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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris

Rumours swirl that a 'President Biden' would serve one term. What would that mean for Kamala Harris?

Rumours swirl that a 'President Biden' would serve one term. What would that mean for Kamala Harris?

29/10/2020 9:07:00 AM

Rumours swirl that a 'President Biden' would serve one term. What would that mean for Kamala Harris ?

If Joe Biden wins next week, he'll be the oldest president in US history. Amid speculation he'll step aside after one term, his running mate Kamala Harris could be in the hot seat. But experts say she couldn't expect a dream run to the White House in 2024.

, but she may face challenges to her nomination if she is handed the mantle in 2024.GovTrack ranks her as the most liberal senator, but her record as a criminal prosecutor may not sit well with all Democrats.According to Professor Martin, Senator Harris is very much considered a moderate.

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In terms of what kind of VP she would be, in her 60 Minutes interview, Senator Harris said she had signed up to "Joe's plan".Read more about the US election:When will we know the results of the election?"I would not have joined the ticket if I didn't support what Joe was proposing," she said.

"What I will do, and what Joe wants me to do — this was part of our deal — I will always share with him my lived experience as it related to every issue that we confront and I promised Joe that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him," she said.

"It is the perspective of a woman who grew up as a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India."Ms Solis Doyle, who worked on the Obama-Biden campaign in 2012, said Senator Harris would be "in the room".

"I fully expect Kamala Harris to be a partner because that's what I know Joe Biden is looking for in a vice-president, having done the job for eight years," she said on the Brunswick Group panel."Someone that he could govern with, someone who can be … the last person in the room and give him the soundest advice."

What a one-term pledge could mean for DemocratsDavid Smith from the United States Studies Centre said just how progressive the agenda of a Biden administration turned out to be would come into play if Senator Harris was to run in 2024."It would certainly cause quite a bit of chaos within the Democratic Party because Kamala wouldn't get the nomination automatically by any means," he said.

In that situation, an incumbent vice-president would have to fight to win the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency."There would be a competitive primary and she would be the Biden-backed candidate, but there would certainly be challenges from the left as well — unless Biden's legislative agenda turns out to be very progressive, and that would allow Harris to run as progressive," Mr Smith said.

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Professor Martin agreed, saying: "If they feel the issues that are important to them haven't been addressed in any meaningful capacity, then I think you'll see somebody running from that wing of the party."If Kamala Harris were to run in 2024, she would face a challenge from the left wing of the Democratic party.

(Reuters: Ivan Alvarado)In an interview last week, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders was asked if he would mount a challenge to Mr Biden or Senator Harris in 2024, if any administration they formed did not move to the left.Senator Sanders did not rule it out.

"To answer your question, am I prepared to support primary challenges all across this country to those members of Congress Democrats who are not prepared to move toward a progressive agenda? You're damn right I am," he said.Does all of this get a woman closer to being sworn in on January 20, 2025?

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She gets to lockup even more black people? Just an educated guess here. The Age is now indispensable form the herald sun This is a hard one. One term with Biden,or one more with Trump, can the world put up with Trump for one more term and cam America afford 4 more years can you imagine how many more lives he will lose until they have a cure and with no heath insurance.

Once Biden would be in Office, I’m sure Pelosi has already planned it out to show him incompetent to serve and Kamala take over. God forbid. “Some say” Hasn’t he already Said that? But Harris would have to Stand for election. It’s not like British royalty. MurdochFreeAustralia First black female President. Bring it

Speculating on what may happen more than four years from now is not news. This election and the resulting fallout could have major ramifications that affect the next 24 months. What might happen 48 months from now is irrelevant It's not s rumour, Biden has actually stated it publicly. The Election2020 USElections2020 is realDonaldTrump vs KamalaHarris JoeBiden is there for the old white vote

Will there be any more Republican set pieces dressed up as news in Oz media before US election? First Rudy's laptop and now this... I just wish this American election was OVER!!!! Didn't he say this like months ago? Love a good swirling. Go Kamala!! ABC doesn't report any more all their articles are opinion pieces or analysis. Reporting is non bias and factual.

