Quiet Australians want their voice on climate change to be heard

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For the first time in their lives, Rod and Margot Cunich are so angry about a political issue they are taking action. And they are not the only ones.

It was a smoky summer holiday, as bushfires raged on the south coast of New South Wales, that sparked the Cunichs into action.

But the couple was looking for an alternative to the large, often rowdy, protests being staged on the issue. "I look at the protests and I think, they're young activists or old activists who can be easily dismissed as ratbags doing their own thing, we can ignore them. And I've been guilty of that," he said.

The self-described swinging voter took out an ad promoting the vigil in his local newspaper and set up a Facebook page.


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The greatest fraud in human history !! Climate emergency = socialist emergency .

I’m a quiet Australian, here’s my quiet belief-Warming isn’t anthropomorphically driven.Big culprit, the sun, the nuclear fusion reactor the centre of our solar system that we spin around 67,000mph & will ultimately cause the entropic heat death of everything we’ve ever known

I'd like the voices of scientists (there are thousands to choose from) who reject climate alarmism & validity of data and what consensus actually does/n't say to be heard on ABC. Have them on panels debating alarmist scienrists.

Yep man made change is a hoax

Yea it's a hoax just like most of the filth coming out of the GAYBC.

250 people.....wow 🤣

Quiet Australians rose up and voted against this, thanks very much

Talk about Orwellian Double Speak.

HOAX fed and disseminated by the most gullible people on earth


I’m standing up! I want my voice heard! This “climate change” is a hoax, a fraud!!

Quiet Australians want the cultural Marxist collective running TheirABC SACKED and the whole outfit defunded by 60% and massively downsized.

We quiet Australians know it is a hoax. The other thing we quiet Australians know is the ABC should be defunded for publishing this drivel!

We allready told you what we think of cLiMaTe cHaNgE at the last election. Time to drop it and move on.

The quiet Australians voted on 18th May 2019.

Yes we voted.

Lmao all these comments, you just know someone is gonna claim we are all Russian bots. You paying attention ABC?

Is that so , and how did you come to this conclusion, I think the quiet Australian has already spoken on May the 18th ,

More BS from the ABC.

You will Have to wait for the next election to hear what the 'quiet Australians ' think about Climate change . My guess is you won't like the outcome .

The silent majority is not mostly made up climate change deniers, it’s made up of people who want a sensible solution and transition. Without that they realise we will just send our country broke and we will make no measurable impact on the global environment.

The only place I can find people that agree with climate change is on Twitter and I’m not even sure that they are actually real people. Although I do believe the climate is changing I also think it is normal for it to do so.

Oh fancy theirabc pushing the global warming/climate emergency/climate change bandwagon. What ever it’s called this week, the quiet Australians have called BS on this at 3 separate elections. You should stick to reporting on gender fluidity.

The day of reckoning comes for the phoney 'CO2 controls climate' cultists. Who will pay for the restoration of habitat, cleanup of toxic mines, PV and turbine waste and the global economic destruction?

Those voices were heard on May 18. Stick your propaganda where the sun doesn't shine.

We voiced it on Election Day and expect the Gov to act accordingly and the Opposition to respect the wishes of the majority.

EXACTLY! ClimateFraud ClimateHoax notmanmade

ClimateFraud ClimateHoax

Pc_Free_Zone Yea they do, the quiet Australia’s are sick of the scare campaign and starting to see this for what it is.

No we don't

This quiet Australian says climate change is a hoax too

The climate has changed since there has been an atmosphere. CO2 has never been a driver of climate change in the past, and there is no evidence to show it has suddenly become one. Quiet Australians like me are over the fact-free alarmism peddled by the ABC. Thanks for asking.

It was, at the election.

gretathundergums is a scammer and we are all a wakeup to the climatechangehoax

Heard them on May 18th......next!

Lol. Quiet Australians know this is just bullshit.

The Quiet Australians shouted their opinion on climate change loud and clear at the last election. LetItGo


It's a fucken hoax, arsonists however are real and plentiful!


Quiet Australian🙋🏻‍♀️ Human induced climate change is a hoax.

