Rugby World Cup games cancelled as typhoon threatens Tokyo | Sky News Australia

Several Rugby World Cup games have been cancelled as a typhoon barrels down on Tokyo.


Several Rugby World Cup games have been cancelled as a typhoon barrels down on Tokyo.

Several Rugby World Cup games have been cancelled as a typhoon barrels down on Tokyo.

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Typhoon red cards world cup Who cares, it’s only a game, played for money and really nothing else.

'Violent' typhoon bears down on Tokyo, putting Rugby World Cup games in doubtA super typhoon packing wind gusts up to 270 kilometres per hour is bearing down on Japan, threatening the capital Tokyo ahead of the Rugby World Cup pool stage.

'Super Typhoon' could wreak havoc on final Rugby World Cup pool stagesTyphoon Hagibis is set to hit Japan later this week and could help the Wallabies but ruin Scotland or Ireland's World Cup campaigns. tomdecent geerob This really isn’t that important tomdecent geerob just give the trophy to NZ and move on tomdecent geerob Maybe it will add a bit of excitement because it’s been sh** so far with so many crap teams playing the pool stages. As hard as they try, rugby is only played by a handful of countries. Expanding to 20 is either a greedy cash grab or pure desperation.

Rugby World Cup 2019: All Blacks, Kieran Read, cheats, ruck, Beauden BarrettEx-Ireland international Neil Francis has called the All Blacks cynical cheats and claimed that Kieran Read is given “diplomatic immunity” by World Cup officials.

France-England blockbuster becomes first-ever Rugby World Cup game to be cancelledThe first-ever cancellation of a match in the tournament's history has implications for the Wallabies' tournament trajectory.

Wales overcome close call with Fiji to reach World Cup quarter-finalsWales prevailed 29-17 over Fiji, almost certainly ensuring Australia finish second in Pool D. SMHsport paywall blocked, looks like I will get my news from another source. A shame really.

Australian researchers 'cure' cervical cancer in mice in world-first studyAustralian researchers have claimed a "cure" for cervical cancer after targeting tumours in mice in a world first study.

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