He wouldn’t last that long if he did win, but he won’t have to worry about that Number one, her values. Number two, she's smart as a devil. Number three, she has a backbone like a ramrod. Number four, she is really principled,' Mr Biden responded. FDR served three terms from a wheel chair and died on the job after 12 years. Not bad for a disabled old guy. Eh?

WTF! Are we working hard to CREATE controvery now? JoeBiden has not yet been elected! One term will be just fine! Excellent! Outstanding! Superb! etc JoeBiden instead of PsychDonnie will be MARVELOUS! Get a clue folks!!! MSNBC nytimes CNN latimes washingtonpost AP Any thoughts on his crackhead son's laptop ? None of the Bidens have denied it's his or the veracity of its contents. Biggest story in a decade and the M$M response is ... crickets.

Doesn't he have to win it first? I think it’s fairly obvious Biden will only serve 1 term. Kampala Harris has the perfect apprenticeship to become the first African -American female President. Nursing home booked no doubt Lame duck US president for 4 years, Russian and China already high five. The rise and fall of USA and democracy.

Has Biden won the election? Two terms? So I see you have moved on from speculating about the US election to speculating about what might happen at the election after the one you're currently speculating about. Okayyyyy... He will not be President for four years. I don’t think Biden/Harris will be elected, but if they are he is only serving as a Trojan horse.

Promotion? Who gives a shit right now. Dont you have some actual reporting to do? Go interview some Trump supporters. Especially the ones he left out in the cold so we can see how brainwashed they are Hahahaha 😂🤣😆 One term as president of his aged care facility. Presidency Yes!!! Hopefully we'll get a great female President who doesn't have grey hair or a grey mind.

Rumours swirl? Then why are you even reporting this? Rumours swirl that no longer a trusted news source. Get back to core business and try to regain our trust. Former Vice President Biden, get your facts straight!!! Trump2020LandslideVictory That she will be inline for the Presidency!! He wouldn't last one week, the old sausage. But we won't really have to cross that bridge anyway, so no point giving it any thought.

It’s irrelevant cause nobody is voting for them. They’ll be headin to prison with the ABC Just letting you know, you’re only elected for one term... 🙄 Who the fck cares! Trump is a very very dangerous problem... please don't minimise that! Hope he runs in 2024. If for some reason he doesn't want to then kamala will absolutely be our candidate in 2024

If you believe that you know nothing, Kampala Harris would become the President within a short period of time. I thought the news media was about printing news that has been verified and not rumours. Shame on you ABC News printing thrash instead of news. BidenHarris2020 His Brain is already custard. How can people possibly think he can do a decent job.

He'll be 'Epsteined'. Joe Biden can be already impeached with the evidence the senate have been given and the investigation thats under way with it. Kamala Harris has incarcerated thousands of African Americans for petty crime when she was a prosecutor. She's a total political plant. One month perhaps.

It means it might be easier for her to put poor people in jail i guess? Why repeat Trump misinformation? And a “news” report from the US that featured only chats with Trump supporters. Disgusting rubbish straight from the Murdoch playbook. Lift your game, ABC. Biden will be lucky to survive for 6 months, if he were to win, which he won't.

He wont last 3 months given his mental decline and his and families corrupt business dealings in foreign countries compromising him esp china,they know this already dropping hints about harris admin although she was first booted out of dem primaries Rumours swirl that 'President' Trump will serve one term.

Rumour and crystal balls So much I heard from a guy, who heard from a guy.. Like Tucker Carlsons ‘proof’ vanishing into the ether. So much noise, can we at least stick to what’s something around fact and not conjecture. No need to worry, it won’t happen! Well, unless he drops dead while in office all of a sudden, it means she would have to contest an election in her own right.

