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Qld records no new local Covid cases

Queensland has recorded no new cases of Covid-19 in the community on Thursday, as the state remains on tenterhooks over the latest outbreak.

29/07/2021 3:16:00 AM

BREAKING : The state recorded no new locally acquired cases of Covid-19 on Thursday, after authorities identified a high risk case in the community.

Queensland has recorded no new cases of Covid-19 in the community on Thursday, as the state remains on tenterhooks over the latest outbreak.

Genomic sequencing has identified the man is a direct match with three other travellers who he was on two flights with - Philippines to PNG and PNG to Brisbane.Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the other three travellers were sent to different hotel quarantines.

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“This confirms for us that this gentleman has contracted it from one of the other travellers while in transit on the plane or through the airports,” she said.The risk of the latest case has prompted health authorities to extend southeast Queensland’s mask mandate which was due to lift on Friday morning.

“We know that people were hoping that the masks will lift, but I think we are up to 13 incursions of the virus through different outbreaks in Queensland over the last six weeks,” Ms D’Ath said.“We have been able to contain all of these outbreaks to very small numbers. That is in some small part to the restrictions we have had in place... It is important that we continue to practice mask wearing to ensure that we don’t have transmission through our community.”

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And yet ,, covid has a molecular size 500 times smaller than the air holes in the mask ,, meaning it makes no difference wearing it ,, a mask does nothing ! I know this ,, and a Chief Heal Officer doesn’t ? Com’on !! What a joke !

WATCH LIVE: QLD records 20 new COVID-19 casesQueensland has recorded 20 cases of coronavirus after a bulk carrier with a large portion of the crew testing positive to the infection. Join Sky News Australia live for the coverage. 🤦‍♀️ Another one becoming infected while in quarantine. Come on Qld Heath you are get boring. You can’t keep blaming the community for you failures. Better lockdown real quick before the beast gets loose!!!

Victoria records nine new local COVID-19 cases as fifth lockdown liftsThe ninth case - which was found after the Tuesday midnight deadline - is a Victorian traffic controller working at a drive-through testing centre who worked at least two days while infectious. This is out of control. Dan Andrews needs to resign

Victoria records seven local COVID-19 cases as exposure sites growThe cases include the drive-through testing site traffic controller whose infection was revealed by authorities yesterday. All other cases were isolating. Victoria needs to completely close the NSW border If supply chain or urgent needs arises..the army under stringent health precautions should be the resource for those critical needs.

Victoria records eight new local COVID-19 cases as fifth lockdown liftsVictoria has recorded eight new COVID-19 cases - all of which are linked to current outbreaks and were in quarantine throughout their entire infectious period. Thank you, Dan Amazing work DAN Another successful accomplishment

Victoria reports six more COVID-19 cases as investigations into unlinked testing worker continueSix new local COVID-19 cases have been reported in Victoria as authorities continue to investigate the mystery case of a Melbourne testing site worker.

End of South Australia's COVID-19 lockdown confirmed after reporting no new casesSouth Australia is lifting its COVID-19 lockdown on Wednesday morning as scheduled. Great news in Vic and SA after tough, short lockdowns 👏 Gladbrags might be regretting the hubris and slow reaction now ScamMo probably regrets nothing but he applauded Gladbrags for resisting a lockdown 🤦‍♂️