Rapid tests denied to Australians despite millions being used in the UK

Australians are being denied a chance to use a rapid test approved by the UK’s health authority and issued free to millions of people over the past year.


26/01/2022 3:15:00 AM

Australians are being denied a chance to use a rapid test approved by the UK’s health authority and issued free to millions of people over the past year. | CroweDM auspol

Australians are being denied a chance to use a rapid test approved by the UK’s health authority and issued free to millions of people over the past year.

Australian importers have struggled to gain local approval to sell the Biotime test despite its widespread use in Britain, where the National Health Service (NHS) rebadges the kit with the government brand so that people can test themselves and record the results online.

Alex EllinghausenSydney company Rapid Test & Track wants approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to sell the same tests but believes the process has taken too long because of a controversy over the product with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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“The TGA has never rejected a submission from us,” he said. “We elected to withdraw and resubmit, which we did on 23rd December 2021.“ So, they submitted their request for approval to TGAgovau on 23rd of December 2021. One month ago. If only they’d submitted around September😏 CroweDM Backwards arguing for Australian importers of Chinese made RATs when you should be advocating for Australian RAT manufacturers to supply Australia. Do stories on Anteotech or Ellume who manufacture RATs for the US market by the millions but aren't allowed to sell in Australia.

CroweDM Don’t question the science please

When rapid antigen test shortage is tipped to endAustralia's free rapid test rollout has been plagued with issues on its first day causing many of our nation's most vulnerable to be left empty-handed. vella_lara 9News Who is eligible? 9NewsMelb vella_lara But foley said there useless 😡😡😡🤮🤮🤮🤮sackgimpfoley vella_lara 🐑🙄 vella_lara I may be 74 and a pensioner, but I'm not an unhinged Covid RAT. Feb1

Barnaby Joyce apologises for claiming ‘people aren’t dying’ of Covid in AustraliaDeputy prime minister immediately retracts comment but says rapid tests are being ‘hoarded’ If you're really sorry you'll resign and you won't come back No, no he said what he meant. He just forgot the 'people I give a shit about' part. What a shame, and this man is deputy prime minister!

Men allegedly try to steal 1400 RAT kits from Melbourne testing siteA COVID19 testing site worker and another man have been arrested after they allegedly tried to steal 1400 rapid antigen test kits. 9News Trying to steal test that don’t work 😂😂😂 JoshBavas Again this is all the feds fault because there shouldn’t be a low supply of these things

Aged care provider says it has ‘no faith’ in federal promise of rapid antigen testsSt Basil’s Homes in South Australia has written to residents and families to warn the tests are ‘like liquid gold’ Morrison will love that 'liquid gold'. He is right into that gold standard and they all turn out to be painted lead.

Inside the glamorous world of Australia’s instant rapid antigen test millionairesAustralia’s insatiable demand for rapid antigen tests is turning importers into instant millionaires, with one company that operates out of a two-bedroom apartment in Elizabeth Bay securing a $26 million contract with the Department of Health. Read their story, great to hear that good ideas knowledge hard work can pay off, with a little risk no doubt. Not surprised, the prices they are gouging! No tender? Lives in Potts point? This government doesn't even bother hiding it's corruption anymore. Instead of sourcing them it just let's faux companies take tax payers money. This is economic mismanagement.

Gladys Liu launches WeChat ‘boycott’Despite using WeChat to help win her the seat of Chisholm at the last federal election, Liberal MP Gladys Liu will stop using the Chinese messaging app over fears of political interference. lol no one cares, esp not about a phantom like she is LOL The eyes have it