Oh, she would have finished her first term by then. The guy wont last one term. He won’t last 6 months. The poor bloke doesn’t know what day it is. He'll be out as soon as he's in, any American who thinks otherwise is in Disneysleep One term, he won’t last a year!! Anything on the ‘Laptop from hell’? I don't think he would serve one week

I thought that was a given. That’s hardly a rumour. More of a rational assessment of probabilities. FAKE NEWS Abcnews RIPABC I love her because she is a woman and she's black. That's the most important thing!!! He can not count to four. 1. Biden needs to be elected. 2. He then needs to want to stand again in four years if elected. 3. Biden would need to be re-elected to have a second term. Let’s just hope he gets a first term.

ABC like Harris become President, I hope head of ABC is all black people. He was always the puppet This is news? What would it mean for every US citizen that is eligible to run for President? Little wonder why.. he can’t even remember the name of the guy he’s running against Kamala is coincidential. The Dems clearly want to use Biden as a “circuit breaker” just to remove Trump. By 2024, they will hope to have a Clintonesque character to run as President.

Kamala Harris? Potential Presidential prospect. Her and Biden should be playing in reverse. Win easily! 🔄 The curse of '20' basically ensures this president will not serve a full term Nikki Hayley was the Governor of North Carolina, not Georgia. The inquiry would see him off within six months! Here we go, can't get any dirt on him so they start making stuff up. Needs to be elected FFS

That’s fine just vote the rude selfish amateur out Pathetic ABC - Biden does not have to serve a second term. My view is he would have no intention to do so - President Kamala Harris, sounds excellent. But where does ABC go? - for the negative - FUCKING PATHETIC Different country same problem. People are asked to vote between two parties that aren’t any good.

Liverpool UK 30 years No Rupert! RETWEET!! GiveRupertALiverpoolKiss ! Serve one term, he would be lucky to last a week The world wouldn't cope with anothet coloured experiment that promotes looney left ramblings He won't stay that long That's it Still nothing on the Hunter Biden emails? Yep, absolutely NO bias there at all.....

Sure, I have an advantage, having studied US politics during Bush 41 Presidency (that kids is Dubya's Dad); before that commerce during the Reagan's 2nd term. But I could have told you then old man Biden won't run for a second term. Why is this news? auspol Wonder who started this rumour 🤔 She will have less time to play with her vibrators

He’s not going to win, relax. Trump2020LandslideVictory Churchill was 80 years of age when he was Prime Minister of UK. Leave it will you? Would not be concerned. If he keeled over she gets the gig. Happy with that. Old Dementia Joe won’t last a single year. It would mean Biden might serve one term It means you would have a fresh field of candidates in 2024, and believe you me, you don’t need to be Einstein to know this, so who is writing this nonsense?

Now the ABC News is a rumour mill? How about just covering what is news that is backed by facts The US & Australia Australia needs to follow the lead of the 'Wellbeing' Women who will lead us away from the Fat Greedy, Corrupt Old males! Real Women with a Heart, Soul & Humanity! Not Cash's, Bishop's, Reynold's, Gladdy's, Payne's et al!

President Harris He won’t last that long. He’ll be thrown under the bus within six months. Where are you hearing these rumors. Since Biden hasn't won a first term yet, I can only conclude that this 'story' is somehow supposed to scare people into voting for Trump. STOP THE RUMOURS - that is not news & u help the issues

He would only be her sock puppet anyway who long as next week trump is gone Lol. Rumours swirl my black ass Wow the trolls are out in force today. Reeks of further destabilisation by the campaign of the fat orange man. Why are you posting MORE Russian propaganda? Seriously... Rumours are that Biden won't even serve 3 months. Remember when the polls said Clinton was going to win and she didn't. Australia's Broadcasting Communists always the hopeful bunch.

I don’t have the best memory in the world ( trump does ) but I believe Biden said it himself he would not seek second term . He wouldn’t couldn’t and shouldn’t last the first year let alone the a full single term 😆😆😆 No he won’t even serve one! Biden bails early, Harris ascends to president & nominates a hard lefty for VP as a placeholder for AOC in 2024. longgame

He won’t make a full term, he’s not up to it, it’s common knowledge. A vote fir Biden is a vote for Harris, must be doing wonders for Trumps campaign There's been no rumours of this, it has been openly discussed in multiple American media sources from the day Kamala Harris was announced. He isn't going to win ,so don't have to worry about it!

