave a nearby speech threatening to deploy federal troops.

Shortly after the attack on the Channel 7 crew, Mr Trump rang Mr Morrison to personally offer Australiaa seat at the G7 table.According to senior government sources, Mr Morrison was unaware of the assault on the Channel 7 crew at the time of his call with the US president.

After becoming aware of the footage the Prime Minister contacted Channel 7 to check on the crew's welfare and assure them of the government's support should they wish to pursue a formal complaint with the local police.The Australian embassy has also contacted the pair to check on their wellbeing, and Mr Morrison has asked the embassy to investigate the incident and provide advice on how Australia should register its concerns with US authorities.

LoadingIn their phone call, Mr Morrison told Mr Trump he was pleased to take up the invitation as he had done last year when he was invited to a G7 meeting by French President Emmanuel Macron.Both leaders discussed the riots and unrest in the US and efforts to ensure it would be resolved peacefully, according to a readout of the phone call.

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Trump takes call from Morrison in midst of major crisis! Two peas in the poxy toxic pods Journo trying to become the story again? They have been getting in way too close. So you get what you get. Don’t be the story. MinhKular 😂 Live footage of the conversation.... Wonder if scottyfrommarketing offered to make him Samosas on his next visit

People of the world, Unfollow Donald Trump! Does anyone have any sympathy for the media after all the hatred and division you've been pushing for and now you are crying because it backfired in your faces!!? Its about time you get a taste of your own medicine! 0 sympathy for any media outlet whatsoever

PM Morrison: 'hey, good job Prez' Prez Trump: 'why thank you PM' PM Morrison: 'golf Sunday?' Prez Trump: 'sure & you? a bit of prayer?' PM Morrison: 'it's a great life...' Prez Trump: 'sure is...sure is...' Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, Episcopal Diocese of Washington 'The president did not pray when he came to St John's...we and the diocese of Washington distance ourselves from the incendiary language of this president...antithetical to everything we stand for.'

But they only talked and spying and jam sandwiches which they both really like. wasnt it before the attack on reporters ? Why is a working tv news crew not practicing OH&S requirements? Why are they allowed to wear standard Antifa streetwear instead of high vis Media safety vests ? 🤔 Has their safety been overlooked for need to get a headline story? 🤔DCProtests 7news theage

Oh the meeting of small minds Morrison and Trump Wow How fortunate we are to have these two guiding lights 🤪🤪 Stay out of it ScoMo. Time to rethink Australian allies. Do you really think for one minute realDonaldTrump will help Aussies if they were in real trouble. He cares for no one other than his base. Time for Australia to stand on its own.

Regrettably policing does not attract the best and brightest WHO WOULD BELIEVE THAT as if, here we have TRUMP UNDER SIEGE so what's he do TALK TO SCUMMO about Amour Boulevarde Kiss Kiss & make up .Fft and said WHAT? Not attacked. False. ScottyFromMarketing still shows NO spine or common decency when he agrees to attend G7 hosted by Trump who is UnfitForOffice. RemoveTrumpNow MorrisonNotMyPM LNPNotMyGovernment!

Asked to investigate, which basically means nothing will happen. Are u friend of Australia Because that fella is friend of nobody 🙂 Pity Morrison hasn't the courage to support Assange. I doubt there was any sincere acknowledgement, apology or promise of action from the Tangerine in Chief, and very much doubt Morrison would have the stones to press the issue.

Imagine having to speak to the guy that attacks the media day in day out. Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall listening to Trump /Scumo Conversation. The mind boggles at the content of alleged talk. Ha! spin bites reporters! Australian reporters the ones wearing bicycle helmets! Trump to ScoMo; “ C’mon mate, you know me, fake news “

piss weak attempt my god did he really or are you relying on the pmo? Waiting follow report it What is said by Donald ? Fake news ? It's a protective service, it shouldn't be an enforcement service. Spirit of the law is to protect, to provide a mutually agreed to rules to live by to protect all members of community in a balanced way, more or less. Police ought to operate within the spirit of the law.

USA has a lot of work to do to change some of the extreme cultural behaviours of police forces. Perhaps a change of name from a law enforcement agency to public protection agency? Did he congratulate him? LedByCowards LedByFrauds LedByBrokenBusinessmen The reporters were dressed like protesters. Pretty stupid, huh?

Was the reporter playing dumb by getting in the scrum.. do they also run into burning buildings to report a fire? How about they make themselves useful & report from the outer section. Its not like this is a controlled protest , its anarchy And apologised? Shit happens. Get used to it.

TV crew hit by rubber bullets in latest attack on media covering Floyd protestsThe Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has so far received 10 reports of attacks on journalists covering the George Floyd protests. TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow TrumpResignNow Assange. Free him. FreeAssangeNOW Only 10.. These police thugs have been on a rampage for days. Shooting, threatening and assaulting citizens & journalists. They have come in like a foreign occupying force.

Scott Morrison announces virtual meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi through 'ScoMosas'Prime Minister Scott Morrison will be holding a 'virtual summit' with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi, after delaying his January visit to India due to the bushfire crisis. This is good lets work closer with india Curry? Hardly anyone today in northern India, cook that dish at home. Once it was common, but it is now only cook on limited occasions.

Chinese newspaper demands PM ‘muzzle’ MPs critical of BeijingChina’s state-controlled media has called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to “muzzle” China critics including Liberal MP Andrew Hastie or risk a new Cold War. ScottMorrisonMP FuckChina ScottMorrisonMP Help us on Twitter. Type AnfitaTERRORISTA 🇧🇷🇺🇸🇹🇼🇦🇺 ScottMorrisonMP The Lamestream Media is doing everything within their power to foment hatred and anarchy. As long as everybody understands what they are doing, that they are FAKE NEWS and truly bad people with a sick agenda, we can easily work through them to GREATNESS! -- Your Boss

Quoting a meme, Scott Morrison says US violence will not bring about changePrime Minister Scott Morrison has referred to a meme to denounce violent protests in the United States prompted by the shocking death of an African-American man. He’s quoting memes now? What next, sharing YouTube videos and writing “do your own research!”? ScoMo must've been asleep during the part where the class was told MLK got assassinated. Yes, the police have been very violent.

Scott Morrison says households may get cash grants for home renovationsThe construction and entertainment sectors are next in line for targeted stimulus as the federal government hones in on coronavirus economic recovery. More cheap and nasty... Just have to sort out who are your political friends I guess before the cheque book comes out. More asset inflation (preservation) over real economic growth, driven by ever increasing household debt, already 200%+ in Australia—like the Fed-feulled US stock market recovery, where current and future tax money that should proivde social services is funnelled to the wealthy

The RBA has just one message for Scott Morrison and Josh FrydenbergOpinion: It’s possible Reserve Bank governor Dr Philip Lowe has been reading a book about speechmaking – the one that says: keep the message simple and keep saying it until it sinks in | 1RossGittins 1RossGittins Or the one that says ‘keep saying everything is ok until it isn’t’? Hopefully one day, someone will ask him why they started a new rate cut cycle without having normalised for over a decade? The seeds for a crisis were sown right there.