Queensland parliament passes motion in support of Indigenous Voice

29/11/2022 8:21:00 AM

The Queensland parliament today passed a motion in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and an Indigenous Voice to federal Parliament.

Growing political opposition to an Indigenous Voice to Parliament hasn't dented the Prime Minister's hopes of success in recognising first nations Australians in our constitution. ElizaEdNews 9News LATEST:

The Queensland parliament today passed a motion in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart and an Indigenous Voice to federal Parliament.

Indigenous Voice to federal parliament.David Littleproud says the Nationals "will not support the Voice to Parliament".Indigenous Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.Indigenous Australians , as well as Uluru statement from the heart co-chairs Pat Anderson and Megan Davis, in coming to the decision.

Earlier this year, the Queensland government also announced a First Nations committee with a view to pursuing an Indigenous Voice to the state parliament.Prime Minister has outlined his intention to hold a referendum to enshrine a First Nations Voice in the constitution in his government's first term.net. READ MORE: Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk..(The Sydney Morning Herald) The Voice would be an advisory body that could make representations to parliament and the government on matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.Key points: The government plans to hold a referendum on a Voice to Parliament in the next 18 months The Nationals are the first major party to confirm they will campaign against the Voice They argue a Voice would do little to support Aboriginal people in regional communities Leader David Littleproud said his party had consulted with regional communities across the country prior to reaching its decision. The proposal is now in the .What we need now is practical measures, not an idea that lacks complete and utter detail, that’s based on emotional blackmail,” she said.

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ElizaEdNews Fake news. Littleproud (man of little pride) has undermined his party room and announced the opposition, swayed by Jacinta's minor celebrity. But the referendum is for Australian people, who increasingly vote to their values unswayed by politicians and the tabloid media; 9 et al ElizaEdNews ALBOs mob boy been shooting his mouth as usual , it looks like being no 25 referendum labour will loose and put the lefties back in their place ,

ElizaEdNews No. I want it ElizaEdNews The constitution is a rule book for governing. It serves all Australians equally. Singling out any group, no matter how well meaning, is repugnant. We have the same voice to parliament… one vote, one value. With the details hidden until after the vote, you’d be nuts to vote yes.

ElizaEdNews 🤣🤌🏻 who gave albo 0 ElizaEdNews The voice doesn’t merely “recognise first nations Australians in our constitution”, it adds another chamber to government that are appointed by race. Its anti-democratic and flat out racist. ElizaEdNews And what exactly will be accomplished besides more of our money going into selective groups pockets.

ElizaEdNews There was a time when aboriginal Australians couldn't vote. Labor party couldn't take that away or risk massive backlash so now they offer them their own elections so that they can't interfere in white man politics. ElizaEdNews That’s because he has nothing in his head to dented! ElizaEdNews Let's move forward.

ElizaEdNews King Charles has abandoned inclusion in His Constitution and is returning governance of Australia to First Nations with Treaties and a Minister for a Republic. Expect First Nations Elders in Old Parliament House presiding over Women's, Men's and Youth chambers in Parliament.

Nationals to oppose Indigenous Voice to ParliamentThe National party says it will campaign against a Voice to Parliament, which would enshrine an Indigenous-elected representative body into the constitution. Littleproud should close the gap of his fuckin mouth Good Job. Everyone should oppose Racist Laws We expected nothing less from the Nationals.. Low values and little to contribute to the country, that is the Nationals these days... Which makes sense that they work with the Liberal Party, neither care for the country or it's people.

Nationals will oppose Indigenous Voice to ParliamentNationals leader David Littleproud has confirmed the party will not support an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The Nationals are the only major party to announce their opposition, with the Liberal Party yet to reveal its position. 9News MORE: Do not understand why do people call aboriginal people indigenous, they are NOT from Australia, they are Nomads from Afica, science has proven that littleproud is a clown, but seriously how can anyone make an informed choice without knowing what they're voting for?

National party won’t support Indigenous voice to parliament, saying it won’t close the gapThe Liberals are yet to reach a position on the referendum, which is expected by the end of 2023 Priceless, and little to be proud of. D_LittleproudMP AlboMP “Those who love to treat others like chaff, always expect God to treat them like a grain.” ― Bamigboye Olurotimi “When leaders do nothing about something relevant to their role, they become irrelevant.” ― Gift Gugu Mona One word: Pathetic.

Indigenous Voice to Parliament updates LIVE: Noel Pearson says Nationals’ opposition driven by ‘redneck celebrity vortex’Indigenous leader Noel Pearson issues stringing rebuke of Nationals’ decision to oppose Voice to parliament; AG Mark Dreyfus still confident referendum can succeed. Follow updates here. Wozza Mundine is cool with it according to nationals presumably checked with his FIL so Sydney institute and IPA on board Divided aboriginal people dictate to 97% of the rest. A disgrace.

Voice to parliament ‘best chance we have’ to improve Indigenous lives: BurneyHer comments came as Indigenous leader Noel Pearson hit out at the “squalid little” Nationals for their decision to oppose the Voice, and Nationals MP Andrew Gee declared he remains a Voice supporter.

'Dripping with Gucci': Price slams Burney as Nats oppose Indigenous VoiceSenator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has unleashed on Linda Burney accusing the Minister of “dripping with Gucci” while telling remote communities “what’s good for them” as the Nationals officially declare their opposition to the Voice to Parliament. 👏👏👏👏 Where was she when the Morrison Government didn’t do nothing … Look at the statistics Price then start flapping liberalism! If that’s all she’s got. She’s got nothin