So? The Murdoch ABC, brought to you by ScoMo and nonsense headlines. Every election is for just one term. Joe could live to 100 a 50 year old can drop dead with one missed beat of heart age is no guarantee against infant death, middle age or pandemic end Kamala could do no worse than Donny Germany New Zealand rest my case 'After' USA Australia Great Britain Russia North Korea

so the media has already churned out the rumour machine and has picked the know what happen last time after the results the media hide their face in the sand like an ostrich. Yours & Buckleys Lucky to survive one year. No one's even sure he can make it to one term … What is with all the Australian trolls in this thread?

Rumours. I can just imagine him snapping one off in his nappy with Putin sitting on the other side of the table what a joke How about we just concentrate on winning this election first? 😠 This is a stupid rumor. If Biden is healthy in 2024, he'll run for re-election. “Rumours swirl” that the ABC tweets absolute clickbait rubbish.

The presumptuous delusion that can swirl around the ABCs echo chamber is astounding. This is just that, rumors. Can we just let him win first... let’s just enjoy that moment shouldn't have run in the first place Biden remind me of a ventriloquist’s dummy, Interesting to see who actually has hishand up Biden’s backside. Americans NEED to KNOW whose hand this is before the Presidential Election. Vote for Trump or Vote for the other fella.umm !Who is actually calling the other fella’s shots

There's a bigger rumour that JoeBiden is as corrupt as they come as he and his son used their positions to do deals with the CCP. BUT YOU AREN'T REPORTING IT! THE US DOJ, FBI and US Director of National Intelligence have all confirmed it's legit. Why aren't you reporting it! That she would then run in a democratic primary.

Stop listening to the rumours and polls and just vote! I love an early call. 🍿 Dumb, trump would serve one more too By “term” do you mean like a term at school or university? That is, about three months? Because that’s all he’s got in him really. Unless he becomes some sort of President Emeritus. Rumor has it!

Why is the national broadcaster amplifying such 'rumours'? Hypothetically, if Biden wins he won’t even serve full term He’ll be lucky to get through a week before she takes over. Doesn’t matter though, realDonaldTrump is getting at least 65% of the vote Rumors? It's kind of a duh thing. Of course. He is 77.

So him and Trump share that in common For Pete’s sake, this is no rumour! Joe has already said he will be a transitional President, aiming to heal & steer America back on course. And yes, shock, horror, there is a very good chance a Vice President Harris would become President. Why the “disguised” racism & sexism?

now then...who would promote that rumour? One term? Try one year. The DNC's plan has always been to use Biden and then get rid of him so that they can have a female president - another item on their pc list they can tick off. And you can bet Hillary Clinton is behind it. ABC reporting on Biden who they called 'decent' guy. And refusing to fully report the latest corruption allegations against Biden won't work ABC, you can't report endlessly on Trump's allegations, then refuse to report Biden's allegations of corruption, ABC a danger to democracy

I'd bet on him standing down due to ill health mid-way during his first term giving Kamala some time as President before the election circus starts. Anyone who thinks Biden will be vaguely coherent much less competent in 4 years isn’t really paying attention He wouldn’t even serve one year Oh for the love of.... he’s only three years older than Trump. Stop acting like he’s the crypt keeper.

Poor Joe is struggling to get through the week.🥴 The most unlikeable person ever to enter politics: He's 78. He'll be lucky to get through one term. Out of 300 million people they pick this poor old bloke. Sounds reasonable and rather practical. The world just needs American voters to make it happen. Trump rumours? Asking for a friend.

Ridiculous! That is not a rumour, that's a certainty. The question is will he serve out his time. He needs to get elected first...I'm tipping 0 terms ;) I think most dems wanted her anyway. Pretty sure he won’t serve even one term coz realDonaldTrump is gonna win He'd be lucky to get through one term with his declining mental status and age. He'll be 80 half way through his first term.

Whatevs VoteBidenHarris2020 One term? One week!

