Richard Marles says 'politicisation' of asylum seeker boat intercept 'risked lives'

The deputy prime minister has taken aim at the reported involvement of the former prime minister's office in instructing Australian Border Force to publicise the intercept of an asylum seeker boat.

27/05/2022 11:46:00 AM

The Albanese government says its 'disgraceful' Scott Morrison publicised the interception of an asylum seeker boat on election day - calling the move an 'abuse of process' and accusing the Coalition of risking lives. ShubaSKrishnan

The deputy prime minister has taken aim at the reported involvement of the former prime minister's office in instructing Australian Border Force to publicise the intercept of an asylum seeker boat.

Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles says an investigation will probe the involvement of former prime minister Scott Morrison's office in instructing the Australian Border Force to publicise the intercept of an asylum seeker boat on election day."We saw our borders become less secure. We saw lives risked, we saw the national consensus around border security undermined," he told reporters.

READ MORE"A disgraceful act from a government which was prepared to politicise everything but solve nothing.""Our message to the Pacific is clear. We are listening and we have heard you," she said.Senator Wong said the new government had put a "much stronger" climate change policy on the table, including an emissions reduction target of 43 per cent by 2030 to hit net zero emissions by 2050.

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ShubaSKrishnan LNPCrimeFamily set up these boats (2originally) to arrive in Aussie water at election time. It appears they arrived too late to make the regular media releases. Safe NP & Labour seats weren’t warned of their arrival. Only some Aussies needed these Maritime warnings, it seems. ShubaSKrishnan It demonstrates the haughty and contumacious attitude of the fmr govt. Now you see Dutton as an example of this attitude we want rid from the region

naveenjrazik ShubaSKrishnan The Liberal Murdoch Coalition was an abuse of process for 9 long years. ShubaSKrishnan I predict after ALP wins: 1) open borders 2) high inflation (rising the wages ) 3) wave of bankruptcies (same reason) + green energy 4) religious persecution (just like Israel Folau) 5) high unemployment, high homelessness Se in 2 years if I'm right.

ShubaSKrishnan Plus, what if they all crashed and drowned? Due to 'climate change', which has been happening since the dawn of time itself. ShubaSKrishnan Mediscare was toxic too. ShubaSKrishnan Doesn't transporting people on a vessel overseas illegally during a time of war threaten national security? Was the skip a crim?

ShubaSKrishnan Everything about ScottMorrisonMP is, was, and always be, disgraceful. He has no grace… and you can take that in the Christian sense, if you so wish. ShubaSKrishnan Morrison clearly trying to stoke the same anti-immigrant racism of Nigel Farage... it shows where scomo gets his policies from...

ShubaSKrishnan Blame the ghost! ShubaSKrishnan she shape wrote out sense believe

Australia news live update: Albanese says Morrison ordered release of information on Sri Lanka asylum seeker boatFollow all the day’s developments The most shocking thing about this is that no one is the least bit surprised. Desperate to the end. Why is Morrison staying on? Is he planning destabilisation? The last act of the morally bankrupt Morrison. Grotesque.

ShubaSKrishnan copy shoe ShubaSKrishnan ManUpMorrison ShubaSKrishnan And are we surprised...right up to the bitter end.

Albanese hits out at Morrison’s last-ditch 'disgraceful act'Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has accused Scott Morrison of announcing of an asylum seeker boat interception to “facilitate” the sending of campaign text messages on election day. It was all part of “Operation Save Scomo” . It was too obvious what he was attempting to do and didn’t work ABF did not issue press releases about any of the 5 boat interceptions it made in 4 years prior to its election-day announcement auspol DemiCassiani Fair enough too.

Labor accuses Morrison government of risking lives by publicising boat arrivalDeputy Prime Minister Richard Marles says the former government's decision to publicise the interception of a Sri Lankan asylum seeker boat on election day undermined Australia's border security and put lives at risk Dirty Rotten Scoundrels! Wait til a few more Sri Lankan boats start arriving and labor and Carina Ford and Bilo supporters get blamed Memo to ABC, the election was last week, he has gone ! For christ sake produce some news we care about !!

Announcement on future of Biloela asylum seeker family to be made today, PM saysThe family have spent the past four years in detention — in Melbourne, on Christmas Island and most recently in community detention in Perth while their case to remain in Australia was heard in court. here locate ​especial The homeless will be ecstatic began reply tall rise war plane

Sick of stereotypes, Chalmers says Biloela ready to embrace detained familyJim Chalmers says he has made “substantial progress” in Labor’s pledge to allow a Sri Lankan asylum seeker family home to their adopted Queensland home town.

Richard Marles mocks Peter Dutton after revealing friendshipThe Deputy Prime Minister and former defence minister, who last week revealed their 'secret' friendship, exchanged jibes on Today as Peter Dutton firms up to be the next leader of the Liberal Party. How will the drips cope with Marles and Dutton being good mates?!? 🥔 won't make it to the election. Historically no newly appointed leader from a deposed gov has made it to the next election. A Lib sacrificial lamb will be bullied out of their seat resulting in a by election to accommodate Frydenberg to be parachuted in. Mark my bingo card.