Scott Ludlam has strict bail conditions dismissed after Extinction Rebellion arrest

A magistrate has torn up bail conditions imposed on ex-Greens senator Scott Ludlam that had banned him from being involved in Extinction Rebellion protests

10/10/2019 4:00:00 AM

A magistrate has torn up bail conditions imposed on ex-Greens senator Scott Ludlam that had banned him from being involved in Extinction Rebellion protests

A magistrate has torn up bail conditions imposed on ex-Greens senator Scott Ludlam that had banned him from being involved in Extinction Rebellion protests.

Scott Ludlam had been ordered not to go within 2.5 kilometres of Sydney Town Hall or attend further Extinction Rebellion protests after police raised concerns he would"endanger the safety of victims, individuals and the community".An activist from Extinction Rebellion dangles from the Story Bridge in a hammock as part of protests in Brisbane, Tuesday, October 8, 2019.

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AAPBut deputy chief magistrate Jane Mottley on Thursday threw out the restrictions saying the concerns"can be appropriately addressed by unconditional bail".Unconditional bail only requires an accused person to be of good behaviour.READ MORE

Greg James QC, representing Mr Ludlam, told Downing Centre Local Court the conditions put forward by police were an attempt"to stifle legitimate political protest".Police arrest an activist during Extinction Rebellion demonstrations on Whitehall in London, England.

Getty Images EuropeOutside court, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said the bail conditions had been"unlawful" and called on police to drop similar conditions on some 30 other protesters charged over Monday's protests.READ MORE"Do we really need to come back to court another 30 times?" he told reporters.

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LOL, at last the veil is slipping. No surprise there. (Told yers!) It's sometimes said that 'The Law is an ass' On this occasion the NSW cops have filled that role far better... briefly. If you see one, pin a tail on him or her. Does this Gov think ClimateCrisis is just going to go away. I met a lot of farmers at the ClimateStrike who are doing it tough. There's going to be a lot more of them protesting in the future as this gets worse and the become more desperate.

Scott Ludlam's Extinction Rebellion bail conditions thrown outPolice had banned the former Greens senator from going within 2.5 kilometres of the city and participating in any more protests. AngusGthompson Common sense prevails, a shame it doesn't impact on the Govt, common sense that is.... AngusGthompson There are days when I am angered so much by the injustices perpetrated by the Courts . Today is not one of those days! 😃

Former senator Scott Ludlam among climate protesters arrestedDozens of protesters have been arrested around the country as the Queensland and Victorian premiers questioned the effectiveness of the demonstrations. You say that like it’s a bad thing Onya Scottludlam

Scott Ludlam says shutting down climate protests like 'turning off smoke alarm'A former Greens senator who was arrested in Sydney during a climate change protest says shutting down the demonstrations is like turning off the smoke alarm in a burning building. Anyone who believes humans are warming the Earth's climate, please name this man and explain his direct involvement in creating the global warming narrative. If you can't name him, you have no business entering into the climate debate, and should consider yourself ill-informed. Police have enough to do with out dealing with stupid protesters bring the army in give them some practice AdamBandt Hes right.

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