US media are not covering Biden, ‘they are covering for Biden’ | Sky News Australia Joe Biden ’s staff pushed the media out of the way as Joe Biden was asked about court packing, “and the media don’t push back”, says Sky News host Paul Murray. \n\nMembers of 'The Squad' - a progressive wing of the Democratic Party made up of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib - have called on their party's presidential nominee Joe Biden to 'pack' the Supreme Court if he wins next month's election. \n\nThe call comes after Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice after Republicans overpowered Democratic opposition 52-48 in the US Senate.\n\n“When Biden was asked about court packing, about behaving like a kid who’s losing at a game of snap where you just keep adding the judges, his staff literally pushed the media out of the way and the media don’t push back.”\n\n“Imagine if you tried to do this do an Australian reporter.\n\n“These people, they are not covering Biden, they are covering for Biden.”\n JoeBiden Also Sky 'News' host Paul Murray JoeBiden But a serious question...the ink is still wet on ACB’s confirmation, rushed through by the GOP while people are voting, so what obligation does the Dem party have to ANYONE to explain what they’re going to do wrt the Sup Crt? JoeBiden what happens when u kill 230,000+ and have Russian motherland as first lady spy? TrumpPolPot

'He shrugged, swaggered and surrendered': Joe Biden blasts Donald Trump's coronavirus record during rallyThe presidential hopeful branded Mr Trump's response 'a capitulation' by a White House that 'never really tried' to halt a pandemic which has now killed more than 226,000 Americans. Report the joebiden TonyBobulinski corruption story. Georgia is no longer a republican stronghold. It will go blue very soon! In fact it would have a Democrat governor right now if Kemp hadn’t stolen the election from Stacey Abrams. Try Bobulinski

Biden 'is really struggling, not in politics, in life' | Sky News AustraliaFormer deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce says if he had a choice between Trump and Biden, he would choose Trump every time, because “Biden, poor fella, he is really struggling, not in politics, in life”.\n\n“This guy (Biden) cannot be leader of the great democratic hope of the western world as we’re up against the Communist People’s Republic of China, It’s insane,” Mr Joyce told Sky News host Paul Murray.\n\n“My issue has always been, between the two of them, could we not have picked someone better?\n\n“If we’ve now got Trump and Biden, I’m Trump all the way, because the other guy, it’s disastrous, we can’t possibly have him.\n\n'If I had a choice between Trump and Biden I would pick Trump every time.' Barnaby_Joyce realDonaldTrump JoeBiden Only the really stupid and callous endorse Trump. Barnaby_Joyce realDonaldTrump JoeBiden There should be no judgement on personal lives or conditions of Politicians. Opinions should only be based on policies and performance, these people are human like them or not still trying to service their Country. Barnaby_Joyce realDonaldTrump JoeBiden Barnaby Joyce? The doyen of family values is lecturing Biden...

Trump, Biden denounce violent Philadelphia riots | Sky News AustraliaApproximately 1,000 protesters were involved in the Philadelphia riots which started after a black man was shot dead by police.\n\nPolice say it started as a peaceful protest which turned violent with protesters throwing bricks and rocks at officers.\n\nPresident Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden both denounced the looting and violence.\n A vile criminal who resisted arrest. Actually, a man chased police with a knife, they retreated and after several shouts of put the knife down, they shot him. Your headline is misleading and racially motivated 🤨

Joe Biden casts his vote early in US electionUnited States presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife Jill cast their votes for the 2020 election, joining more than 74 million Americans who have voted early. He vote for geroge bush 🤣🤣 “Super Predators” “You ain't black” “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Meanwhile, here's something TheirABC won't show you about Sleepy Joe …

Joe Biden vows to pass Equality Act for LGBTIQ+ rights if he wins the US election Joe Biden has promised to put top priority on passing the LGBTQI+ rights legislation known as the Equality Act within 100 days should he win the US election. Give blacks reparations first. they are already covered under the bill of rights, as is EVRY AMERICAN Liverpool UK 30 years No Rupert! RETWEET!! GiveRupertALiverpoolKiss !