Russia carrying out military drills as US troops on alert over Ukraine tensions | 7NEWS

26/01/2022 12:36:00 PM

Russia is carrying-out military drills after the United States put thousands of troops on high alert because of tensions over Ukraine. #7NEWS

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Russia is carrying-out military drills after the United States put thousands of troops on high alert because of tensions over Ukraine. 7NEWS

US President Joe Biden has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin of ‘personal sanctions’ due to tensions over Ukraine. Russia is carrying out military dril...

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The US is instigating this.... the US are simply belligerent bullies. They did it in the middle east, they did it in the far east. They just don't stop If USA and Japan can carry out military drills in SouthChinaSea, then Russia can carry out military drills in its soil. What's the fuss!? Excited to share this item from my etsy shop: Gandules / Pigeon Peas

US troops on high alert over Ukraine as NATO outlines Russia 'deterrence' planThe NATO alliance outlines potential troop and ship deployments, the UK says it will withdraw diplomats from Kyiv, and Ireland denounces upcoming Russian war games off its coast as unwelcome. dusting off the old Russian bogeyman script? Election Incoming! Bidens ratings have tanked , a war is always good for ratings . Can’t Europe for once fight their own wars .

Dutton warns of 'bloody scenes' if Russia-Ukraine tensions escalatePeter Dutton said Australia would like to see Russia 'step back' amid fears tensions could implode and leave 'tens of thousands' of Ukrainians dead. If Russian soldiers are fully vaccinated & wear masks, they should allowed to go to Ukraine. This is getting really embarrising to watch the West's response led by Biden and now with expert opinion from Dutton, Putin can now just sit troops on the border and wait these idiots out

Ukraine in ‘precarious position’ as Russia readies troops at borderPeterDutton_MP There's that Fukin DOG Barking again PeterDutton_MP PeterDutton_MP Tom tom Dutton. Who ignores US has said it won't go to war over Ukraine. Germany has chosen not to send weapons. COVID19 auspol

UK won't rule out personal sanctions against Vladimir Putin if Russia invades UkraineRussia has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading Ukraine, that it can deploy troops wherever it wants on its own territory and that the West is gripped by Russophobia. Russians moved their army within the Russian Border? illegal now? What are they waiting for? They should have already done it. Stalins apprentice conning the western world AGAIN!! 👎🤔😜🤪😩😡😡😡😡

Australians warned to leave Ukraine as fears grow over RussiaBREAKING: The Australian Government has updated its travel advice and also directed dependants of embassy staff in Kyiv to leave, 'reflecting the increased risk of armed conflict'. 9News We’re taking that approach? But only if you’re triple vaccinated.

Russia Ukraine conflict: NATO Allies sending ships, fighter jets to eastern EuropeBREAKING: NATO says it's sending additional ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe amid Russia's troop build-up near Ukraine. 9News 9NewsSyd For those bitcoin and any other coins lovers isn't useful to keep your bitcoin in your wallet or trading in binace won't earn you much profits likewise what I'm earning today Get a trusted bitcoin expert like tyron_robert7 who's been doing great with his company through bitcoin What's the fuss with NATO warmongers? Ukrainian is not part of NATO. Russia Army are in Russia. We are still trying to find a way out of CV-19 crisis, yet now Pocking a bear 🐻 who has more than 4000 + nuclear warheads..? I guess the whole of covid-19 was a nothing burger More of a dream come true creating multiple sources of incomes through bitcoin. Truly proud of the decision of getting started with the help of mr tyron_robert7 thanks allot for your effort been given...