'Race and racism' one of the 'hardest topics to talk about in Australia' | Sky News Australia

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Outsiders host Rowan Dean says “race and racism” is one of the “hardest topics to talk about in Australia these days”.

Outsiders host Rowan Dean says “race and racism” is one of the “hardest topics” to “talk about in Australia these days”. Mr Dean said it is “fueled by a toxic mixture of Islamic and left-wing antisemitism and the sickening perversion of identity politics”.

“The Left, the same people who have done so much damage and harm to our national well-being, are the very same people who at the drop of a hat accuse others of racism,” he said. “Political correctness constantly seeks to poison that well of goodwill by tirelessly denigrating our past, and worse, silencing us if we dare make any criticism that can be labelled racist. “This is unhealthy and dangerous.


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He's White...how could he possibility have a problem?

That’s because there are so many racists around, and idiots like you who amplify their hate.

Poor Rowan is employed to grumble about how difficult life is for a white boomer male, to an audience of half a dozen multiple divorcee blokes. Sweet gig.

Only for racists tho ...

We all know what this half-mans version of ' Talking ' about race entails

Your lot seem to talk about it relentlessly. ThisIsNotJournalism boycottmurdoch

I thought he was a comedian when I first saw him on sky. Then realised he was just an unhinged crazy.


but no one asked roawn to talk about it?

So is the patriotism toward our Flag,No Service including the Fire Brigades or Police have it on their vehicles! USA🇺🇸,this maybe because they are advertising our Constituional Values & Magna Cartas,not one child educated in Australia or most adults know what I am talking about!

Rowan fecking Dean. His pronouncements mean what exactly?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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