LOL... Look at all the woke people. Mainstream media lies don't work anymore!!! 😆😂🤣🤡


Their voice on climate change was loud and clear at the 'Climate Election' last May. The problem is that the FakeNewsMedia like TheirABC didn't and still can't hear it.

Here this!! “ITS A SCAM AND YOU KNOW IT” !!!!

Yes, you’re right! CLIMATE CHANGE IS A HOAX! There. The voice of one quiet Australian. 😁

Give it a break. Just because they claim to be “Quiet Australians” doesn’t make it so.

No I don't think they represent the quiet Australians. I feel they are just hijacking the term. The quiet Australians had their say at the last election. Deal with it ABC

Unless the quiet Australians are CC scientists, why is their opinion needed

Quiet Australians! What a load of crap! Stop calling yourselves this!

Shhh ABC.

Given that CO2 = 0.04% of the total global atmosphere (or 400 parts per million) Humans contribute just 3% of that 0.04% and Australia contributes just 1.3% of that 3% of that 0.04%. Australia contributes .0000156% of the atmospheres c02

These nutcases do not represent ‘quiet Australians’ Townsville Rockhampton coal qldpol auspol

And filthy live export

These same quiet and moron Australians also invented the Y2K2 Millennium Billshit Bug!!!!

OMG, franking credits are causing climate change !!!!!!!!

Oh now you want us on your side because we became a majority probably? lol Sorry, we ain't bailing you out this time. Look at the BBC, oh no they are losing funding by the bucket loads!

Doesn't climate change every day,some days it's hot,some days it's warm, some days it's cold

Idiots they live in houses drive cars travel on planes and ships go away

What the fuck is a Quiet Australian

I haven't even got kids. But recent events are a wake up call for all. The scientists have been telling us for 30+ years about the consequences. Dystopia of greed.

vichygirl Stop aping LNP slogans. Quiet Australians are a construct to convince people to suck it up, or in today's parlance adapt. Don't be part of the problem.

Bulls$&l ALPBC. The majority (quiet Australians) voted against unchecked and unbalanced green policy. Stop making FakeNews FakeNewsMedia fakenewsabc theirabc

...they spoke at the last election. This is not journalism, it’s propaganda.

Quiet Australians rise up! Culture changes please. Not new cars, new energy.

The illegitimate Coalition Government stole $100 million from taxpayers to buy votes in marginal electorates. sportsrorts. Australians wants this Government annulled and their voices heard in a fresh election. auspol

The quiet people are sick of hearing about climate change because they already know the climate changes

bencubby Who are these quiet Australians? It's all a bit weird. .. to .. me

What the hell is a quiet Australian?

Yes we do . There’s no such thing .

It is. You just don't like it.

Wow. A lot of Deniers in the responses. Only 10% of Aussies admit to being climate science deniers - a noisy minority. Mostly men 70+ in my direct experience.

Science is no longer true science - it’s political tool steering and bending outcome of science studies for political gain

FatherBob That means they’re not quiet Australians. It’s a directive, not a term of endearment.

Funny, all the quiet Australians I talk to are far more concerned with the fact that Scott Morrison is weeks away from passing a law that will spell the beginning of the slippery slope towards a cashless society, not a fairy tale cooked up by the U.N and it's elite handlers.

The climatechange agenda Lindzen - Political, Post-modern Roots of Climate Change

Atmospheric physicist Richard Lindzen On the Corruption of Climate Science

the irony is heavy

umm, we had the 'climate change' election and all voters had their voice heard...and the LNP won it easily...accept the result!

I think Rod & margot should be outside the Chinese embassy.

That's right! We want the government to ignore the Co2 climate hoax that has been debunked numerous times over 🙌

Wasn't the last election 'the climate election'? theirABC obviously have issues letting go..

Quiet Australians are swing voters. The LNP have lost them since the election. What a failure ScottyfromMarketing has been auspol

The ABC will never get or except the election result, sad.

So if the face of the Earth ie removal of forests, more road grids and cities. These man made structures create heat. Their wouldn't be hotter air?


Wasn't the last election been 'climate change' election? 😎

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